How To Transport Bike By Train: Method, Charges & Safety Tips

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Many people assume that bike transport can be troublesome and tedious, and while this may be true to some extent. There are ways to make it easier. If you are a bike owner moving to a different city or state, you may have deduced that you will need a suitable bike transportation service.

For one, the Indian railways offer two forms of vehicle transport by train. You can do this either through luggage transportation or by parcel transportation. Both methods are cheaper and faster than bike transport by roadways. So if you want to know more about these methods, keep reading.

How To Transport Bike In Train?

Bike transportation can be a huge financial liability primarily because shipping two-wheelers can be expensive. However, it can be cheaper if you do this process by train. This is because Indian railways charge cheaper transportation fees.

There are two main ways to ship your bike by train:

  1. Luggage Transportation.
  2. Parcel Transportation.

The rail authorities will be the ones to determine whether your bike needs to be transported as a parcel or as luggage. They will also decide the train on which your bike will be transported. Their decision will primarily depend on slot availabilities and the bike's destination.

Luggage Transportation

This is the fastest transport method. However, this vehicle transport by train method can be slightly expensive since you will need to pay for your train ticket and the bike transportation charges. You must also bring your bike to the station when the train arrives.

Here is what you must do for a luggage transport method:

  1. Visit the luggage booking office a few days before your journey. There you must enquire about the possibility and procedure of your being carried as luggage by train.

  2. Fill out the form provided and pay the corresponding fees. In addition, you must book your bike as luggage and carry 1 - 2 copies of mandatory documents related to your bike.

  3. After paying the fees, you will receive a ticket endorsing your bike as luggage.

  4. On the day of the trip, visit the train station at least 30 minutes before the train's departure time, and check the train's accommodations before dispatching your bike.

You must show your original ticket and bike ticket to the rail authorities before retrieving your bike after reaching your destination.

Parcel Transportation

Parcel transport is another method of bike transport by train. It's a more cost-effective way of bike transport when compared to luggage transport, but it can take a little longer (approx. 5 - 7 days). So if you want your bike you reach your destination on time, you must book a parcel service well in advance.

These are the steps you will need to follow for a parcel transport method:

  1. Visit the parcel transport office about 1 or 2 days before you intend to send your parcel with all the required documents relating to your bike.

  2. Contact expert packing services to ensure your bike is packed correctly for the journey.

  3. Fill out the provided form and pay the required fees for a bike parcel by train. You will get a booking/payment receipt that you must maintain.

  4. Remember to make a unique identification mark on your two-wheeler for easy identification on delivery. After which, you must wait to receive your bike through the courier service.

  5. You can track your bike's progress through the courier service's website to know when you will receive your bike, including the arrival date and time.

  6. Remember to maintain the parcel booking receipt for future reference and to show the delivery person when you receive your parcel.

What Are The Bike Parcel Booking Timings For Vehicle Transport By Train?

Generally speaking, the timings for luggage booking for railways are pretty lenient. However, for parcel booking with courier companies, they have strict timings you must adhere to. You should book your parcel between 10 am and 5 pm. You must also complete the booking process at least 2 days before you plan to transport your bike.

Documents Required For Bike Transport By Train

Regardless of your bike transport method, both will require you to present certain documents relating to your bike to authorise the shipping process. Before you book your bike transport service or parcel, ensure you have copies and originals of these documents.

  • Government-issued Identity proof (Addhar, PAN, Driver's Licence, Voter ID, Passport, etc.).

  • Your bike's registration certificate (RC).

  • Copy of the insurance policy for your bike.

  • The reservation ticket (if you chose the luggage transport method).

  • Note: You can not transport your bike by train if you do not have valid third-party bike insurance or a vehicle registration certificate.

Rules And Safety Tips Regarding Bike Transport By Train

Here are some rules you must know to ensure bike safety during the bike transport process

- You Must Empty Your Bike's Petrol Tank: Your bike will only be allowed on the train with an empty fuel tank. If your bike's fuel tank is not empty during an inspection, you will need to retrieve your bike from the train, resulting in wasted travel expenses.

- Follow The Rules And Guidelines: There is always a fuel tank inspection before your bike gets loaded into the train. Individuals are issued a fine of ₹1,000 - ₹5,000 if they have not emptied their bike's fuel tanks.

- You Must Have Valid Documents: This will include an insurance policy for your bike and your bike's registration certificate. You can easily get 2-wheeler insurance online if you do not have insurance since many insurance providers like Tata AIG offer two-wheeler insurance policies online.

- Maintain Your Receipts: Any payment receipts or booking tickets you may receive should be kept safe. You must present them to the rail authorities or delivery person when you retrieve/receive your bike.

What Are The Various Bike Transportation Charges By Train?

Here is how the bike transport by train cost is calculated by the Indian railways.

Variables Charges 
Packing Cost  ₹300 - ₹500
Delivery Charges  This will depend on your bike’s value and the travel destination. 
Insurance Charges  It will depend on our bike’s value and will be included in the parcel cost.

If the bike transport cost is within ₹10,000, there will be no extra insurance charges. 

If it exceeds ₹10,000, there will be an extra 1% charge. 


The Indian railway is the country's largest rail network and provides a cost-effective way to transport your bike. Hopefully, now you know the procedures regarding bike transport by train and will consider it the next time you need to transport your bike.

Remember, to use this facility, you will need at least a third-party bike insurance, but we recommend you purchase a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy so that any damages caused (in transit) to your bike can be covered.

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