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When purchasing a bike insurance policy or filing a claim, you must be wondering about the bike insurance inspection. You must also be looking for scenarios where the insurer may reject your claim request. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) allows insurers to conduct extensive inspections before accepting purchase requests or settling claims. But is this procedure mandatory?

Let's find out by understanding every single aspect related to two-wheeler inspection.

What is a Two-wheeler Inspection?

Bike insurance inspection is a process carried out by your insurer to understand the condition of your overall bike and its spare components. The insurer will further inspect your bike to ensure it complies with the government's two-wheeler regulations. The insurer may request various vehicle-related documents during the inspection process, such as a Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate, service record book, etc.

What is the Need for a Two-wheeler Inspection?

Vehicle inspection is crucial in many ways. Here is how.

  • Insurance fraud has been on the rise in recent years. Many cases have been reported in which the policyholder submits a forged repair receipt, a fake non-traceable report (in the case of theft), and so on in order to recover a hefty sum from the insurer. Insurance companies conduct thorough inspections to prevent such frauds and save themselves from financial loss.

  • A bike inspection informs your insurer about the risk of insuring your bike. If your motorcycle is in good condition and you are an experienced rider, the insurer may charge you a low premium. Inspection further assists insurers in tailoring your policy to your specific needs.

  • Inspection alerts you to any problems with your bike ahead of time. As a result, you will be able to take all necessary precautions while riding to avoid any road mishaps.

What are the Circumstances When Bike Inspection is Necessary?

There are numerous situations in which you cannot purchase or raise a claim for a two-wheeler insurance policy without inspection. A few of them are described below.

  • Inspection is required if you fail to renew your bike insurance policy before it expires or before the 30-day grace period expires. If there is a long gap between the insurance lapse and renewal, the insurer will want to ensure that the bike is not involved in any mishaps during this time.
  • In case you make any changes to factory-fitted components or go for major aftermarket modifications, the insurer inspects to understand its legality and determine the policy premium.
  • If you buy a second-hand bike and the original owner transfers the policy ownership, the insurer inspects the vehicle before making changes to the existing policy.
  • If your bike is damaged in an accident, natural disaster, or fire, the insurer appoints a surveyor to determine the extent of the damage. Based on that, it will estimate the cost of repairs and replacement, and your claims will be settled accordingly.

Does Inspection Reduce the Two wheeler Insurance Premium?

There is no doubt that inspection affects your two-wheeler insurance premium. Depending on the circumstances, it can either increase or decrease your premium. Here is how:

  • When you attempt to buy bike insurance without the proper documents, such as a lapsed PUC certificate, the insurer discovers this during the inspection process. Based on the findings, the insurer either raises the premium or rejects your application.

  • If the insurer discovers engine leaks, poor battery condition, or major dents during the inspection, they will charge a higher insurance premium. It is because bikes in poor condition are more prone to accidents

  • Inspections have a proven track record of reducing fraudulent or irrelevant claims. Thus, if you file an irrelevant claim by mistake, the insurer rejects it while allowing you to keep your no-claim bonus (NCB). You can then use accumulated NCB to reduce the premium amount.

  • Inspection informs you of existing flaws in your bike, allowing you to have them repaired as soon as possible. The chances of an accident are greatly reduced when you ride a well-maintained bike. In the end, the situation helps you accumulate NCB and lower your premiums.

Checklist for Bike Inspection for Insurance

The following is the list of things your insurer checks during the inspection process.

  • Your two-wheeler's registration paper and number
  • Two-wheeler's chassis number
  • Aftermarket installations
  • Documents such as PUC certificate, original purchase invoice, driver's licence
  • Clear photographs in case of accident-related claims (pics must be clicked from different angles)
  • Damages or dents

How Can You Buy Two wheeler Insurance Without Inspection?

Inspection is not a mandatory process. Most insurers will not inspect your bike unless it is involved in any of the above-said circumstances. Simply go to your preferred bike insurer's website, fill out the necessary fields, make the payment, and the insurer will provide instant coverage within seconds. The insurer will then send a soft copy of your policy documents to your email address. Some important factors that influence whether or not you are approved for insurance include:

  • Bike's age
  • Place of registration
  • Previous claim records
  • Bike's make and model
  • Documents related to two-wheeler

If you already have insurance for your 2-wheeler, renew it before the existing policy lapses to avoid two-wheeler insurance renewal without inspection.

Steps for Buying Online Bike Insurance Without Inspection

In order to buy two-wheeler insurance online without inspection, here are steps you must follow.

  • Consider every detail of your bike and make a note of it before starting the buying process.
  • Go to your insurer's official website and enter your bike's registration number as well as previous policy information (if applicable).
  • Select the insured declared value carefully. Remember that the IDV has an impact on both your premium and the claim settlement process.
  • Select the plan and coverage that best meets your requirements.
  • Make payment

Why Should You Renew Your Policy on Time Even if Your Insurer Does Not Conduct an Inspection?

There are various reasons why it is recommended to renew your insurance for 2-wheeler immediately after it expires. Some of them are as follows.

You are not covered during the grace period:

The grace period begins on the day your policy expires and lasts for 30 days. Many people believe that their bikes are protected from damage during this time. However, they are incorrect. The grace period merely allows you to keep the continuity benefits. If your bike is lost or damaged during this time, your insurer will not compensate you.


It is illegal to ride a motorcycle without insurance or with a lapsed policy. If the traffic authorities discover this, you will be fined.

No claim bonus:

If you do not renew your policy on time, all of your accumulated NCB will be forfeited at once. You may lose the opportunity to reduce your policy premium by a significant percentage.

To Conclude

Inspection of bike insurance is not a mandatory process. However, in some cases, such as a policy break or severe damage to your bike in an accident, the insurer may go ahead and conduct an inspection. The best you can do is always provide accurate information when purchasing insurance or filing claims. Also, compare two-wheeler insurance on Tata AIG to find the insurance policy best suited for your needs.

At Tata AIG, we have a 98% claim ratio, which is considered one of the best in the industry. Further, you can get a 20% discount as NCB on policy renewal and access our network of 3300+ garages for cashless repair.

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