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Travel Insurance Malaysia

Malaysia could be a very exciting place to visit for anyone who is planning a trip abroad anytime soon. The country hosts some of the most picturesque locales, and also, for food lovers, Malaysia could be an ultimate paradise! From buzzing streets to relaxing beaches, Malaysia is home to the kind of adventures that we all look forward to on a trip abroad!

Due to these reasons, Malaysia also witnesses tourists from all over the globe on a regular basis. And now that the Covid-19 related travel restrictions are up, planning an overseas trip to Malaysia from India could be really fulfilling for you and your co-travellers. There are several happening places to chill and relax, and the amazing art and culture of the country is really hard to miss.

However, along with creating a robust travel itinerary consisting of the beautiful Malaysia beaches, islands, jungles, architectural wonders, skyscrapers, and so on, you should also think about opting for an adequate travel insurance plan. Insuring your trip is necessary to avoid any kind of trip-related adversities. Also, once you have a valid overseas travel insurance policy in place, you can keep your pockets safe!

With a travel insurance plan in hand, you can keep your financial woes at bay and stay financially protected against various kinds of trip-related emergencies. For example, you may fall sick abruptly, get infected with Covid-19, or can meet with an accident, for which you may need hospitalisation. Or you may lose some of your belongings, your hotel stay can get cancelled or you may miss your flights. And in order to keep your pockets safe from paying during such mishaps, travel insurance Malaysia can help.

With Tata AIG, you can claim travel insurance plan online in just a few steps even from your travel destination. And our claim experts will compensate for your loss and reimburse the amount to your account so that you can pay for the emergencies without breaking the bank! So, similar to our online policy buying and renewal process, the claim procedure online is equally safe and hassle-free. And the best part is, our overseas travel insurance plans start at just ₹45.5 per day*.

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Major Benefits of Buying a Travel Insurance Malaysia Policy

Your first Malaysian trip could be really exciting and fun. However, if you are travelling for the first time, you need to be well-prepared! Moreover, during this post-pandemic situation, you need to be extra careful. You could fall prey to different adversities while on your trip to Malaysia. Accidents, illnesses, and theft may occur at any point in time. And during such times, it’s important to ensure financial safety. This is where a travel insurance plan can help! Here are some of the major benefits of having a travel insurance for Malaysia from India policy with Tata AIG -

  • Local journey assistance
  • Flight hijack cover
  • Coverage for loss or delay of luggage
  • Cover against personal liabilities
  • Cover against hospitalisation due to accidents, illnesses, and COVID-19 care to the tune of $5,00,000
  • Cover against medical emergencies due to Accident & Sickness, including the treatment of Covid-19 during the trip, if hospitalised
  • With Tata AIG, you can buy the best travel insurance for Malaysia from India in a hassle-free way
  • Affordable travel insurance policy for Malaysia from India starting at just ₹45.5 per day*
  • Automatic extension of your travel insurance for Malaysia from India plan for up to 60 days or date of discharge, whichever is lesser in the event of hospitalisation close to the expiry date of the insurance plan
  • Automatic 7-day extension of your travel insurance for Malaysia plan due to the cancellation or delay of your flight back to India

Travel Insurance for Malaysia from India

Even though the travel restrictions are up for Malaysia, you still need to prepare yourself well before leaving for the country. And hence, you need to gauge the possibilities of any mishaps and then take necessary precautions. This is important because you will never know when you or your co-traveller will contract the virus.

In order to enjoy a worry-free trip to Malaysia, you need to have the best travel insurance for Malaysia from India in place. This insurance policy will keep you well-prepared for all the emergencies that may come your way during the trip. And therefore, you will be able to experience the trip of a lifetime!

Travel insurance for Malaysia plan will provide you with just the right kind of financial protection in an unknown land. Because if you get into an accident, you will not know where to go or whom to approach in an unknown nation. But with the right travel insurance for Malaysia, you can keep your pockets safe and your worries away! Our overseas travel insurance will offer extensive coverage against several emergencies along with medical treatment costs. Also, if you lose your passport or baggage, your valid travel insurance Malaysia will reimburse you for the same.

