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To make sure that your bike runs smoothly, you need to ensure that it has adequate engine oil at all times. Choosing the right engine oil is essential to keep your bike performing optimally. There are many engine oil brands available. Hence, choosing the best bike engine oil in India can be confusing. In this article, we will list some of the best bike oil brands to help you make the choice

List of the Best Bike Engine Oils in India in 2023

Here is a list of the brands offering the best engine oil for bikes in India. The list is in random order and has no specific order of preference.

Castrol POWER1 Cruise 4T 15W-50 API SN Synthetic Engine Oil

This engine oil is suitable for cruiser bikes, offering improved engine protection, and is the No 1 engine oil for bike riders seeking better acceleration and power delivery.

Its unique features include:

Compared with 15W50 engine oils without power sustain technology, it offers 14% better resistance to oxidation

When measured at the end of a 200-hour engine test of a motorcycle, it offers 5% more power

LIQUI MOLY 2555 Motorbike 15W-50 4T Street Synthetic Technology Engine Oil

It is well-suited for street bikes, providing improved performance and protection, and riders seeking cleaner engines and enhanced durability.

Its features include:

Synthetic technology for better engine performance

Engine cleanliness and protection against wear

SERVO 4T SAE 20W40 1 Litre

This engine oil is ideal for older bikes with moderate usage, offering adequate protection against wear and tear in regular riding conditions.

Its unique features include:

Clutch protection and engine cleanliness

Helps withstand extreme weather conditions without compromising on mileage and performance

Motul 3000 4T Plus 10W30 Engine Oil

This is the best 10w30 engine oil for bikes in India. It is suitable for bikes in diverse weather conditions, providing better protection and cleanliness for the engine and ensuring consistent performance.

Its unique features are:

It offers thermal stability to the engine of the bike

Compatible with most motorcycle brands in India

Motul 4T Fully Synthetic 20W-50 Petrol Engine Oil for Bikes (1 L)

This engine oil is ideal for bikes requiring fully synthetic oil, offering improved protection and lubrication for better overall engine performance.

Its unique features are:

Apt for high speeds as it is tested with racing machines

A 10,000 km oil change interval

Motul 3100 4T Gold Technosynthese Bike Engine Oil

It is suitable for a wide range of bikes, providing improved protection and performance, and is ideal for riders looking for smoother gear shifts and acceleration.

Its unique features are:

Highly cost-efficient with high quality

Technosynthese technology for engine protection

Motul 3000 4T Plus Bike Engine Oil

This is suitable for bikes with different engine capacities, providing better protection and ensuring cleaner engines, suitable for various types of riders.

Its unique features are:

Works efficiently with all four-stroke bikes that are not more than 150cc

Reinforced anti-wear properties

Shell Advance AX5 4T 20W-50 API SL Premium Mineral Motorbike Engine Oil

It is well-suited for bikes requiring mineral-based oil, providing reliable engine protection and offering smoother rides, beneficial for various riders.

Its unique features are:

Premium mineral-based oil for engine protection

Reduces engine noise and ensures smoother rides

Shell Advance 4T Fuel Saver Bike Engine Oil

It is suitable for bikes aiming for better fuel efficiency, offering protection against wear and deposits, and beneficial for riders seeking improved mileage.

Its unique features are:

Designed for fuel efficiency

29% better protection at high temperatures

The Importance of Choosing the Right Engine Oil for Your Bike

Here are some reasons that make buying the right engine oil essential for your bike:

  • Being a lubricant, engine oil reduces friction between engine parts and improves the overall efficiency of the bike’s engine

  • It prevents damage to the engine or other parts of the bike due to overheating by helping in dissipating the heat

  • Top-quality engine oils have dispersants and detergents to help keep the engine and its parts clean and devoid of contaminants and deposits

  • Most engine oils have additives that help prevent rusting and corrosion. If you are living in a humid area, then it is extremely necessary

  • The right engine oil can also help improve mileage by reducing internal friction and ensuring that the engine runs smoothly

Things to Keep in Mind while Buying Engine Oil for Your Bike

Type of oil: There are two types of engine oil for bikes: mineral and synthetic. Mineral engine oils are affordable but do not offer the high levels of performance and protection that synthetic oils offer.

Price: While many bike owners consider the 2 wheeler engine oil price when choosing the oil, it is important to remember that the right oil can not just improve performance but also boost the longevity of the parts. This can save repair and maintenance costs in the long run.

Viscosity Grade: Viscosity is the thickness of the oil. The more viscous an oil is, the more resistance it will have to friction. While you should consider the recommendations given by the manufacturer, remember these common viscosity grades 10w30, 10w40, 20w50, and 15w50.

Note: When you look at the viscosity grade of an engine oil, the typical grade has two numbers with a “W” between them. The first number indicates the oil's viscosity at low temperatures, where “W” means “winter”.

The second number means the viscosity of the oil at high temperatures. So, if the first number is lower than the second, then it implies that the oil flows better at low temperatures and maintains the required viscosity at higher temperatures.

It is important to consider this factor based on the temperature conditions of the region you live.

Summing Up

Remember, a two-wheeler is a mechanical device that requires a lot of things to keep it running efficiently. Engine oil is an important aspect that reduces the friction between parts, regulates heat, cleans the engine, and prevents rusting and corrosion.

Hence, selecting the best engine oil for your bike is important.

At the same time, to protect your bike from financial losses due to accidents or mishaps, buy a comprehensive two wheeler insurance plan. Apart from being mandatory, bike insurance can help manage high costs of repair and third-party liabilities without denting your finances.

Tata AIG offers long term two wheeler insurance that can help you avoid the unnecessary hassle of renewing the policy every year. With unique riders, a high claim settlement ratio, and dedicated customer service, you can be assured of getting the best protection that your bike deserves.

So, while you are looking for the best engine oil for your bike, ensure that you also have the best insurance for your bike based on your needs.


Q1. Which engine oil brand is best?

Since every bike is unique and has specific requirements, it is very difficult to have a single name as the best two wheeler engine oil in India. You need to assess your use of the bike, weather conditions, and various other factors to find the engine oil that offers optimum lubrication, protection, and performance.

Q2. How do I know if a specific engine oil is good for my bike?

Bike manufacturers specify the kind of engine oil that you must use. Hence, go through the manual for details. Also, factor in your riding conditions and performance requirements to sift through the available options and find the right engine oil for your bike.

Q3. How often should I change my bike’s engine oil?

Again, the manual provided by the manufacturer will have details on the frequency with which you should replace the engine oil of your bike. This can vary based on the riding conditions. Hence, if during routine maintenance, the professional recommends changing the oil, get it done to avoid damage to the engine or other parts.

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