Haryana Road Tax

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Haryana Road Tax

Haryana is one of the emerging states in the country for settlement and employment. It is overflowing with opportunities in agro-commercial fields and high-tech industries. Moreover, the roads and highways are well-maintained and in superior condition.

Roads play a vital role in the state because they connect it to some of the largest states like Punjab, Delhi and Rajasthan. So, how does Haryana manage to keep its roads in such superior conditions? The answer is the Haryana road tax.

Any person who intends to buy a car or run their car on the roads in Haryana must pay HR road tax. This law, along with the rule of having valid four-wheeler insurance for your car, is mandatory to drive in Haryana.

What is Road Tax?

Road tax is a mandatory one-time tax applicable to all non-transport vehicles. For transport vehicles, this tax is collected on an annual basis. Road tax is collected to improve the road conditions in the state for public use.

From road and bridge repairs to traffic light maintenance and better public transportation facilities, all of this is covered by road tax.

Haryana road tax amount is used for the upkeep of roads. Roads are continuously being expanded and upgraded for the benefit of the people. The RTO offices collect taxes, and all vehicle owners must pay these RTO charges in Haryana.

Who Levies Haryana Road Tax Charges?

For all HR road tax implementation and collection, the Haryana Department of Transport is responsible. From rates to all regulations and fines applicable for road tax collection, all these responsibilities are taken care of by the state government.

All cities within Haryana follow the same road tax rates and rules. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owners in Haryana to comply with these rules under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 to facilitate the well-being of the road infrastructure and conditions.

Whether you buy a new car or plan to move to Haryana and purchase a four-wheeler, you need to follow the road tax regulations to avoid fines.

HR Road Tax Calculation

The tax on a car is calculated based on several parameters, including the vehicle's variety, dimensions, capacity, value, body type, type of engine, etc.

The Haryana road tax is also determined as a proportion of the vehicle's cost, and so it also depends on whatever tax bracket the vehicle belongs to. These parameters are the basic parameters per which most tax amounts are determined all over the country.

  • Let us look at the key parameters below.

  • Type of vehicle - 2-wheeler, 4-wheeler, commercial vehicles, etc.

  • Seating capacity in the vehicle, excluding the driver.

  • Price of the vehicle (ex-showroom prices).

  • Usage of the vehicle - personal, commercial, transportation, etc.

  • Engine capacity of the vehicle.

Haryana RTO Tax for Vehicles

The Haryana road tax typically lasts for about 15 to 20 years from the time of registration. Moreover, it varies from state to state, depending on the government rules and regulations, traffic rules, etc.

In Haryana, the road tax is levied based on vehicle purchase price. Find detailed information about each category of road tax applicable in Haryana.

Calculation of Bike Road Tax in Haryana

Price Range Tax rate on the price (one-time)
Up to ₹75,000 0.04
Between ₹75,000 - ₹2 lakhs 0.06
Above ₹2 lakhs 0.08

Calculation of Four-wheeler or MV Tax Haryana:

Price Range Tax rate on the price (one-time)
Up to ₹6 lakhs 0.05
Between ₹6 lakhs - ₹20 lakhs 0.08
Above ₹20 lakhs 0.1

Haryana Tax for Commercial Vehicles

For commercial vehicles in Haryana, the road tax is levied based on the seating capacity of the vehicle, excluding the driver.

Seating Capacity Tax rate on the price (one-time)
3 seats or less 2% of the total vehicle cost 
Above 4 seats (three-wheelers) ₹600 per seat per year (quarterly)
Between 4 - 6 seats (four-wheelers) ₹625 per seat per year (quarterly)
Between 7 - 12 seats (four-wheelers) ₹1450 per seat per year (quarterly)

Haryana Road Tax for Other State Vehicles

For other state vehicles in Haryana, the road tax is levied based on the seating capacity of the vehicle, excluding the driver.

Seating Capacity Tax rate on the price (one-time)
3 seats or less ₹25/ day
Between 4 - 6 seats (four-wheelers) ₹100/ day
Between 7 - 12 seats (four-wheelers) ₹500/ day

Haryana Road Tax Online Payment: A Step-By-Step Process

  • Go to the Vahan website to pay your tax amount.

  • Pick your state and RTO before clicking on “Proceed”.

  • A new webpage will open.

  • Select "Pay Your Tax" from the drop-down menu.

  • Enter the requested information, like the vehicle registration number and the last 5 digits of the chassis number, to proceed.

  • Once done, click on “Verify Details.”

  • After confirmation, you will be taken to a secure payment platform.

  • Pay the money and get your receipt.

How to Find the Tax Amount for Road Tax Online Payment in Haryana?

  • Go to the Vahan portal.

  • From the top bar, locate and select “Know your MV Tax”.

  • Enter all the required details accurately.

  • Enter the verification code and select “Get Tax Details”.