At Tata AIG, you can get the best travel insurance for Malaysia from India plans to get the right protection against trip-related exigencies. We offer a wide range of coverage at the most affordable price. Therefore, if your tickets for Malaysia are done, it is just the right time to apply for a Tata AIG travel insurance plan online for your upcoming international trip. You can also get a family travel insurance policy if your family members are joining you on the trip. This will help everyone in your family get the right coverage against different situations during the trip, that too at affordable costs.

Why Do You Need Travel Insurance for Malaysia from India?

Even though Malaysia is a safe country for tourists, you need to be extra sure while planning your trip. This is important because once you plan everything properly, you will be absolutely confident about the trip. And during an international trip, we shouldn’t keep any stones unturned while gauging the conditions.

But no amount of research is ever enough while planning for a trip abroad! So, in order to ensure that you only come back with happy memories and nothing else, planning everything in advance is essential. Although accidents may happen anytime, you can still keep calm if your pockets are protected. You may need to get hospitalised after falling ill or meeting with an accident. Or your co-traveller may end up losing their passport or other essentials. And in such cases, only your travel insurance for Malaysia could offer maximum financial protection.

Again, while planning your trip to Malaysia, you need to check the travel advisory posed by the Malaysian government before leaving for the trip. And with a valid international travel insurance plan in hand, you can keep all your financial woes at bay. Your travel insurance for Malaysia from India will keep your money protected against different exigencies. Your travel plan will reimburse you if you end up facing any of the travel-related vulnerabilities. Medical treatments in Malaysia could be costlier than that in India, and hence, having a travel medical insurance Malaysia policy is advisable.

But if you wish to make an informed choice, you need to go through the different policy options, compare the inclusions and exclusions, and then choose the right one for yourself. At Tata AIG’s official website, you can compare travel insurance policy prices and then pick one that is affordable and which offers comprehensive coverage benefits.

For instance, you get a Tata AIG family travel insurance with the best kind of coverage options against several situations during the trip. And also, with a single policy like this, you will be able to pay reasonable premiums for getting the benefits.

Your chosen overseas travel insurance should also offer proper medical coverage, trip cancellation/extension coverage, baggage loss coverage, passport loss coverage, repatriation coverage, and so on.

With Tata AIG’s travel insurance for Malaysia policy, you can get a lot more than what’s mentioned above. Even when you file a claim online, you can expect to get the reimbursed money within a few hours. Our travel insurance plan will offer great financial support during your international trip to Malaysia.

Benefits offered by the Tata AIG travel insurance for Malaysia policy

With Tata AIG’s travel insurance for Malaysia from India, you can get several benefits from the chosen travel insurance plan coverage benefits. Some of which are listed below:

1. Baggage Cover - If during your trip to Malaysia, you lose your baggage anywhere in transit or if your bags get delayed at any of the connecting airports, the Tata AIG baggage coverage will provide financial assistance for the loss. This coverage option is included with our travel insurance for Malaysia policy, and with this, you can opt for reimbursement for the total cost of every single item in your checked-in baggage as per the coverage limit specified in the policy.

2. Journey Cover - With Tata AIG’s travel insurance for Malaysia from India, you will get complete coverage for your entire trip. It will include financial protection against the loss of your passport, the flight delay or cancellation, cancellation of your hotel bookings, etc.

3. Medical Cover- The Tata AIG travel insurance for Malaysia plan is curated perfectly to provide you with the essential financial coverage during any kind of sickness or any sudden accident during the trip that requires hospitalisation.

If you fall sick or meet with an accident in Malaysia that requires you to get hospitalised, our medical coverage will have the policyholder financially covered. Keeping in mind the current pandemic scenario, you can also get coverage against any Covid-19 related medical emergencies in Malaysia.

  • Miscellaneous Benefits

  • Travel insurance for Malaysia plans start at an affordable rate of just ₹45.5 per day*.

  • You can do travel insurance plan purchasing online through the Tata AIG website with no additional requirements of a thorough medical check-up.

  • There is complete ease of paying the travel insurance plan premiums in Indian National Rupees and receiving the travel insurance for Malaysia coverage in Malaysia.

To find the right travel insurance for Malaysia, always go through the different options to find the best travel insurance for Malaysia from India with the help of our online travel insurance premium calculator.

