UP-13 RTO Office Bulandshahr

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UP-13 RTO Office Bulandshahr

Bulandshahr, a city in Uttar Pradesh, is situated between the Yamuna and Ganga rivers. It is connected to National Highway 334DD, which starts in Hamidpur and connects regions like Jhajhar, Jewar and Dhanaura.

Bulandshahr district also has an RTO (Regional Transport Office) that supervises the implementation of traffic rules and regulations and strives to ensure that every life on the road remains safe.

This post covers everything about the RTO office in Bulandshahr, which will help you gain insight into its main functions and the services it provides to vehicle owners in Bulandshahr.

What is the Regional Transport Office in Bulandshahr?

The regional transport office (RTO) in Bulandshahr works under the Transport Department of Uttar Pradesh. This RTO is responsible for handling all vehicle-related matters in the city of Bulandshahr.

It follows the rules of the Motor Vehicles Act and ensures that they are being followed by all vehicle owners throughout the city.

UP-13 Bulandshahr RTO

UP-13 Passing City Name Bulandshahr
RTO Code UP-13
RTO State Uttar Pradesh
UP-13 RTO Address CR8J+875, Avas Vikas Colony, Yamunapuram, Bulandshahr,
Uttar Pradesh - 203001
Contact Number -227011
Official Website https://sarathi.parivahan.gov.in/sarathiservice/sarathiHomePublic.do?stCd=UP
Working Hours 09:30 AM to 06:30 PM
Helplines Phone: +91-120-4925505
Email: helpdesk-vahan@gov.in

Functions of UP-13 RTO in Bulandshahr

Enforcing Traffic Rules and Regulations- Bulandshahr regional transport office enforces traffic laws specified by the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. UP-13 RTO is responsible for ensuring that each vehicle on the road follows the provision of this act.

Granting Necessary Documents for Vehicles- Bulandshahr regional transport office also issues several vehicle-related documents that are mandated by the government of India. It grants certificates and licences like the PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate, learner’s licence, driving licence and registration certificates to vehicle owners in Bulandshahr.

As having these documents is compulsory, you can visit Bulandshahr RTO or use the official website of this regional transport office to obtain the required documents before driving your vehicle.

Accepting the Payment of Challans- Another task of the Bulandshahr regional transport office is to accept the payment of challans and fines given by the vehicle owners. Bulandshahr RTO plays a huge role in the collection of challans issued by traffic officers due to traffic violations.

If you want to pay a fine or challan, you can go to Bulandshahr RTO or visit the e-Challan portal and clear the dues easily.

Collecting Road Tax- Bulandshahr regional transport office also collects road tax for new vehicles.

The RTO collects this tax when registering the vehicle under the Vahan database. This function of the Bulandshahr regional transport office helps the government maintain road infrastructure.

The amount of tax charged by Bulandshahr RTO depends on the weight and type of vehicle.

Conducting Vehicle Inspections- UP-13 RTO also conducts vehicle inspection tests like the PUC (Pollution Under Control) test and vehicle fitness tests.

As per the law, it is compulsory to get your vehicle checked regularly and carry the relevant certificates given by the regional transport office at all times. By doing vehicle inspection, Bulandshahr RTO ensures that every vehicle running on the road is fit to be driven.

Services Offered by the RTO Office in Bulandshahr

New Driving Licences

UP-13, passing city name – Bulandshahr, issues various driving licences to vehicle owners. Each type of driving licence has its own process; however, the basic requirements include a driving skill test, payment of applicable charges and submission of all the required documents.

So, when visiting the RTO, you must carry the necessary documents. The different types of driving licences issued by Bulandshahr RTO are:

Learner’s Licence

Bulandshahr RTO follows Sections 4 and 8 of the Motor Vehicles Act and issues a learner’s licence to a person between the ages of 16 and 18, which allows them to drive a motorcycle with an engine capacity of equal to or less than 50cc.

Driving Licence

UP-13 RTO also grants driving licences to vehicle owners depending upon the type of vehicle. People who are:

People above 18 years old can get a driving licence issued from Bulandshahr RTO for driving vehicles other than transport vehicles.

People Over 20 years old can get a driver's licence from Bulandshahr RTO for driving transport or private vehicles.

International Driving Permit

Bulandshahr RTO with UP-13 RTO code issues international driving permits to residents of Bulandshahr. If you are planning to visit foreign countries and want to drive a vehicle there, you can get an international driving permit from the Bulandshahr RTO.

This permit certifies that you are capable of driving a vehicle and confirms that you hold a valid driving licence in your home country.

