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Family Travel Insurance

Solo trips can be really fun but travelling with your family has its own perks. Imagine how you can indulge in a variety of activities and go to a number of different places because each of your family members will have a list of places to visit and fun things to do. You also get to click more pictures and make more memories that way!

But to make sure that you and your loved ones can enjoy that vacation to the fullest, you need to have a comprehensive travel policy that ensures sufficient coverage and protection for each of your family members. Finding such a travel insurance plan can be simple if you know what you’re looking for, and additionally, you and your family get to enjoy the holiday without having to go through the hassles of added expenses in case of an emergency.

What Is Family Travel Insurance?

A family travel insurance policy is a travel insurance policy that offers adequate and equal coverage to each member of your family. For the most part of it, this travel policy is quite similar to that of an individual travel insurance plan. However, a typical travel insurance family cover generally covers up to nine individuals below the age of 71 years

The reason a family travel insurance cover is more convenient is that it covers all the family members under a single policy.

Features of Family Travel Insurance

1. Accident and Medical Benefit

Family travel insurance can help cover the losses that may arise from medical emergencies such as a sickness or an accident when you are traveling with your family. Even if one of your family members covered under the plan has such a medical emergency towards the end of the trip and needs to be hospitalised during the vacation, Tata AIG shall extend the Accident and Sickness Medical Benefit for up to 60 days or the date of discharge from hospital, whichever is lower, provided the hospitalisation occurs during the policy period.

2. Accidental Death and Repatriation

Though this is a highly undesirable situation, meeting with an accident on your trip can also turn out to be fatal. In such cases, our Tata AIG family travel insurance plans ensure that a nominee receives the full sum insured amount. We will also handle the process of repatriating the insured person’s remains back to their city of residence.

3. Passport Cover

You or your family members losing a passport on the trip can cause a lot of inconveniences, given that it is an important document that you need to carry with you at all times. However, with our travel insurance family cover, you can cover the costs needed to get yourself or your family members covered under the plan a new passport.

4. Flight Delay

A lot of unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances can lead to your flight getting delayed by 12 hours or more. In case you and your family have to find overnight accommodation at a hotel or guest house, our travel insurance family cover will take care of such expenses arising from a delayed flight.

5. Affordable premiums

A single travel insurance policy for all the family members is not only easier to manage but also translates into you paying reasonable premiums. In contrast, a travel insurance plan for each of the family members can become a cumbersome and expensive affair. Moreover, with Tata AIG’s family travel insurance premium calculator, you get to choose the coverage to protect all your family members while paying affordable premiums.

6. Baggage Cover

Delayed or lost baggage can cause a lot of inconveniences, but with our travel insurance family plan, you can be safeguarded against such losses. If your baggage is delayed, our Tata AIG family travel insurance policy will help you cover the cost of any essential items till the time you get your baggage. And if your baggage is lost, you will be compensated for the lost items in your bags.

7. Hijack Help

There are many unfortunate situations over which we may not have any control. During your family trip, if your flight gets hijacked, the experience can certainly be very harrowing and disturbing. In such cases, our Tata AIG family travel insurance plans will provide you with a distress allowance your flight has been hijacked.

8. Minimal documentation

Getting family travel insurance in India can be easy when you purchase your travel policy online. Our online process helps you save your valuable time and money and also needs minimal documents, cutting out the need for unnecessary paperwork. And if you want to find out how much coverage you need for the whole family, our family travel insurance premium calculator will help you compare plans and decide on a suitable plan.

Advantages of Family Travel Insurance

COVID-19 Coverage

In this pandemic situation, travelling to another destination can pose certain risks for you and your family. Our Tata AIG family travel insurance plans provide comprehensive COVID-19 coverage so that any COVID 19 related emergency, right from trip curtailment to hospitalisation, can be easily covered.

No Medical Tests

We do not need you to submit any medical tests when you buy a Tata AIG travel insurance plan. You can simply fill in your details online and buy your policy without having to undergo unnecessary medical tests and submitting the reports to us, which can take up a lot of time.

