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Travel Insurance Bhutan

Are you planning a trip to Bhutan anytime soon? If yes, you should opt for travel insurance Bhutan policies from India. A travel insurance plan will safeguard your trip and ensure a safe travel experience for you. Read on to know how Tata AIG’s travel insurance for Bhutan from India can help.

Nestled amidst the picturesque locales in the Himalayas, Bhutan is one of the most beautiful destinations worldwide. If it’s on your bucket list, you must pay a visit to this beautiful place to experience some of the best local cuisines, a rich culture, and the magnificent hospitality of the residents.

Bhutan is the only Vajrayana Buddhist country in the whole world. It also counts for a strong and rich cultural heritage, a happy and harmonious society, and beautiful natural scenery that ranges from mountains to lush green jungles. However, Bhutan isn’t any typical holiday destination. And before planning a trip to this country, you must get yourself travel insurance for Bhutan travel.

At Tata AIG, we have the most affordable and best travel insurance for Bhutan. Our travel insurance for Bhutan policies starts as low as just ₹45.5 per day*.

Major Benefits of Having Travel Insurance for Bhutan from India with Tata AIG

Bhutan is enriched with indigenous cultures and a diverse group of people. You will love every bit of your stay in Bhutan. However, you must not forget that any trip can bring several uninvited issues like accidents or sudden illnesses. You may even end up losing your valuables. Hence, it is prudent to have Bhutan’s international travel insurance plan. At Tata AIG, you can avail of the below-mentioned benefits with your travel insurance –

  • Accident & Sickness Coverage of up to $5,00,000 with COVID-19 assistance
  • Coverage for delay or loss of luggage
  • Assistance in case of loss or damage of passport
  • Availability of emergency travel assistance, cash transfers, and advance payments
  • Coverage for personal liabilities against any third-party damages
  • Cover for delayed or cancelled flights or stays
  • Plane hijack cover
  • Local tour assistance
  • Medical and trip coverage for COVID-19 and related health difficulties
  • Widespread medical assistance, including medical emergencies, evacuation, accidental death and repatriation, and so on.
  • Repayment for the cancelled or non-refundable hotels and travel expenses
  • Automatic extension of travel insurance for Bhutan from India for seven days due to the delay or cancellation of your flight back home.

Travel Insurance for Bhutan from India

Travelling to a different nation is exciting. However, a lot of research beforehand is necessary to ensure a safe experience in a foreign city or nation. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are planning a trip to Bhutan alone, with family, or with your friends; you must prepare a robust itinerary to ensure that you can come back home with just the best of memories.

However, while on a trip to a new country, you can always encounter different challenges that can hamper your happiness. Or you may end up losing a considerable amount of money if you aren’t prepared from the very beginning. Therefore, it’s necessary to invest in full travel insurance for Bhutan before you leave for the much-awaited trip.

Also, keeping in mind the current pandemic scenario, you never know when to contract the virus. Travel is more like a luxury at this point, and hence, you shouldn’t take your trip to Bhutan for granted. Travelling safely should be your topmost priority, and having a good travel insurance plan will ensure that you are covered against all medical emergencies, including Covid-19 related health issues.

In case of such emergencies, a travel insurance claim will provide you with financial assistance in an unknown land and add a layer of security to your stay in Bhutan.

Why Do You Need Insurance for Bhutan Travel?

Bhutan is a very popular travel destination for Indians and foreign nationals. The country is in store for various travel experiences, including adventure sports, spiritual practices, lip-smacking cuisines, etc. Exploring this beautiful country could be an experience of a lifetime. Also, your travel itinerary should surely include the famous Thimphu Paro tour where you will get the see the best of these places.

Bhutan could be the perfect destination for you to plan your next trip abroad. However, keeping in mind the ongoing pandemic situation, it is always better to be safe than sorry. And in this regard, travel health insurance should be of utmost priority. This is because you can always face several uncertain situations like sudden medical emergencies. It can spoil your entire vacation and may cause unexpected financial loss as well. Additionally, loss of baggage or important documents, delay or cancellation of flights, etc., can significantly dent your bank balance due to the difference in currencies.

