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5 Popular Indian Biker’s Groups

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 27/05/2022

For many bike riders, being a biker is part of their identity. They take immense pride in their bikes and their association with them. They follow a few rituals when they embark on a journey on their bike. This could include checking the specifics of their bike before every ride to donning specific gear every time they get on their bike. You can often spot an enthusiastic biker from a mile away. They can be seen everywhere, from restaurants to parties, in their riding attire. That is their moniker and their identity. However, these people take their love for their bikes one step further than the rest. They want people to know they belong to a community.

Yes, it may be surprising for a few people to hear this, but are dedicated biker groups worldwide. Fellow bike enthusiasts find each other, and they band together. While this was not so prevalent in India early on, biker gangs have been popular all over the world. You could spot a biker gang as people who wore all black leather and stayed around their bikes.

This biker group would almost always be all-male, and they would be intimidating to be around. But, this is no longer the case. These biker gangs have evolved into bike rider clubs for like-minded people who share the same interests. Indian bike riders have also banded in a similar way to share their interests and even travel with other bikers in India.

If you are a biker in India who identifies with a riders club, you know that no one in your community would ever be caught riding without insurance for their 2-wheeler. Everybody knows how protective the rider's group is, and they always want the best protection for their bikes. Thus, having a bike insurance policy is almost synonymous with being in a bike riders club. But having just any insurance for your 2-wheeler will not do. You must get the right bike insurance policy for your bike.

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With that being said, let us discuss Indian bike riders and bike riders group names in India.

Bike Riders Club in India

A list of five of the many rider clubs in India is given below. These clubs are formed based on their mutual interests and love for their bikes. In most cases, clubs are formed out of people owning the same bikes or having a bike belonging to a single brand, but that may not always be the case.

  • Road Thrill

The Road Thrill Motorcycle Club, established throughout India and shares a passion for Royal Enfields, is progressively maturing into a complete community that operates on principles and follows the brotherhood pledge. Being a part of this riders club will teach you the genuine meaning of brotherhood. Several chapters operate in perfect harmony, with no fake vanities or disputes over who can get the most people to join the journey.

They care about riding with like-minded people, and the number of people on the journey with them does not matter. It is not a competition to see which chapter has the largest membership because, at the core, these bikers in India belong to the same group, even if they are riding differently.

  • Group of Delhi Superbikes

G.O.D.S. was among the country's first motorcycle clubs. Dr Arun Thareja founded this biker gang in 1983, at a time superbikes were few and far between, and it now has over 70 alumni. Their objective has consistently been quality over quantity.

This group includes superbike owners over the age of 25 who have bikes with engines larger than 600cc. Every Sunday, the club drives out to experience the pleasures of riding and to foster fellowship amongst the participants. G.O.D. S is among the most famous bike riders group names in India.

  • Bangalore Jawa Yezdi Motorcycle Club

The Bangalore Jawa Yezdi Motorcycle Club was created in 2008 by vintage aficionados in Bangalore. Scores of enthusiasts and passionate riders have joined their online and offline networks through the years. They also host events to commemorate Jawa Motorcycles' heritage, a renowned product that swept youths off its feet in the 1960s and 1970s.

BJYMC remains your strongest opportunity if you possess a Jawa and want to get your hands on a spare part. They maintain chapters all over India, but their headquarters are in Bangalore. This is one of the best groups for bikers in India.

  • Teesta Thumpers Motorcycle Club

West Bengal is a hub of motorcycle riding. Its closeness to the places like Darjeeling and Kurseong makes enthusiasts eager to join this club and be on their way. Teesta Thumpers was established in 2013. It has subsequently hosted and featured in nearly every major motorcycle event in India. Membership in this club depends on whether you have a Royal Enfield bike.

  • The Bikerni

The Bikerni is among the largest all-female bike riders club in India. Urvashi Patole founded it in 2011. It now boasts over 600 riders from all over the nation. It began with motorcyclists desiring to ride their motorcycles and see new locations, but their purpose has developed over time. The organisation promotes female empowerment and the rejection of cultural pressures. They now hold the distinction for the biggest all-women bike excursion to Khardung-La, according to the Limca Book of Records. It is the most famous all-female bike riders group names India.


If you are a biking enthusiast, you should find an Indian bike riders group to be a part of. In these groups, you will find a community to belong to who shares similar interests to you. You also get to be a part of events and activities you may not know about otherwise. So, get your bike insurance policy in place and set off on an adventure with your biker gang.

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