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BH Number Plate In Detailed

Number plates are like the identity markers of a car. Most people who refer to your car will either do so by its number plate or its model name. While a model name is more general, the number plate is the emphasising moniker for your car. Every number plate has the identity of the state it was registered in.

For example, your number plate will begin with an MH if your car is registered in Maharashtra. If you drive an out of state car, it stands out like a sore thumb among the sea of the same initialled number plates. It also becomes difficult to move your car from one state to another because if you plan on settling down in a different state, you have to change your number plate. But the government has come up with the BH series vehicle registration to make matters easier.

If you move around a lot and fall into the category of people eligible for a Bharat series number plate, you should opt for one. It will make movement a lot more hassle-free for you. If you are looking for hassle-free movement, insurance for your car is also an important aspect of buying a car. Motor insurance is important not only because it is mandated but because it secures your vehicle. If you have comprehensive insurance for your car, you need not worry about your car. You can be assured that your motor insurance will take complete care of your car.

Motor insurance from Tata AIG is preferred by many because of its ease of use and its various features. For example, you can access a network of over 5400+ garages nationwide and benefit from roadside assistance when you need it. Moreover, our insurance for cars is affordable and easy to buy. You get it online by completing a few steps. You can also compare car insurance policies offered by us and choose the one that fits you the best. With this in mind, let us understand how BH registration works.

Check Your Eligibility for BH Number Plate Registration

Not everyone will enjoy the BH number plate series. The BH number plate in India can be applied for by any government or public service unit personnel, whether they work for the state or the federal government. Employees in the private sector who work in more than four provinces or union territories are eligible.

The BH series plate is expected to be valuable to military personnel, bank employees, and administration service employees, amongst many others. If you are not among the people mentioned in this inclusion, you will not be able to take advantage of the BH number plate in India.

As we can see, till now, the Bharat series number plate accessibility is rather limited. But the BH series vehicle registration is still at a rather nascent stage. Therefore, it is expected that more people will be able to access the Bharat series registration sooner rather than later.

How Can BH Number Plate Registration Be Done?

The first step to getting your BH registration done is to check your eligibility. The section above will tell you if you qualify for a BH series number plate. As of now, it is mostly limited to public sector workers. If you are not eligible for the Bharat series number plate yet, it is recommended you wait. However, if you are eligible, here is what you need to do to complete your BH series vehicle registration.

There are a few ways to opt for a BH number plate registration. First, you can get it done while buying your car at a dealership. You can ask your dealer to access the Vahan site for you and get your registration done from there. Secondly, you can access the Vahan portal yourself if you have all the necessary documents. Form 20 needs to be filled out for the registration process to be complete. You will also need to provide your public sector work ID to prove you are working in the sector.

If you do not wish to complete the Bharat series registration online, you can get it done physically. For this, you need to visit your closest RTO. The admin at the RTO will guide you in filling out a few forms and after checking your documentation.

Advantages of Having a BH Number Plate

Some of the greatest advantages of having a BH number plate in India are as follows.

  • A BH series number plate is valid across the country. As a result, a car owner will not have to file for fresh registration when moving states. People will save a great deal of effort and time due to this.

  • The motor vehicle tax is collected for two years or multiples of two for private cars listed under the new BH series. Owners of cars not in this category must pay taxes for 15 to 20 years, based on the state in which the car was bought.

  • Eventually, when all vehicles get a BH number plate, there will be uniformity among cars from all states and ease of inter-state movement.

What Does the BH Number Plate Look Like

The number plate will resemble standard private car number plates, with black writing on a white backdrop. The layout of the letters and digits, nevertheless, will be altered. The layout of the number plate will look something like YY BH #### XX.

The BH series number plates will have two numerals that reflect the registration year, after which will come the letter BH, which stands for 'Bharat.' Following this sequence are four arbitrarily issued numerals ranging from 0000 to 9999, post which will come two letters in any configuration of 'AA' to 'ZZ'. Remember that the BH number plates will never have the letter I and O.


The BH registration system in India is still fairly new in India. If you are eligible for it, first check if your state accepts it. Only after that go ahead with the registration. Completing the registration process on your own may be daunting, so it is recommended you get it done through your dealer when buying a car. Also, when buying a car, do not forget your motor insurance, as driving without it is a punishable offence in India.

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