How to Make Your Two Wheeler More Efficient?

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Do you want more out of your two-wheeler? If yes, then you are looking to optimise your bike so that it lasts longer and runs smoother. Fortunately, it is not an unattainable feat. There are some simple tips and tricks that can help improve the mileage of a two-wheeler. But before we learn how to increase the mileage of a bike so that your vehicle stays by your side for many years, it is important to establish the importance of two-wheeler insurance. With the rising number of road accidents in India, a comprehensive bike insurance policy acts as a financial safety net for riders across the country. It protects your vehicle against a host of unpleasant scenarios.

Now that we understand the importance of insurance for 2-wheeler let’s explore some ways to boost bike fuel economy.

How to Improve Two-Wheeler Efficiency?

With the soaring prices of fuel in the country, it has become all the more important to learn how to increase mileage of two-wheelers. Several two-wheeler owners complain that despite purchasing the best-branded bikes, the expenses of maintenance and fuel are both costly. The primary concern is fuel inefficiency. If you are afflicted with the same concerns, here’s how you can unlock fuel efficiency:

  • Servicing Your Two-Wheeler at Regular Intervals

Although this might sound obvious, it is also often the most neglected aspect of two-wheeler maintenance. Regularly servicing your two-wheeler ensures that your vehicle is in optimal health. With regular servicing, your engine becomes robust. On occasions wherein you miss the servicing of your vehicle, you must at least check and appropriately replace the oil. However, it is advised not to miss the servicing of your two-wheeler if you want to keep your bike healthy.

  • Maintain the Tyre Pressure

One of the easiest ways to optimise scooty mileage is to maintain the tyre pressure of your two-wheeler. There is no standardised bike tyre pressure as the tyre's recommended pressure differs from one vehicle to the next. Therefore, every bike owner is advised to refer to the manual of their two-wheeler to know how much tyre pressure is recommended. Usually, you are expected to check the pressure of the tyre with every alternate visit to the fuel station. Additionally, if you are going to travel a long distance on your two-wheeler, you must first check your tyre pressure without fail. Inadequate tyre pressure can lead to accidents. And so appropriate tyre pressure, along with a comprehensive bike insurance policy, is essential for every rider.

  • Checking the Carburettor Settings

If the bike fuel economy of your two-wheeler remains low despite timely servicing, the problem could be in your carburettor settings. You can re-tune your carburettor electronically or manually to boost the performance of your engine. As the engine performance improves, it automatically enhances the two-wheeler efficiency and boosts mileage.

  • Use High-Quality Fuel

Just as the kind of two-wheeler you choose impacts the mileage of the vehicle, the kind of fuel you top it up with also affects the mileage. Ensure that you don’t refuel with lead-induced petrol that is wrongly advertised. One way to get good quality fuel is by only refuelling at reputed petrol stations. Two-wheeler owners can also select a petrol station and continue to fill petrol at the same place. Premium quality fuel is one of the best ways to improve the mileage of a two-wheeler.

  • Don’t Be a Rash Rider

Unfortunately, we are so used to rash driving and riding that we don’t even notice how and where we are going wrong on the roads. Overlooking the potholes, braking abruptly, and random accelerations are all examples of riding rashly. Not only is riding like this harmful for your two-wheeler, but it also puts the rider at risk. This is why insurance for 2-wheelers is such an essential requirement. Especially because even if you are a safe rider, you cannot guarantee the same about other riders. And if you do end up in an accident, your two-wheeler insurance can take care of the expenses incurred on hospitalisation as well as on compensating for the damages to your vehicle.

  • Maintain the Speed Limit

Maintaining the prescribed speed limit mentioned on the road is crucial, particularly within the city. When you speed excessively, it hampers the efficiency of your vehicle. Not to mention it comes with the risk of an accident. For those wondering — ‘how to increase mileage of bikes?’ The answer is simple — when travelling within the city, try to maintain a speed of 40 km/hr. Your mileage is impacted negatively when you ride your two-wheeler at higher speeds.

  • Avoid Parking Your Two-Wheeler in the Sunlight

The piercing heat of a scorching sun can be just as distressing to your vehicle as it is to you. If you park your bike in the sun for too long, it can evaporate the fuel from your fuel tank. Doing this repeatedly can consecutively reduce scooty mileage. Therefore, to ensure you maintain the mileage of your two-wheeler, try to park in the shade, especially on occasions when you are leaving your bike alone for a long time.

  • Regularly Cleaning and Lubricating

To keep your bike shining as new and ensure it stays in its best condition for a long time it is important to regularly clean your vehicle. Don’t wait until your vehicle is serviced to clean it. In addition to cleaning your vehicle, you can also look up how to lubricate the chain of your bike. It is a simple skill that can help you increase the mileage of your two-wheeler. Lubricating the chain can keep the dust and sand from accumulating which reduces your bike’s power. The dust and sand are also responsible for increasing the friction, which causes greater consumption of fuel.

  • Prudent Modification

Bike enthusiasts are often excited to modify their bikes. However, doing so can come in the way of fuel efficiency. It is important to think carefully about the modifications before doing them. Modifying your two-wheeler also means an increased premium on your bike insurance policy. This is because modifications, particularly to the engine, increase the risk.

  • Invest in Reliable Two-Wheeler Insurance

Comprehensive insurance for 2-wheelers comes with the promise of complete security of your bike. It ensures that in the event you need any replacements or repairs, you can get them done at an authorised service centre. Using good quality parts automatically ensures that your bike stays in its optimal health for a long time. The comprehensive two-wheeler insurance by Tata AIG comes with a choice of eight unique riders to enhance security and enable customisation of your coverage based on your specific insurance requirements. To get the best out of your insurance for a 2-wheeler, it is always advised to compare two-wheeler insurance policies before buying a cover.

To Conclude

To optimise your two-wheeler and enhance its performance, every rider needs to incorporate some changes to their bike maintenance routine. Only by following the right way to ride and look after your two-wheeler can you ensure that it stays good as new. Abiding by the aforementioned tips can help overcome or slow down the damage caused by regular wear and tear.

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