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Travel Insurance Bali

If you have plans to take a trip to Bali any time soon, you will need a comprehensive travel insurance plan so that you can be protected throughout the trip. Know more about overseas travel insurance from Tata AIG. When you think of Bali, a number of beautiful sceneries such as white sandy beaches, gorgeous waterfalls, and ancient temples come to your mind. It is safe to say that the beauty of Bali makes it Indonesia’s crown jewel, which is why it is such a popular tourist destination.

Contrary to the popular belief that Bali is only full of clean and sunny beaches, there are loads of things to do in Bali. If you are keen to explore old and magnificently constructed temples, visiting the Ulun Danu Temple in Danau Beratan should be part of your itinerary. Or if you want to explore the wildlife and get close to nature, the Ubud Monkey Forest will be a complete thrill for you. With over 700 monkeys and different species of trees, you are sure to enjoy your day there!

Travel Insurance from India to Bali

To visit Bali, it is important that you have a comprehensive travel insurance Bali policy that will help you out in times of need and in case of emergencies such as passport loss, baggage loss or delay, medical emergencies, and much more.

Therefore, you can select a Tata AIG travel insurance Bali policy which starts only at ₹45.5 per day, with extensive coverage against a number of situations!

The benefits of having travel insurance from India to Bali plan:

  • Medical expenses coverage in the event of the diagnosis and hospitalization of COVID-19 & other sickness during the trip
  • Travel assistance
  • Coverage of $5,00,000 for accidents and sickness
  • Baggage loss or delay cover
  • Local assistance on your Bali trip
  • Affordable travel insurance from India to Bali, starting at just ₹45.5 per day
  • Hijack cover
  • Cover against personal liability
  • Hassle-free purchase of the Tata AIG travel insurance Bali plans
  • Automatic 7-day extension of your travel insurance Bali policy due to cancellation or delay of the return flight
  • Automatic Policy extension upto 60 days or date of discharge in the event of hospitalization when your policy is active.

Making a trip abroad will always need adequate planning and arrangements so that you can carry all that you need with you on your trip to Bali. Be it the documents, clothes, accessories, your travel insurance Bali policy, or travel plan maps, you will have to be sure that you have it all while departing from India.

Your travel insurance plan must cover you against a range of uncertain events such as medical emergencies, flight cancellations, delays, the loss of your passport, the loss or delay of your baggage, personal liability, and more. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has already caused a lot of travel restrictions to be put in place, make sure that you receive comprehensive coverage from your travel insurance plan against COVID-19 emergencies.

The best travel insurance in India is the one that is flexible enough and should provide sufficient coverage so that if you face any unexpected situation on your holiday, the travel insurance should be able to handle these contingencies smoothly. Always take into consideration a number of possible situations that can occur when you purchase a travel insurance policy and check if the plan covers them all.

Our Tata AIG travel insurance policies are designed to ensure that you can choose the plan coverage as per your needs and safeguard yourself against a host of uncertain events and occurrences on your trip. So, calculate your travel insurance premium and select your Tata AIG travel insurance plan before your make your trip to Bali!

Why Do You Need Travel Insurance from India to Bali?

A travel insurance policy is always a necessity, no matter where you are travelling. And in the case of an international location like Bali, you do not want to be caught off guard without a travel insurance policy if you face a sudden emergency or lose your baggage or passport. A comprehensive family travel insurance plan would safeguard you as well as your family members from various types of adversities that may arise during your Bali trip.

A good thing about Bali is that the political environment is quite stable, so you need not worry about riots or protests over there. As such, the Indonesian government is particular about safeguarding their tourism industry, which means, as a tourist, you are quite safe in Bali.

However, there are a host of other emergencies that you will have to keep in mind when travelling to the country. A simple example of this could be a food allergy or a common stomach bug that can affect almost anyone but can also spoil your holiday mood!

Therefore, while choosing a travel insurance Bali policy, be sure to compare travel insurance policy that offers extensive coverage against all types of emergencies, starting from delayed or cancelled flights and loss of passport to delayed or lost baggage to hospital cover in case of medical emergencies. If you suffer any such loss as mentioned above, you can always claim your travel insurance policy by contacting us.

