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Health Insurance in Delhi

Deemed as the heart of the country, Delhi is popular for its enriched heritage and culture. As a world-renowned heritage city, Delhi is a host of India's most famous historical monuments. All the citizens from young to old enjoy this city because it has something for everyone to complement their interests. This aspect has enabled people from all the different parts of the country to come and reside in the city.

With the increasing population in Delhi, it has also become a hub of advanced health care services. They have some of the top health care facilities in this city. But it is essential to note that the medical costs can be heavy on your pocket if you plan to live here. However, with comprehensive health insurance in Delhi, you can manage all these costs.

Delhi Insurance Overview

Delhi hospitals have the latest technologies and advanced medicines; thus, an excellent medical insurance plan in Delhi will help you get cost-effective treatment. So, looking for the health insurance company in Delhi and finding an appropriate policy should be the first thing to do when moving here.

Even if you are a Delhi-ite and have started working recently or do not have a health insurance plan, opting for one is necessary. You should think of it as a financial security net for your future. Plus, with the super Mediclaim policy in Delhi, you will be able to overcome any medical uncertainty.

Many people consider us, Tata AIG, as one of the leading health insurance company in Delhi. Our health insurance plans in Delhi are curated in a specific way to suffice individual needs. We offer a range of distinctive benefits in our plans, like the coverage for in-patient treatments like Ayurveda, Unani, Homeopathy or Siddha.

Our health insurance plans in Delhi can be broadly classified into two categories: Tata AIG Medicare and Tata AIG Medicare Plus. You can read each in detail to find plans as per your suitability.

Importance of Health Insurance Plans in Delhi

The daily routine, environmental changes, pollution, dietary influence, and stress give impetus to health complications among Delhiites. Ranked as the second most polluted city globally, Delhi air can be a leading cause of respiratory diseases, asthma, allergies, and other infections.

It is precisely why having the comprehensive Mediclaim policy in Delhi is vital and makes for a smart move if you live in the city or are planning to reside soon. Tata AIG's health insurance plans in Delhi cover your medical emergencies and help you get the right treatment at the right time without creating a hole in your pocket monetarily.

Regarded as one of the top medical insurances in Delhi, we offer all-embracing coverage at an affordable premium. Our health insurance plans in Delhi cover reimbursements of the medical cost incurred, the daily hospital cash allowance, Domiciliary hospitalisation and more.

All these benefits make having health insurance imperative as they let you focus on your treatment and not worry about the medical expenditure. You are protected in the darkest hour of your medical complications.

How Can You Buy the Medical Insurance in Delhi?

For the selection of the top medical insurance in Delhi, you can consider the following factors:

Your Budget Before you look for the comprehensive health insurance plan in Delhi, it would help prepare a budget. You should analyze your financial planning and evaluate how much you can spend on a health plan. Considering this aspect, you can then pick an affordable plan that provides maximum coverage without causing any disturbance to your monthly budget.

Use the Insurance Premium Calculator One tool that will help you find the comprehensive Mediclaim policy in Delhi is the health insurance premium calculator. At Tata AIG, we have a reliable calculator which will make your buying decision easier. You can compare the amount of premium for our medical insurance plans in Delhi and choose a suitable policy.

Opt for Maximum Coverage Ensure that you clearly understand the coverage of our medical insurance plans in Delhi. The generic benefits that all our plans offer includes coverage for in-patient hospitalization, pre and post-hospitalization expenses, diagnosis, treatment and others.

Check Waiting Period According to the regulations of the insurance regulator of the country, we have a waiting period for your health insurance plans in Delhi. Mostly, the waiting period is 30-90 days, but with a diagnosed pre-existing condition, it can go up to 2-4 years.

Check Eligibility Criteria Before you opt for our medical insurance plans in Delhi, it will be advisable to check the chosen health insurance plan's age criteria. Our MediRaksha health insurance plan in Delhi offers a lifelong renewability option as well.

Reasons to Buy Tata AIG Health Insurance Plan in Delhi

Given below are several benefits of Tata AIG health insurance company in Delhi:

Straightforward Online Procedure: Tata AIG offers the comprehensive medical insurance in Delhi as they are readily available online. An easy process and quick steps can help you buy an all-inclusive plan without problems.

Tax Benefits: As structured under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, you will benefit from some tax deductions. To understand health insurance tax benefits, we've curated an indepth guide to help you save on taxes by the purchase of a health insurance plan

Coverage For All Ages: We have several plans that cover people across groups. Starting from newborns to senior citizens, as well as family health insurance plans.

Option for Copayment: We have highly flexible medical insurance plans in Delhi. You can opt for the copayment option wherein you will pay a portion of the medical expenses, and we will pay the remaining amount.

Covers Pandemics: As a health insurance company in Delhi, we understand the sudden needs and increasing changes. To counter these, we have plans dedicated to solving monetary problems that may arise due to pandemics like the Coronavirus.

Claim Settlement Ratio: Our claim settlement ratio is 96.43% in the FY19-20, which makes us one of the most reliable health insurance company in Delhi.