Malaysia Visa and Entry Information

The government of Malaysia introduced eVisa for its tourists in 2016. You will need to fill up the visa form online and submit the same with certain visa fees. Upon approval, your eVisa will be sent to your registered email ID. The eVisa is available for tourists from India, China, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Serbia, Bhutan, and Montenegro. There are 3 different types of Malaysian eVisas; 30 days entry Tourist visa, eNTRI visa, and 30 Days Multiple Entry eVisa.

  1. eNTRI Visa An eNTRI eVisa is valid for a single journey to Malaysia, and with this eVisa, you are allowed to stay in Malaysia for a maximum of 15 days.
  2. Malaysia Visa on Arrival for Indians or Tourist Visa (30 days eVisa) With this eVisa, you can stay in Malaysia for 30 days. And its validity is for 3 months.
  3. 30 Days Multiple Entry eVisa You will need to apply for this long-term visa to enter Malaysia if you are visiting for business, work matters or for visiting your family or friends. This particular Malaysia eVisa will be stamped on your passport.

Process of Application for a Malaysian eVisa

For getting a valid Malaysian eVisa from India, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Visit and download the eVisa application form
  • Properly fill in the application form with all the necessary details and affix your current photograph after thoroughly checking the photograph specifications mentioned in the website
  • Attach all the supporting document that’s necessary for the eVisa processing as per the checklist
  • Incomplete applications will be rejected hence, be careful while filling up the form
  • You can submit your eVisa application at the VFS Malaysia Visa Application Centre in Chandigarh, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad or Pune along with the applicable visa fees in Cash or Demand Draft as needed
  • You can track your application online and once it’s issued; either you can visit the VFS centre to collect your passport or wait for the delivery at your address

Documents Required for a Malaysian eVisa

Here's a list of all the required documents that every applicant needs to submit to get an eVisa for a Malaysian trip:

  • Copy of return tickets to India from Malaysia
  • 3 recent passport-sized photographs
  • If you are travelling for business purposes, a cover letter from your employer stating the same
  • For minors, parents need to submit an NOC along with their passport copies
  • Minimum $1000 as a proof of sustenance during your stay in Malaysia
  • Hotel accommodation proof in Malaysia
  • If you are travelling to Indonesia, Singapore, or Thailand from Malaysia, you need to provide a copy of a valid tourist visa for these countries as well

Malaysia Trip: Safety and Precautionary Measures to Be Undertaken

Once you land in Malaysia, always ensure to obey the local safety rules for avoiding any unnecessary situations. Some general safety measures for Malaysian tourists are listed below -

  • Always keep passport and other mandatory documents safe and with you.
  • Do not unnecessarily participate in any local demonstrations.
  • If you find yourself amid large local gatherings or protests, quickly take shelter in a safe place nearby.
  • Keep following the local news and adjust your travel itinerary accordingly.
  • Respect the local laws and regulations posed by the Malaysian government and authorities.
  • Do not be a part of any unlawful activities or violate the dignity of public places.
  • Do not travel to any remote places without proper knowledge about the same. Take help from local authorities always.
  • Always use official and legal means of transport.
  • Be mindful of your visa validity in Malaysia and ensure that you do not overstay your visit in the country without a valid visa.
  • Protect your luggage, passport, and other belongings, especially in crowded spaces and tourist spots.

Opt for the right travel insurance Malaysia plan to have the necessary financial support during your trip to this beautiful nation.

COVID-19 Specific Safety Guidelines

  1. Do not forget to cover your nose and mouth with a mask whenever you are outside.
  2. Maintain social distancing in public places.
  3. Cooperate with the local government and designated authorities, and follow the Covid-19 guidelines.
  4. Keep monitoring yourself for any Covid-19 symptoms. Self-isolate and get tested in case you develop any of the symptoms.

If you have the right travel insurance for Malaysia in place, you will not have to worry about the finances that may come along if you contract the Covid-19 virus during your trip to and from Malaysia.

The Indian Embassy in Malaysia

Embassy Address Contact Details Working Hours
High Commission of India + 60 3-6205 2350 Monday to Friday – 9:00 am to 5.30 pm

Major International Airports in Malaysia

  • Penang International Airport
  • Senai International Airport
  • Malacca International Airport
  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport
  • Langkawi International Airport
  • Kuching International Airport
  • Kota Kinabalu International Airport

A Few Most Exciting Things to Do in Malaysia

Malaysia is a beautiful country, and as soon as you land there, you will be overwhelmed with options to explore. However, in order to help you with your travel itinerary for Malaysia, we have curated a simple list of things to do in Malaysia. Read below to know more –

  • Petronas Tower is an amazing place to visit in Malaysia. It is known for its mesmerising view from the top. The sky bridge is located on the 41st floor of the Petronas Towers, and it offers astonishing city views. But if you go to the 86th-floor Observation Deck during the evening or night, it will leave you awestruck!

