Bike Riding Tips for Teenagers

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Teenagers and motorcycles are a heady combination of freedom and adventure. Most teenagers take to riding motorcycles at a young age as it offers them the freedom to travel wherever they want and adds the thrill of riding a bike. However, adventures usually come associated with risks and teenage bike riding is no different.

If you want to enjoy riding a bike as a teenager, then adhering to certain safety norms can help avoid mishaps. In this article, we will offer some bike riding tips for teenagers to avoid such mishaps and enjoy a safe riding experience.

Choose the Right Bike Model

The first bike riding tip for beginners: choose the right bike!

Teenagers prefer bikes that look muscular and classy. However, if you are a beginner, it is important to go with a timid motorcycle that produces decent power figures and is easily controllable. Consider your height, weight, and body type to choose a bike that you can handle and manoeuvre with ease.

Get a Valid Driving Licence

According to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, teenagers above the age of 16 years can get a driving licence to ride a gearless bike of up to 50cc. However, if you want to ride a motorbike with gears, then you need to be over 18 years old. The Regional Transport Office (RTO) issues driving licences. Make sure that you obtain a valid licence and ride the bike that you are permitted to.

Purchase a Bike Insurance Policy

In India, every bike owner needs to ensure that the bike has a mandatory third-party two wheeler insurance policy that offers coverage for third-party liabilities arising from an accident involving the insured bike. If you are new to bike riding, then collisions and accidents can be expected. Without third-party insurance for 2 wheelers, you will have to bear any third-party liability costs from your pocket.

However, third-party policies do not offer coverage for the insured bike. To get exhaustive coverage, you can opt for a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy. These policies offer coverage for third-party liabilities and damages to the insured bike due to an accident, collision, man-made disaster like riots, terrorist attacks, etc., natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, etc., and fire. You also receive compensation if the bike is stolen or damaged beyond economical repair. Further, you can choose add-on covers and deductibles to buy a policy as per your needs and budget.

At Tata AIG, we offer a range of two wheeler insurance plans to help you get the best protection for your bike. Also, with the right plan and add-on covers, you can ride the bike without worrying about managing exigencies. You can compare two wheeler insurance plans and choose the perfect one for your needs.

Carry all Mandatory Documents

When you ride a bike, you are required to carry a set of documents with you at all times including:

  • A valid driving licence
  • Registration Certificate of the two-wheeler
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUCC)
  • Bike Insurance Policy document

If a traffic police officer asks for these documents and you fail to provide them, then you can be fined.

Follow Traffic Rules

Following the traffic rules is one of the basic bike safety tips. If this is the first time you are riding a bike on the roads, you need to remember that the traffic police have laid down several rules to ensure a smooth flow of traffic and a safe environment for drivers and pedestrians. Hence, make sure that you understand and follow all traffic rules like waiting at the red light, riding on the right side and avoiding going the wrong way, etc.

Get your Bike Serviced Regularly

Bike servicing increases its longevity and optimises its performance. Ensure that your bike is in good condition by getting it checked and serviced regularly.

Don’t Ride Without a Helmet

In India, it is legally compulsory to wear a helmet while riding a bike. The helmet must be ISI-certified and strapped onto the head. The pillion is also mandated to wear a helmet. If you are caught riding a bike without one, then you can be fined up to ₹2000.

This is one of the most important bike riding tips because wearing a helmet can protect you from severe injuries during an accident or mishap.

Avoid Performing Stunts

Teenagers are known to stretch the limits of the bike and their skills by performing stunts like wheelies, burnouts, and many more. While they seem exciting, they also pose a huge risk to the rider and the bike.

Don’t Drive Under the Influence of Alcohol

Laws are very strict when it comes to drunk driving in India. If you are caught driving under the influence of alcohol or any narcotic substance, then you can be fined up to ₹10,000 and sentenced to six months in jail. For repeated offenders, the fine and prison time can go higher.

Avoid Using Your Phone While Driving

A momentary lapse of attention is what it takes for a bike to get into an accident. At any cost, avoid texting or talking on the phone while riding the bike.


Young riders must ensure that they practice enough before riding a bike on the roads. Remember, riding a motorcycle is a responsible task. A small error can put your life and that of others at risk. Make sure that you follow the tips mentioned above to become a responsible biker. Also, make sure that you have the right bike insurance policy that protects you from unexpected exigencies.

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