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Health Insurance in Rewari

Rewari, also known as the ‘Brass City’, is situated in the state of Haryana. It is an ancient city with historic and cultural influence.

Like most progressive cities, factors such as urbanisation and the increasing number of industrial activities have given rise to health concerns in Rewari. The rising number of diseases, combined with inflated medical costs, prevent the residents from getting the best medical care.

Therefore, having the best health insurance plan is a must if you want to protect yourself and your family in case of unforeseen medical emergencies. Among many health insurance companies in Rewari, Tata AIG has achieved a reputable status.

It offers an affordable and best mediclaim policy for families in Rewari. If you are looking for the best health insurance near me, this article can help!

Importance of Health Insurance in Rewari

Rewari is a flourishing city in Haryana which houses multiple industries such as cottage, metalwork, automobile, and ancillary. The presence of these industries causes pollution in the city and leads to health issues.

Additionally, the sedentary lifestyle and urbanisation contribute to health concerns in the city, too. All these factors make it essential for an individual to have the best health insurance in Rewari.

The following points emphasise the importance of family health insurance in Rewari

  • Buying the best mediclaim plan relieves you of financial burden during medical emergencies.

  • It provides you with the best medical treatment for various diseases.

  • Health insurance protects you and your family by offering monetary assistance for medical treatments.

  • You can get extensive coverage for pre and post-hospitalisation expenses, doctor fees, tests, etc.

  • You must also be aware of the prevailing zone-based premium concept for health insurance policies. In India, premiums for health insurance are charged based on different zones: A, B, and C.

Insurance companies charge premiums based on the zone in which your city falls. For instance, cities in zone A are charged the highest premium. On the contrary, cities in zone C are charged the least premium.

What are the Various Types of Health Insurance in Rewari?

You can choose from various medical insurance offered by Tata AIG as per your requirements and budget.

Individual Insurance

If you are looking for a health insurance plan for a single person, you must opt for individual insurance. Such an insurance plan covers the cost of a single person's medical expenses.

Tata AIG Offering: Tata AIG Medicare

Key Features:

  • It is well-suited for the medical needs of a single person.

  • The premium is decided based on the person’s age, medical history, etc.

  • Individual plans are suitable for people between the ages of 18 and 61 years.

Senior Citizen Plan

One must buy the senior citizen health insurance plan for elders over 61. Under this type of insurance, the policyholder gets coverage for medical treatment, annual health checkups, pre-existing ailments, and more.

Tata AIG Offering: Tata AIG Elder Care

Key Features:

  • It covers various expenses such as ambulance costs, daycare procedures, and so on.

  • The sum insured is generally higher. Hence, you may have to pay a higher premium for such insurance plans.

Family health Insurance

  • Another name for family insurance is the family floater plan. This type of insurance protects the entire family under a single plan. Family insurance covers your kids, spouses, parents, and other dependents.

  • Premiums for a family floater plan are generally more cost-effective than purchasing individual plans for each family member.

Tata AIG Offering: Tata AIG Medicare

Key Features:

  • They are very affordable as compared to other types of plans.

  • The best mediclaim policy for a family in Rewari covers all family members under a single premium.

  • The premium is fixed depending on the age of the eldest family member.

Critical Illness Plan

A critical illness plan is the right choice if you want protection from life-threatening diseases. A critical illness plan usually pays a lump sum amount to the policyholder in case of diagnosis of a covered critical disease.

Tata AIG Offering: Tata AIG Criti-Medicare Insurance

Key Features:

  • A lump sum amount is given to the policyholder if any of the covered diseases are diagnosed.

  • Once the amount is claimed, the policy is terminated.

  • You can purchase it as an add-on to your existing health insurance or as a separate plan.

Health Insurance Super Top-Up

A super top-up plan provides financial coverage beyond the plan’s base amount. The top-up amount can be used after the sum assured is exhausted.

Tata AIG Offering: Tata AIG Medicare Plus

Key Features:

  • It is a beneficial option for Individuals who want to enhance their coverage at cost-effective rates.

  • It covers expenses such as medical treatment, pre and post-hospitalisation, etc.

What Does the Best Mediclaim Policy in Rewari Usually Cover and Not Cover?

All health insurance plans have specific inclusions and exclusions that you must know before buying. It helps you understand which expenses are covered by the policy and which expenses must be borne by you.


In-Patient Expenses: Most insurance plans cover in-patient hospitalisation expenses, which include hospital room charges, nursing charges, medicine costs, ICU treatment, and so on. To be considered an in-patient, a person must be hospitalised for at least 24 hours.

