Audi A4 Insurance

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Audi A4 Insurance

The Audi A4 is a premium-class mid-luxury Sedan known for its good ride quality, updated design elements, refinement, and stylish lightning. It's loaded with enhanced technology and is available in two variants with ultimate comfort and security. This 5 seater luxury car runs on petrol, as Audit has withdrawn using Diesel for now.

Its engine capacity is up to 1988 cc with an automatic transition, offering a mileage of up to 17.42 km/l. More premium features of the Audi A4 Sedan include excellent performance, silent ride (with no tyre suspension or external noises), engine immobiliser, comfortable cabin space, and advanced comprehensive features equipment, including new-age audits.

If you own this premium Sedan car, you must have or buy car insurance to be liable to the Motor Insurance Acts, 1988. The Audi A4 comes loaded with many security features, including the new screen MMI system, three-zone climate control, 5 Star (Euro NCAP), seat belt warning, 8 airbags, over-speed warning, child lock, and speed sensing door lock.

However, even the most secure and sturdy cars are vulnerable and prone to accidents due to the carelessness of the drivers or other reasons. This is why opting for an Audi A4 car insurance policy is vital.

An Audi A4 car insurance not only helps you abide by the nation's law but acts as an excellent investment to prevent unnecessary expenses and provide protection in unexpected situations and financial losses.

At Tata AIG, we provide several affordable car insurances for four-wheelers, like Audi A4, to offer optimal protection in unenforceable circumstances.

Audi A4 Car Insurance Renewal/Purchase via Tata AIG

While the Audi A4 was discontinued in India in 2020 because of the BS-6 norms, it's expected to make a strong comeback in 2023. If you purchased Audi A4 before it was discontinued, you could easily purchase or renew the Audi A4 car insurance from our official website.

You can easily browse through our Audi car insurance price list and compare different insurance policies using our online car insurance premium calculator.

Here are the steps for the Audi car insurance renewal and purchase with us online:

  • Visit our official Tata AIG website, go to the “All Products” option, and click on 'Car Insurance' under Motor Insurance to enter your car registration number.

  • Alternatively, you can enter your car registration number on our official website landing page and click on the 'Get Price' button to get a list of the new Tata AIG car insurance policies. Or, you can click on the 'Renew' button if you want to perform an Audi A4 insurance renewal of your existing Tata AIG Audi A4 insurance coverage.

  • You'll be directed to the next screen to enter your details, including your phone number, email address, four-wheeler make and model, etc.

  • Next, you must enter your Audi A4's recent and appropriate Insured Declared Value, enabling our car insurance calculator to find premium estimates and the best insurance plans for your car.

  • Enter your four-wheeler claims and No-claim Bonus (NCB) for the last year, if any.

  • Click on the 'Get Price' button to get an online Audi A4 insurance coverage quote.

  • Suppose the resultant quotation fits within your four-wheeler insurance budget. In that case, you can proceed with the Audi A4 insurance purchase/renewal process and pay the premium and affordable Audi A4 insurance cost.

  • We will send you a copy of your Audi A4 insurance policy to your registered email address and WhatsApp number.

At the same time, you can also visit our local branch or contact a motor insurance agent if you are not comfortable with the online renewal or paying the Audi car insurance cost online. However, it's important to note that involving agents or middlemen can increase your Audi car insurance price by a slight amount.

Audi A4 Insurance Price - Your Premium Amount

Several car and motor insurers in India offer insurance products with premium riders to ensure enhanced security and protection for your Audi A4. Each product comes with a different premium computed differently. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) determines the premium for third-party liabilities, depending on the car engine's cubic capacity.

Here are the factors that help determine Audi A4's insurance price:

  • Make and model

  • The car's age

  • Insured Declared Value (IDV)

  • Geographical location

  • Coverage amount

  • Engine capacity

  • Claims history

  • Deductibles

  • Add-ons

Amongst these, IDV is one of the most significant factors that determine the highest amount you can get from your Audi A4 car insurance in total loss situations like permanent car damage or theft.

When renewing your car insurance coverage, inputting the correct and accurate IDV information of your Audi A4 is essential to make selecting suitable insurance for your four-wheeler easier.

