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Belgium Visa for Indians

Belgium, or the Kingdom of Belgium, is a bustling metropolis that also acts as the European Union's de facto capital. The country's stunning landscape, historic towns, and amazing architecture make it worthwhile to visit on your European vacation. Belgium, despite being a small nation, offers a diverse range of water sports facilities and recreation.

Do you need another reason to go to Belgium? Nearly every street corner sells delectable, sweet waffles, as well as the world-famous Belgian chocolate needs no introduction, right? So, before you begin planning your vacation to the Kingdom of Belgium, learn the procedure associated with Belgium visa application for Indians.

To visit the Kingdom of Belgium, be it for tourism and recreation, visiting family and friends, business purposes, medical treatment, official visits, seafaring and airport transits, short-term study, sporting and cultural events, or research purposes, you are required to have a Belgian Schengen visa since it's a part of the 26 Schengen nations that have eliminated border restrictions between themselves. Also, in order to be eligible for a Schengen visa, an applicant must have a decent travel insurance plan in place. Schengen countries will not grant travel visas if certain travel insurance standards are not met. Every Indian citizen visiting the Kingdom of Belgium must-have travelling insurance for Belgium. Even if they have a Belgian Schengen Visa, an Indian tourist or traveller would be unable to enter the country unless they obtain travel insurance.

Also, visiting Belgium may appear appealing and amusing; yet, in order to prevent problems, it's essential to be aware of any risks you may experience when travelling - in Belgium or anywhere else on the globe. For instance, losing your wallet or passport, a flight miss/delay, or being involved in an unexpected accident, is perhaps the last thing you want to happen on your trip. These crises may incur unanticipated expenditures, raising your vacation budget to quite an extent. Well, the only way to avoid these expenses is to acquire overseas travel insurance.

That's where we come in. Tata AIG's overseas travel insurance packages aim to keep you safe in the event of an unexpected mishap. We provide our policyholders with optimal coverage and hassle-free travel insurance purchase and claim choices. Our Belgium travel insurance starts at just ₹40.82 a day*. So, what are you holding for? Reach out to Tata AIG right away to plan a stress-free trip to Belgium!

Without further ado, let us get straight to the point regarding the Belgium visa for Indians. Continue reading to learn more!

Belgium Visa for Indians: Everything You Need to Know

In order to enter the lands of Belgium, every Indian person bearing a valid passport should acquire a Schengen visa. Whether you are visiting Belgium for business or a holiday, you need to get a valid Schengen visa from the Embassy or Consulates of Belgium in India before commencing your travel, as it won't be provided upon arrival at the Belgium airport.

You must apply for a Belgian Schengen visa based on the reason for your travel. If you put in an application for a Belgium visa before acquiring international travel insurance, you'll be simply denied. In order to acquire a Belgium Visa, every visa candidate should have travel medical insurance. When applying for a Belgium Visa, you are required to have a travel policy as per the law of the Schengen nations.

Belgium Visa Types for Indian Nationals

  • If you intend to visit Belgium for a short period of time, you must apply for a Belgian Schengen Visa. You may obtain one of the following Belgium Visa types based on the purpose of your travel to Belgium:

  • Belgium Tourist Visa: The Belgium Tourist Visa from India is for travellers who wish to spend their vacations in the Kingdom of Belgium or come over to sightsee and explore.

  • Belgium Business Visa: The Belgium Business Visa is designed for business professionals who need or want to participate in business-related activities in Belgium.

  • Belgium Visitor's Visa: The Belgium Visitor's Visa is for Indian nationals who have friends and family members residing in Belgium and want to pay them a visit.

  • Belgium Official Visit Visa: The Belgium Official Visit Visa is intended for members of delegations paying a visit to Belgium in matters of official reasons.

  • Belgium Airport Transit Visa: The Belgium Airport Transit Visa is created for Indian nationals who need to pass via one of Belgium's airports in order to reach a nation outside of the Schengen Zone.

  • Belgium Student/Study Visa: The Belgium Student/Study visa is for individuals wishing to study at a Belgian educational institution for a maximum of three months (90 days).

