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Canada, the second-largest country in the world, can easily satiate the wanderlust of even the most seasoned travellers. Blessed with gorgeous mountain peaks, beautiful natural landscapes, thunderous waterfalls and vibrant culture, Canada is a must for all types of travellers to explore. The country is also culturally rich. The different Canadian cities allow a diverse choice of experiences.

Whether you want the chic vibe, prefer the cosmopolitan streets, or desire to spend time amidst scintillating mountain resorts and maritime cities, Canada offers it all. That said, Canada does not disappoint the adventure seekers. Be it mountaineering, hiking, scuba diving, cycling or boating, Canada offers ultimate outdoor fun for all. All you need for a safe and happy holiday in Canada is the right travel insurance policy.

Best places to visit in Canada.

So, if you are planning to visit Canada for your next holiday, you are making the right decision. Check out some of the best places to visit in Canada.

  • Niagara Falls

If there is one place you will find in all the ‘best tourist places in Canada’ list is Niagara Falls. Bringing in millions of visitors every year from across the globe, Niagara Falls is one of the most famous places in Canada. Located an hour drive from Toronto, on the border of Ontario and America, this massive fall is a group of three awe-inspiring waterfalls.

The best part is that you can walk up to the edge of the majestic falls because they are only separated by a cast-iron railing. The sight of the mighty falls and the water disappearing over the crest is mesmerising. The area surrounding the waterfall is one of the most famous Canadian tourist places. You will find observation towers, restaurants, casinos, souvenir shops and some of the most beautiful high-rise hotels in the area surrounding Niagara Falls.

One of the most stunning attractions in Canada on the Ontario side of Niagara Falls is the Queen Victoria Park, where the falls are illuminated, and firework displays and shows are held during summer nights. You can book a helicopter tour or watch the firework show from the jet boat tour or an observation deck next to the Skylon Towers.

  • Toronto

Most commonly mistaken as the capital city of Canada, Toronto is the hub of everything and one of the most famous places to visit in Canada. Apart from being the largest Canadian city, Toronto is also the cultural hot spot of the country.

Home to some of the world’s best ballet, opera, symphony, and Broadway shows, Toronto should be your must-visit popular place in Canada. Apart from this, Toronto is also amongst the beautiful cities in Canada and boasts of serene walking areas, restaurants, natural parks, beaches and more.

The city of Toronto also hosts thrilling outdoor concerts and cultural performances during summer. Do not miss the CN Tower, which touches the Toronto Skyline and is a perfect dining destination.

  • Whistler

Whistler is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada and is often referred to as the world's best ski destination. During the 2010 Winter Olympics hosted by Vancouver, Whistler was the site of multiple ski events. Hence, the town gained immense popularity.

Apart from offering the world best ski trips, Whistler is also stunning during summers and allows you to indulge in hiking, biking, golfing, etc., amidst gorgeous surroundings. Over time the village of Whistler has also grown and now hosts vibrant, high-end resorts that attract tourists and celebrities from across the world. The Whistler-Blackcomb mountains offer incredible terrain and are the preferred choice for most skiers globally.

  • Vancouver

If you are searching for the best places to visit in Canada, do not miss Vancouver. Located in southwestern British Colombia, Vancouver is celebrated for its delicious food, especially seafood. You can eat freshly caught prawns and wild salmon. If you prefer mixed cuisines, Vancouver will touch your heart. Dining experiences in Vancouver are some of the best ones in the world.

Do not miss Stanley Park, Granville Island, Chinatown and Canada Place’s waterfront complex. Apart from topping the list of Canadian tourist attractions, Vancouver is also rated as one of the best cities to live in.

  • Ottawa

The capital city of Canada is also a prominent tourist attraction. The culture and bilingual aspect of the Ottawa city is a vibe in itself. You would find people fluently speaking English, French and even Punjabi in some sections. Ottawa is among the beautiful cities in Canada and boasts of lush greenery, blissful parks and gorgeous waterways. The trails allow biking adventures during summer and ski adventures during winter. Therefore, attracting all types of tourists all year long.

The Rideau Canal, which runs through the heart of the city, is one of the best places to visit in Canada. In winters, the Rideau Canal becomes a large ice-skating rink. Among other places in Ottawa, do not miss the Byward Market. Take some time and go on a historic dive into the National Library and Archives in Ottawa, which is the fourth largest library globally. Also, you should visit Parliament Hill when visiting the popular places in Canada.

  • Quebec City

Among the famous things in Canada, Quebec City holds a special place because of its French heritage, architecture and soft language. Visiting Quebec is like treating your eyes to the most beautiful places in Canada and enjoying the European Village vibe.

Situated on top of a hill overlooking the stunning St. Lawrence River, Quebec City is a historic district in Canada. It is one of the famous places in Canada because it has retained its original walls, cobblestone streets, old buildings, historic sites, parks, breathtaking waterfalls and more.

Also, there are so many attractive cafes, shops and bars around the city that you are sure to have fun in Quebec.

  • Banff National Park

Situated in the Canadian Rockies, Banff National Park is one of the oldest and largest national parks in Canada. The remote location, vast size and natural beautify of the national park makes it stand out in the long list of Canada beautiful places.

The journey to the Banff National Park is filled with vibrant landscapes, jaw-dropping scenery, multi-coloured lakes, thundering canyons, grand waterfalls and more. Wildlife watching is another big attraction here, the most famous one being the grizzly bear.

The list of famous things in Canada can go on and on. However, the above list captures most of all the popular places in Canada that you just cannot miss. If you have some more days at hand, or the beautiful cities in Canada have you wanting for more, then do visit Montreal, Cape Breton Island, Churchill and Calgary. You will thank yourself for spending more days in Canada.

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