Toyota Corolla Altis Insurance

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Toyota Corolla Altis Insurance

The Toyota brand introduced the Corolla car in 2000, and since then, it has been one of the people’s favourite sedans. With its dynamic look and exceptional performance, the new Corolla Altis is setting a new trend in the sedan segment. The new Corolla Altis is equipped with a powerful engine that offers an excellent driving experience while cruising through the city. Thus, considering the next-gen features and price of Corolla Altis, you must protect it with suitable car insurance.

But before choosing car insurance for your Corolla Altis, you must know about the types of car insurance policies available in India. There are three types of car insurance policies that include a third-party liability cover, standalone own damage and comprehensive car insurance. Third-party insurance is mandatory according to Indian law, which covers third-party injuries or property damages only. It doesn’t provide any compensation for your damages or injuries. On the other hand, a standalone own damage policy allows you to avail of compensation for own damages too. But to give your car all-round protection from threats like accidents, natural disasters, thefts, vandalism, etc., comprehensive car insurance is the optimum choice. Also, before buying insurance for your car, you should compare car insurance online to make a cost-effective decision.

Find out how to renew or buy a suitable Toyota Car insurance in India with Tata AIG.

Toyota Car Insurance Renewal/Buy via Tata AIG

You can purchase car insurance for your Corolla Altis in offline and online modes. To buy the policy offline, you can visit the nearest office. However, for a hassle-free and instant online purchase of car insurance, you can follow the step-by-step procedure:

  • Visit the Car Insurance page on the Tata AIG website.

  • Enter your Toyota Corolla Altis registration number.

  • Click “Get Price” for a new issue or “Renew” for renewal of existing insurance.

  • Fill out the form with adequate details to get your car insurance quote.

  • Select the correct Insured Declared Value (IDV) from the list given.

  • You must notify the insurance provider about any past claims, as you can benefit from the No Claim Bonus in the absence of any claims.

  • After filling in the required information, the premium for your Corolla Altis car insurance will be displayed.

  • To buy extra riders for your car, you can pick from the add-on options and proceed with the payment.

  • After the payment, you will receive a soft copy of your Toyota car insurance via email.

Toyota Corolla Altis Insurance Price – Your Premium Amount

The insurance price of a Toyota Corolla Altis depends on its Insured Declared Value (IDV). IDV is the amount the insurance company pays if your car is stolen or damaged beyond repair. While calculating the IDV, Tata AIG considers several factors like the make and model of the car, registration city, type of use and fuel, cubic capacity, etc. You can also calculate the car’s IDV and know the premium with an online four-wheeler premium calculator or visit a local dealer. This also helps you to compare car insurance online and buy the best policy.

Add-ons for Toyota Corolla Altis Car Insurance by Tata AIG

Buying your dream car is an important milestone in life. Therefore, protecting it with an appropriate insurance policy is crucial. Moreover, for a car like Corolla Altis, comprehensive insurance may not suffice, considering its expensive accessories, rising crimes and natural mishaps. So, complementing your car insurance with suitable add-on covers helps enhance its overall protection. The 12 unique add-on covers offered by Tata AIG are as follows:

  • No Claim Bonus Protection

  • Zero Depreciation Cover

  • Roadside Assistance Cover

  • Repair of Glass, Fibre and Plastic Parts

  • Daily Allowance Cover

  • Emergency Transport & Hotel Expense Cover

  • Key Replacement

  • Engine Secure

  • Tyre Secure

  • Consumables Expense

  • Loss of Personal Belongings

  • Return to Invoice Cover

However, you must note that add-on covers come with extra costs and raise Corolla Altis insurance price. So, before buying the add-on covers, evaluate your car needs and pick suitable ones.

Things Covered and Not Covered under Tata AIG’s Corolla Altis Insurance

Tata AIG believes in transparency while providing quality service and helps its customers to make informed decisions. So, before buying insurance for your Toyota Altis, you must know the inclusions and exclusions under it. Here’s what is included and not included in Tata AIG’s comprehensive four-wheeler insurance:

Things covered under Toyota Corolla Altis Car Insurance Things not covered under Toyota Corolla Altis Insurance
Damages to third-party property and third-party death/injury Normal wear and tear due to depreciation
Damages caused by accidents Damages caused during driving without a driving licence
Damages due to natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, cyclones, etc. Mechanical or electrical breakdown and consequential loss
Damages due to riots, vandalism or strikes Damages caused by commercial usage of a private car
Theft, burglary or housebreaking damages Damages caused by driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
Damages caused by terrorist activities Damages due to racing, speed testing, durability testing activities
Fire damages due to self-ignition, explosion or lightning. Damages due to war or nuclear threats
Damages caused during transit Damages caused outside the geographical location mentioned in the policy

Why is it Important to Have Tata AIG for Your Toyota Corolla Altis Car Insurance?

A car is a prized possession for many, and Tata AIG understands this. Preserving millions of dream cars, the company ensures maximum protection and is dedicated to satisfying its customers. Some more reasons why you should choose Tata AIG are as follows:

  • Tata AIG has been taking care of vehicles for more than 20 years and is proud to have 5 crore satisfied customers.

  • Tata AIG is a performance-driven brand that ensures a hassle-free claim settlement process for its customers. With its dedication to its service, Tata AIG is proud to have a 98% claim settlement ratio for FY 2020-21.

  • With its extensive network of cashless garages, Tata AIG offers seamless and quick claim settlement service.

