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Exemptions When Comparing Travel Insurance

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 06/02/2023

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic revealed the uncertainty of the world. For better or for worse, the infamous pandemic altered every domain it touched, and the travel industry was no exception. With countries closing their borders, flights getting cancelled and delayed, and the changing government advisories, travellers started to realise the importance of a travel insurance plan.

However, all financial advisors will recommend comparing different overseas travel insurance policies to ensure that you find the right insurance that is suited to your requirements. But for novice insurance seekers, here is where the problem lies: there are so many overseas travel insurance providers that the choice can be overwhelming. In such a situation, the general comparative parameters, such as reliability and the claim settlement ratio, may not be enough to ascertain the effectiveness of the travel insurance. A great way to effectively compare insurance plans can be by checking the travel insurance exclusions.

Understanding Travel Insurance Exclusions and Inclusions

The primary purpose of a travel insurance plan is to provide you with financial backup in the event that something unfortunate happens to you when you are travelling. This includes a range of different scenarios, such as delay or cancellation of your flight, loss of your passport, damaged or misplaced baggage, accidental injuries, and more – when you are travelling. All these situations are termed as “inclusions” of your travel insurance. Most insurance providers will have a similar list of inclusions to their plan. The differences might crop up in the section for travel insurance exclusion clauses.

Exclusions in travel insurance are a disclosure of the situations that you will not be covered for. If you seek reimbursement for any of the mentioned exclusions in travel insurance, then the insurance provider will reject your claim. In simple terms, travel insurance exclusion clauses are a list of all the circumstances under which the policyholder will not be reimbursed. It is important to understand the travel insurance policy exclusions carefully and thoroughly before you purchase your overseas travel insurance so that you know exactly what to expect from your insurance cover.

Travel Insurance Exclusions You Must Watch Out For

When you compare travel insurance policies, here is a list of common travel insurance policy exclusions that you must keep an eye out for: -

Law Infringement

Your travel insurance plan covers accidental injury when you are travelling and are away from home. While this is reassuring, it is important to bear in mind that the medical expenses, cost of hospitalisation, and that treatment will not be covered if the injury is a result of engagement in illegal activity or participation in the war.

Pre-Existing Health Ailments

No pre-existing health conditions are covered under a travel insurance policy. If the policyholder travels against their doctor’s advice, then they are not covered under the travel insurance, and their claim will not be entertained by the insurance provider.

Consumption of Intoxicating Substances

Any health concerns arising due to the consumption of alcohol, drugs, or any other kind of intoxicants are not reimbursed by the insurance provider. To illustrate with an example, if the policyholder meets with an accident while overseas and it is discovered that the cause of the injury is that they were drunk driving, then the insurance provider will not honour the claim.

Engaging in Adventure Sports

Insurance providers will not cover you against injuries arising from engagement in adventure sports. If the adventurer within you cannot stop themselves from participating in activities such as river rafting, skydiving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, skiing, etc., then you will have to take responsibility and make peace with the fact that if you do get injured, you will have to pay for the treatment out of your pocket. There are a few insurance companies that will provide this as a rider to the base travel insurance policy which the policyholder will have to purchase by paying an extra premium. However, there is hardly any insurance provider in India that will offer adventure sports as part of their basic insurance coverage.

Self-Inflicted Injuries

If the policyholder is seeking treatment for self-inflicted injuries, then the cost of treatment will not be reimbursed by the insurance provider. This also includes injuries emerging from attempted suicide.

Cosmetic Treatments

No medical bills seeking cosmetic treatments will be reimbursed by the insurance provider as these are not considered medical emergencies. Cosmetic procedures include treatments such as nose jobs, body contouring, facial rejuvenation, hair transplant, etc.

Dental Treatment

Insurance policies will cover dental procedures as part of an accidental emergency. However, no insurance provider will cover dental treatment as part of a routine dental check-up. The specific clauses pertaining to the dental procedure will be outlined by your insurance provider. It is important to read these carefully to understand what you will and won’t be covered.

Mental Illness

Your overseas travel insurance will not cover the treatment costs for mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder or clinical depression. In the event that you may be travelling to seek treatment for any mental illness, then the cost of the treatment will not be reimbursed by the insurance company. You can learn more about our travel medical insurance.

Voluntary Visit to Accident Prone Zones

You can claim travel insurance policy for losses incurred owing to natural calamities. However, the insurance provider will not honour your claim in case you are injured because you travelled to areas that are known to be vulnerable to natural disasters or continued on your journey by ignoring the warnings issued by the concerned authorities about the occurrence of a calamity.

The Bottom Line

Your travel insurance policy acts as your best friend in the event of any unfortunate happenstance while you are away from home. However, before investing in a travel insurance plan, you must compare different policies so you can find a cover that is tailored to your needs. Ensure that the insurance provider is reliable and has a seamless claim settlement process, so you are not further distressed during trying times.

Tata AIG, for example, is a leading insurance provider and a name synonymous with trust. We offer travel insurance for individuals and family travel insurance plans. You can compare travel insurance on Tata AIG before you choose a product. For better clarity on the premium amounts, calculate travel insurance premiums. And we always suggest you read the policy document to be aware of the travel insurance exclusion clauses.

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