Uttar Pradesh Road Tax

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Uttar Pradesh Road Tax

In 2019, the yearly growth rate of automobiles in Uttar Pradesh was around 11.7%. It was more significant when compared to the national average, indicating the need to maintain good road conditions. This is where the Uttar Pradesh road tax goes into effect.

The 1997 Uttar Pradesh Motor Vehicle Taxation Act applies to people who acquire a car or bike for private use or when it comes to transportation of commodities within the state of Uttar Pradesh. Thus, for the purpose of personal commute and commercial operations, all vehicles in Uttar Pradesh need to pay MV tax in Uttar Pradesh.

Let's take a closer look at UP road tax and how you can complete vehicle tax payment online in Uttar Pradesh in a few easy steps.

What is Road Tax?

When purchasing an automobile in India, every person is required to pay a fee called road tax.

A road tax is a tax levied to ensure proper compliance with the traffic laws of a state. The tax collection amount is then used for improving the road infrastructure and public services for the residents.

When you buy a bike or car, you are required to pay not just the automobile's ex-showroom rate and car registration charges in Uttar Pradesh but also the Uttar Pradesh road tax. The exact calculation of applicable road tax depends on various vehicle specifications.

Moreover, the tax rates in Uttar Pradesh are limited to just their state population, as every state has different road tax rates.

Who Levies Uttar Pradesh Road Tax Charges?

In India, state and central governments levy road tax, and UP road tax in this context is no exception.

The different state governments build more than 80 per cent of public roads in Indian states. As a result, the State Government levies a road tax to cover the costs of road maintenance and development.

Paying Uttar Pradesh road tax allows the government to maintain and develop a better road network to provide residents with better transit options. The state government makes use of these earnings from the collection of road tax to support emergency, medical, and security services.

How’s Road Tax Determined in Uttar Pradesh?

The 1997 Uttar Pradesh Motor Vehicles Taxation Act (Section 3) requires every automobile owner to pay Uttar Pradesh road tax at the time of vehicle registration. The UP road tax is applied to the vehicle ex-showroom rate during the registration procedure. Following that, the automobiles must pay additional sorts of road tax in accordance with the current laws. The factors outlined below determine the road tax in UP:

  • Your vehicle type - two-wheeler or four-wheeler
  • Usage reason - commercial or private
  • Cubic capacity of your vehicle's engine
  • Your vehicle's model number
  • Your vehicle's fuel capacity
  • Your vehicle's seating capacity
  • Your vehicle's ex-showroom pricing

The main elements for charging road tax in UP are the three distinct categories of automobiles. The kinds are as follows:

  • Two-wheeler
  • Cars for personal use
  • Cars for commercial use

You can check the tables outlined below for more detailed knowledge of Uttar Pradesh's road tax charges.

Uttar Pradesh Two-Wheeler Road Tax Rates

The following table displays the two-wheeler vehicle tax rate in Uttar Pradesh:

Two-Wheeler Type Yearly Road Tax Rate
Two-Wheeler weighing less than 90.72 kgs ₹150
The automobile's cost is up to ₹20,000 2 percent of the automobile's value
The automobile's cost is between ₹20,000 to ₹60,000 4 percent of the automobile's value
The automobile's cost is between ₹60,000 to ₹2 lakh 6 percent of the automobile's value
The automobile's cost is more than ₹2 lakh 8 percent of the automobile's value

UP Road Tax for Cars

The UP road tax for cars (four-wheelers) is determined by several criteria, including the car's weight, make and model, type, and age. The following table displays the road tax brackets for cars used for personal purposes:

Two-Wheeler Type Yearly Road Tax Rate
Four-wheelers price-marked up to ₹6 lakh 3 percent of the automobile's value
Four-wheelers price-marked between ₹6 lakh to ₹10 lakh 6 percent of the automobile's value
Four-wheelers price-marked between ₹10 lakh to ₹20 lakh 8 percent of the automobile's value
Four-wheelers price-marked more than ₹20 lakh 9 percent of the automobile's value
The automobile's cost is more than ₹2 lakh 8 percent of the automobile's value

Uttar Pradesh Road Tax Rate for Commerical Vehicles

The table listed below displays the UP road tax rates for automobiles used for commercial or transport purposes:

Commercial Vehicle's Loading Capacity Yearly Road Tax Rate
Not above 1 ton A charge of ₹665 is levied
Over 1 ton but not more than 2 ton A charge of ₹940 is levied
Over 2 ton but not more than 4 ton A charge of ₹1,430 is levied
Over 4 ton but not more than 6 ton A charge of ₹1,915 is levied
Over 6 ton but not more than 8 ton A charge of ₹2,375 is levied
Over 8 ton but not more than 9 ton A charge of ₹2,865is levied
Over 9 ton but not more than 10 ton A charge of ₹3,320 is levied
More than 10 ton A charge of ₹3,320 + ₹470/ton is levied

After learning about the road tax rates, now make an online road tax payment in Uttar Pradesh and hit the highways with your automobile without any stress.

Online Road Tax Payment in Uttar Pradesh: A Step-By-Step Process

To pay UP RTO tax online, follow the steps mentioned below. Visit the Vahan Citizen Services portal.