Hence, it is essential to have an adequate insurance plan to cover your losses on a trip. Such an insurance plan would make your trip to Bhutan worry-free and safe. By choosing the most adequate travel insurance Bhutan policy, you can always have the needed financial backing against illnesses, accidents, medical treatments, flight delays, loss of baggage and passports, and so on. A comprehensive family travel insurance plan would safeguard you as well as your family members from various types of adversities that may arise during your Bali trip.

At Tata AIG, we have the best travel insurance for Bhutan plans. These plans would cover a wide array of situations that may arise during your trip. Hence, before planning your trip to Bhutan, do not waste any time and get a Tata AIG travel insurance for Bhutan from India policy. You can check the travel insurance premium calculator to understand your premium & pick the right plan for you

Benefits offered by the Tata AIG travel insurance for Bhutan from India plan

By opting for a Tata AIG travel insurance for Bhutan from India policy, you will be able to avail of several benefits starting from an extensive travel insurance coverage, including the following coverage.

1. Luggage Cover- If you end up losing your luggage in transit or anywhere in Bhutan, or if your luggage gets lost or delayed at any of the airports, Tata AIG’s baggage cover will provide you with great assistance. Under this coverage option, you can seek reimbursement for the total cost of every single item in your check-in luggage.

2. Trip Assistance- With our Bhutan travel insurance plans, you will get considerable financial coverage for your trip, including covers for the loss of your passport and other essentials, the cancellation or delay of your flights, and the cancellation of your hotel bookings.

3.Medical Assistance- The Tata AIG travel insurance for Bhutan also provides medical cover for the policyholders. The insurance policy has been designed to provide you with the needed financial coverage during any illnesses or accidents that may arise during your trip. Also, if you need to get hospitalised during the trip, the cover will reimburse the money. Also, in light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we have included coverage against Covid-19 related medical expenses.

If you get hospitalised in Bhutan during the trip and worry about your Bhutan travel insurance plan expiring soon, you won’t have to worry about Tata AIG’s insurance policy. We also have an automatic extension feature of the insurance plan for 60 days in such conditions.

4.Other benefits

Tata AIG travel insurance for Bhutan from India starts at a feasible rate of only ₹45.5 per day*. Instant purchase of your travel insurance plan for Bhutan online from our website will not require you to undergo a comprehensive medical check-up.

We also can pay the travel insurance premium in Indian National Rupees and receive travel insurance Bhutan coverage in Bhutanese Ngultrum.

Bhutan Visa and Entry Information

Visa Information For Bhutan

Bhutan follows a unique visa policy for tourists. With the sole intention of preserving the country’s ecological balance and protecting its environmental guidelines, Bhutan limits the total number of visas that need to be issued annually. This step from the Bhutanese government also ensures that every tourist enjoys its beauty to its fullest.

Who Needs a Visa for Bhutan Trip?

Only Indians, Bangladeshi nationals, and Maldivians are exempted from visas when travelling to Bhutan. However, they will need a permit to stay in the country on arrival. To attain a Bhutan visa, foreign nationals need to book their Bhutan trip either from a licensed Bhutanese tour provider or through any international travel agency.

Documents Required for Permit on Arrival for Indians

There are two different ways of obtaining a permit for Indian visitors to Bhutan. On Arrival: This permit will be issued for the Indian tourists only at Paro International Airport or at Phuentsholing if travelling by road. These are the documents required to get the permit on arrival –

  • A duly filled permit form
  • Itinerary of Bhutan on an A4 sheet
  • Photocopy of the passport or Voter ID card
  • Passport size photograph of the travellers
  • Hotel vouchers/booking details
  • An undertaking letter if travelling alone

Online: An online permit will be facilitated by The Department of Immigration, the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs, and the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB). They will process online permits for tourists only if they are booked through a registered Bhutanese tour operator or TCB-certified hotels. If you wish to opt for the online permit, you can do so well before your trip to Bhutan.