Benefits offered by the Tata AIG travel insurance Bali plan

When you choose a Tata AIG travel insurance Bali plan, these are the following covers that can help you get 36-degree protection from uncertain events on your trip:

Baggage Cover

If your baggage has been lost or delayed due to any reason, our travel insurance policy provides coverage for the same. For delayed baggage, you will be reimbursed for any essential items needed till the time you get your bags, whereas if you lose your baggage, we will reimburse the cost of the belongings in your check-in baggage.

Medical Cover

The Tata AIG travel insurance plan for Bali can offer comprehensive protection to you in case you are hospitalised on a trip due to sickness or an accident.

If you happen to fall sick or meet with an accident while in Bali, our medical travel insurance plan will cover these costs. Moreover, if you are diagnosed with a COVID-19 infection and need to be hospitalised for the same, our travel insurance plan will handle the expenses.

Journey Cover

With our Bali travel insurance plan, you will be covered against emergencies during your journey and this includes the loss of your passport, the delay or cancellation of your flight, or the cancellation of your other bookings on the trip.

Should you fall sick while still in Bali and have to be hospitalised towards the end of your journey, do not worry about the policy’s expiry date. We will ensure an automatic extension of 60 days or until the time you are discharged, whichever comes first.

These are the other benefits

  • Travel Insurance Bali policy, starting at an affordable premium rate of ₹45.5 per day.
  • Instant travel insurance policy purchase through our website with no hassles of excessive documentation or medical check-ups.
  • You can choose to pay for your travel insurance policy premium in Indian National Rupees and receive Bali travel insurance coverage in US dollars.

Visa Information for Bali

While travellers from many countries do not need to have a visa if they are visiting Bali for 30 days or less, most tourists will need to have a visa depending on their nationality and the duration of their stay. Here are the broad visa documents one needs to have and requirements one needs to meet to be able to gain entry into Bali:

  • An eligible passport with a validity of 6 months and one blank page.
  • The duly filled application form
  • Relevant supporting documents such as proof of return or onward travel
  • A letter of invitation in case you are visiting someone
  • A health certificate that signifies that you are in good health
  • Proof of funds for the stay in the country (depending on circumstances of your visit)
  • Recent passport-sized photographs.

The application form will have some security and health-related questions which you need to answer, proving that you are not a threat to the health and safety of Indonesian citizens and foreigners in the country.

Types of Visas for Bali

These are the different types of visas available for foreigners visiting Indonesia:

Visa on Arrival

For tourists from some countries, a visa on arrival is issued at the airport if they want to stay in the country for a period of 30 days. By paying an extra fee, the validity can be extended. The application involves having to wait in a queue at the airport to get, complete and submit the application. The necessary documents such as a confirmed return flight ticket and the proof of funds for the stay need to be presented at this time.

Business Visa

A business visa can be a single-entry visa for 60 days or can be extended up to a total of 180 days as per your requirement. You can also obtain a multiple-entry business visa that enables multiple stays of 60 days and is valid for 12 months. For a business visa, you will need to have a sponsorship or a letter of invitation from an Indonesian company. This visa allows you to attend official meetings and conferences in the country or sign contracts and meet with investors. But you cannot opt for paid employment in the country with a business visa.

Tourist Visa

The tourist visa is most commonly issued to those coming to Indonesia to visit their friends or family or for leisure or tourism. With this visa, one can stay in the country for up to 60 days and also participate in short study programs. Visitors from some nationalities are able to obtain a 30-day tourist visa on arrival, while many opt for the online Indonesia visa application form to obtain their tourist visa.

Transit Visa

You will not need to have a transit visa for Indonesia if you are transiting Indonesia through Soekarno-Hatta International Airport below 24 hours, or any other airport for less than 8 hours. But if you are not visa-exempt, you will need to have an Indonesian transit visa to pass through the country.

Electronic Visa

The Indonesia electronic visa program is a facility that expedites your entry into the country and lets you obtain an Indonesian eVisa online. Hence, you do not need to visit an embassy personally to submit a visa application or wait in a long queue to apply for a visa on arrival.

Temporary Stay Permits

An Indonesian Temporary Stay Permit (KITAS) is meant for those who travel to the country to work or study. It has a short-term validity of 6 months or a long-term validity of 1 to 5 years. To get a KITAS work visa, you must have a sponsorship from an Indonesian or Indonesia-based company and also an IMTA work permit.

