Travel Guide - How to Pack For Smart Travel

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Travelling to new places has the power to revive you from within and to absorb your mental stress and worries, leaving you with numerous beautiful memories and experiences. In addition, it allows you to spend quality time with your loved ones while being away from your routine life.

International & Domestic Travel Packing Checklist:

Every time you think of a trip, whether you are a frequent traveller or not, there are several things you need to plan. Though it might be quite an overwhelming process, do not miss out on planning your trip efficiently. As you shop, prepare your itinerary, etc., it can become enjoyable too.

After you have planned and made certain arrangements, the next step would be to start packing up your things before a couple of days of your trip. Be it an international trip or domestic trip; it is important to pack things smartly so that neither you leave anything important nor you under pack or overpack. But, how to do that?

To assist you in packing smartly for your domestic and international trip, we have prepared an easy to follow travel packing list.

Travel Checklist: Smart Packing Tips For Domestic And International Trips

Plan Ahead

While packing for an international or domestic trip, it is important to consider what you would need right after reaching your destination country/state, like, your medicines, sunglasses, travel documents, etc. It is advisable to pack such things in an easily accessible luggage item so that you can take them out whenever required. While you can pack all the heavy things at the bottom.

Prefer Expandable and Lightweight Luggage Bags

Sometimes, when your bag itself is quite heavy, it increases the weight of your luggage despite packing fewer things. Therefore, you can prefer buying lightweight and expandable bags so that you can have spare space for your souvenirs and for the stuff you shop for. This way, you need not carry extra bags for the same.

Use Packing Cubes

While packing for your trip, the packing cubes are really useful as they help you pack in a compact way. These are small containers, usually in rectangular shape and are made of fabric. You can squeeze in your apparels in these small bags and even keep one of them in your carry-on bag. In addition, these packing cubes make your packing more organized.

Pack Essentials In Your Carry-On Bag

To have your essentials, such as medicines, phone charger, documents, valuables, etc., handy, you can keep them in your carry-on bag. This might be convenient and helpful in case your baggage gets lost or delayed during transit.

Keep A Count on Clothing

Usually, people tend to pack extra clothes, maybe to wear a different outfit for every event or to stay prepared for situations, such as an extension of the trip. Though it makes sense to pack a little extra, you shouldn’t end up packing unnecessary clothes and footwear. Otherwise, this will add to the weight of your luggage.

Carry Cash As Well As Digital Money

While you are travelling to another city/state within India, it is advisable to balance cash and digital money. This helps you stay worry-free about handling cash and keeping it safe. However, it is important to have a certain amount of cash to make payment at places where the option of paying via digital mode is unavailable.

Similarly, while you are travelling to another country, it is preferable to have the local currency of your destination country and digital money. Keeping local currency ready can help you save conversion charges and time in getting it exchanged. Having local currency handy is important as you might need it right after stepping out of the airport.

Smart Dictionary of Local Language

While going for your international trip, it might be beneficial to pack a smart dictionary of your destination country’s local language. This can be helpful during your trip as you may face difficulties communicating with local people, reading certain signboards, etc. If you have this dictionary, you might not have to depend on anyone for understanding basic things.


Apart from your regular medicines, it is important to carry medicines for common illness, such as diarrhoea, headache, cold and cough etc. While you have these medicines, you need not rush to a medical store or doctor. It is especially important to have them on an international trip as you might not find suitable medicines In a foreign country.

Important Documents

While packing your essentials, if you do not have your important documents, you might not be able to continue your trip. To help you with the documents required during travelling, we have listed below the essential documents,

  • Valid Passport and Visa (in case of international trips)
  • Copies of identification Proof
  • Air Tickets and Accommodation Booking Documents
  • Itinerary Details
  • Travel insurance plan details

When you think of essential documents for your travel, you may find yourself confused about whether you should buy travel insurance or not. Let’s think practically – you can plan and pack for everything in advance, for whatever you can foresee, such as common medicines, extra clothes, etc. But what about unforeseen situations such as baggage loss or delay, severe injury, etc.? You cannot make any arrangement for the same on your own; nonetheless, there’s one thing you can do, stay covered under travel insurance!

It supports and compensates you in situations such as,

  • Baggage delay
  • Passport loss
  • Medical emergencies

Even if you have a trip beginning in another 2-3 days and haven’t applied for travel insurance yet, you can purchase the same from our website and get it issued instantly. It is a simple process that can save you from bearing losses during uncertainties!

Plan. Pack. Travel. Repeat

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