Enter your state as “Uttar Pradesh” and select your RTO before clicking on “Proceed”.

On the new webpage, select the “Pay your Tax” option from the dropdown menu.

Enter your vehicle registration number and the last 5 digits of the chassis number.

To proceed, click on “Verify Details”.

Once verification is complete, you will be redirected to a payment screen.

Pay the road tax and collect the receipt.

How to Find the Amount of Your UP RTO Tax Online?

Visit the Vahan portal.

On the main page, find the “Know your MV Tax” option and click on it to proceed.

Add all the requested information correctly, and then enter the verification code.

Click on “Get Tax Details”.

Your Uttar Pradesh road tax details will be displayed on the screen.

Offline Payment of Uttar Pradesh Road Tax

To make the offline payment for Uttar Pradesh road tax, you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

Go to one of the Regional Transport Offices in Uttar Pradesh.

Request for tax payment forms.

Fill them up and submit them to an RTO official for verification.

Next, make the payment for the road tax in cash or choose from the other available payment methods.

Collect the receipt.

Penalties for Non-Payment of Uttar Pradesh Road Tax

Non-payment of UP road tax is considered to be complete non-compliance with traffic laws and state rules and regulations. To ensure this does not happen, the State Government imposes a penalty.

4% of the total payable road tax amount for every delayed month. This amount can only go up to a maximum of double the initial applicable total road tax amount.

List of RTOs in Uttar Pradesh

RTO Code RTO Office RTO Code RTO Office RTO Code RTO Office
UP 11 Saharanpur UP 33 Raebareli UP 55 Siddharthnagar
UP 12 Muzaffarnagar UP 34 Sitapur UP 56 Mahrajganj
UP 13 Bulandshahar UP 35 Unnao UP 57 Padrauna (Krushi Nagar)
UP 14 Ghaziabad UP 36 Amethi District UP 58 Sant Kabir Nagar
UP 15 Meerut UP 37 Hapur UP 60 Ballia
UP 16 Gautam Budh Nagar UP 38 Sambhal UP 61 Ghazipur
UP 17 Baghpat UP 40 Bahraich UP 62 Jaunpur
UP 19 Shamli UP 41 Barabanki UP 63 Mirzapur
UP 20 Bijnor UP 42 Faizabad UP 64 Sonbhadra
UP 21 Moradabad UP 43 Gonda UP 65, UP 65A Varanasi
UP 22 Rampur UP 44 Sultanpur UP 66 Bhadohi
UP 23 Jyotiba Phule Nagar UP 45 Ambedkar Nagar UP 67 Chandauli
UP 24 Badaun UP 46 Shrawasti UP 70 Allahabad
UP 25 Bareilly UP 47 Balrampur UP 71 Fatehpur
UP 26 Pilibhit UP 50 Azamgarh UP 72 Pratapgarh
UP 27 Shahjahanpur UP 51 Basti UP 73 Kaushambi
UP 30 Hardoi UP 52 Deoria UP 74 Kannauj
UP 31 Lakhimpur Kheri UP 53 Gorakhpur UP 75 Etawah
UP 32 Lucknow UP 54 Mau UP 76 Farrukhabad
UP 77 Kanpur Dehat UP 83 Firozabad UP 91 Hamirpur
UP 78 Kanpur Nagar UP 84 Mainpuri UP 92 Jalaun
UP 79 Auraiya UP 85 Mathura UP 93 Jhansi
UP 80 Agra UP 86 Hathras (Mahamaya Nagar) UP 94 Lalitpur
UP 81 Aligarh UP 87 Kanshiram Nagar UP 95 Mahoba
UP 82 Etah UP 90 Banda UP 96 Chitrakoot Dham

Role of Car Insurance Policy in Uttar Pradesh

Along with road tax, another crucial consideration when purchasing an automobile is having it covered with a car insurance policy.

While vehicle insurance is vital to safeguard your automobile insurance in the event of unforeseen accidents, it is also mandated by law. Third-party car insurance is necessary for all vehicles in Uttar Pradesh.

However, it only covers damage and loss incurred by third parties due to your insured vehicle. For your car’s safety, investing in comprehensive four-wheeler insurance that can cover you as well as your automobile legally and financially is necessary.

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The Uttar Pradesh government ensures the proper availability of necessary public services and transportation to allow all residents to lead a comfortable life. However, to help them fulfil their plans, you must pay the Uttar Pradesh road tax.

Understanding the different road tax implications imposed on your vehicle is crucial. Moreover, with the online provision of paying road tax in a few steps, there is no reason to delay the payment and attract heavy fines.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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1. Is the road tax the same throughout every Indian state?

1. Is the road tax the same throughout every Indian state?


No, road taxes aren't the same across every Indian state since each state has its own set of laws for charging the fee.

2. Is it possible to pay road tax yearly in Uttar Pradesh?


Yes, you may pay road tax annually, semi-annually, or monthly if you have commercial vehicles. Private car owners, on the other hand, only have to pay road tax once.

3. Is there a grace term for paying my UP road tax


Road tax grace periods are no longer available because the entire process has been moved online. It existed only after paper discs were invented.