To obtain a KITAS work visa, it is necessary to have sponsorship from a company based in Indonesia as well as an IMTA work permit. To apply for a temporary stay permit to study, it is necessary to obtain a sponsor letter from an Indonesian educational establishment.

How to Apply for Indonesian Visa

The following process has to be followed if you want to apply for an Indonesian visa:

  • Depending on the type of visa you are applying for, you will need to fill out the application form.
  • Provide the supporting document that will vary as per the type of visa you are applying for.
  • Some applicants may need to submit the form in person at the Indonesian embassy or consulate while those using online Indonesian visa applications can upload their forms and documents electronically.

Please note that all types of visas are not available online and only applicants of some countries are eligible for the electronic process. Thus, be sure to check these requirements before applying.

  • Once the application is complete, kindly pay the fee which will vary according to the type of visa you apply for.

Documents Required by Indian Nationals for an Indonesian Visa

Here are some of the essential documents you will need to have with you when applying for an Indonesian visa:

  • Your valid passport with 6 months validity and a blank page
  • Your flight tickets (the return journey as well)
  • Your health certificate and vaccination certificates
  • Proof of funds during your stay in Bali
  • Recent passport-sized photographs.
  • An invitation letter from the person/persons you are visiting
  • An Indonesian employment contract or letter of acceptance from an Indonesian university
  • Criminal record, if any or if applicable

Please note that you may be required to submit additional documents if a certain type of visa has such requirements. Also, ensure that you have valid travel insurance for the Bali visa so that you can be protected from uncertainties during your stay there. When in need, you can always contact us and claim your travel insurance policy.

Moreover, the application forms of different visas will have different questions. Ensure that all the questions are answered correctly and genuinely to avoid any chance of visa rejection.

Entry Information For I9

According to the Instruction of Ministry of Home Affairs No. 58 the Year 2021, foreign travellers visiting Bali must enter through the Soekarno Hatta Airport in Banten, Raja Haji Fisabilillah Airport in Riau Islands, or Sam Ratulangi Airport in North Sulawesi.

Once you arrive in Indonesia, these are some of the measures you need to take as per the Circular of Covid-19 Task Force No. 26 the Year 2021. International travellers, as well as Indonesian citizens, should comply with the rules.

Foreign nationals who have not travelled or are staying in states/regions with the criteria in the first section for a period of 14 days, can enter Indonesia under these conditions:

  • Should enter through airports in Riau Islands and Bali
  • Should have a certificate of receipt of COVID-19 vaccines and a negative RT-PCR test report.
  • Should have a suitable visa as per the applicable rules and regulations.
  • A travel insurance plan with a coverage of at least $1,00,00 and a COVID-19 coverage.
  • Proof of accommodation with the booking and payment confirmation from the agency or the host.

When you buy a travel insurance plan, always be sure to calculate the premiums and get a suitable travel insurance quote for Bali so that you do not miss out on adequate coverage during your trip.

Travel Documents Required While Travelling from India to Bali

The following travel documents are mandatory when you arrive in Bali:

  • A valid passport with 6 months validity and a blank page.
  • A plan of the itinerary.
  • A copy of the flight tickets and accommodation.
  • Finances of approximately IDR 100,000,000.
  • Travel insurance Bali policy with adequate coverage.
  • Purpose of travel. For example, if you are on a tourist visa, you should not engage in paid employment or any business activity.

Bali Travel: Safety and Precautionary Measures To Be Undertaken

There are a few safety precautions that you need to be aware of while travelling from India to Bali:

  • If you are an Indian national coming to Indonesia, kindly register yourself at the Embassy. Download the registration form online or pick it up at the Embassy.
  • Please do not hand over your passport to non-bonafide agents, as such cases have been previously reported to the Embassy.
  • Please ensure that your passport’s validity is more than six months at the time of return from Indonesia.
  • Do not conduct business activities in Indonesia without first consulting the Indonesian Immigration. Even with a business visa, certain activities are not permitted.
  • Do not overstay after your visa expires. This will result in you being booked for visa violations.

