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Health Insurance in Hyderabad

As the City of Nizams and Pearls, Hyderabad has made a special place in the hearts of many in India. Being a history lover's wonderland and food heaven, this fast-growing modern city welcomes everyone with open arms.

However, with the unpredictability of various health issues and rising healthcare expenses, anyone who is living in Hyderabad or wants to relocate to this city must invest in a health insurance plan to have peace of mind in times of need.

We at Tata AIG offer a range of medical insurance plans for you and your loved ones with customisation flexibility and affordability. Let us discuss the role, benefits, and ways to make the most of your health insurance in Hyderabad.

Importance of Health Insurance in Hyderabad

Many ailments, like hypertension, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and asthma, are all on the rise in the country, and Hyderabad is no exception. The increasing risk of health problems in the city, combined with a sedentary lifestyle and changing environment, is one of the prime reasons why you must buy the best medical insurance in Hyderabad.

Although Hyderabad offers the finest healthcare facilities to the population, the increasing healthcare costs for quality treatment can be a hassle for most people. Therefore, adequate financial planning is the key to minimising the cost burden. Hence, select the best from the zone-based medical insurance plans for more affordable premiums.

As part of the top 10 health insurance companies in Hyderabad, we at Tata AIG provide numerous benefits with our plans. These include coverage for hospitalisation expenses, ambulance costs, doctors’ fees and others.

Beyond general benefits, we also offer global cover, vaccination, and coverage for treatments like Homeopathy, Ayush, Unani and more.

Types of Health Insurance in Hyderabad

Keeping in mind the varying needs and budget constraints of individuals, we provide you with a range of health insurance plans to choose from. From individual coverage plans to family plans and specific illness coverage plans, we cater to the diverse needs of everyone.

Individual Health Insurance Plan

Within our individual health insurance plan, we provide financial coverage for all medical expenses incurred by an individual or a single insured person. It is an excellent option if you are looking to buy individual health insurance plans for yourself.

With this plan, you will receive coverage for hospitalisation charges, doctor fees, pre and post-treatment charges, ambulance fees, and much more. The premium calculation is based on various factors like age, gender, lifestyle habits, etc.

Family Health Insurance Plan

If you are looking for the best mediclaim policy for your family in Hyderabad, our family health insurance or family floater plan is here to help.

One of the top benefits of family health insurance plans is that they are more affordable than individual health insurance plans per family member. Moreover, the sum insured is applicable for all family members, allowing instant financial assistance whenever needed.

Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan

For individuals above the age of 60, we offer a senior citizen health insurance plan under Tata AIG Elder Care.

Within this plan, many pre-existing conditions are included in the base policy to cover medical expenses related to age-related health issues.

Critical Illness Plan

This health insurance plan focuses on providing lump sum coverage for life-altering health issues like cancer, heart problems, kidney diseases, etc. This medical insurance is only applicable after a critical illness has been diagnosed.

You can either buy this policy on its own or combine it with your individual health insurance plan for maximum coverage and financial support.

What Does the Best Mediclaim Policy in Hyderabad Cover and Not Cover?

Medical Insurance Inclusions

Hospitalisation Charges - Most health insurance companies in Hyderabad offer coverage for all hospitalisation charges, including but not limited to room rent, doctor consultation fees, staff charges, etc.

Ambulance Charges - Many health insurance companies in Hyderabad also offer to cover ambulance charges incurred to and fro during the entire treatment period for the insured individual or family member.

Critical Illness Cover - Based on the information provided by the policyholder regarding critical illnesses, insurance providers extend financial coverage for the treatment of these diseases.

Pre and Post-Hospitalisation Charges - Other than hospital expenses during the treatment, many health insurance plans also cover expenses related to follow-up doctor consultations, pre-examination tests, etc.

Medical Insurance Exclusions

Cosmetic Procedures - No cosmetic or beauty-enhancing treatments and surgeries are covered by medical insurance.

Self-Inflicted Health Issues - Health issues or injuries caused due to voluntary participation in harmful activities or consumption of illegal substances.

