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Travel Insurance for United Kingdom (UK)

Situated off the North-West coast of mainland Europe, The United Kingdom (UK) consists of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The UK also includes several small islands of the British Isles and is home to historic and modern landmarks alike. From the iconic Tower Bridge in London to the modern marvel that is the London Eye, from the picturesque towns and lakes of the British countryside to the cosmopolitan diversity of London, the UK has a plethora of tourist attractions that are visited by global travellers every year.

Whether you are a mountain lover or a history enthusiast, visiting the United Kingdom ought to be on your bucket list. And, it is important to secure your journey with travel insurance for the UK.

A UK Travel Insurance is an insurance policy designed for travellers visiting the United Kingdom, it serves to offer financial protection to a traveller during their trip.

The key benefits of a travel insurance UK plan

  • Travel assistance
  • Cover for accident and sickness
  • Passport & Baggage Loss Benefit
  • Automatic extension of your travel insurance UK plan for 60 days in the event of hospitalisation in the UK
  • Cover against personal liability
  • COVID-19 Covered

Travel Insurance for UK from India

To ensure that your journey to the United Kingdom is safe, secure, and hassle-free, it is important to have adequate planning. You must make all the travel arrangements and bookings in time and prepare for your trip well in advance, including getting a travel insurance UK plan from India. However, despite thorough planning, you may still face unanticipated circumstances capable of ruining your plans. For instance, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has brought international travel to a halt. There are strict travel and entry restrictions in place in most countries, with only essential travel being allowed.

Therefore, it is critical to purchase travel insurance for your UK trip and financially safeguard yourself against any untoward incidents during the trip. Your UK travel insurance can prove to be handy in the wake of any untoward incidents during your trip.

Why Do You Need Travel Insurance from India to the UK?

Life is filled with uncertainties that can derail even the most well-thought-out plans. Therefore, you must consider buying travel health insurance for your UK trip. If you happen to face any unanticipated events prior to or during the course of your stay to and from the UK, having valid medical travel insurance to the UK can prove to be extremely beneficial. For instance, if you fall ill before or during the trip or lose your baggage at any of the airports you traverse on your journey, your UK travel insurance policy can help you escape any financial losses.

Therefore, it is advisable to buy travel insurance for non-UK residents so as to ensure that your trip is financially secured, particularly in the wake of any adverse events. At Tata AIG, we offer a wide range of travel insurance UK plans for you to choose from.

Some of the benefits included in our travel insurance UK plan have been discussed below.

Journey Cover
Cover for flight delays and cancellations, hotel booking cancellations, and loss of passport

Baggage Cover
Compensation on the loss or delay of check-in baggage

Medical Coverage
a. Covid-19 cover for the costs associated with testing COVID-19 positive during the trip
b. Travel Health Insurance to the UK to provide financial assistance if you fall ill or get involved in an accident during the trip

Other benefits
a. Affordable travel insurance UK policies with a premium as low as ₹40.82 per day
b. Instant purchase of online UK travel insurance without needing to undergo extensive health check-ups
c. The option to pay in Indian Rupees and get coverage in United States Dollars

For Additional Information
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Visa Information for the UK

Along with medical travel insurance to the UK, it is critical to be aware about the UK Visa requirements.

Standard Visitor Visa
Indian nationals travelling to the UK can apply for a Standard Visitor Visa that is valid for a stay of up to 6 months. The aforementioned visa can be requested for one of the following reasons.

  • Work
  • Tourism
  • Academic pursuits
  • Medical reasons
  • Visiting friends and relatives
  • Getting married, engaged, or entering into a civil partnership
  • Joining one's partner or family for an extended stay
  • Diplomatic visits

A Standard Visitor Visa can be extended for visits that involve medical or academic purposes, albeit with the payment of an additional fee.

Long-term Standard Visitor Visa
For long-term visits to the UK, there are Long-term Standard Visitor Visas available for two, five, or ten years. However, the duration of each visit under a Long-term Standard Visitor Visa cannot exceed six months.

In addition to the visas mentioned above, you can also apply for certain other categories of visas to the UK, including the following.