Travel Documents Required While Travelling from India to Bhutan

Indian nationals who are planning a trip to visit Bhutan are required to carry any of the two valid 'Travel Documents'

  • Valid Indian Passport having validity of a minimum of 6 months; and
  • Voter Identity Card, issued by the Election Commission of India.

Bhutan Travel: Safety and Precautionary Measures To Be Undertaken

When you are in Bhutan, you must adhere to the local safety and preventive measures to ensure a safe and secure trip to the beautiful country. Also, keep in mind the below-listed precautions while you are there -

  • Always keep your passport safe, and it’s better to keep it in the safe/locker of your hotel room.
  • Do not be a part of any local rallies or demonstrations.
  • If you find yourself amidst large gatherings or protests, move to a safe place or take shelter somewhere secured.
  • Keep following the local news and modify your trip travel itinerary accordingly.
  • Respect the Bhutanese laws and regulations.
  • Refrain from being a part of any unlawful activities. Also, avoid violating the etiquette of public places.
  • Do not visit any unfamiliar or remote area anywhere in the country without the proper knowledge and guidance from the local authorities.
  • Have an emergency plan for emergencies and peruse this checklist for travellers to Bhutan.
  • Protect your baggage belongings, especially at crowded places and tourist spots.
  • Opt for the best travel insurance plan for Bhutan from India to gain a much-needed financial support during your trip.

Covid-19 specific safety guidelines

  1. Always wear an N-95 mask over your nose and mouth, particularly in public places and transports.
  2. Maintain social distancing at all times when you are out and about in the city.
  3. Cooperate with the local Bhutanese government and designated authorities following the Covid-19 guidelines.
  4. Monitor yourself for Covid-19 symptoms, self-isolate and get tested if you develop any symptoms.

If you select Tata AIG’s travel insurance plan for Bhutan, you will not have to worry about the financial ramifications if you get affected by the virus. Our Covid-19 coverage will ensure total reimbursement of the costs related to your treatment and hospitalization charges.

The Indian Embassy in Bhutan

The Indian Embassy in Bhutan is situated at the following addresses-

India Consulate in Phuentsholing

Address: India House, Maysel Apartments, Phuentsholing – Bhutan

Phone: +975-5-251-588

Fax: +975-5-252-635


India Consulate in Thimphu

Address: Taj Tashi Complex, Norzin Lam, Thimphu - Bhutan

Phone: +975-2-322-608

Fax: +975-2-324-026


International Airports in Bhutan

Paro International Airport

Currency and Foreign Exchange

The official currency of Bhutan is Ngultrum Bhutan or NU. Bhutanese currencies are only available in Cotton notes (Nu 1, Nu 10, Nu 20, Nu 50, Nu 100, Nu 500, and Nu 1000). Bhutan and India have a close partnership. Therefore, Indian currencies are also accepted in Bhutan with 1 INR = 1 Ngultrum. But the higher value notes of ₹500 – ₹1000 – ₹2000 are not accepted in Bhutan. It is, therefore, advisable to use the official Bhutanese currency for carrying out higher-value transactions in the country.

Bhutan Tourist Places

From beautiful mountains to magnificent monasteries, Bhutan is home to the most picturesque locations. Here are some of the tourist destinations in Bhutan that should be on your trip itinerary.

1. Paro

Paro is home to mesmerising mountains speckled with traditionally built Bhutanese houses and paddy fields. Also, one of the most iconic monasteries of Bhutan- The Tiger's nest or the Taktsang, is also located in Paro over a cliff. Paro also has several destinations worth paying a visit to like the Rinpung Dzong, the National Museum of Bhutan, and the Paro weekend Market could be the best place for you if you love shopping.

