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Want to know which are the best Indian helmet brands? Well, you have come to the right place as this article will tell you everything you need to know about top helmet brands in India. It is no secret that the roads in India have a high incidence of accidents, a number that is consistently on the rise. This makes driving responsibly and having a valid two wheeler insurance policy pivotal for all bike owners.

Not only is an insurance policy for your bike critical to your safety on the road, but it is also legally mandatory to have a third party bike insurance policy in the country. Another thing that is instrumental to having a safe driving experience is a good helmet.

While a suitable two wheeler insurance policy ensures that you have financial protection in the wake of an accident involving your bike, wearing the right motorcycle helmet protects you against the full impact of any associated injury. This is why you must invest in a helmet that is robust and reliable. With several bike helmet brands available, though, it can be quite difficult to choose one.

Here Are The Best Indian Helmet Brands

If you wish to opt for one of the best helmet brands in India, here is a simple guide comprising the top helmet brands in India to help you make the decision.

1. Shoei Helmets: Renowned for their excellent design and safety features, Shoei Helmets are counted amongst the best helmet brands in India. With their roots in Japanese technology, Shoei Helmets have high-quality safety elements without compromising on the aesthetics of the helmet. Shoei Helmets come in both full-face and open-face variants and comprise features such as adequate ventilation for the wearer and a pin-lock anti-fog mechanism. The helmets for two-wheelers of this company have been the recipients of 4 to 4.5-star high safety ratings in various assessments. A Shoei Helmet is available at a starting price of ₹4,500 and can be worn by both women and men.

2. HJC Helmets: HJC Helmets is one of the top helmet brands in India. With a long and rich history of manufacturing helmets, HJC Helmets India offers two main types of helmets, namely open-face helmets and full-face helmets. The helmets manufactured by this company have received a high safety rating, including a 4-star rating for their recent helmets models.

Some of the notable features of HJC helmets are their comfortable design, the mechanism to reduce the inflow of the noise of the wind, and adequate ventilation. You can secure your driving experience by buying an HJC helmet. These bike helmets are available at a starting price of ₹3,499. Designed to suit women, men, and children alike, HJC helmets sport a rare combination of style and substance.

3. AGV Helmets: Offering several varieties of helmets, AGV Helmets is one of the best Indian helmet brands. You can buy an AGV Helmet for different purposes, such as urban driving, racing, off-road driving, etc. Some of the distinct features of AGV Helmets India include an in-built sun visor, an EPS-enabled interior lining, a comfortable fit, and a carbon shell exterior.

AGV Helmets are available at a starting price of ₹1,500 and are affordable as well as safe. These helmets are available in full-face and open-face designs and are suitable for men, women, and children. If you are looking for a pocket-friendly yet adequate best helmet brand, then AGV could be an excellent option for you.

4. THH Helmets: If you wish to purchase a helmet of Indian brand that offers you a high degree of protection yet is not too heavy, then THH Helmets India is where your search ends. Manufactured by a Taiwanese company, THH helmets have no dearth of excellent features, including carbon fibre Kevlar and a suitable degree of ventilation for the wearer.

Available in three variants, namely, full-face, open-face, and flip-up helmets, THH helmets have a starting price of ₹1,099. You can buy these motorcycle helmets in a range of hues and patterns and have a helmet that offers both safety and a trendy look. THH Helmets can be used by women, men, and children alike and are extremely lightweight.

5. MT Helmets: One of the best helmet brands in India is MT Helmets. These helmets are manufactured by a Scottish company and are renowned for design elements such as a distinct jawline shape and a significant front part of the product. Manufactured with carbon composites, these highly durable helmets combine comfort, safety, and aesthetic appeal.

MT Helmets in India are available in full-face, flip-up, and half-helmet variants and can be worn by men and children. You can purchase an MT helmet at a price as low as ₹900 and ensure that your driving experience is secured. These helmets are extremely affordable and are, therefore, amongst the top helmet brands in India.

Top Helmet Brands in India - At a Glance!

The below table provides a succinct summary of some of the best helmet brands in India:

Best Indian Helmet Brands Price (₹) *
Shoei 4,500 onwards
HJC 3,499 onwards
AGV 1,500 onwards
THH 1,099 onwards
MT 900 onwardss

To Sum It Up

In order to ensure maximum safety against being injured in a bike accident, you must purchase a helmet from one of the top helmet brands in India. Even if these helmets involve a relatively high upfront cost, the safety they provide you is priceless.

In addition to buying a good helmet, you must purchase a suitable two wheeler insurance policy. Although the motor laws applicable in India only make it mandatory for you to have a third party bike insurance policy, it is advisable to opt for a comprehensive bike insurance policy. You can buy 2 wheeler insurance online and enjoy a hassle-free policy purchase and renewal.

At Tata AIG, we offer a wide range of two wheeler insurance policies, including standalone third party bike insurance, standalone own damage bike insurance, and comprehensive bike insurance. You can check out our policies on our official website and choose one that is the best suited for you. Drive safe and stay injury-free.

Disclaimer: The helmet prices mentioned above are subject to change. It is advisable to check the latest brand-wise prices before making your purchase decision.

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