  • Now, you will be able to see the Haryana Road tax amount on your screen.

Offline Payment of Road Tax in Haryana

The offline way to pay your Haryana road tax is to visit any Haryana RTO office. Here is the step-by-step process to follow.

  • Go to the nearest Haryana Regional Transport Office (RTO).

  • Request for the tax payment forms.

  • Fill out all the required information accurately.

  • Go to the RTO officials and submit the form along with any other documents. This can include a vehicle registration certificate, driver’s licence, etc.

  • Next, make the required payment for Haryana RTO tax in cash or any of the other available payment methods.

  • Collect the payment receipt for future records.

[Note: Please note that specific documents and procedures may vary. Therefore, it is advisable to contact the Haryana RTO or visit the Vahan website for any additional information or requirements regarding offline road tax payment in Haryana.]

Penalties for Non-Payment of Haryana RTO Tax

Today, there is no reason to default on your payments as you can opt for online road tax payment in Haryana or pay the tax at any of the many RTO offices.

  • If you do not pay your road tax in time when riding your car in Haryana, you may have to face severe fines and penalties.

  • A fine of ₹10,000 for lightweight automobiles and ₹25,000 for other automobiles will be imposed if the automobile is certified in Haryana and determined to be utilised without paying road tax.

  • If you are using a car that has been registered in another state and not in Haryana without paying the road tax, then a lightweight automobile will have to pay a fine of ₹20,000, while others will incur a fine of ₹50,000.

  • In case a motor vehicle owner fails to pay Haryana road tax by the specific due date, he/ she will also be liable to pay a penalty of 0.5% of the total tax due for each day of delay.

List of RTOs in Haryana

RTO Locations RTO Code RTO Locations RTO Code RTO Locations RTO Code
Ambala HR01 Ballabgarh HR29 Jind HR56
Yamuna Nagar HR02 Palwal HR30 Sirsa HR57
Panchkula HR03 Jind HR31 Jagadhari, Yamuna Nagar HR58
Karnal HR05 Narwana HR32 Ratia HR59
Panipat HR06 Safidon HR33 Samalkha HR60
Kurukshetra HR07 Mohindergarh HR34 Bhiwani HR61
Kaithal HR08 Narnaul HR35 Fatehabad HR62
Guhla HR09 Rewari HR36 Jhajjar HR63
Sonepat HR10 Ambala HR37 Kaithal HR64
Gohana HR11 Faridabad HR38 Kurukshetra HR65
Rohtak HR12 Hisar HR39 Narnaul HR66
Bahadurgarh HR13 Assandh HR40 Panipat HR67
Jhajjar HR14 Pehowa HR41 Panchkula HR68
Meham HR15 Ganaur HR42 Sonipat HR69
Bhiwani HR16 Kosli HR43 Chandigarh HR70
Siwani HR17 Ellenabad HR44 Bilaspur HR71
Loharu HR18 Karnal HR45 Gurgaon HR72
Charkhi Dadri HR19 Rohtak HR46 Palwal HR73
Hisar HR20 Rewari HR47 Mewat HR74
Hansi HR21 Tosham HR48 Indri HR75
Fatehabad HR22 Kalka HR49 Pataudi HR76
Tohana HR23 Hodal HR50 Beri HR77
Sirsa HR24 Faridabad HR51 Shahabad HR78
Dabwali HR25 Hatin HR52 Kharkhoda HR79
Gurgaon HR26 Adampur HR53 Barwala HR80
Nuh HR27 Ambala, Barara HR54 Bawal HR81
Ferozepur Jhirka HR28 Gurgaon HR55 Haryana HR99

Car Insurance in Haryana

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To be able to drive freely in Haryana, understanding the laws around Haryana road tax and making the necessary payments for the same is necessary. Road tax is a legal requirement, and failure to comply can result in heavy fines.

As a responsible driver, it is crucial to make timely payments for road tax and carry all the necessary vehicle and personal documentation all the time to ensure compliance with the traffic laws.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

Related Articles

1. How do I pay my road tax if I move to Haryana from a different state?

1. How do I pay my road tax if I move to Haryana from a different state?


If you are moving to Haryana from a different state, you need to go to the VAHAN website and select ‘border tax payment’. From there, choose Haryana in the drop-down menu. After that, just follow the instructions given on the screen, and you should have your taxes paid without any trouble.

2. What is the time frame I need to pay my road tax?


You need to pay your road tax within 30 days of buying a new vehicle. This implies you need to get the vehicle registered within the same period. If you fail to do so, you will have to pay the penalty.

3. When can I visit the RTO office?


You can visit any RTO office in Haryana from Monday to Saturday between 10 AM and 5 PM, barring major public holidays.

4. Which vehicles do not need to pay vehicle tax in Haryana?


Any vehicle used by a farmer for agricultural purposes is exempt from road tax in Haryana.