Once you know your car's IDV, you can enter it in our Tata AIG car insurance calculator to get an online estimate for your Audi A4 insurance policy.

Add-Ons for Audi A4 Insurance by Tata AIG

Add-ons consist of the additional features that cover the base motor insurance plan's components which aren't standard. While add-ons are optional, you can select the ones you require to enhance your Audi A4's security. Each add-on comes with distinct benefits; hence, choosing ones that meet your car insurance needs is critical.

Here are the significant add-ons you can avail from Tata AIG for your car insurance needs:

  • NCB Protection Cover

  • Roadside Assistance Cover

  • Daily Allowance Cover

  • Return to Invoice Cover

  • Zero Depreciation Cover

  • Engine Protection Cover

  • Key Replacement Cover

  • Loss of Personal Belongings Cover

  • Hotel Expenses and Emergency Transportation Cover

  • Consumable Expenses Cover

  • Tyre Secure Cover

  • Plastic and Glass Fiber Parts Replacement Cover

Things Included/Not Included under Tata AIG's Audi A4 Car Insurance Policy

Almost every motor insurer offer similar car insurance coverage that only differs in terms of premium amount, car insurance claim settlement process, and available riders. Here are the details about the scope of coverage offered by Tata AIG for Audi A4 car insurance.

Things included under Tata AIG's Audi A4 car insurance Things not included under Tata AIG's Audi A4 car insurance
We reimburse and cover the total loss of the Audi A4 due to theft or damage beyond repair. We don't cover the damages to the vehicle caused by intoxicated driving or driving without a valid licence, as well as damages caused by careless driving.
We cover damage caused due to natural calamities such as frost, cyclones, earthquakes, etc. Damages caused if the vehicle is used outside of the geographical area (outside India) specified in the policy are not covered by us. 
We cover damages caused due to fire and self-ignition, as well as human reasons such as riots, terrorism, vandalism, etc. We don't cover costs associated with ordinary automotive maintenance or wear and tear caused by frequent car use.
We would cover the repair cost of your Audi A4 if it was damaged by accident. If you use your Audi A4 for speed racing, etc., or when a private vehicle is utilised for commercial reasons, we don't cover its damages. 
We cover third-party legal and financial obligations resulting from harm to a third-party person or property caused by the insured vehicle. Only 50% of the cost of replacing consumables due to wear and tear is reimbursed.
We include a list of 12 riders, including zero depreciation, that protects the vehicle or its components from certain problems. We don't cover costs if a conflict, nuclear threat, or warlike situation in the country causes damage to your Audi A4. 
We offer personal accident coverage of up to ₹15 lakhs for the owner-driver, and covers injuries and even death. Damage of a specific type can only be covered by an add-on but is not included in the policy.

Why Opt For Tata AIG for Audi A4 Car Insurance?

Every car owner wants to ensure the utmost safety of themselves and their families and deal with low costs in unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances.

At Tata AIG, we help car owners cover the damages to their cars in case of theft, vandalism, accidents, or natural calamities. Here are some crucial reasons why you must choose Tata AIG's car insurance plans:

  • Tata AIG owns 20+ years of expertise and is one of the leading providers of car insurance in India with approximately over five crores of satisfied customers.

  • We guarantee our customers competent and honest core services and insurance plans. You can get in touch anytime for any queries and questions.

  • We have an extensive network of over 7,500 garages nationwide, where you can avail of free car repairment of your Audi A4.

  • We value your time and resources and offer simplified and hassle-free processes for services like registration and claim settlement, ensuring a quality and seamless user experience for our customers and policyholders.

  • We tailor each insurance policy to the specific needs and requirements of the policyholder and offer support with our 650 motor insurance claim experts.

  • With our claim settlement ratio of 98% in 2020-2021, you can trust us with a smooth processing of your car repair bills.

Audi A4: A Brief Overview of the Car

Audi A4 is a premium luxury car with a sporty and classy look. It's based on the Volkswagen Group B platform and is built in five different generations. It's available in Wagon and Sedan body styles and has various engine options, including six-cylinder and turbocharged six-cylinder engines.