Pre and Post-Hospitalisation Expenses: You can claim pre and post-hospitalisation expenses under your health insurance plans; these are the expenses that you incur before and after hospitalisation.

It includes expenses such as medical tests, doctor consultations, etc. Similarly, expenses incurred in connection with health recovery after treatment are also included. These include follow-up consultations, medication, physiotherapy, etc.

Annual Health checkup: Health insurance policies also cover annual health checkup expenses, such as ECGs, blood tests, kidney function tests, etc.

Mental Health Cover: As per the IRDAI rules, health insurance plans must include expenses related to mental health treatments. You can claim the expenses for treatment of anxiety and stress disorder, acute depression, dementia, etc.

Miscellaneous Inclusions: The best medical insurance in Rewari also includes organ donor expenses, ambulance costs, COVID-19, AYUSH treatment, and domiciliary treatment.


Pre-Existing Diseases: If you suffer from any disease before buying the insurance plan, you will not receive any assistance for its treatment. However, in some plans, there is a waiting period of 2 to 3 years or more, after which the disease is included in the plan.

Cosmetic Treatment: Any procedure or surgery that is not medical will be out of the policy's scope. Examples include lip fillers, botox, liposuction, and nose reshaping.

Self-Harm: Treatment for injuries that are caused due to self-harm or suicide attempts is excluded from the policy coverage.

Other Exclusions: Investigation, alcoholic pancreatitis, congenital defects, etc., are typically outside the scope of the policy.

How to Find the Best Health Insurance in Rewari?

A beneficial health insurance plan provides you with the best medical treatment for yourself and your family despite the soaring medical costs. However, the market is filled with a variety of options, making the choice difficult.

Here are a few parameters that you must consider while choosing the best mediclaim policy in Rewari.

Sum Insured: The policy's sum insured is the maximum amount you can receive in case of a medical emergency. You must consider inflation, your health condition, etc., to decide how much sum insured you would require if a medical emergency knocks on your door.

Coverage Type: Choose an appropriate coverage type based on your requirements. For instance, if you want insurance for yourself, you can opt for an individual plan. However, if your goal is to cover your entire family, then a family floater plan is suitable. Similarly, if you have aged parents, you must buy health insurance for senior citizens to meet their medical needs efficiently.

Check the Waiting Period: Health insurance for pre-existing diseases comes with a waiting period. It means that the disease will be covered under the policy after the waiting period is over. Hence, it would help if you choose a plan with a shorter waiting period.

High Settlement Ratio: Opt for an insurance provider with a high settlement claim ratio. The settlement ratio is the number of claims that the company has fulfilled against the number of claims filed. When you buy a plan from such a provider, you can be assured that your claim will be paid.

Coverage and Cost Combination: Always choose an insurance plan with the right coverage and cost combination. The plan should fit your budget without compromising coverage.

Lifetime Renewability: This feature is essential if you want to renew the policy at an older age. Since new health insurance plans for senior citizens come at higher premiums, renewing the existing one is a better option.

Hassle-Free Claim Procedure: A straightforward claim settlement process ensures that the policyholder does not have to deal with complex procedures to receive the claim amount. Many health insurance companies in Rewari offer a simple claim process, eliminating unnecessary stress for the policyholder.

Why Should You Buy Online Health Insurance in Rewari ?

Buying health insurance online offers several benefits to the policyholder. Some of the top reasons to buy health insurance online are as follows:

Easy Comparison: Buying health insurance plans online allows you to compare them with various other policies. You can view all the plans simultaneously and compare their features, benefits, prices, etc.

Multiple Options: The online platform shows you all the available insurance plans at once. Therefore, you can choose the one that aptly fits your budget and requirements.

Budget-Friendly: Since you are purchasing medical insurance online, there are no intermediaries involved and hence, minimum operational costs to the insurance company. The company passes on these benefits to the customer in the form of discounts, lower premiums, etc.

Other benefits of buying the best medical insurance in Rewari online include time-saving, immediate policy issuance, multiple payment options, hassle-free purchase and claim initiation processes, etc.

The Best Health Insurance in Rewari- Why Choose Tata AIG?

When you are looking for an insurance provider, it is crucial to choose a trusted name. Among many health insurance companies in Rewari, Tata AIG has gained immense popularity among the masses. Here are some of the reasons to choose Tata AIG.

Impressive Claim Settlement Ratio: For FY 23-24, Tata AIG has achieved a claim settlement ratio of 96.70%. Therefore, there is a very high chance that the company will pay out your claim.

Lifelong Plans: Our best health insurance can keep you insured for extended periods. Our policies continue to cover you throughout your lifespan, ensuring you receive the best medical attention.

