Malaysia Visa for Indians

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Malaysia Visa for Indians

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A trip to Malaysia anytime soon could be an amazing way to relax and unwind. If you have been planning for an international trip for a while now, and if the pandemic has kept you off your plan, then it could be the perfect time to book your tickets for Malaysia, the land that’s truly Asian!

Even though, more or less, we all are aware of how beautiful Malaysia is, the fact remains that only a few people plan on visiting Malaysia while planning a trip abroad. From magnanimous skyscrapers to beautiful island life, from wild jungles to picturesque rainforests, Malaysia has everything to soothe your travel-less soul! Malaysia is a country where you can travel throughout the year.

But when you start planning for your trip to Malaysia, you must think about opting for a travel policy. A travel insurance plan can help you keep your pockets protected against certain trip-related emergencies. And once you have an overseas travel policy for Malaysia in place, you can apply for a Malaysia tourist visa and then get started on this exciting international trip.

Although the pandemic has almost lost its grip on our lives, we cannot yet neglect the kind of impact it may have if we contract the virus again in the future. Hence, keeping in mind the vulnerabilities of health conditions, you must be aware of the travel advisories in Malaysia as well. And the right travel insurance in hand will keep your finances safe if you contract the virus and need to get hospitalised. You can also protect your family who accompanies you with a comprehensive family travel insurance.

At Tata AIG, you can compare travel insurance plans online. Each of our travel plans is designed to offer maximum coverage to the policyholders at an affordable price. Our travel policies start at just ₹40.82 per day*. And our travel insurance for Malaysia will offer local trip assistance, journey coverage, baggage coverage, medical coverage, and more.

What Exactly Is Malaysia Tourist Visa for Indians?

As soon as you step down in Malaysia, you will fall in love with the country's beauty. Malaysia is also a great escape option for nature lovers. There are beaches, exciting nightlife, forests, and everything that can keep you fascinated throughout your trip. Once you start making your Malaysian itinerary, you will be overwhelmed with places to visit and things to do. Hence, planning well in advance is advisable.

You can plan an adventure trip to Malaysia or go on your honeymoon to this beautiful country. And irrespective of your travel plans, you will need to apply for a Malaysia visa online. The procedure applying for a Malaysia visa for Indian travellers is necessary for travelling to Malaysia. For Indian citizens, there is a certain Malaysia visa fees. For Indians, there is an option for a visa on arrival, but only when they enter Malaysia through Thailand, Indonesia, or Singapore. So, if you are travelling to these countries and on your Malaysia trip, you can get a visa on arrival. Or else, it’s better to opt for a Malaysia tourist visa directly from India.

eVisa - Malaysia Visa for Indians

The government of Malaysia, in March 2016, introduced eVisa for its tourists. This is an application form that the traveller needs to fill up online. Once the form is duly filled, you must submit it with certain Malaysia visa fees as part of the process. Next, the eVisa will be sent on the registered email ID of the traveller. The eVisa is available for tourists from India, China, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Serbia, Bhutan, and Montenegro.

eVisa is a kind of electronic visa that is issued to tourists. Also, if you need to visit Malaysia to meet your family or friends, get medical treatment, or for some business purpose, you need to apply for this eVisa. There are 3 different types of Malaysian eVisas; 30 days entry Tourist visa, eNTRI visa, and 30 Days Multiple Entry eVisa.

Malaysia Visa Types for Indians

There are 3 different types of eVisas for travellers to Malaysia –

1. eNTRI Visa

eNTRI, or Electronic Travel Registration & Information (eNTRI), is an online registration facility that the Malaysian Government offers for its tourists. An eNTRI eVisa is valid for a single journey to Malaysia, and with this eVisa, you are allowed to stay in Malaysia for a maximum of 15 days. However, the validity of this eVisa is 3 months from its date of issue.

2. Malaysia Tourist Visa (30 days eVisa)

The eVISA is equivalent to a visa, and there will be no stamp on your passport related to this. You will need this eVISA is required for you to enter or travel within Malaysia. With this eVisa, you can stay in Malaysia for 30 days. And its validity is for 3 months. Once you apply for this visa type, it will take around 4 days to process your application. It will then be sent on your registered email ID, and you will have to carry a printout of the same while travelling.

