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Offbeat Foreign Destinations for Solo Women To Travel on a Budget

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
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  • 03/10/2023

It is rightly said, "A woman's place is wherever she wants to be."

This saying can be reflected professionally and in terms of having the freedom to travel to places she desires. Many women have been taking a plunge and travelling solo in recent years. Travelling solo not only shows a sense of freedom and the ability to live life on your terms, but it is also a beautiful gift you give yourself. It is about learning so much about yourself and the world, making fabulous new friends, and seeing vibrant landscapes and skyscrapers.

However, solo international trips for females typically must cover two significant aspects – safety and travel insurance. So, if you have a thirst for exploring places solo and are searching for an international destination within your budget, the below article is just a perfect read for you.

So, woman, the world is your oyster, but where do you start? Read on.

Best International Trips for Solo Female Travellers

There are many budget solo female travel destinations all over the world. Still, some are better than others as they are easier to get around, and the countries are considered safer than others. Look at some of the best budget-friendly solo international trips from India for women.


About the country: Known as the land of dragons, Bhutan is on the wish list of several female solo international travellers around the globe. This landlocked country in South Asia is famous for its ancient Buddhist culture and limited foreign influences. If you are looking for a budget solo female travel destination, Bhutan can be a brilliant option for relaxation, exploration or adventure.

Food and accommodation: Set in the Himalayas, homestays or budget hotels in this country cost around ₹1,500 to 2,200 per head. The cost of a meal for a day can be around ₹1,100.

Visa requirement: Indian nationals do not require a visa to visit Bhutan.

Flight cost: Airfare from New Delhi to Paro, Bhutan, starts at around ₹26,000.

Average daily cost: The cost based on other travellers is ₹3,323.

Top 5 Things to Do in Bhutan for Solo Women Travellers:

  • Go for a trek at Taktshang Goemba (Tiger’s Nest)

  • Dig into the country's history and culture by attending festivals and museum tours.

  • Take a tour of the different dzongs of the kingdom, including Punakha Dzong and Simtokha Dzong.

  • Explore the beautiful Bumthang Valley

  • Relish Bhutanese cuisine and explore the local stores of Bhutan

Travel insurance: Not mandatory but highly recommended


About the country: Singapore is one country that keeps on surprising its visitors and travellers. Although it is among the 20 smallest countries in the world, it is no short of the offerings and experience of culture, history, adventure, and extravaganza of culinary delights. Known for its cleanliness, this island country and city-state in maritime Southeast Asia is among the region's top solo female travel destinations.

Food and accommodation: Southeast Asia's most modern city offers accommodation of around ₹8,000 per head with a per day meal costing around ₹2,280.

Visa requirement: Yes, Indian nationals require a visa to enter Singapore. No visa-on-arrival option is available for Indian passport holders.

Flight cost: Airfare from New Delhi to Singapore starts at ₹11,248.

Average daily cost: In a country known for its safety and international-level hospitality, the average daily cost for a solo traveller per day comes at around ₹12,938.

Top 5 Things to Do in Singapore for Solo Women Travellers:

Experience free-fall conditions just like an actual skydive at IFly

  • Go on a Bumboat ride to experience Singapore

  • Visit the famous Merlion Park

  • Take a panoramic view from Singapore Flyer

  • Shop and dine at Orchard Road

Travel insurance: Not mandatory


About the country: As one of the best countries for solo travel from India, Malaysia is fascinating, with a vibrant multicultural population. Due to its pleasant climate, the country is popular among travellers worldwide. Known for its beaches, picturesque locations and rainforests, this culturally driven country is also one of the most technologically advanced nations in the region.

Food and accommodation: This multi-ethnic and multi-religious country offers budget accommodation of around ₹2,478 per head, and a one-day meal for a person can be around ₹583.

Visa requirement: Travellers with Indian passports require a visa to enter the country.

Flight cost: Airfare from New Delhi to Malaysia starts at an affordable price of ₹12,346.

Average daily cost: The average daily cost per day in this visitor-friendly country is ₹2,478.

Top 5 Things to Do in Malaysia for Solo Women Travellers:

Explore the iconic Petronas Twin Towers

Indulge in an adventure with rock climbing at Batu Caves

  • Visit the Kuala Lumpur bird park

  • Go Underwater at the Redang Island

  • Take the cable car ride to the Sky Bridge

  • Travel insurance:** Not mandatory


About the country: If you plan a solo trip abroad from India for a budget vacation, Thailand is undoubtedly one of the options. Located just above the equator, Thailand has several Buddhist temples, beautiful islands and exotic wildlife. The country's warm and humid monsoonal climate is famous for its captivating history, unique culture, scenic beauty and delectable local cuisine. Considered a safe country for female solo international travellers, Thailand has a lot to explore.