  • Belgium Film Crew, Sports and Cultural Visa: This sort of visa is granted to Indian people who wish to visit Belgium in order to attend sports, cultural, or film-related events.

  • Belgium Medical Visa: The Belgium Medical Visa is for people who want to pay a visit to the Kingdom of Belgium for medical treatment.

Belgium Visa: Documents Required

In order to put in an application for a Belgian Schengen Visa, you must submit the following papers to the Belgian Consulate or Embassy:

  • A properly filled and duly signed Belgian Schengen visa application form.
  • Two passport-sized pictures were taken within the past three months (90 days).
  • Your passport must be no more than ten years old and valid for a minimum of three months post your anticipated departure date from Belgium.
  • You must also provide copies of any previous visas if needed.
  • Belgium gives you the option of having your visa processed in one of three languages. Belgium's three dominant languages are Dutch, German, and French. If you want your visa to be processed in English, choose "no preference".
  • You must submit your travelling insurance papers demonstrating that you're covered for the entire Schengen Region, medical emergencies, evacuation or repatriation in the event of death for at least an amount of €30,000.
  • You must provide a cover letter explaining why you are visiting Belgium together with your application form.
  • Your round-trip itinerary with your entrance and departure dates as well as airline numbers from the Schengen Zone or Belgium.
  • You must also provide proof of lodgings, such as hotel booking or other arrangements for the entire stay period in Belgium.
  • Evidence of your civil status must be supplied, like a marriage certificate, spouse's death certificate, children's birth certificate, or other equivalent proof.
  • Evidence of your financial condition demonstrates that you have the means to support yourself for the entire stay period in Belgium.

Additional Papers for Employed Individuals:

  • Your last six-month bank statements.
  • Employment contract copy.
  • Application of leave (in writing) from your recruiter.
  • ITR (Income Tax Return) or TDS (tax deducted at source) certificate.

Additional Papers for Self-Employed Individuals:

  • Business licence copy.
  • Your firm's last six month's bank statements.
  • ITR (Income Tax Return).

Additional Papers for Students:

  • Evidence of enrollment at an educational institution.
  • Certificate of No Objection from your previous school, college, or university.

Additional Papers for Retired Individuals:

  • Your last six-month pension statement.

Additional Papers for Airport Transport Visa:

  • You need to have a valid visa for the last Schengen Zone nation you intend to visit.
  • Your plane ticket to the last Schengen Zone nation to which you're travelling.

Additional Papers for Belgium Tourist Visa:

  • Bank statements for the past six months must be supplied.
  • Your trip itinerary should contain your Schengen zone entrance and exit dates.
  • Your trip schedule, including dates of entrance and exit from Belgium, as well as accommodation arrangements. Also, make a list of the sites you intend to see and the activities you wish to participate in during your time in Belgium.

Additional Papers for Belgium Visitor's Visa:

  • If you're going to sustain yourself, you must provide evidence of your financial condition, like bank statements from the past six months.
  • If you are going to be supported by someone else, you must present an obligation letter of invitation from your guarantor that is no more than six months old, their salary statements for the past three months, and evidence of their tax payment.
  • A copy of your guarantor's Identification and evidence of their Belgian residence permit.
  • Additional Papers for Belgium Business Visa:
  • A letter of invitation from the Belgian firm with which you will be conducting business, as well as the dates of entrance and exit from the Kingdom of Belgium.
  • If you're travelling on a business trip on behalf of your employer, you must have a certificate from your firm to prove it.
  • Your business' previous six months' bank statements must be presented.
  • Your firm's memorandum and articles of association, as properly registered. This must be a certified original copy.
  • Trade licence copy, including the original and the most recent renewal.
  • You should provide evidence of how your travel is being paid for.

Additional Papers for Belgium Student Visa:

  • You must provide a certificate of enrollment from the school/college/university where you are accepted for the course.
  • A letter of no objection from your previous (or present) educational institution.

Additional Papers for Belgium Medical Visa:

  • A medical report was given by an authorised health practitioner, hospital, or clinic in your native country declaring that you require medical care in Belgium.
  • A medical attestation document from a Belgian doctor or hospital verifying your treatment appointment.
  • Proof showing you have enough money to cover any extra costs associated with your health treatment in Belgium.
  • A receipt for the medical costs you paid to the Belgian hospital or clinic.

