Diplomatic Passport in India

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Diplomatic or official passports are a crucial tool for officials of the Indian government to conduct international diplomacy and represent India abroad. They are issued to individuals involved in official government business, such as diplomats, consular officials, and other government officials.

Let us get into the details of what a diplomatic official passport is, how to get a diplomatic passport, and the diplomatic passport benefits.

What is the Diplomatic Official Passport?

The diplomatic passport in India is provided to people who hold diplomatic positions and visit other countries for their official work. Diplomatic passports allow for expedited entry and exit from foreign countries and provide a level of diplomatic immunity and protection.

The diplomatic passport is a type D passport that looks significantly different from any other normal passport in the country. In India, normal Indian passports are dark blue in colour, but these diplomatic passport covers are maroon.

Now that you know what is a diplomatic passport and the diplomatic passport meaning, let us go ahead.

Who Gets Diplomatic Passport?

To apply for a diplomatic passport in the country, you need to fulfil some specific eligibility criteria. Here are the criteria that you need to fulfil.

  • The officers working under the Branch A of the Foreign Services of India.
  • Some selective officers working under the Branch B of the Foreign Services of India.
  • Any officers who are employed with the Indian MEA(Ministry of External Affairs) and are required to go for official visits to different countries.
  • The son, daughter, official hostess, spouse, or parents of any eligible officials(recognised by the Indian MEA(Ministry of External Affairs)).
  • Any people who are employed in any diplomatic position in the country.
  • Any Indian official that has been designated by the Indian government to visit other countries on official visits.

Now, you know who gets a diplomatic passport in India.

Steps to Apply for a Diplomatic Passport in India

To get a diplomatic passport, you have to submit the application for the diplomatic passport at the Consular, Passport and Visa (CVC) Division located in New Delhi.

However, you can also apply for a diplomatic passport at a local passport office.

Here are the steps to apply for a diplomatic passport in India

  1. Go to the Passport Seva Kendra website to register yourself.
  2. Now, you need to create an account and complete the process of registration.
  3. Now, choose the option that states - ‘Apply for Official/Diplomatic Passport’.
  4. Add all the details in the online application form, like your full name, your family details, etc.
  5. Then, submit the online application.
  6. Click on ‘Print/View Submitted Form’.
  7. Print out your application form and take the form to any of the local passport offices or the CVC division.

The officials will initiate the verification process before issuing the diplomatic passport.

Documents Required for Getting a Diplomatic Passport

Here are the necessary documents needed to get a diplomatic official passport:

  • Copy of identification document(official)
  • Copy of the Head of Office Certificate
  • Official letter that you get from the Forwarding Officer
  • Current official passport/original diplomatic passport (if any)
  • Original Certificate of Cancellation(in case safe custody or surrender certificate is cancelled by MEA(Ministry of External Affairs))
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs with white background
  • Undertaking that has been issued by the office of the applicant (in case the applicant will retire within 6 months of submission of the application)
  • Original Safe/Surrender Custody Certificate (in case the original diplomatic official passport is kept with the Indian MEA(Ministry of External Affairs))
  • Form P1 & P1 (A)

Diplomatic Passport Benefits

The diplomatic official passport tends to lend an official status to the holder of the passport. People with diplomatic passports tend to have a hassle-free and better experience when they travel overseas.

Here are some of the diplomatic passport benefits:

  • One of the most significant advantages is the ability to travel internationally with ease. Diplomatic passport holders enjoy expedited entry and exit from foreign countries and access to diplomatic lanes at airports and border crossings.

  • They are also eligible for diplomatic immunity, which provides a level of protection from legal or other forms of harassment while abroad.

  • Furthermore, diplomatic passport holders are eligible for consular services from Indian embassies and consulates abroad. This includes assistance with visa applications, legal services, and access to emergency assistance.

  • Finally, holding a diplomatic passport is a symbol of prestige and recognition of the passport holder's important role in representing the Indian government internationally.

Differences Between Normal and Diplomatic Passports

Here are some of the basic differences between normal and diplomatic passports:

Parameter Benefits of normal passport Benefits of diplomatic passport
Issuance of the passports Granted to general citizens and VIPs. It has 30-60 pages. These are provided to high-ranked Indian government officials. It has 28 pages.
Validity of the passport Adults citizens get a passport with a validity of 10 years. The minors get a passport with a validity of 5 years. The validity of the passport can be 5 years or less.
Purpose of the passport Can be used to travel overseas for personal and business purposes. Can be used for government-related official foreign trips.


Now that you know what a diplomatic passport in India is, you can apply for one if you are eligible. There are many benefits of a diplomatic passport, but it is for official purposes only.

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