Food and accommodation: For budget accommodation in the Land of Smiles, Thailand, you will have to spend an average of ₹1,122 per person and ₹561 on daily meals.

Visa requirement: Yes, Indians need a visa to enter Thailand. You can get a visa on arrival for less than two weeks of the visit.

Flight cost: Airfare from New Delhi to Thailand starts at ₹17,734.

Average daily cost: The average daily cost per day in Thailand is around ₹3,123.

Top 5 Things to Do in Thailand for Solo Women Travellers:

  • Visit the Grand Palace

  • Explore the famous Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

  • Take a trip to Koh Phi Phi island

  • Experience a relaxing Thai massage

  • Indulge in their traditional street food

Travel insurance: It is mandatory to have a travelling insurance plan for visiting Thailand.


About the country: Vietnam, known for its breathtaking natural beauty, glorious history, rich culture and excellent hospitality, can be considered one of the safest and best international trips for solo female travellers. Both the French and American cultures greatly influence this one-party Communist state. With various sightseeing and entertainment options, this country is increasingly getting the required popularity and love.

Food and accommodation: For budget accommodation in Vietnam, you must shell out ₹841 per person and ₹487 on daily meals.

Visa requirement: Yes, Indians need a visa to enter Vietnam. However, a visa on arrival is also available for Indian nationals.

Flight cost: Airfare from New Delhi to Vietnam starts at ₹9,099.

Average daily cost: The average daily cost per day in Vietnam is around ₹1,959.

Top 5 Things to Do in Vietnam for Solo Women Travellers:

  • Go cruising and kayaking in Halong Bay

  • Enjoy the musical show at Saigon Opera House

  • Go hiking and cycling, Mai Chau

  • Visit the world's largest cave in Phong Nha National Park

  • Shop for globally renowned silk materials in Hoi An

Travel Insurance Plan: Not mandatory

Tips for Female Solo International Traveller

Solo international trips from India can be an experience of a lifetime for women. But, before you go running booking for tickets, here are a few tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

Research and plan:

The first step of every travel plan is thoroughly researching the place or the country. The more you research, the better it is to prepare what to expect and how to plan. Browse through the route if you cover multiple locations. Also, be aware of the typical tourist scams to safeguard you from unfortunate events.

Respect their culture and customs:

While travelling and exploring a new country is always exciting, it is even more fun if you are responsible towards your host country's culture and customs. For example, go for a solo trip abroad from India to a country where locals are conservatively dressed in some areas, and ensure you follow a protocol to avoid getting singled out.

Learn some words and phrases of their local language:

Learning some basic phrases is always helpful, especially for solo women travellers. Moreover, locals also love tourists who attempt to learn their language.

**Keep your loved ones informed about your trip

Travelling solo does not mean you don't let your loved ones know about your whereabouts, nor does it mean sharing every intricate trip detail. But remember to stay in touch with your family and friends back home and share contact details of the stay you have booked for. Keep them updated about your travel plans.

Secure your belongings:

Firstly, pack light and avoid unnecessary luggage. Also, avoid taking laptops or tablets to places where they are not required and take care of your belongings in public places and otherwise stay safe. One important tip is to keep a soft copy and photocopies of all the necessary documents handy and avoid carrying excessive cash.

Use public transport:

The best way to travel in a stranger country is to use public transport. This is not only safe but also will let you live that dreamy traveller's life by meeting different people on this public transport.

Let go of that fear and have fun:

This is what you actually had planned for. So make sure you let go of that fear and have loads of fun but safely and responsibly to create incredible memories.

Importance of Having Travel Insurance for Solo Women Travellers

Travel insurance can help you protect against many unwanted situations you may face while going on a solo trip abroad from India. Travel insurance plans ensure your peace of mind by giving coverage that may include emergency medical aid during the trip, reimbursement for trip delays, coverage for baggage loss etc. Also, since flight cancellations are common for solo women travellers, it is vital to have flight cancellation insurance as a part of travel insurance to stay protected.

Ensure you buy travelling insurance from a trusted insurance provider like Tata AIG that enables you to compare policies online before purchasing and offers holistic coverage as per your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the safest country to travel to as a woman alone?

Countries like the Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, Singapore, Sweden, and Switzerland are considered the safest and best international trips for solo female travellers.

How can a woman travel internationally alone?

To travel alone internationally, ensure you select a safe place. Also, plan thoroughly and follow the above mentioned tips for a memorable trip.

What is the best age to travel solo?

Although there is no specific age to start travelling alone, provided you are comfortable with the idea of solo travelling. However, it is always a great idea to travel alone after graduation so that you have enough experience with travelling and things in general.

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