Additional Papers for Belgium Film Crew, Sports and Cultural Visa:

  • You must submit a letter of invitation from the relevant organisation in Belgium outlining the kind of activities and events that will be held.
  • Your participation ticket to the event or activity in Belgium.
  • The terms of your participation in the event.
  • A complete timetable for the event, which will be held in Belgium.
  • Other papers include the identities of every crew member and every important event detail.
  • You'll also be required to provide documentation of prior performance in identical activities or events at the international and national levels.

Additional Papers for Joining Your Spouse Who's a Citizen of Belgium:

  • The Belgian family record book.
  • Evidence of Belgian citizenship.
  • A Belgian certificate of marriage.

Belgium Visa Application Procedure for Indian Nationals

Indian nationals can apply for a Belgium visa online by navigating to the official web portal of VFS Global. However, when it comes to document submission, you need to pay a visit to the Belgium Consulate/Embassy or a visa application centre.

  • You must first choose where you must apply for a Belgian Schengen Visa. It might be the Belgian Consulate or embassy in India. It might also be a visa application centre approved by the Kingdom of Belgium in order to process visa applications for Indians.
  • It might also be a Consulate or Embassy of any other Schengen nation that Belgium has given the authority to handle visa applications for Indians.
  • You must choose the appropriate type of visa based on the reason for your travel to the Kingdom of Belgium.
  • You need to compile all of the papers listed above in order to fulfil the precise criteria set by the Belgian Consulate/Embassy in your place of residency.
  • Next, your Belgium visa appointment will be scheduled by the Consulate or Embassy in order to get your visa processed.
  • Lastly, you need to attend the interview at the Belgium Consulate or Embassy as scheduled.

Belgium Visa Application: Eligibility Criteria

The following are the set of eligibility criteria that you need to satisfy in order to obtain a Belgian Schengen Visa:

  • You should be a permanent resident of the nation from where you're applying for a Belgian Schengen Visa.
  • You must be a foreign national with a temporary accommodation permit in the nation where you're applying.
  • You're qualified to apply for a Belgium Schengen Visa if it's the only nation in the Schengen Region that you're planning to pay a visit to.
  • If you want to spend the majority of your travel in the Kingdom of Belgium, you're qualified to apply for a Belgium Schengen Visa.
  • If Belgium is the starting point of your travel to the Schengen region.

Belgium Visa Processing Time

Under normal conditions, the Belgium visa processing time in India takes a maximum of 15 days. However, based on the total number of visa applications received by the Consulate or Embassy during the time you apply, the term can be extended. During peak season, the procedure may take a maximum of 30 days. In exceptional cases, it might take a maximum of 60 days, particularly if your issue is sensitive and the Consulate/Embassy of Belgium needs to speak with officials of one or more Schengen member nations.

Belgium Visa Fees for Indian Citizens

The Belgium Visa fees for Indian citizens at a glance (for Short-Stay Visas):

Belgium Visa Type Belgium Visa Fees (in Euro)*
For adult tourist/traveller €80
For children (6 to 12 years) €40
For children (below 6 years) NA

Consulate/Embassy of Belgium in India

Listed below are the Consulate/Embassy of Belgium in India:

Consulate/Embassy Embassy of Belgium, New Delhi
Address 50-N Shantipath, Chanakyapuri - 110021, New Delhi, India
Telephone Number +91-11-424-28000
Fax Number +91-11-424-28002
Email Address
Official Website
Consulate/Embassy Consulate of Belgium, Kolkata
Address 10, Camac Street - 15th Floor, Kolkata - 700017, India
Telephone Number +91-33-228-22404 +91-33-228-27531 /td>
Fax Number +91-33-228-27535
Email Address

Embassy of India in Belgium

Name Embassy of India
Address 217, Chaussée de Vleurgat 1050, Brussels
Telephone Number +32 (0) 2-6409140 +32 (0) 2-6451850
Fax Number +32 (0) 2-6451869 (Consular Wing) +32 (0) 2-6451869 (Chancery)
Email Address
Official Website

