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Road Safety Tips for Two Wheeler Riders

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 30/05/2022

Purchasing your dream two-wheeler might be an important money goal in your life. And, you strive hard to purchase it the moment you start earning. But, while exploring different adventures can give thrilling experiences, safety should be a priority. Many youngsters lose their lives these days in road accidents due to careless driving. So, you have to be well versed with instructions for road safety and other bike safety rules to enjoy a happy riding experience.

Here is a detail about some of the most important road safety tips for your reference.

Road Safety Rules for Riders

Here are some of the top bike safety rules that should be followed:

  • Wear a helmet - While everyone knows how to drive a bike on the road, it is important to take all the road safety precautions. When riding a two-wheeler, it is always important to wear a helmet. And the helmet should be fitting you right and perfect. Helmets can protect against head injuries that can lead to severe blood loss. In addition, it can protect your eyes from strong wind, sun rays, and other dust particles that create discomfort while riding.

A helmet can also defend you from a cold breeze that becomes unmanageable during heavy winters. When you purchase a helmet, ensure to get one of the best quality. And, if you are riding with a pillion, make sure they also wear it throughout the ride. Wearing a helmet is one of the basic safety rules for riders and should never be missed.

  • Wear safety gear - While everyone knows how to drive a bike on the road, it is essential to follow all the road safety precautions. A helmet can always stand as a safety precaution for your head. However, safety gear for securing your entire body is also essential any time when you ride. Get the appropriate jackets and elbow guards to ensure a safe ride on the roads. It will reduce the intensity of any injuries during an accident.

Purchasing safety gear for your body can be costly. However, it is worth the investment, especially if you are a frequent traveller exploring long distances. In addition, it is one of the most relevant two-wheeler driving tips for ladies because they should start avoiding using stoles or dupattas that can carelessly lead to an accident.

  • Ride based on your capability - Every rider will have different capabilities on the road. For example, an experienced rider will be able to ride longer, get through different terrains at ease, and feel comfortable. So, road safety precautions are necessary.

However, an amateur rider may not be able to feel the same. Therefore, it is important to understand the limit based on your capability and set the destination limit to take a safe road trip. Pushing hard to complete longer distances or taking up challenges that you cannot handle can lead to distress that can distract your focus on the road leading to accidents. This is one of the essential two-wheeler safety tips that you need to follow.

  • Make yourself visible to the other riders on the road - Even though your two-wheeler seems to be a big vehicle, it will be seen as a small vehicle amidst heavy trucks and lorries. Therefore, purchase reflective bands, bright jackets, and helmets to ensure your presence with your bike on the road, especially during the night and take all the road safety precautions.

Ensure to stick them across the sides and back of your two-wheeler to set clear visibility. If you seem invisible during heavy traffic amidst huge vehicles, it can lead to unexpected road accidents. This is one of the essential two-wheeler safety tips that you need to follow.

  • Check your bike before you start and while on the road - One of the most important two-wheeler safety tips is to check the bike's condition before starting the ride and while riding on the road in case of any signs of discomfort. For instance, before starting the ride on the road, it is time to check the engine oil level, coolant level if the bike is liquid-cooled, lubrication in chains sprockets, and other moving parts condition brake, throttle and clutch cables, etc.

And, if there is a disturbance during the ride anytime, it is important to stop and investigate the issue and ride further to avoid serious issues at a later point in time. If you plan to travel long distances as a group and if the destination is remote, you can hire a mechanic throughout the trip to secure yourself and the bike from serious damage in case of an emergency. This is an essential two-wheeler driving tip for ladies.

  • Stay focussed on the road - Many of us have the habit of engaging in serious conversations or leisure talks while riding a bike. It can distract your attention and let down your focus leading to an accident. Concentrating on the road can help you make smart decisions on the road during unexpected scenarios.

When you ride on roads with different terrains, you must research the road conditions before you travel and be attentive to get the challenges right and get going safely. And, if the climatic condition is not favourable and is disturbing your confidence levels, decide to wait and travel further when the weather gets better. This is one of the top instructions for road safety.

  • Follow the traffic rules - Most two-wheeler riders face accidents when they don't follow the traffic rules. For example, skipping a traffic signal, going on a one-way road, shifting lanes without a proper signal on a highway road, etc., can confuse other riders, leading to an accident and causing serious injuries. Understanding traffic signals and following road safety precautions can help protect your life from threatening incidents.

And, if you are going to a destination on a road trip with many friends, you can follow a road discipline with hand signals to ensure everyone is synced with the ride while also following the traffic rules.

  • Purchase bike insurance - Insurance for bikes is an important asset. It adds a layer of protection to your most loved vehicle. Having active bike insurance will help you reduce the financial burden in case of an accident that causes damage to your vehicle that requires immediate repair. Insurance providers offer a range of products to help secure your bike for rectifying any damage and maintaining it to the best standards. Compare two-wheeler insurance based on your requirements and cost to choose the right product. It is an important road safety tip that you need to remember.

At Tata AIG, we offer customisable bike insurance plans that can help you handle the repair costs and provide the cashless or the reimbursement benefit based on your needs at an affordable cost. Also, you can purchase our bike insurance online cost-effectively with a simple and hassle-free process. Our customer service executive team can assist you with the necessary procedures online or over the phone based on your convenience.


While understanding how to ride a bike on the road is essential, knowing the road safety rules is certainly very much important. It will secure your life from possible road accidents caused due to carelessness. Wearing a helmet, safety gear for your body, riding based on your capability, and keeping yourself visible are the most important safety tips.

In addition, staying focused and keeping yourself comfortable while riding can also help you be safe while enjoying your journey. Finally, have bike insurance to maintain your bike to the best standards even after several long-distance travel scenarios. So, if you have got your first bike, plan your journey, stay safe, and be focused at any time being on the road!

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