2. Haa Valley

Although this valley is isolated and doesn't have many attractions, the Haa Valley provides Bhutan’s most significant and surreal views. Haa Valley is home to the nomads and has housed a very small country population. Haa valley is also known as the "Hidden-Land Rice Valley," as most crops grown in the region are barley, rice, and wheat.

3. Thimphu

Thimphu is called the heart of Bhutan, which is nestled in the central-western part of the country. Thimphu was declared the capital city of Bhutan in 1961, thereby replacing Punakha. The place is originally pronounced as 'Thimbu' by the locals. It is also known as one of the most modernized places in Bhutan, with exciting nightlife, cafes, restaurants, and pubs.

4. Phobjikha Valley

Neighbouring the Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park, Phobjikha valley is nestled at an altitude of 3000m above sea level. So, if you are looking for a comparatively cooler spot in Bhutan, you can pay a visit to this valley. This valley boasts of being the home of black-necked cranes that fly directly from Tibet to escape the harsh winters. This valley is also one of the most prominent conservative sites. Also, as it’s relatively untouched by any outsider, electricity usage in the Phobjikha valley started just a few years ago.

Best Time to Visit Bhutan

The best time to visit Bhutan is March to May, i.e., the spring season. During this time, the weather of most of the local destinations is pleasant, and the valleys are beautiful and lush green with flowers blooming all around. So, if you have outdoor activities on your trip itinerary, this could be just the right time to visit Bhutan.

However, October and November are also ideal months to plan a visit to Bhutan. During these two months, the weather is sunny, and you can also find snow at higher altitudes. Therefore, to sum it up, the best seasons to visit Bhutan are autumn and spring when the temperature is stable and the skies are clear for roaming around.

Now that you know what to expect from your trip to Bhutan, it’s probably the right to opt for a travel insurance plan for Bhutan with Tata AIG. The Tata AIG insurance for Bhutan travel is affordable and comes with huge coverage options. The best travel insurance for Bhutan with Tata AIG starts only at ₹45.5 per day*

You can compare travel insurance plans for Bhutan from India on our official website. To check our travel insurance Bhutan plans, read this webpage.

Happy & Safe Travels!

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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How can I get travel insurance for Bhutan plan?

How can I get travel insurance for Bhutan plan?


To buy travel insurance for Bhutan, you need to visit our website and select international travel insurance under the products section. Then, you can proceed with your purchase by entering the needed personal information then selecting the extent of the coverage you wish to have in your travel insurance plan. You can add certain additional covers as well, which may include the following.

  1. Medical coverage
  2. Luggage coverage
  3. Trip coverage

Once you are done selecting the coverage options, you can make the payment online and complete the purchase of your travel insurance for Bhutan plan. Our team will then send the policy documents to your registered email inbox.

How much does the travel insurance for Bhutan cost?


What you pay for your chosen travel insurance plan for Bhutan will be determined by different important factors, including the duration of your trip and the sum assured you have chosen. Therefore, it is prudent to choose a suitable sum assured to have sufficient financial coverage during your trip to Bhutan.

This becomes even more important if you travel to Bhutan with your family. With the Tata AIG Bhutan travel insurance plans, you can benefit from unmatched coverage options at a price that will not break the bank! You can ascertain the price of your chosen Bhutan travel insurance plan with our Travel Insurance Premium Calculator.

Is travel insurance mandatory for Bhutan?


No, it is not mandatory to have a travel insurance plan for Bhutan. However, travel medical insurance can keep your financial worries at bay during any uncalled-for incident during the trip. If you opt for the Tata AIG travel insurance for Bhutan from India plan, you can avail of the benefits of the best coverage options, that too at the most affordable pricing of just ₹45.5 per day*.


All the information mentioned above is well-researched and sourced from reliable sources. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest travel guidelines and other location-specific information before planning a trip to any location.

*Subject to change based on the nature and extent of the coverage.