Affordable Travel Insurance

You can avail yourself of affordable travel insurance premiums by calculating the insurance premiums on our family travel insurance premium calculator. Even with comprehensive coverage, you can manage to pay reasonable premiums on your travel insurance plan and not worry about overspending.

Instant Online Purchase

We offer a smooth and convenient online process, where you can simply fill in your details and buy your family travel insurance plan from our website. We help you save time and effort and if you have any queries, our customer support team can promptly help you out.

Eligibility Criteria

Our Tata AIG family travel insurance plan offers extensive coverage to all of your family members when you choose a suitable plan of your choice. Additionally, you can avail of the travel insurance policy without having to undergo any medical check-ups. The policy can cover up to 9 individuals from your family between the ages of 6 months and 71 years.

If one of the family members you wish to bring under the coverage of our family travel insurance plan is above the age of 71 years whilst the others are below this age, we shall issue separate policies for the family member who is over 71 years of age and the family members who are below the age of 71 years. Therefore, the individuals aged over 71 years shall be covered under one policy and those under 71 years of age shall be covered under another. You can easily choose a family travel policy online based on the travel destination, the duration of the trip and the amount of coverage each of your family members needs.

What Does Family Travel Insurance Cover?

Medical Cover

A family travel policy from Tata AIG covers the cost of medical expenses that may arise due to a COVID-19 emergency or any other medical emergency, for instance, ailments and accidents. This cover also includes the cost of hospitalisation due to the medical emergencies covered under the plan. If you or your family members are diagnosed with an infection on your trip to another country and need to be hospitalised, our travel insurance policy will handle these expenses.

Passport Loss

A lost passport can mean a lot of hassles since it is the most important document when you and your family are travelling abroad. Additionally, the costs and the process of making a new passport can be cumbersome. This is why Tata AIG’s travel insurance policy for your family helps you cover the cost of making a new one.

Trip Curtailment

No one likes leaving their enjoyable family trip halfway to returning home. However, due to some serious emergencies, it may be necessary to cancel your trip and return homeward. Our travel insurance plan will cover the cost of any unused or non-refundable booking from your travel.

Baggage Loss

In case your baggage is lost or delayed, our travel insurance policy will cover the cost of the essential items you need till your bag is delivered to you or reimburse the cost of the lost items such as the passport and other valuables in the bag in case your bags are lost or stolen.

Missed Departure

Connecting flights are common when travelling from India to a foreign destination. But if you miss them due to a slight delay in the first flight, you will have to bear the losses. However, your Tata AIG family travel insurance policy will compensate you for the losses due to the missed connecting flight.

Flight Delay

Your flight could be delayed by several hours due to technical problems or bad weather. In case of a delay that lasts for as long as 12 hours or more, you and your family will need to put up somewhere for that duration. And your Tata AIG family travel policy will cover the cost of your overnight accommodation.

Bounced Booking

At times, even though you may have booked your flight or accommodation well in advance, you may not be able to receive the booking due to a technical glitch or as a result of overbooking. At such times, our family travel insurance plan will help you by reimbursing the cost of the bounced bookings.

What Is Not Covered by Family Travel Insurance?

When choosing a family travel insurance plan, it is always advisable to go through the exclusions of the policy so that your family and you are not stuck in a difficult situation when on holiday. These are the exclusions come under three categories:

Baggage Exclusions

  • The loss of your baggage will not be covered or compensated if you have asked for them to be shipped separately before your travel date.
  • If the family travel insurance plan does not cover the geographical scope of your trip, the loss of your baggage will not be covered.
  • If the loss of the baggage, belongings and documents are not reported to the authorities, no claims can be made for the losses.

Journey Exclusions

Your Tata AIG family travel insurance plan journey cover will not be applicable in the following cases:

  • Participation in risky adventure sports such as mountain diving, scuba diving or skydiving.
  • Involvement in anti-social, malicious and illegal acts such as theft, felony or deceit.
  • Being involved in manual labour or activities that could be dangerous for your health.