Some of its standard and optional features include a panoramic sunroof, Virtual Cockpit digital instrument cluster, driver assistance systems and advanced technologies like lane departure warning and adaptive cruise control.

Here are the critical technical features of the Audi A4:

Engine displacement 1998 cc
Transmission type Automatic
No. of cylinders 4
Max torque (Nm@rpm) 320Nm@1450-4200
Max power (bhp@rpm) 187.74bhp@4200-6000
Fuel tank capacity 54 litres
Fuel type Petrol
Boot space 460 litres
Seating capacity
Valves per cylinder 4
Gearbox 7-speed Stronic
Top speed 241 kmph

Audi A4 Variants and Prices

Based on the individual's needs and priorities, Audi A4 comes in three different variants, namely A4 Premium, A4 Premium Plus, and A4 Technology. Moreover, it comes in five different colours, including Tango Red Metallic, Manhattan Grey Metallic, Mythos Black Metallic, Ibis White, and Navarra Blue Metallic.

Here are the three variants of Audi A4 with their pricing:

Variant Ex-Showroom Price in Delhi*
A4 Premium (Base model)  ₹43.85 Lakhs
A4 Premium Plus ₹48.07 Lakhs
A4 Technology ₹51.85 Lakhs

Audi A4 Features: Unique Selling Points of the Car

Here are some of the unique selling points of Audi A4 that make it an attractive choice amongst buyers;

  • The Audi A4 comes with a sleek, elegant, and sophisticated design with bold creases, sharp lines, and a sporty stance, making it look classy and luxurious.

  • It offers a well-appointed, comfortable, and spacious interior with plenty of headroom and legroom with high-quality and premium materials and finishes.

  • Audi A4 offers excellent speed and performance, offering a choice of efficient and powerful engine options, with responsive and smooth handling, delivering an engaging and smooth driving experience.

  • Audi A4 comes with advanced technology features, including a massive infotainment display, a completely digital instrument cluster, and a suite of driver assistance systems.

  • Audi A4's Quattro all-wheel-drive technology or system provides excellent stability and traction in unstable weather conditions.

Audi A4's performance, class, style, elegance, comfort, and technology makes it a compelling and quality choice for customers.

Top Contenders of the Audi A4

Some of the top contenders of the Audi A4 car are:

  • Skoda Superb

  • BMW 3 series

  • BMW X1

  • Volvo S60

  • Mercedes Benz C class

  • Jaguar XE

  • Lexus ES

Some Helpful Documents

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Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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What do I require to renew my Audi A4

What do I require to renew my Audi A4


Here are the important details and documents you require to renew your Audi A4 car insurance:

  • Previous year's insurance policy number

  • Previous year's insurance policy expiration date

  • Your four-wheeler's registration number

How much does Audi A4 insurance cost?


Your Audi A4 car insurance price will depend on multiple factors, like the registration city, coverage requirements, the car's cubic capacity, claim history, the selected IDV, and so on.

So, whether you go for a comprehensive Audi A4 car insurance policy or a standard third-party vehicle insurance plan, your car insurance's premium price will be based on the insurance plan type you choose.

Is it necessary to insure my Audi A4 car?


Yes, insuring your Audi A4 car is highly critical and mandatory in India, as according to the Motor Vehicles Act, you at least must hold third-party liability insurance for your car.

It helps cover car damages and injuries to third parties like drivers or pedestrians in case of uneventful and unfortunate accidents. Car insurance in India provides financial securit y and assistance to car owners in case of thefts or road accidents.

What is the starting price of the Audi A4?


The Audi A4's ex-showroom starting price is ₹43.81 Lakh. It's available in three models, and the price mentioned is for the base model, A4 Premium. You can now get this model at a much lower price in the market.

What if the information on my Audi A4 insurance policy is incorrect?


If the information and details in your Audi A4 car insurance policy are incorrect, you can contact your car insurance provider and seek endorsement.

You need to submit proof of accurate information and an application to your insurance carrier to receive an endorsement. This may affect your Audi A4 car insurance cost.



Disclaimer: All the prices and other information listed above pertain to a specific city and vehicle model. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest information before purchasing a vehicle or an insurance policy.