  • Marriage Visitor Visa
  • Tier 4 (General) Student Visa
  • Tier 4 (Child) Student Visa
  • Permitted Paid Engagement Visa
  • Tier 2 - Sportsperson Visa
  • PBS Dependent - Partner Visa
  • PBS Dependent - Child Visa

Documents required for the UK visit visa application

Here are the documents required for applying for a visit visa to the United Kingdom.

  • Salary and financial particulars
  • Travel itinerary
  • Personal information
  • Travel history
  • Proof of your capability to finance your stay in the UK
  • Proof of your ability to pay for air travel to enter and exit the UK
  • Proof of your intent to leave the country at the end of your visit

Since the visa application process usually takes three to four weeks, it is advisable to apply for the UK visit visa at least three months before the intended date of travel.

Entry Information for Indian citizens to the UK

Indian nationals travelling to the UK can apply for a visa here.

Here is the process of the UK visa application
1. Apply for the appropriate category of UK visa here. 2. Pay your visa fee online. 3. Schedule a visa appointment 4. Carry the required documents for your scheduled visa appointment.

Documents required for the UK visa interview
You should ensure that the following documents are handy whilst attending your UK visa interview appointment.
1. Confirmation of the visa appointment 2. Receipt of the visa application fee payment 3. Valid passport and tickets (if available) 4. A passport-sized photograph 5. Duly signed Print-out of the visa appointment form 6. Duly signed self-assessment form 7. Other visa-category specific documents as applicable

International travel between India and the United Kingdom has now reopened, albeit with restrictions.

Covid Guidelines for Travelling to the UK
Here are the present travel guidelines for Indians travelling to the United Kingdom.

  1. A negative Covid-19 RT-PCR test report not older than 72 hours from the time of arrival in the UK
  2. A mandatory 10-days quarantine in the UK upon arrival
  3. A 14-days quarantine in the UK for visitors who test positive for Covid-19 upon arrival in the country

Travel Documents Required while Travelling from India to the UK

There are certain important travel documents that you must carry whilst travelling to the United Kingdom from India. The aforementioned documents are as follows.

  • A valid Indian passport
  • A pre-approved visa to the UK
  • A negative RT-PCR test report not older than 72 hours from the time of arrival in the UK
  • Your passenger locator form
  • Your confirmed travel tickets
  • Prescription for specific medications, if necessary
  • Valid travel health insurance for the UK, including Covid-19 coverage.

UK Travel: Safety and Precautionary Measures to be Undertaken

  • Keep your passport safe at all times.
  • Use official commercial means of transport and avoid seeking private help.
  • Respect the country’s laws and regulations.
  • Avoid travelling to unfamiliar or remote areas, particularly during the night.
  • Do not participate in any unlawful activities.
  • Do not violate public decorum through your words, actions, or a combination of the two.
  • Protect your belongings, especially when you are in crowded places and tourist hotspots.
  • Choose the best travel insurance for the UK to financially secure yourself against any untoward incidents.

Covid-19 specific guidelines:

  1. Wear a mask over your nose and mouth, particularly while using public transport.
  2. Practise social distancing.
  3. Cooperate with the local government and designated authorities by following the Covid-19 guidelines.
  4. Monitor yourself for Covid-19 symptoms and self-isolate and get tested if you develop any of the symptoms.

The Indian Embassy in the UK

The Indian Embassy in the United Kingdom is located at the following address.

High Commission of India, India House, Aldwych, London, WC2B 4NA, United Kingdom

Contact details of the High Commission:

Website: High Commission of India, London, United Kingdom


Telephone number: 00-44 (0) 020 - 78369147

Fax number: 020 - 78364331

Working hours: Monday to Friday, 10 AM to 5 PM GMT

Nearest London Underground Stations: Holborn, Covent Garden, Temple, and Charing Cross

International airports in the UK

There are several major international airports in the United Kingdom, some of which have been listed below.

  1. Heathrow Airport, London (LHR)
  2. Gatwick Airport, London (LGW)
  3. Glasgow International Airport, Glasgow
  4. Manchester Airport, Manchester
  5. Edinburgh Airport, Edinburgh

Currency and Foreign Exchange

The currency of the United Kingdom is the Pound Sterling (£), which is commonly referred to as pound, sterling, or quid. It is advisable to carry a sufficient amount of the aforementioned currency before travelling to the UK.