3. 30 Days Multiple Entry eVisa

You will need to apply for this long-term visa to enter Malaysia if you are visiting for business, work matters, or visiting your family or friends. This visa is normally valid for anytime between 3 to 12 months from the issue date. Each entry to Malaysia with this visa is valid only for 30 days, and an extension of stay is not permissible. So, if you have plans to visit Malaysia multiple times within this visa validity period, you need to apply for this visa process. This particular Malaysia eVisa will be stamped on the travellers’ passports.

Duration of Different Kinds of Malaysia Visas

Types of Malaysian Visa Duration
Malaysia Tourist Visa – 30 Days eVisa 30 days
Multiple Entry Tourist Visa 3-12 months
eNTRI eVisa 15 days

Who Should Apply for a Malaysia Visa for Indians?

Indians who wish to travel to Malaysia must apply for an eVisa before departure. No matter the type of vacation you are looking forward to in Malaysia, you will have to have a valid eVisa. So, before applying for an eVisa, you need to be sure of your travel requirements. However, if you are travelling to Malaysia from Indonesia, Thailand, or Singapore, you will get a visa on arrival in Malaysia.

Indian citizens should apply for an eVisa well in advance to avoid hassles during the trip. Also, apart from a valid Malaysia tourist visa for Indians in place, you should not forget to have robust travel insurance in place.

When Should One Apply for a Malaysia Visa for Indians?

One should note that the Malaysia eVISA/eNTRI process generally takes two working days to be completed and issued. This 2- days processing time will be calculated from the day you apply for the eVisa. Hence, considering this timeframe, you should apply for a Malaysia tourist visa as per your travel type.

How to Apply for a Malaysian eVisa from India Online?

To apply for a Malaysian eVisa from India, you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Visit Malaysia Visa Application Malaysia (MVAC) and download the eVisa application form
  • Or visit the Malaysian Immigration Department’s website, register and duly fill in the application form with all your necessary details and affix your current photograph after thoroughly checking the photograph specifications mentioned
  • Attach every single supporting document that’s necessary for the eVisa processing as per the checklist
  • Make sure your application is correctly filled and is complete. This is because incomplete applications will be rejected.
  • You can submit your duly filled eVisa application at an MVAC centre or at your nearest Malaysian embassy or consulate
  • You will receive an email or SMS updating you on your visa status after your application has been processed.

Malaysia Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens - Documents Needed

All travellers to Malaysia from India will need to submit a few important documents along with the eVisa application form. Here's a list of all the necessary documents that you will have to submit to get an eVisa for your Malaysian trip:

  • Copy of return tickets to India from Malaysia
  • 3 recent passport-sized photographs
  • Minimum $1000 as proof of sustenance during your stay in Malaysia
  • If you are travelling for business purposes, a cover letter from your employer stating the same
  • For minors, parents need to submit a NOC along with their passport copies
  • Accommodation proof in Malaysia
  • If you are travelling to Indonesia, Singapore, or Thailand from Malaysia, you need to provide a copy of a valid tourist visa for these countries as well.

Malaysia Visa for Indians Fees

For travellers travelling to Malaysia from India, there is a certain amount to be paid as eVisa fees. Also, these charges vary from one eVisa type to another. The following table shows the approximate Malaysia visa for Indians fees –

Travel Insurance for Malaysia Visa Online

Travelling to a different country is thrilling. However, you will never know what you will come across during your stay in an unknown country amidst unknown people. So, in case you fall ill or meet with an accident, without valid travel insurance, you may end up burning a huge hole in your pocket! Medical treatment costs in Malaysia are undoubtedly higher than that of India. And hence, a travel medical policy is prudent. Such a travel insurance policy will cover all your medical emergencies that you may fall prey to when in Malaysia.

Apart from medical adversities, there are several trip-related vulnerabilities for which your travel insurance for Malaysia can be of great help. For instance, you may end up losing your luggage or miss your flight; you may even misplace an important document or lose your passport, or fall prey to certain other personal liabilities. And in such cases, your valid travel policy can help you with the compensation.