  • Tandem sky diving in Kuala Lumpur could be the right thing for you if you are a thrill-seeker. If you wish to experience the thrill at its best, you shouldn’t miss out on experiencing a jump from a height over the azure sea and then float above the sky as an instructor will harness you safely.

  • A holiday trip to Malaysia could be incomplete without a helicopter ride over Kuala Lumpur city. The experience of riding a Robinson 44 or EC125 helicopter could be absolutely breathtaking, and hence, a ride for half an hour will offer you amazing views of the city up above from the ultimate height of 1500 feet above the ground.

  • Awana Skyway, which is popularly known as Genting Skyway, is one of the most desired things to do in Malaysia. This 10-to-15-minute ride with your family through green hills, valleys and magnificent Chin Swee Caves Temple will offer the best kind of experience! This ride up to the top of the Genting Resort World is quite enthralling and is considered to be one of the must-have places in your itinerary.

Best Time to Visit Malaysia

The best time to visit Malaysia is November to February. During this time, there is less rainfall and less humidity. But if you are fond of rains, you may visit the country during the monsoon season as well. Generally, in Malaysia, the temperature generally hovers around thirty degrees all throughout the year.


All the information mentioned above is well-researched and sourced from reliable sources. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest travel guidelines and other location-specific information before planning a trip to any location.

*Subject to change based on the nature and extent of the coverage.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Frequently Asked Question

1. How to buy travel insurance for Malaysia plan?


If you wish to opt for travel insurance for Malaysia policy with Tata AIG, you can directly visit our website and select the international travel insurance plan under the products section. Fill in the required personal information, select the right coverage options you wish to have in your travel insurance plan, and make the payment online. You can also add some additional covers to your travel insurance for Malaysia with us, including the following.

  • Medical coverage
  • Baggage coverage
  • Journey coverage

Once you have opted for the necessary coverage options on your travel insurance for Malaysia from India plan, you can pay through your desired payment option online and complete the purchase process of the insurance policy. Upon verification, we will send the policy to your registered email ID.

2. How much should I pay for travel insurance for Malaysia plan?


The premium payment for your travel insurance for Malaysia policy will depend upon various factors, including the duration of your stay in Malaysia and the sum insured you choose. It is advisable to select an appropriate sum assured to have sufficient coverage during your trip.

This becomes even more vital if you plan your trip with your family. With the Tata AIG travel insurance for Malaysia plans, you can avail of the excellent coverage benefits at a price that won’t leave a hole in your pockets! You can determine the price of your travel insurance for Malaysia plan with our Travel Insurance Premium Calculator.

3. What are the exclusions in the travel insurance for Malaysia plan?


Some of the exclusions in an international travel insurance plan are loss of passport or delays due to detention or confiscation by the police or any other authorities, any loss due to a threat to national security like riots, and non-medical expenses that you incur. Moreover, if a medical emergency is caused if you travel against the advice of your doctor and pre-existing disease-related emergencies will not be covered.

4. Does the travel insurance for Malaysia have a free-look period?


We offer a 15-day free look period on annual and multi-trip policies. But if you are purchasing a single trip policy for your trip to Malaysia, no free look period is provided to you.

5. If there is a change in my travel dates to Malaysia, can I make the changes to the travel dates mentioned in the policy?


Yes, you can change the travel dates mentioned in the policy before the commencement of your travel insurance plan, which is the same as your date of travel.

6. When will my travel insurance for Malaysia from India from Tata AIG end?


The end date of your travel insurance plan will be mentioned on your policy document. For single trip policies, the insurance validity ends as soon as your trip ends and you return to your city of residence. For multi-trip policies, you can check the dates on your policy document.

7. I am immigrating to Malaysia. Do I need a travel insurance plan?


We provide travel insurance for work, leisure, and business purposes. You can also buy travel insurance for Malaysia if you travel for education. If you are planning to migrate, the travel insurance plan will not be able to cover you.