Medical Exclusions

You will not be able to file a claim under your family travel insurance policy if –

  • You make the trip against your doctor’s advice.
  • You are suffering from a complication arising from a pre-existing disease.
  • You are suffering from self-inflicted injuries or harm.
  • If you file a claim for a pregnancy-related issue that includes surgical procedures or birth control.
  • If you are suffering from a sexually transmitted disease, harm due to alcohol or medicines not prescribed by your doctor and also mental disorders.

The Perfect Travel Insurance Plan

The perfect family travel insurance policy is the one that provides adequate travel insurance coverage to you and your family members when you are on vacation. To be able to choose a suitable travel insurance policy, it is necessary to be able to choose from a range of policies. Therefore, Tata AIG offers a variety of travel insurance plans that you can choose from.

Apart from specialised travel insurance policies for domestic travel and international travel such as travel insurance Europe plan, travel insurance for Spain and more, we also offer travel insurance plans for students going abroad for education as well senior citizens.

If you want to purchase a policy that fits you and your family’s needs perfectly, you can use our travel insurance premium calculator to calculate the premiums for your family travel insurance policy and compare travel insurance policies to find the best one that suits your needs!

How to Choose Family Travel Insurance?

Selecting a family travel insurance plan needs some amount of planning and consideration since the needs of you, as well as your other family members, have to be taken care of. While away on holiday, a number of emergencies can cause some financial losses. Therefore, it is important to be prepared with a good travel insurance policy. Here is what you need to consider.


The destination of your trip will determine what you need from your family travel insurance policy. For example, if you’re travelling domestically, the travel regulations will vary from state to state. If you’re travelling internationally, most countries do not issue a visa unless your travel insurance family plan has sufficient coverage.

Trip Duration

Your travel insurance policy should not be less than the duration of your trip, as it leaves you unprotected during the days you have no insurance coverage. Therefore, keep your travel duration in mind while buying the policy and let the plan exceed the actual travelling dates by a few days. That way, in case you need to extend your trip, you won’t have to go without travel insurance.

Number of people

While it is simpler to choose the coverage for an individual policy, the same can be slightly tricky for family travel insurance plans, given the needs of each family member. However, do not assume that one family member may not need enough coverage for the trip since emergencies always come unannounced.

The Claim Limit

Apart from the coverage, you will also need to check the amount of reimbursement you can receive for the losses when you file a claim. Different damages and losses have different claim limits. The type of compensation for lost baggage and delayed baggage are not the same. For your whole family, ensure that the claim limit suffices in case of a medical emergency.

Why Should You Opt for Family Travel Insurance?

A lot of sudden emergencies and unexpected situations that can take place during a family vacation makes it clear why family travel insurance is important. When you are travelling to another country with your family, the climate may seem to be quite pleasant for some of the family members, while some others may find it uncomfortable and even fall sick due to the weather change. While this is only an example for keeping a safety cover such as a family travel insurance plan, here are some other reasons why family travel insurance is a must:

Flight or train cancellations

When travelling with your family, a cancelled flight or train booking can mean a financial loss. In most cases, it is not possible to get a refund on your tickets, or a meagre partial refund comes in much later. Family travel insurance plans can cover such losses so that a cancelled booking does not add to your expenses.

Loss of passport and baggage

It is very likely that your bags may be misplaced or lost when you are travelling somewhere. And if the bag contains your important documents, such as your passport, the loss can be serious. Family travel insurance plans cover the loss of your passport and baggage, saving you from a lot of hassle on your trip.

Medical expenses

In case you are injured on your trip or need to visit a doctor when holidaying abroad, the cost of the doctor’s fee in a foreign country can be quite high. Your family travel insurance plan can help you cover these expenses and reimburse you with the amount of the medical fees.

Hospitalisation expenses

If you or your family members suffer a major injury or sickness in the middle of the holiday, hospitalisation may be necessary. However, knowing how expensive healthcare in many countries can be, a travel insurance policy can help cover these hospitalisation expenses, depending on your coverage limit.