Post-COVID-19 Mandatory Rules and Regulations

The following list will state the post-COVID-19 mandatory rules for foreign nationals travelling to Belgium:

  • Travellers who aren't completely vaccinated and wish to return to Belgium for study or work, from nations where the Coronavirus is prevalent, will be required to do a PCR test on the 1st and 7th days post-arrival.
  • The 1st-day test may be avoided if passengers submit a negative PCR test result within 72 hours (3 days) of arriving in the Kingdom of Belgium.
  • A vaccination certificate is required for fully vaccinated tourists. They should've received the last needed dosage at least two weeks before departure. Only vaccination certificates issued by Belgium or the European Commission are allowed. Tourists may also show immunisation proofs in the form of an EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate.

Importance of Travel Insurance Plan for Belgium Visa

Paying a visit to the Kingdom of Belgium is every traveller's dream. If you're one of them who is planning or all set to visit Belgium anytime soon, let us tell you that even with rigorous planning, the possibility of error cannot be minimised. Unexpected events may wreck your entire holiday and leave you in disarray. Consequently, while planning a trip to Belgium, it's critical to account for contingencies. This is why obtaining international travel insurance is a sound decision.

Furthermore, being a Schengen member nation, Belgium rigorously complies with Schengen regulations. To enter the lands of Belgium, you must have valid travel medical insurance when visiting the Kingdom of Belgium. Foreign nationals are obliged to get travel insurance, and their policy should provide a minimum of €30,000 coverage.

When entering this lovely Schengen territory, you'll be asked to provide proof of travel insurance purchase, as well as your passport, approved Schengen visa, and other essential documents.

A good travel medical insurance plan can cover you and your family against a number of problems that may arise during your trip to Belgium. You must also make certain that the insurance policy you purchase includes COVID-19 cover, which will ensure you review adequate financial assistance if you fall ill on your trip to Belgium.

As a result, it is critical that you have adequate travel insurance for Belgium while planning your holiday in order to protect yourself from problems on foreign shores and to ensure a smooth entry into the Kingdom of Belgium.

Tata AIG offers top-notch international travel insurance packages to keep you financially protected in the case of an unexpected mishap. We provide comprehensive coverage for international travel plans to our customers at just ₹40.82/day*.

Listed below are some of the benefits of having a Tata AIG Belgium travel insurance policy:

  • Flight Cancellation Insurance in case you miss a flight or your flight gets cancelled due to inclement weather.
  • Protects you from any illnesses or unforeseen accidents that may take place during your stay in Belgium.
  • Shields you against coronavirus-related crises if you're tested for COVID+ and need hospitalisation during your stay in Belgium.
  • You may obtain travel medical insurance without any health examination.
  • You may obtain coverage in Euros by paying Indian Rupees or INR (₹).
  • Provides coverage for passport loss, baggage loss or delay, trip cancellation, etc.


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Frequently Asked Question

1. Is it possible to travel to other Schengen member nations with my Belgian Visa?


Yes, it's possible. A Schengen Visa for a short stay allows you to visit every Schengen nation. Long-term study or work visas, on the other hand, will limit the activities covered by the Belgium Schengen Visa to the nation concerned.

2. Is it possible to apply for a Belgium Visa if I already have another Belgium visa type?


Yes, you may apply for a different visa while you already have a Belgium visa. Nonetheless, you must fulfil the qualifying requirements for it. It's also crucial to understand that the nation does not let multiple independent visas be held concurrently, thus, your new Belgium visa will replace your previous one.

3. Can anyone collect my Belgium Visa on my behalf?


No. The Consulate or Embassy of Belgium strongly prohibits anyone from coming to collect your Belgium visa. It is only you who has to collect it.

4. Can I extend my short stay Belgium Schengen visa?


Generally, you won't be given an extension, but if you have a compelling cause, you'll have a high chance of having it accepted. These include a late arrival, humanitarian grounds, unanticipated events in the native country, and critical medical and personal reasons. In certain instances, you can seek an extension from the Belgian immigration authorities. You will also be required to stay in the nation while your extension request is being processed.