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Travel Insurance Russia

Hailed as the largest country globally, Russia is home to picturesque landscapes and a rich cultural heritage. The diverse wildlife, exotic flora and fauna, and deep forest cover add to Russia's beauty. Owing to its widespread land cover, this destination has something to offer for everyone, whether you are a beach person or you find solace in the moonlit mountains.

The ethnic villages are a sight to behold with their unique traditions and ways of living. One gets to enjoy the best of both worlds here, from frozen lakes to sandy deserts. If a refreshing, soul-searching wanderlust is on your mind, Russia should be on the top of your top travel destinations list.

While there are plenty of aspects you need to account for, the most essential thing you need to pack with you is travel medical insurance to Russia. This is because so many unexpected circumstances can hamper your travel experience and burn a hole in your pocket. From misplacing personal belongings to aggravated illness, unforeseeable situations cannot be controlled. Therefore, it is always ideal to opt for the best travel insurance for Russia when planning a trip.

To enjoy your trip to the fullest and zero down the scope of worries, it is imperative to plan your trip efficiently and make bookings in advance. However, despite planning everything, an unforeseen event might knock on your door just before your trip or during your trip. Therefore, to stay prepared for such unforeseen events and keep the trip financially secured, people usually buy Russia travel insurance.

Besides Russia natural beauty, you will also get to see how beautifully people have preserved their rich culture and tradition over the years.

Reasons To Buy Travel Insurance To Russia From India

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. No matter where you’re preparing to travel, travel insurance acts as a safety net for you in a foreign land. It protects you financially and aids in dealing with untoward health emergencies that can arise any time, till the point of return. A six-and-a-half-hour journey to Russia from India is a long travel time, and one can never imagine what all could go wrong. Thus, it is imperative that you safeguard yourself from all kinds of hazards and situations. Travelling to Russia is a once in a lifetime serene journey, and to enjoy it to the fullest without any stresses, you should consider the best travel insurance that provides benefits, including:

• Journey Cover
Ensures all-rounded protection from situations like trip delay, bounced flight and hotel bookings, and much more.

• Baggage Cover
Any mishaps related to your baggage, such as loss or delay of baagge, will be covered under your travel insurance for Russia.

• Medical Cover
Health emergencies like injuries, illness, medical evacuation and accidental death will be covered in your travel insurance for Russia.

• COVID-19 Cover
The pandemic has made it absolutely compulsory to have travel insurance covering medical expenses relating to hospitalization due to the coronavirus overseas.

When you buy online on, you can choose between various plans. By using the Compare Travel Insurance Feature you can pick the plan the offers the best coverage amount & premium for you.

Visa & Entry Information: Mandatory Medical Insurance For Russia

According to Article 27[1] of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation, all foreign nationals and travellers have to obtain mandatory medical insurance for their stay in Russia before they start their journey from their country of origin. Furthermore, the insurance policy must meet the following guidelines:

  1. It should cover the insured individual for the course of the entire stay in Russia
  2. It should specify the geographical area of coverage as worldwide, Russian Federation or Europe (Russia included)
  3. It should consist of the date, stamp and signature of the insurer, the policy number and the full name of the insured individual; the full address and contact details of the insurer, along with the list of medical services and transport, including repatriation
  4. The minimum coverage amount should be $35,000
    Failure to meet these policy terms and conditions for travel insurance in Russia can result in deportation or a fine.

Visa & Entry Information

These are various types of visas offered for visiting Russia:
a) Russian Tourist Visa
b) Russian Business Visa
c) Russian Private Visa (Homestay Visa)
d) Russian Transit Visa

These are entry and exit permits that mention your time and duration of stay in Russia. For all types of visas, there are specified documents and rules of entry that you need to adhere to:

  1. Original passport with at least two blank visa-designated pages. The passport should be valid for at least six months after the intended departure date from Russia
  2. Two copies of the Russian Visa Application Form, duly filled and completed with signatures
  3. Two passport-size photos signed on the back
  4. Confirmation of hotel arrangements from authorized Russian Travel Company or directly from the Russian Hotel with the reference number and confirmation of the visa
  5. Travel Insurance documents for entering Russia
  6. Adherence to the COVID-19 guidelines and protocols for entering the Russian Federation

Russia Trip Cost From India

Travelling to Russia can be for various purposes like tourism or work-related trip, so keeping that in mind, the flight tickets, the cost of accommodation, food, adventure, and other factors vary significantly. For example, your employer might pay for your flight and accommodation charges while you will bear the shopping and excursion costs. Therefore, calculating a round trip to Russia depends on the nature of your visit.