Infertility Treatments - Issues with pregnancy or infertility requiring any medical treatment are not included in a health insurance policy.

Congenital Disorders - Most congenital diseases are health concerns that develop right after birth and are often considered pre-existing conditions. These are usually not covered by any medical insurance.

How to Find the Best Health Insurance in Hyderabad?

For opting for the best health insurance in Hyderabad, you can consider the following factors:

Budget- To find the best health insurance plan in Hyderabad, you must start by analysing your finances and evaluating how much you can spend on medical insurance in Hyderabad. Bearing in mind this aspect, you can then pick an affordable plan that provides maximum coverage without causing any upheaval to your monthly budget.

Coverage Needs - As one of the leading top 10 health insurance companies in Hyderabad, we have numerous plans that suit different requirements. Thus, to find the best medical insurance in Hyderabad for yourself and your family, assess your coverage needs and pick the one that aligns with your requirements best.

Policy Terms and Conditions - It is necessary to clearly understand the policy terms and conditions offered by your chosen medical insurance in Hyderabad before you make the final purchase.

Check for the availability and clauses of standard benefits that health insurance plans offer, like coverage for in-patient hospitalisation, pre and post-hospitalization expenses, diagnosis, treatment, and others, and then make a decision.

Waiting Period - According to specific regulations of the insurance regulator in India, we have a waiting period for our health insurance in Hyderabad. Typically, the waiting period is 30-90 days, but it can go up to 2-4 years with a diagnosed pre-existing condition. Thus, while choosing the best health insurance, always check for the waiting period before purchasing.

Claim Settlement Assistance - For selecting the best health insurance in Hyderabad, you must assess the claim settlement ratio, customer service and support, and claim processes offered by different insurance providers. This is crucial as it will help with more accessible claim filing and faster settlements in times of need.

Why Should You Buy Online Health Insurance in Hyderabad?

Tata AIG offers customers a user-friendly website to complete all their requirements relating to health insurance from the comfort of their homes. Let us find out more in detail below.

Convenient - You can buy and renew health insurance plans directly from our website without the hassle of waiting in queues and carrying additional documentation.

Quick and Efficient - Unlike in-person purchases for medical insurance in Hyderabad, you can purchase the same in fewer steps with efficiency and minimal documentation through our website.

Comparison Flexibility - When you buy health insurance in Hyderabad online, you also get the flexibility of comparing different plans using our online premium calculator to choose the best one based on your requirements.

Complete Transparency - From the detailed explanation of the terms and conditions to the waiting period and inclusions or exclusions, you get complete information on each aspect of your policy before purchase.

Get the Best Medical Insurance in Hyderabad! – Why Choose Tata AIG?

Tata AIG has the primary focus on customer satisfaction and thus offers services that ensure maximum convenience for all customers. Here are some reasons why you should choose Tata AIG as your health insurance provider.

Cashless Claim Convenience - To ensure you are secured from any financial burden in times of medical emergencies, we provide you with the option of cashless claims wherein we pay the hospital on your behalf after the treatment is completed.

Customisation Flexibility - Along with the base coverage offered with our health insurance plans, we also provide customers with a range of add-ons to increase their policy coverage based on specific needs.

Affordable Plans - Our plans are curated keeping in mind the different budget constraints of individuals to ensure there is something for everyone to extend financial support to all.

High Claim Settlement Ratio - With a claim settlement ratio of 98%, we provide a team of 650+ experts for online support to help you file and receive claim settlements in a timely manner with the ease of instant query resolution.

Key Features and Benefits of Tata AIG Health Insurance Plans

Features and Benefits Details
Extensive Coverage  Cover for pre and post-hospitalisation charges along with treatment expenses.
Paperless Policies Online policy procedure for purchases and renewals, reducing the effort of paper documentation.
Co-Payment Facility You can choose a co-payment option to share the financial burden during emergencies based on individual financial capacity. 
Tax Benefits All premiums paid for health insurance policies are eligible for a tax deduction under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1988.
Cumulative Bonus For every claim-free year, you can benefit from a cumulative bonus for every year, ranging from 10% to 100%.