Cumulative Bonus: If so happens that you do not file for a claim in the entire year, we also grant a cumulative bonus during renewal. We make an increase in your sum insured amount.

Network of Hospitals: Our vast network of hospitals in Delhi helps you in your time of need. Here, you can opt for cashless hospitalization as well.

What's Covered in Tata AIG Medical Insurance Plans in Delhi

At Tata AIG, we believe that every little effort also makes a huge difference. Thus, we try to please our customers by offering benefits according to the increasing demands. Read below the benefits offered under our Tata AIG MediCare health insurance plan in Delhi:

In-patient treatment: Our health insurance plan in Delhi includes coverage for room rent, ICU charges, medicines, nursing charges, and other related consumables.

Pre-Hospitalization Medical Expenditure: Medical costs incurred in 30 or 60 days before the hospital's date of admission.

Post-Hospitalization Medical Expenditure: Medical costs incurred in 60 or 90 days after getting discharged from the hospital.

Ambulance Cover: The medical costs incurred on transportation using the ambulance is also covered under our health insurance plans in Delhi.

Daycare Procedures: Previously, many treatment processes required more than 24 hours of hospitalization. However, now, these can be done sooner. We provide coverage for up to 541 different daycare treatments that do not necessarily require hospitalization.

Global Cover: Our plans cover medical expenses related to your in-patient and daycare hospitalization outside the country. But it is only applicable when the diagnosis is made in India.

Organ Donor Costs: Our health insurance plans in Delhi cover the expenditure for harvesting the organ when an insured is the recipient.

Vaccination: Our medical insurances in Delhi covers costs related to the Human Papilloma Virus vaccine and Hepatitis B Vaccine after two years of continuous coverage.

Maternity Cover: We provide cover for maternity expenses too. It includes pre and post-natal expenses.

Dental Treatment: As one of the comprehensive health insurance company in Delhi, we provide cover for dental treatment in case of accidents. But keep in mind that the liability covered would be as mentioned in the product policy wordings.

Ayush Cover: Our medical insurance plans in Delhi cover in-patient treatments practised following Ayurveda, Sidha, Unani or Homeopathy.

What is the Procedure to File a Health Insurance Claim in Delhi?

All the medical health insurances in Delhi provide cashless benefits. With this process, you do not have to keep track of the bills and other invoices for submissions when you avail of cashless health insurance plans in Delhi. Just keep the Cashless Health card ready when required. But note that it can only be filed in a network hospital.

A trustworthy health insurance company in Delhi like ours also provides the option of reimbursement claims. Read below the quick and straightforward steps for each procedure to file health insurance claim:

Cashless Claim Procedure Planned Hospitalization If there is a date for a particular treatment or surgery, it will be considered as planned hospitalization. To begin the claim process for planned hospitalization, you must follow these steps:

Inform us, your insurer, at least five days before the treatment. Wait for the arrival of the cashless claim form. We will notify your network hospital and provide a confirmation letter. The day of admittance to the hospital, submit that letter and your health card. Emergency Hospitalization In an unforeseen situation, like an accident, you may require hospitalization. Such events are considered emergency hospitalization. We understand the stress you may go through during such times, so we have a quick process. You just need to follow these steps:

Kindly inform us and carry documents like an insurance card, policy copy to avail of cashless services. The hospital will fill the cashless claim request form and submit it. Later, we will clear the bills with the hospital directly after giving the authorization letter. It will be sensible to choose a medical insurance plan in Delhi with a cashless policy. It will offer ease and convenience during emergencies. Reimbursement Claim Process If you choose a non-network hospital, you will have to pay the bills at the time of hospitalization. We will reimburse you later for the medical expenses. You do not have to worry about not being reimbursed. You just have to follow these quick steps:

Check and verify the details that you are providing for accuracy. Collect all the required documents like an insurance card, medical certificate by the doctor, hospital discharge card, bills, and receipts. Submit all these documents and wait for us to review them. After the review, the payment will be processed.

List of Tata AIG's Cashless Hospital Network in Delhi

We ensure to serve you with the best medical insurance plans in Delhi and facilitate the best healthcare support services. Our tie-ups with known and popular hospitals ensure the best treatment for you. Find below the list of our cashless network hospitals in Delhi:

A-One Hospital Address: A1/7 Paschim Vihar, Opp- metro pillar no. 264, New Delhi, Delhi 110063

Aakash Hospital Address: Hospital Plot, Rd Number 201, Dwarka Sector-3, New Delhi, Delhi 110075

Aastha Hospital Address: Badli Rd, Sector 19, Rohini, New Delhi, Delhi 110042

Barkat Ram Memorial Hospital Address: A1, 54, Main, Hastsal Rd, Block A 1, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110059

Bhagwati Hospital Address: CS/OCF, 6, Jain Mandir Marg, near Printer Apartment, Sector 13, Rohini, New Delhi, Delhi 110085

Central Hospital Address: A-142/1, A-142, Ganesh Nagar, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110018

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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