AYUSH Coverage: The scope of our coverage extends beyond allopathy treatments. We also offer coverage for Ayurvedic, Unani, Homeopathy, and others.

Cashless Claim Hospitals: Our cashless claim facility offers a hassle-free claim process. You can get treatment at any hospital in India, and we shall directly settle the bill with the hospital. With our cashless facility, you can say goodbye to preserving bills and invoices.

Excellent Coverage: A policy from Tata AIG provides excellent coverage to the policyholder. Our plans cover various expenses such as pre and post-hospitalisation, domiciliary expenses, annual checkups, etc.

Key Features and Benefits of Tata AIG's Health Insurance Plans

Features & Benefits Details
Cashless hospitalisation You can get treated at any hospital of your choice in the country. You don’t need to file a claim or follow up as we pay directly to the hospital
24/7 Assistance We provide 24/7 assistance to our policyholders to ensure you get help even in the middle of the night in case of a medical emergency.
Simplified buying process We offer an online buying option to keep the process simple and time-saving.
Tax benefit You can save taxes by claiming a deduction u/s 80(D) for the premium amount you pay.
Discounts You can get discounts when you buy specified plans such as a family floater plan or MediCare plan.
COVID-19 You can get coverage for COVID-19 with our health insurance plans
No claim bonus When you make no claims in a year, we reward you with a discounted premium upon policy renewal as an NCB.

The Best Health Insurance in Rewari - Buying and Renewing your Tata AIG MediCare Plans

Steps to Buy Tata AIG Health Insurance Online:

  • Open the official Tata AIG website.

  • From the various tabs on the page, click on “Health.”

  • On the following page, select the person for whom you wish to purchase the insurance.

  • Click “Get Plan.”

  • Enter the personal details of the policyholder.

  • Choose the plan.

  • Pay the premium online.

Steps to Renew Tata AIG Health Insurance Online:

  • Visit the homepage of Tata AIG.

  • Under the “Health” tab, choose the member.

  • Click on “Renew.”

  • Provide the policy number. Then click “Renew.”

  • Pay the premium online to complete the renewal.

Documents Required to Buy Tata AIG Health Insurance in Rewari

  • Passport-sized photograph

  • Identity proof such as voter ID, driving licence, or Aadhaar card.

  • Age proof, such as an Aadhaar card, PAN card, or passport.

  • Cancelled cheque

  • Address proof such as ration card, driving licence, passport, PAN card.

  • The proposal form, signed and filled.

  • Proof of income

Filing a Health Insurance Claim With Tata AIG In Rewari?

Tata AIG offers two ways for its policyholders to file a claim:

  • Reimbursement claim

  • Cashless claim

Reimbursement Claim Settlement Process:

  • Head to the Tata AIG claim support page.

  • Click on “Initiate Claim.”

  • On the following page, select “health” as the product.

  • Provide the details about the date and place of treatment.

  • Pay for the treatment and preserve the bills.

  • Submit the claim form along with the invoices, bills and other documents.

  • After verifying the claim, we shall reimburse the amount.

Documents Required for Claim

  • Health insurance claim form.

  • Copy of the insurance policy.

  • Investigation reports (original).

  • Original medicine invoices

  • Original hospital bills.

  • FIR (in case of accidents)

  • Doctors prescriptions, etc.

  • Bank account details for NEFT.

Cashless claim settlement process:

If hospitalisation is for planned treatment, you must inform the insurer at least 2 days in advance, whereas, for emergency treatments, you must inform within 48 hours of hospitalisation.

  • Go to the claim support page.

  • Click on “Initiate a claim.” You can also notify us via a call.

  • After your request is verified, our team will send you a confirmation letter.

  • Present the letter at the hospital where you want to take the treatment along with the policy documents and cashless card.

  • Once the treatment is done, we shall settle the bill directly.

Where Can I Claim Cashless Treatment in Rewari?

If you are a Tata AIG policyholder, you can choose any hospital in the country for cashless treatment. As per the new rules of the IRDAI, policyholders have the freedom to choose any hospital they prefer.

Therefore, policyholders in Rewari and all over India can get treatment from any hospital they want. As per the old ruling, cashless treatment was available only at the selected network hospitals, which has now been discontinued.

The new ruling applies to family floater plans, senior citizen plans, and others too.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

What is a waiting period under health insurance?

What is a waiting period under health insurance?


Under a health insurance policy, certain coverage benefits are available only after a specified period. For instance, a maternity benefit is usually available only after a two-year waiting period.

Can I add family members to my existing family health insurance plan?


Yes, you can add more family members to an existing family insurance plan. You can get in touch with the customer support team to find out about the formalities to be completed.