Buying and Renewing Your Tata AIG Medicare Plans

How to Buy Tata AIG’s Health Insurance in Hyderabad?

Visit the Tata AIG website.

Choose the number of people you want to add within one policy. The choices include self, spouse, daughter, son, father, and mother.

Once done, click on “Get Plan” to proceed.

Add your birthdate, mobile number, email address, and pincode.

Select “See Plan” to proceed.

Now, on a new webpage, a list of options applicable to you will open.

Select the one that aligns with your needs, combine add-ons, and click on “Continue”.

Once done, a premium quote will be displayed. If it is acceptable to you, make the required payment to buy a health insurance policy in Hyderabad.

How to Renew Tata AIG’s Health Insurance in Hyderabad?

Go to our website.

Click on the “Renew” option on the screen.

On the new window, enter your policy number accurately and click on “Renew”.

Review your existing medical insurance plan, remove or add riders, and then click on “Continue”.

A revised premium quotation will appear on the screen. Read the terms and conditions and upon satisfaction, make the revised payment to get your policy renewed.

Documents Required to Purchase Tata AIG Health Insurance in Hyderabad

A duly filled proposal form.

Income proof.

Identity proof.

Address proof.

A cancelled cheque from the bank.

How to File a Health Insurance Claim with Tata AIG in Hyderabad?

To file a claim, you can choose between a cashless claim and a reimbursement claim for health insurance near me support facility, based on individual preferences. The steps for the same are as follows.

How to File a Cashless Claim?

The first step of the process is to inform us regarding the medical emergency. You can do it by visiting our claims page or calling us.

We will then share a cashless claim form. Fill it up and wait for us to share a confirmation letter.

Upon receiving the letter, submit it along with your health card on the day of admittance to the hospital.

Now, get your treatment initiated, and we will pay the hospital once the treatment is completed.

How to File a Reimbursement Claim?

The first step of the process is to inform us regarding your decision to file a reimbursement claim. You can do it by visiting our claims page and filling out a reimbursement claim form.

Next, visit the hospital of your choice and get the treatment started.

Upon completion of the treatment, make the necessary payment and collect all the hospital bills, inclusive of treatment fees, doctor fees, ambulance charges, room rent, etc.

Now, submit all these documents to us for verification.

Once we evaluate the same, we will reimburse you the maximum amount based on your policy terms.

Documents Required for Reimbursement Claim

A duly filled claim settlement form.

Medical certificate from the doctor on call.

All test reports.

Pharmacy bills, as many as billed.

A copy of your health insurance policy.

Copies of the medical bills and payment receipts.

Bank details (cancelled cheque, passbook copy, etc.)

First Information Report (FIR) in case of an accident.

Any other necessary document.

Where Can I Claim Cashless Treatment in Hyderabad?

Initially, the cashless claim facility was limited to only the network hospitals authorised by Tata AIG. However, with the new regulations issued by IRDAI, cashless treatments are not available in any hospital around India.

Simply put, no matter where you are and which hospital you choose for treatments, with Tata AIG health insurance plan, you can easily file a cashless claim request and we will cover all the expenses for you.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

Does Tata AIG provide global coverage?

Does Tata AIG provide global coverage?


Yes, with Tata AIG health insurance plans, you can avail of global coverage, allowing you to travel stress-free to any part of the world. However, with detailed information regarding the same, always read your policy terms and conditions to stay informed.

Within the Tata AIG Medicare Policy, what is the insured sum range?


Tata AIG Medicare Policy is available for both individuals and families, and the sum insured range can be anywhere from ₹3 lakhs to ₹20 lakhs based on the policy terms and add-ons.

What is Tata AIG's super top-up plan?


The Tata AIG Super Top-up or MediCare Plus plan is an add-on option that provides the policyholder with additional financial security above their base policy coverage at better rates. It additionally covers AYUSH treatment expenses and comes with the option of global coverage.