However, one important thing to remember is that there shouldn’t be a compromise on travel insurance expenses to compensate for the soaring high accommodation rates. This entails that you shouldn’t invest in cheap travel insurance to Russia with limited coverage, rather, you should invest in travel insurance with wider coverage, even if that involves some extra cost. High standard travel insurance provides comprehensive coverage with reasonable premiums so that you aren’t burdened with added expenses. Thus, it is advisable to look for the best travel insurance for Russia beforehand to avoid added expenditures later.

Recommended Rules of Conduct For Safety and Health In Russia

1.Do not walk in deserted places alone or carry a large sum of money on the street
2.Do not hitchhike or agree to be given a lift by strangers
3. Installing navigation apps is recommended. If you are visiting an area with low internet bandwidth, save a map of the area you are visiting
4.Do not fall asleep on public transport or leave your belongings unattended
5.Call the single emergency number 112 in Russia to get in touch with police, ambulance, fire department and any other emergency services

Indian Embassy In Russia

Embassy Of India, Moscow

  1. Main Building: 6-8, Vorontsovo Polye
  2. Consular Wing and Commercial Wing: 4, Vorontsovo Polye
  3. Information Wing, Library, Science & Technology Wing & Cultural Wing: 9. Vorontsovo Polye

Contact Number
Working Hours
Monday to Friday- 9:00 A.M. to 5:30 P.M.

Currency/Forex Exchange

The Russian Ruble (RUB) is the monetary unit considered in Russia. Ensure sufficient RUB for your travel before visiting Russia.

International Airports In Russia

There are three main airports in Moscow, Russia, that are the busiest and accept the most international flights. They are:

Apart from these three, there are numerous airports in Russia receiving international flights.

Best Tourist Spots To Discover

1. St. Petersburg
Inspired by all things European, this place is a must-visit for fancy travellers obsessed with fine structures and contemporary architecture. There’s a piece of history hidden in every corner.

2. Moscow
This magnificent capital city is a paradise. To experience the Russian culture first hand, you should take out to time to explore places like Kremlin, Red Square and the famous St. Basil’s Cathedral.

3. Altay
Mountains are calling for you. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a beauty with a green cover and natural reserves that are undefinable. The snowcapped Altay Mountains is great for trekking, hiking and other activities.

4. Lake Baikal
This is the oldest and deepest lake in Siberia. The clear waters of this high-altitude rift lake are great for swims, and one can enjoy the sunset view from here.

5. Sochi
This beautiful resort town is adorned with sand beaches and architectural marvels. Located on the Black Sea, this town should be definitely on your itinerary.

Being the largest country in the world, there are so many more gorgeous spots that one can explore according to their interests and what fascinates them the most.

Best Time To Visit
If you’re planning to travel to Russia, you’d want to enjoy it in Summers when average temperatures are 21-25 degrees Celsius and the nights are long and pleasant. So plan a trip around June to August to enjoy the experience.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

Frequently Asked Question

How much coverage amount should I consider for travel insurance for Russia?


Ideally, you should choose a higher sum assured amount for maximum benefits and staying reasonably covered against maximum types of mishaps. For further details, you can check out TATA AIG’s international travel insurance section on our website.

What should I do if I need to claim my travel insurance in Russia?


You can contact one of our executives or drop us an e-mail with all the details of the mishap and your travel insurance policy, including your policy number.

What is the best travel insurance plan for Russia?


Visit TATA AIG’s website for comprehensive international travel insurance plans that provide you with benefits like baggage cover, medical cover, COVID-19 cover, and journey cover with reasonable sum assured and premiums to keep you safe and secure during your journey

Is Travel Insurance Necessary to Travel to Russia?


Yes, according to Article 27 of the Federal Law of 15.08.1996 N114-FZ “On Procedure for Leaving and Entering the Russian Federation”, travel insurance inclusive of medical cover is necessary to travel to Russia, irrespective of your purpose of travel. It should cover the entire duration of your stay in Russia.

What is the minimum travel insurance coverage required for travelling to Russia?


It is advisable to decide the coverage based on your duration of travel, number of co-travelers, etc. However, the minimum coverage recommended is of $35000.