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Best Bikes Under 50000 in India

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 26/05/2022

India is a land where everyone is always in a hurry. And what happens when millions of people try to hurry at the same time? There is a delay. This tragedy occurs every day in India during the rush hour. People get out of home at almost the same time to reach work as almost all offices begin simultaneously. There is a huge crowd at bus stops and metro stations, leading to people missing their rides when this happens. Again, this leads to people reaching late to work and having a bad day for the rest of their day.

A simple solution to beat this rush both going to and from work is having a bike of one’s own. A bike gives you the liberty to get out a few minutes later than the rest of the crowd and yet manoeuvre and reach your destination on or before time. Thus, most people opt to buy bikes for themselves. But bikes are not inexpensive.

Manufacturers today understand the needs of their customers and are making bikes that are a little more accessible to a larger section of the population. Thus, the market has some of the best bikes under 50000 today. These bikes under 50000 have great features while also being affordable. So, if you are someone who is looking for the best bikes in a low price, you are in the right place. We will be giving you a list of the best bikes in India under 50000 a little further. But before we get to that, let us talk about insurance for bikes.

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Now, let us discuss some bikes below 50000.

Best Bikes in India Under 50,000

To help you have a holistic idea, we have made a list of bikes below 50000. First, go through the list and choose the right 50000 bikes.

  • Yamaha Saluto RX

This bike is a more economical counterpart of the Saluto 125, but the bonus is that it still has the same appearance. The Yamaha Saluto RX is powered by a 110cc engine with a four-speed transmission. The fuel-injected mill can produce 7.39 bhp and 8.5 Nm of speed and torque. The bike's fuel tank is sleek, and the display panel is equally beautiful. It is a bike to look out for the best bike in a low price.

  • Bajaj CT 100

Bajaj intends to extend its target audience with this model, notably among India's rural inhabitants. It is powered by a single-engine that generates 7.9 horsepower and spins at 7500 RPM. This model may be a suitable alternative for individuals looking for a 50,000 bike because it matches positively with its more pricey counterparts. If you are looking for a bike under 50000 on-road price, this bike is the right choice.

  • Bajaj Platina

If you are looking for an under 50000 bike, the Bajaj Platina is another worthy candidate. The entry-level bike is powered by a 102cc engine with a four-speed transmission. Accordingly, the fuel-efficient engine produces 8 horsepower and 8.6 Nm of speed and torque. The bike's seat is lengthened to provide adequate space for the pillion passenger. The suspension system on the bike is spring in spring, which the manufacturer claims is more convenient than a standard unit.

  • Hero Splendor Pro

The Hero Splendor Pro is indeed a functional bike under 50000 on-road price. The bike is powered by a 97.2cc engine with a four-speed gearbox that produces 8.2 horsepower and 8.05 Nm of output. A sleek analogue instrument cluster with a side position indicator is included on the bike. Chassis, automatic start, and the baggage carrier are among the motorcycle's other significant features, with the last two as customisable options. It is one of the best 50000 bikes that you can buy.

  • Honda CD110 Dream

The Dream is Honda's most economical bike, and it's the sole one available in India for less than 50,000. The Honda CD110 Dream is the company's entry-level CD commuter. A 109cc engine connected to a four-speed gearbox powers the bike. The engine can produce 8.25 bhp and 8.6 Nm of power and torque. The bike mostly competes with the Hero Splendor Pro in today's market. It is one of the best bikes below 50000.

  • TVS Star City Plus

The Star City Plus is a solid competitor in the entry-level bike sector and offers a decent value for money. A 109.7cc engine connected to a four-speed gearbox powers the motorbike. The motor can produce a peak power of 8.3 bhp and a top torque of 8.7 Nm. The bike appears luxurious with a dynamic design language and several amazing features. The TVS Star City Plus, for example, has a digital-analogue speedometer with the company's characteristic Eco-Power settings and a maintenance reminder. Thus, it is one of the best 50000 under bikes that you can buy.

  • Mahindra Centuro

Mahindra, a new entry to the bike market, introduced the Centuro in July 201. It is a daring and unusual 110cc motorbike in a class dominated by Hero and Bajaj. The Mahindra Centuro cracked the behemoths' dominance over the market by offering us a feature-heavy and fuel-efficient bike at a decent cost.

The Mahindra Centuro is distinguished by its LED indication lamps and golden tubular design element. Among other amenities, the Mahindra Centuro has follow me home headlamps, LED dual indicator lights on the margins of the headlights, an anti-theft detector, a motor immobiliser, and a maintenance alert on the centre panel. With its strong proportions and golden highlights, the bike has a great appearance and appeals to the audience. It is one of the best bikes in India, under 50000.

Bikes in India Under 50,000 Prices

If you want to know the prices of the bikes mentioned above, look at the table below.

Model Ex-Showroom Price in New Delhi*
Yamaha Saluto RX ₹48,721
Bajaj CT 100 ₹32,000
Bajaj Platina ₹47,405
Hero Splendor Pro ₹49,598
Honda CD110 Dream ₹48,641
Mahindra Centuro ₹48,935


Given above are some of the bikes you can pursue if you wish to buy a bike under 50000. Again, remember you cannot take your bike out on the road unless you have an active bike insurance policy. So, when buying your bike, do not forget the insurance that goes along with it. Ensure that you compare bike insurance policies and choose a policy that suits your needs the best.

Disclaimer: *All the bike prices and other information listed above pertain to a specific city and vehicle model. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest information before purchasing a vehicle or an insurance policy.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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