The exchange rate of the Pound Sterling (£) with respect to the Indian National Rupee (₹) keeps fluctuating on a daily basis. Therefore, you must monitor the applicable exchange rate before your visit to the UK.

UK Tourist Places

With a rich history and varied landscapes, the United Kingdom has always fascinated tourists. From the magical castles of Edinburgh to the museums and palaces of London, from the serene mountains and lakes of the British countryside to the Scottish Highlands, there is an abundance of bucket-list-worthy destinations in the beautiful archipelago. And, you can enjoy these places without a hint of worry if you have a comprehensive travel insurance plan for the UK!

Here are some of the places you must visit during your trip to the UK.

  • London: With one arm nestled deep into history and another welcoming the present and the future, London is at once an architectural relic and a true modern marvel. Home to the iconic Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, the Millennium Bridge, London Eye, Big Ben, the British Parliament, the Natural History Museum, and Trafalgar Square, the city is revered as much for its global landmarks as its cobbled streets and quaint cafes.

  • Edinburgh: The picturesque capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, is a city adorned with historical landmarks and natural wonders alike. Overlooking the city is the ethereal Edinburgh Castle, a living postcard from the thirteenth century. Other notable tourist attractions in Edinburgh include the Royal Mile, the Scottish National War Museum, and the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

  • Stonehenge: Spread across twenty square kilometres, Stonehenge is a 4,500-year-old World Heritage Site. Revered as an ancient place of worship, the structure is one of the most recognised identifiers of the United Kingdom across the globe. While visiting Stonehenge, you can also go to Salisbury which is home to some beautiful cathedrals and the original Magna Carta.

  • The Lake District: A visit to Cotswolds and the serene lake district of the British countryside is akin to taking a dive into a sixteenth-century novel set in the region. Home to the counties of Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, and Worcestershire, the area is adorned with idyllic valleys, mountains, lakes, villages, and pastures. North of the region is the beautiful Lake District National Park which has some of the nation's largest lakes.

  • Loch Ness: No trip to the United Kingdom can be complete without visiting the mythical Loch Ness in Scotland. Anecdotes about the mythical Loch Ness Monster have long captured the imagination of locals and visitors alike. Although you may not find the legendary beast at the serene lake, there is plenty to see in the area, including the ruins of Urquhart Castle, the Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition, and Inverness Castle.

Best Time to Visit the UK

The best time to visit the United Kingdom is either March to May (spring) or September to November (autumn). During spring, most regions in the UK have mild temperatures which are ideal for vacations. Since the summer months of June to August are the busiest from a tourism perspective, it is recommended to plan your visit to the country during spring or autumn.

Visit the UK today and financially secure your international journey with online travel insurance for the UK from TATA AIG Insurance. With our wide selection of travel insurance plans, you can opt for the best travel insurance for the UK for yourself. We offer travel insurance UK plans at a cost as low as ₹40.82 per day. Visit our website to know more about travel insurance for UK visitors and our plans for annual travel insurance for the UK.


Information last updated Jan 21. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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How can I get a travel insurance UK plan?

How can I get a travel insurance UK plan?


In order to get travel insurance for the UK, you can visit our website and choose international travel insurance. Then you need to enter the necessary personal information and select the extent of the coverage you want. You can add the following features to a basic travel insurance UK plan.

  1. Medical coverage
  2. Baggage coverage

After adding the required features to your travel insurance for the UK plan, you must make the payment and complete the purchase. Your travel insurance UK policy will be issued immediately and you can access it through your email inbox.

How much should I pay for a travel insurance UK plan?


The cost of your travel insurance to the UK would vary depending on how long your planned stay in the country is. Several other factors also have a bearing on the aforementioned amount. If you are travelling to the UK with your family, you should select an adequate sum assured in your travel insurance UK plan to ensure that all of you have sufficient coverage during the trip.

Is it mandatory to buy a medical travel insurance UK plan?


Yes, it is mandatory to have valid medical travel insurance to the UK. By purchasing the aforementioned plan, you can ensure that your trip is financially secured.