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When & How to Get Passport Reference Number

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 20/04/2023

On successful completion of your passport application process, you might be asked to quote the passport file number in many scenarios. So, what is file number in passport?

A Passport Reference Number, also referred to as the PRN, is a unique reference number provided to every individual who has applied for a passport. It helps the applicants track the progress of their passport application process and take the necessary steps forward in case of an issue or further requirements. Therefore, receiving the PRN and securing it for future reference is essential.

Here is a detailed explanation of what Passport File Number means, how to obtain it, and its importance in the passport application process.

What is a Passport Reference Number?

When you apply for a passport, at the end of the successful application process, you will receive a passport reference number. It is a unique code that consists of 12 digits. With the assistance of the passport application reference number, you can check your passport application status online. Each individual submitting a request for a passport is given this particular number.

How to Obtain the Reference File Number for Your Passport?

After submitting your passport application, you will be given a passport reference number. This number will be used to track your application. You will be given a passport reference file number once you have fulfilled the requirements of submitting the application form and paying the registration fee. You will then be able to use this number to determine the current status of your application for a passport.

Your passport application reference number details should ideally be sent to your registered mobile number and email address after you have successfully completed the application process from a Passport Seva Kendra or PSK. If you do not have the Passport File Number even after completing the process, you may want to contact the Passport Seva toll-free number (1800-258-1800) or contact the PSK where your file was processed.

When can you obtain a Passport Reference File Number?

The only time a number is provided is after an application for a passport has been processed. The person applying for a passport will be assigned a number once their application has been processed and received. Along with applying, the applicant is required to pay the passport fee. Maintaining the confidentiality of the application reference number in passport is an absolute necessity, given that tracking the development of your passport application is necessary.

Breakdown of the Reference File Number for Passports

The following is a list of how the Passport Reference File Number is represented:

  • The city and state in which you currently reside are indicated by the first four digits of the Passport Reference Number. This is also the location from which you submitted your application for a passport.
  • The year you submitted your passport application is represented by the next two digits of the file no in passport.
  • The final six digits represent the total number of applications submitted in that particular state or city.

Importance of the Passport Reference Number

An individual’s passport issuing could be delayed due to problems with the necessary paperwork or other issues. Under these specific conditions, this PRN code can be used to transmit appropriate notifications. Anyone who has previously applied for a passport can use this code to find out the current status of their request.

After completing the status check, the individual may go to the passport office to address any concerns regarding their passport application. In addition to this, it will provide an accurate estimation of when the customer can expect to receive their passport.

Why Is Travel Insurance Plan Important?

A passport is a mandatory identity proof required to help you travel and explore different destinations for specific purposes. Although a travel insurance plan is not considered mandatory, it is crucial to secure yourself in the event of certain unexpected scenarios.

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A passport reference number is a unique 12-digit code provided to you upon completing your passport application process. It is an important reference number that helps you track the status of your passport application online. Based on the status, you can take the necessary actions to coordinate further processes, if any. Therefore, it is a unique code that has to be secured.

Frequently Asked Questions About Passport Reference Number

What is a reference number for a passport?

After applying for a passport, applicants are given a passport reference number, a unique code that allows them to monitor the status of their application online.

What should I do if I lose track of my passport reference number?

To retrieve your passport's reference number, you must go to the Regional Passport Office (RPO), which is located closest to you.

How long will it take for the police to verify the submitted information?

The verification process by the police should take at most sixteen days at the most for the passport application process.

What are the payment options for the application fee?

You can pay your fee using SBI Challan, a credit card, a debit card, internet banking, or any other payment method.

Are the passport and the reference numbers the same?

No, after successfully completing the passport application process, applicants are provided with a temporary number known as a passport reference number. On the other hand, an individual receives a passport number once the sanctioning process for their passport has been completed successfully.

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