With Tata AIG, travellers to Malaysia can compare travel insurance plans on our website. Then, according to their requirements, they can choose a plan that suits them well. Also, our travel insurance premium calculator can help them check the cost of the travel insurance plans and hence, it can help them pick the most affordable plan.

Malaysia Visa Online - Post-COVID Restrictions

Malaysia is reopening for fully vaccinated international travellers on April 1, 2022. Travellers will have to show a negative RT-PCR test before departure and take up a RAT (Rapid Antigen Test) upon arrival. Also, there will be no need for quarantine from April 1 onwards. The country has quite successfully curbed the spread of the virus in the past. It has also managed a high recovery rate. Here are some of the measures that the Malaysian government has taken to keep the virus at bay –

  • Unvaccinated children up to 12 years are eligible to enter Malaysia if a fully vaccinated traveller accompanies them.
  • Vaccinated short-term visitors to Malaysia are required to have a valid travel insurance policy with a minimum coverage of RM100,000 for COVID-19 related medical exigencies and hospitalisation charges

Reasons for the Rejection of Malaysian eVisa Application

Your application for a Malaysian eVisa from India can be refused due to the following reasons:

  • Submission of inaccurate/incomplete eVisa application form
  • History of immigration crimes or involvement in criminal activities in the past
  • No clear proof of your travel plan and no particular purpose from going or returning from Malaysia
  • Insufficient documentary evidence required to prove your eVisa application

Things to Know About Malaysia

  • Kuala Lumpur’s 88-story, 451.9m (1,483ft) Petronas Towers is the world’s tallest twin structures.
  • Malaysia is one of the 17 megadiverse nations worldwide. Megadiverse countries are the ones with the most biodiversity.
  • Malaysia was captured by Japan during WW II from 1942 to 1945.
  • Malaysia’s Taman Negara rainforest is almost 130 million years old, making it one of the most ancient rainforests in the world.
  • Rafflesia, the world’s largest flower, is found in the Malaysian rainforest. This flower is also known as the Monster Flower because of its size and peculiar stench.
  • The country follows a unique rotating monarchy system where the nine ethnic Malay state rulers take turns to become the king for a five-year term.

What Should One Explore When They Arrive in Malaysia?

From mountain hikes to tropical dives, there are many things to do in Malaysia. However, if you ever get overwhelmed while creating your Malaysian itinerary, check out these things to explore that should be there on your bucket list –

Get inside the magical Batu Caves with sheer limestone cliffs. Go exploring the marine in the untouched Perhentian Islands. Be a part of the street arts and explore more of the British Raj-ear in George Town, Penang. Scale up to the sublime summit of the picturesque Mt Kinabalu. Experience a joyride in a trishaw around the historical city of Melaka.


Information last updated April 22. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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1. Do Indians need a visa to travel to Malaysia?


Travellers can get a Malaysian eVisa online before travelling to Malaysia. It takes around 2 days to process an eVisa for Malaysia. Hence, travellers should apply for the same accordingly

2. Is it easy to get a Malaysian visa?


Applying for a Malaysian eVisa is a pretty straightforward process. You can apply for the same online and get your eVisa copy within 2 working days.

3. How can one purchase travel insurance for Malaysia?


One can easily buy the Tata AIG Travel Insurance for Malaysia by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the official Tata AIG website and visit the Travel Insurance page.
  • In the tab named 'Travelling to', enter Malaysia as your preferred travel destination
  • One needs to enter the starting and ending date of their Malaysia trip.
  • Select the 'Get Plan' option to fetch the Tata AIG Malaysia Traveller Insurance Plans that they can pick from.
  • One must submit the essentials and particulars like name, contact details, address, etc.
  • Select the 'Get Quote' option to receive the travel insurance quote.
  • One needs to pay the premium charges online if they feel the quote is suitable.
  • Download their Tata AIG Malaysia Travel Insurance Plan copy by going to their registered email ID.

4. What does Tata AIG's Travel Insurance for Malaysia Plan Cover?


Tata AIG Travel Insurance Malaysia Plan puts forward the following covers:

  • Journey cover
  • Medical cover
  • COVID-19 cover
  • Hijack Cover
  • Baggage Cover
  • Personal Liability cover
  • Cover against Sickness and Accidents