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H4 Visa Interview Questions & Answers

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 02/06/2022

Today, we see spouses staying away from each other more than ever. More than being a matter of choice, it comes down to necessity. Your partner may have a great job outside the country, while you may be building your future right here. If you are working on your career, you could be thinking of a permanent move to get yourself established. Thus, while your spouse may be away in a place like the United States, you may be in India, setting yourself up while caring for ageing parents. But this does not mean you cannot make frequent visits to your spouse or even stay with them for an extended period. And for this, you will need a visa which calls for a visa interview.

Everyone is apprehensive about interviews, especially for a visa. These will determine your time in the United States. If you perform well, you will be retained; if not, you will be removed. You are likely to feel pressured by the entire premise.

However, if you plan ahead, you can take things easy and do not have to worry about anything. Checking for the interview topics and practising them is the best way for you to remove any doubts or nervousness you may have. Keep in mind that if you supply the officer with honest and accurate answers, you should be able to generate a positive impression that will result in your visa being granted. So remember, honesty is your trump card.

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What Does the H4 Visa Mean?

H4 visa means you are getting a dependent visa for the USA. In most cases, the H4 visa is awarded to an H category visa holder's spouse and children (under 21) joining their partner in the United States. The H4 Visa holder must be a family member and financially reliant on the H class Visa holder. H-1A, H-2A, H-1B, H-2B, AND H3 are the visas that fall within the H category. If you plan to go to the US with your spouse, you must prepare for the H4 visa interview questions.

What is an H4 Interview?

The H4 visa interview questions are a series of questions that assesses the basics and sincerity of your marriage for a dependent visa in the US. You will supply the appropriate documents required for the H4 visa to establish that you are married when filing for a visa, but the integrity of that information will be decided by how you conduct yourself during the interview.

These inquiries are intended to establish whether or not the marriage is genuine. This is because a lot of people try to gain entry into the country through illegal means. If your marriage is genuine and you just wish to settle down with your spouse or start a career there, you need not fear. Just be prepared with the right knowledge of what is expected of you, and everything will be in place.

H4 Interview Questions and Answers

The questions you will be asked will be broken into a few categories, such as the visa and questions about you and your marriage.

Questions About the Visa

1. What kind of visa do you want?

Say that you would like to apply for an H4 visa. This is one of the most important H4 visa interview questions.

2. Why are you applying for an H4 visa?

State that you would like to accompany your spouse to the United States of America. This is one of the most important H4 visa interview answers.

3. Who helped you to get the H4 visa interview documents ready?

Truthfully answer who helped you and how you get your H4 visa interview documents ready.

4. When did your spouse get their H1B visa?

Specify the exact date and year your spouse received their visa. This is one of the most important H4 visa interview answers.

5. Did you schedule your appointment with the help of anyone?

Answer the question with complete honesty and without any hesitation. This is one of the most important H4 visa interview questions.

Questions About You

1. Where do you plan on living in America?

For this H4 visa question, mention that you will be staying with your spouse and state the town and city.

2. What are you planning on doing in America?

This H4 visa interview answer carries a lot of weight, so it is recommended that you answer as honestly as possible and to the point.

3. Do you have any relatives other than your spouse living in the US?

Mention if you have relatives or in-laws living in the US. This is one of the most important H4 visa interview answers.

4. Who are you living with at present?

Say if you are living with your parents, in-laws or alone. This is an important question for an H4 visa interview.

5. Who will take care of your finances while you are in the US?

Emphasise that your spouse will be taking care of you financially while you are in the US. This is one of the most important H4 visa interview answers.

6. Do you plan to work in the US?

Read up on restrictions on work permits for a person with an H4 visa. Then, consider your H4 visa interview answer carefully and answer truthfully.

Questions About Your Marriage

1. Do you have the legal documents proving your marriage and a photograph of the day?

Present your marriage certificate and a picture from your wedding day as proof. This is one of the most important H4 visa interview answers.

2. When did you get married, and how long you have been married?

Be prompt with your H4 visa interview answer and give the date and duration of your marriage.

3. Where did you get married?

Mention the location of your wedding. This is one of the most important H4 visa interview questions.

4.How did you reach the marriage arrangement?

Here, you should state if you had a love or an arranged marriage. If it is the former, mention where and how you met your spouse. If arranged, mention who arranged the marriage and by what means it was done. This is one of the essential H4 visa interview questions.

5. Did you have an engagement ceremony before the marriage?

If you did have an engagement ceremony, provide the details and the proof of the event.


Going into a country for an extended period can be a little tricky. The country's government wants to ensure you are not going to take advantage of them and are an upstanding person. Thus, the whole premise of visa interviews is based on this factor. If you know what is expected of you and what you may be asked, you can be prepared for anything they throw your way. So don’t forget to indulge in some research before you go for your interview. Also, remember that it is vital to have your travel policy updated before you leave for America to be safe from any eventualities that may occur.


Information last updated June 22. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

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