  • Being the most trusted insurance provider, the company offers tailored insurance policies according to the needs of the customers. You can pick from the 12 unique riders and enhance your car’s protection at extra costs.

Overview – Toyota Corolla Altis Car Model

Toyota Corolla Altis has been launched in several versions and is setting new trends in the premium sedan segment. Available in six variants and seven colours, the Corolla Altis is equipped with a super CVT-I engine and a 7-speed shiftmatic transmission system. The signature contours and sharp lines enhance the car’s external beauty, which is complemented by dual-tone leather interiors providing maximum comfort. Other features of the Toyota Altis Car include:

  • The petrol version is equipped with a 1798 cc four-cylinder engine, propelling maximum power of 140PS at 6400rpm and 170Nm of torque at 4000rpm.

  • The diesel version is equipped with a 1364 cc four-cylinder engine, propelling maximum power of 88PS at 3800rpm and 205Nm of torque.

  • The petrol version offers a mileage of up to 15kmpl while the diesel version gives mileage up to 20kmpl under normal driving conditions.

  • 7.0 touch screen audio

  • LCD screen with movie display and six speakers

  • Steering mounted audio control

  • Child restraint system

  • 10-way adjustable driver seat

Toyota Corolla Altis Price and Variants

Toyota Corolla Altis is available in six variants out of which four are manual, and two are automatic. The variants are as follows:

Variant Name Prices 
G Petrol  ₹16.45 Lakh
G AT Petrol  ₹18.06 Lakh
GL Petrol  ₹18.82 Lakh
GL Diesel  ₹19.36 Lakh
G Diesel  ₹17.71 Lakh
VL AT Petrol  ₹20. 19 Lakh

Unique Selling Points: Toyota Corolla Altis Car Features

The unique selling features of Toyota Corolla Altis include:

  • Drive mode selection for Sports and Normal modes for better and more varied driving experiences.

  • The vehicle stability control system helps control the vehicle during high-speed driving.

  • The hill start assist allows you to drive on steep gradients.

  • The car is equipped with an Mc Pherson suspension system at the front and a torsion beam suspension system at the rear, ensuring a smooth driving experience.

  • For enhanced safety, the Corolla Altis has seven SRS airbags, including a front airbag for driver and co-passenger, front side airbags, driver knee airbags and curtain airbags. It is also featured with impact sensing fuel cut, speed auto lock and rear window defogger.

Rivals of Toyota Corolla Altis Car

Some of the rival cars of Toyota Corolla Altis are:

  • Skoda Octavia

  • Mazda 3 Sedan

  • Hyundai Elantra

  • Volkswagen Virtus

  • Honda All New City

  • Hyundai Verna

  • Toyota Camry

  • Skoda Slavia

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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How to claim Toyota Corolla Altis Car Insurance?

How to claim Toyota Corolla Altis Car Insurance?


You may have some more questions about the Toyota Corolla car and its insurance process. So, below is a list of some frequently asked questions that will help you buy, renew or claim your car insurance easily.

For making a Toyota car insurance claim, follow these simple steps: Call on 1800- 266-7780 or visit the “Claims Process” page on the Tata AIG website. Now fill in the required information. You will receive a link on your registered mobile number for self-inspection. Fill in the correct details about the car damages in the self-inspection form. A surveyor will also visit to inspect the car. Make a cashless claim at the network garages or ask for reimbursement for the damages. Submit the following documents to file a claim: Claim form, FIR if present, address and identity proofs, and insurance policy documents. You can also track the claim settlement process online. After examining the claim, the company will approve and settle it.

What is the process of Toyota Corolla Altis Insurance renewal?


To renew your Corolla Altis car insurance, follow the steps: Visit the Car insurance page on the Tata AIG website. Enter your Corolla Altis registration number and click the “Renew” option. Fill out the form with the correct details about your car. To get the premium amount, select the correct IDV of your car. Notify the insurance company about the previous claims to avail of the No Claim Bonus. If you want to add riders to your car insurance, choose from the add-on options at extra costs. Choose any digital payment option to make the payment, after which you will receive a soft copy via email.

What are the available colours in Toyota Corolla Altis Car?


The Toyota Corolla Altis comes in seven colours, including Phantom Brown, Celestial Black, Champagne Mica Metallic, White Pearl Crystal Shine, Grey Metallic, Super White II and Silver Mica Metallic.

Is the Toyota Corolla Altis a good car?


The new Toyota Corolla Altis offers you a comfortable driving experience and is equipped with a high-performing engine. Its unique features, high-grade materials and state-of-the-art technology make it stand apart from its competitors.

What is the cost of Toyota Corolla Altis insurance?


The cost of Toyota Corolla Altis insurance depends on the car’s IDV. IDV is the value an insurance company pays if your car is stolen or damaged beyond repair. Below is the table showing how IDV is calculated after considering the depreciation of the car over the years.

Car’s age  Depreciation 
Less than six months 0.05
6 months-1year 0.15
1-2 years 0.2
2-3 years 0.3
3-4 years 0.4
4-5 years 0.5
More than 5 years Decided by the insurance provider and car owner

The following formula is used for calculating the IDV of a new car which is equipped with extra accessories added after its purchase. IDV= (Company’s listed price- depreciation value) + (Cost of accessories – depreciation value of parts) Other factors that determine the Corolla Altis IDV are as follows: Make and model Age of the car Registration date and city Type of fuel Type of insurance policy Policy duration

Disclaimer: All the car prices and other information listed above pertain to a specific city and vehicle model. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest information before purchasing a vehicle or an insurance policy.