Travel Destinations Where Indian Currency is of High Value

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International trips most often mean one thing, EXPENSIVE. But what if that is not the case?

Travelling to other countries is an experience of a lifetime. You get to meet new people, experience new cultures and spend time with the people you love. But, when we think about taking a trip outside India, we often think about the expenses. But, fret not, there are some countries where Indians feel rich.

There are some countries where the Indian currency has a high value. So, if you travel to any of these countries, you can travel like royalty and make the most of your experience. But, before you travel, remember that having overseas travel insurance is essential. While travelling can soothe your soul, having a travel insurance policy will provide you peace of mind when you travel abroad.

With Tata AIG travel insurance, you will get coverage for any financial losses that arise due to trip cancellation, flight cancellation, trip delay, loss or delay of baggage, COVID-19 treatment, medical emergencies, etc., when you are in another country. Moreover, you can buy travel insurance online with ease. There are multiple travel insurance plans like family travel insurance, business travel insurance, and medical travel insurance available on our website so that you can choose a plan as per your requirements.

So, we have a list of countries where the Indian currency has high value and where you can travel without worrying about burning a hole in your wallet.

List of Countries Where the Indian Currency Has High Value

1. Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries in Asia and has some of the most exotic experiences to offer. You can go kayaking, explore the vast paddy fields, bask in the serenity of Buddhist pagodas, and experience the perfect mix of modernity with natural beauty.

In addition, the beauty of the French colonial architecture, war memorials, and bustling floating markets attract tourists from all over the world.

For the Latest Rupee to Vietnamese Dong conversion rate, check here:

2. Paraguay

Paraguay is one of the cheapest countries where you can visit. The country is home to the rich Guarani culture and some of the most authentic South American food. The capital city Asuncion is a blend of old and new cultures.

Visiting the World Heritage Site of Jesuit Missions must be on your bucket list if you are in the country. Moreover, the country is a great beach destination. With such a high value of Indian currency and so much to offer, there is no reason not to visit Paraguay!

For the Latest Rupee to Paraguayan Guarani conversion rate, check here:

3. Indonesia

If you want to visit a vibrant and diverse country, Indonesia should be one of your top choices. Intricate architecture, lush greenery, and calming massages are some of the country’s top attractions.

If you are visiting the country, Bali, Jakarta, and Mount Bromo must be on your list of places to visit. Moreover, Indonesia offers Indians a visa on arrival, which is hassle-free and quick.

For the Latest Rupee to Indonesian Rupiah conversion rate, check here:

4. Chile

If you are an adventure seeker, Chile just might become your favourite destination. The country offers thick forests, active volcanoes, valleys, vineyards, and beaches. Hiking atop volcanoes and huge waterfalls will give you the thrill you are looking for. But, before you do something risky, ensure that you have travel insurance that covers those risks.

While you are in the country, do not forget to visit Santiago, San Pedro, Torres del Paine National Park and other famous places. The country provides a wholesome experience of natural beauty, history, and bustling nightlife. For the Latest Rupee to Chilean Peso conversion rate, check here:

5. Colombia (₹1= 54.12 Colombian Peso)

If a relaxing trip is on the cards, Colombia might just be where you want to go. You can sip Colombian coffee at a small scenic cafe, visit the coffee plantations, and have a relaxing holiday in this South American country. The country is home to mesmerising beaches, huge Amazonian jungles, and cobblestone streets.

Bogota, the capital city, is filled with serene restaurants, salsa clubs, and many fun experiences. So, with so many things to pick from, Colombia can be your next travel destination.

For the Latest Rupee to Colombian Peso conversion rate, check here:

6. Costa Rica

Another country for adventure enthusiasts is Costa Rica. The major attractions in the country are volcanoes, beaches, wildlife, and jungles. If you are a nature lover, this is the perfect destination. There are many places to visit while you are in the country and you can also make the most of the food here.

For the Latest Rupee to Costa Rican Colon conversion rate, check here:

7. Hungary

If you wish to travel to Europe without burning a hole in your pocket, Hungary is the perfect destination for you. This European abode is renowned for its majestic architecture, inspired by Roman, Turkish, and other cultures. While you are here, Budapest must be on your list of places to visit. Here you can immerse yourself in the rich European culture blended with modernity. The country has beaches, caves, castles, thermal lakes, and many other experiences to offer.

For the Latest Rupee to Hungarian Forint conversion rate, check here:

So, what is stopping you? Book your tickets and get ready to explore Hungary!

So, in these countries, the Indian currency is higher than in other countries, which is a boon for travellers from India. But, although these countries are cheap, facing emergency issues like medical problems and testing positive for COVID-19 can prove expensive.

Therefore, before you visit these countries, it is essential to have a travel insurance plan in place to deal with any unexpected situations.

To Sum It Up

Travelling is a life-altering experience and something that gives us a break from the everyday routine. While travelling internationally could be expensive, there are some countries where the Indian rupee is stronger, and you can get the total value of money in these countries.

Therefore, before you travel, purchase a valid travel insurance plan so that even in emergency scenarios, you have something to fall back on when you are in a foreign land.

At Tata AIG, we offer you a travel insurance premium calculator to help you calculate the premium you need to pay and compare travel insurance to get a suitable plan for yourself. Therefore, the benefits of travel insurance will ensure that you can enjoy your trip without hassles and provide reimbursement if your trip does not happen due to some emergency.

Disclaimer: All the currency exchange rates and other information listed above is subject to change. It is advisable to check the latest information before planning your travel details.

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