Driving Licence Renewal

Driving licences have a limited validity (20 years for private vehicles and 3 years for transport vehicles). Once it expires, the licence holder becomes ineligible to drive a vehicle on the road. Bulandshahr RTO provides driving licence renewal services and issues new licences to vehicle owners.

To ensure that you do not get penalised for driving without a valid licence, you can visit Bulandshahr RTO or Parivahan's website to renew your driving licence easily.

Duplicate Driving Licence

Bulandshahr RTO also issues a duplicate driving licence in case your driver’s licence gets damaged, lost or stolen.

Driving with an invalid driving licence or driving without a licence is considered to be an offence under the Motor Vehicles Act. For this reason, you must hold a valid licence at all times.

Change of Address in Driving Licence

If your current driving licence has an old or incorrect address, you can rectify the details with the help of Bulandshahr RTO. You can change/update the address on your driving licence via the Parivahan portal.

Conductor’s Licence

Bulandshahr RTO issues conductor’s licences to people who want to work as conductors for stage carriages. You can apply for one online through the Parivahan portal and then visit the RTO with the required documents.

Vehicle Registration Certificate

In addition to the driver's licence and four-wheeler insurance, you are required to have your car's registration certificate (RC). This certificate gives you the right to drive your car legally on the road.

Bulandshahr RTO issues and renews vehicle registration certificates to vehicle owners in Bulandshahr. All you need to do is take your vehicle and other necessary documents to UP-13 RTO, fill out the application form for registration and pay the registration charges.

Addition of Class of Vehicles

Bulandshahr RTO also provides the service of the addition of the class of your vehicle to your driving licence. If your current driving licence does not have a vehicle category that you want to drive, you can visit UP-13 RTO passing Bulandshahr and apply to add the class of the vehicle. You can also do this through the Parivahan portal.

Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate

The PUC certificate authenticates the fact that your vehicle complies with current emission norms. Traffic officers often ask for a PUC certificate from vehicle owners, and if you fail to produce this certificate, you can face a fine or even imprisonment.

So, if you do not have a PUC certificate for your vehicle or if your current PUC certificate has expired, you can visit Bulandshahr RTO straight away and get a new PUC certificate issued for your vehicle.

Vehicle Fitness Certificate

Bulandshahr RTO inspects the vehicle and ensures that it is fit to be used. This is usually done during registration. To get a vehicle fitness certificate, you can also visit Bulandshahr RTO and comply with the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act. This certificate will also help you avoid penalties.

Hypothecation Certificate

Bulandshahr RTO provides hypothecation addition and removal services to those who have purchased a vehicle through financing (i.e., loaned vehicles). In this, Bulandshahr RTO makes a note that the vehicle owner bought the vehicle through a bank or financial institution.

Hypothecation addition is done at the time of registering the vehicle and the registration certificate issued by RTO includes the information about hypothecation.

However, once you have fully repaid the loan, you will have to visit Bulandshahr RTO again for hypothecation removal.

Vehicle Transfer Ownership Service

UP-13 RTO also offers vehicle transfer ownership service. So, if you want to sell your vehicle, visit Bulandshahr RTO and apply for vehicle transfer ownership.

This step is of utmost importance in the process of selling a vehicle. Vehicle transfer ownership delegates the ownership to the buyer and frees you from vehicle-related responsibilities.

Importance of Car Insurance in Bulandshahr

As per the mandate issued by the IRDAI, with effect from 2019, all new vehicle owners must purchase long-term third-party motor insurance for their vehicles. This third-party coverage can either be bought as a separate plan or come bundled under a comprehensive plan.

For example, if you’re a new car owner, you would have to buy a 3-year third-party car insurance policy from any authorised provider of your choice. You can also opt for a comprehensive four-wheeler insurance plan that bundles third-party liability coverage.

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Wrapping it Up

UP-13 RTO is a one-stop solution for every vehicle owner in Bulandshahr. From issuing a range of licences and certificates to collecting road tax and providing other additional vehicle-related services, Bulandshahr RTO helps you comply with traffic laws and saves you from potential fines and penalties.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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U- 13 is which city?

U- 13 is which city?


UP-13 is the RTO code for Bulandshahr RTO. So we can say the UP-13 RTO code denotes that it is Bulandshahr city.

What is the fee for renewal of a driving licence in Bulandshahr?


The fee for driving licence renewal in Bulandshahr is ₹200. For renewal after the grace period, the fee is ₹300.

How to apply for a learner's licence for Bulandshahr online?


To apply for a learner’s licence in Bulandshahr online, visit the official website of Parivahan, select “Driving Licence Related Services” from the “Online Services” dropdown menu, enter “Uttar Pradesh” in the select state name column and select “Apply for Learner Licence”.