Booking cancellations

If you and your family cannot make the trip due to an emergency or have to leave the trip halfway due to sickness or a medical emergency, some of your pre-booked accommodations can go to waste, especially when they are non-refundable. Travel insurance tackles this issue by covering such financial losses.

Things To Check Before You Buy Family Travel Insurance

Before you buy a family travel insurance policy, here are some things that you need to keep in mind:

Go through the inclusions

Your travel insurance family cover should protect you and your family from different types of emergencies and losses. Check for a medical cover, the loss of passport and baggage, delayed or cancelled flights, a hospitalisation cover and now, with the current pandemic situation, also seek a COVID-19 coverage.

Know the exclusions

While the coverage is certainly important, you must know about the exclusions so that you can make alternate arrangements or take safety precautions against the risks that are not covered. This part is important so that in case the exclusions are not the ones you expect, you can pick another policy.

Compare policies

When it comes to knowing the benefits and features of a travel insurance family plan, comparing policies can help you make the right choice in terms of affordability as well as coverage. By comparing plans, you don’t end up picking the very first travel insurance policy that you see online.

How to Buy a Family Travel Insurance Policy?

It is easy to buy the Tata AIG family travel insurance policy. All you need to do is visit our official website and follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Visit our official website and go to the travel insurance page.
  2. Enter your intended travel destination in the section titled 'Travelling To'.
  3. Submit the starting and ending dates of your trip.
  4. Click on 'Get Plan' to proceed to the next page.
  5. Enter the particulars of the people you want covered under the Family Travel Insurance Plan, along with their respective dates of birth. You can do this by clicking on 'Add Traveller'.
  6. Submit your mobile number and email address and click on 'See Plan'.
  7. You shall receive an instant premium quote for your Family Travel Insurance Plan.
  8. If you find the plan terms and the above premium quote feasible, you can purchase the plan by making the premium payment online.
  9. A copy of your Family Travel Insurance Policy shall be delivered to your email inbox and your WhatsApp inbox (if you choose this option).
  10. That's it. Now you can park your travel insurance worries away and enjoy your trip with sufficient financial protection.

How to File a Family Travel Insurance Claim?

In case you need to file a claim with us, these are the necessary steps you can follow:

  • Visit the official Tata AIG website
  • Click on the Claims section and select Initiate Claim
  • Fill in the online form and click on Submit
  • We will review your claim and work towards the settlement process.
  • Alternatively, you can also contact us through any of the available modes to file your claim

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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What is a pre-existing medical condition? Will I be covered for it?

What is a pre-existing medical condition? Will I be covered for it?


A medical condition that you have already been diagnosed with prior to your travel by a doctor or are being treated for the same is known as a pre-existing condition. While Tata AIG does not need you to submit a health check-up report before purchasing a travel insurance plan, you cannot be covered for any illnesses that are caused due to your pre-existing condition.

Can I cancel my family travel insurance policy?


Yes, you can cancel your family travel insurance policy if there is no need for the same. However, if you are going on a trip with your family, it is important to be covered by a family travel insurance policy.

What if I return to India before the last day of my policy period?


If you return to India before the expiry of your policy period, you may be eligible for a refund on the premiums, which is subject to you not having filed any claims and as per other terms and conditions of the policy.

If I decide to extend my vacation, is it possible to renew an existing policy while I am abroad?


Yes, you can renew your travel insurance policy online if needed and we will grant the extension accordingly. In case you are sick and hospitalised in another country for an extended period, we will enable a policy extension of up to 60 days or until you are discharged, whichever comes first.

Is Trip Cancellation covered?


Yes, we do offer trip cancellation under the COVID-19 coverage of our family travel insurance plans. In case you or a family member is diagnosed with the infection just before the trip and have already made flight and accommodation bookings well in advance, we will help reimburse the non-refundable costs so that you do not have to suffer the losses due to the cancellation.