Covid-19 specific safety guidelines

  • Always wear a protective mask over your nose and mouth, especially when you are in crowded spaces or using public transport.
  • Do maintain social distancing as far as possible.
  • Follow all the applicable COVID-19 guidelines and cooperate with the local authorities and the government.
  • Check yourself COVID-19 symptoms. If there are any signs, please self-isolate and get tested soon.

A travel insurance plan for Bali will protect you from the financial impact of any emergencies including a COVID-19 infection during your stay due to which you may need to be hospitalised.

The Indian Embassy in Indonesia

Address: Gama Tower, 28th floor, Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Kav. C22, Karet Kuningan, Setiabudi, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta 12940.

Present Ambassador: His. Excellency Mr. Jawed Ashraf

Contact details of the Embassy

Website: Embassy of India, Jakarta


Present Ambassador: Shri. Manoj Kumar Bharti

Telephone number: +62 21 2522299

Fax number: +62 21 2522405

The embassy is closed on Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays.

Official working hours: 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM and 1:15 PM - 5:15 PM

Consular timings: Monday and Thursday, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM.

International Airports in Indonesia

These are some among the 29 international airports in Indonesia:

  • Soekarno Hatta International Airport
  • Juanda International Airport
  • Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport
  • Banyuwangi International Airport
  • Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman International Airport

Currency and Foreign Exchange

The Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) or Rp is the official currency of Bali. This means most of the businesses in Bali use the IDR for their regular transactions. However, many investment-based businesses tend to use the US dollar.

Since the exchange rate fluctuates on a daily basis, make sure you check the exchange rate while buying travel insurance from India to Bali on the purchase.

Tourist Places in Bali

Whether you’re an adventurous tourist or find solace in quiet spaces, Bali has it all for you and will never disappoint anyone. Right from wildlife sanctuaries to trekking mountain ranges and awe-inspiring ancient temples, you can add some of these places to your itinerary when you visit Bali.

Tanah Lot Temple

A visit to the Tanah Lot Temple will give you the much-needed quiet and peace you have been looking for. Located along the shoreline of the Beraban village in Tabanan, the waves of the blue sea surround the temple and make for a majestic setting that you cannot miss! In Balinese mythology, it is believed that venomous snakes guard the temple from evil spirits.

Tegallalang Rice Terraces, Ubud

As a tourist, another place of interest for you in Bali would be the Tegallalang Rice Terraces in Ubud. The beautifully structured rice paddy terraces and the greenery is sure to win your heart. The scenery is so refreshing and wonderful that apart from nature lovers, a lot of painters and artists are known to frequent this location. You will also find a lot of graceful coconut trees decorating the valley and the terrace.

Bali Swing

If you are looking for some excitement on your Bali trip, the Bali Swing should be one of the places on your list. A hit among travel bloggers and newly-wed couples on their honeymoon, this tourist spot is sure to give you some Instagram-worthy pictures and loads of precious memories to take back with you. A series of quaint rope and wood swings set against a vast expanse of natural vegetation makes for an unforgettable frame.

Goa Gajah Gianyar

The Goa Gajah in Tampaksiring, Bali is a Hindu temple that holds a lot of historical, religious and archaeological significance and simply means the Elephant Cave. The entrance of the cave is beautifully designed with different carved motifs that give the temple more historical appeal. When you visit the temple, you can observe some ancient vestiges from the Hindu and Buddhism beliefs while also spotting the fountains, bathing pools, and rock-wall carvings in the temple.

Nusa Penida

An untouched and pristine island separated from Bali by the Badung Strait, Nusa Penida is the place you should be at if you are an explorer, a photographer, or are simply looking for some peace and quiet. The tranquil island is home to a number of limestone formations and blue lagoons and is surrounded by the greenery of the flora which presents a picture-perfect treat for photographers.

Best Time to Visit Bali

The best time to visit Bali would be during the months of April to October. Though it may be quite warm in July and August, you can enjoy very pleasant weather between April to September. As such, you may also visit Bali between October to March; however, note that a lot of movement will be restricted due to due rainfall, which is why you may not want to go here during the monsoon.

Being a tropical location, the summer months can be quite warm but since it will be dry, you should not have a problem moving around. If you visit Bali in April, do not miss the Air Festival which celebrates the conservation of Balinese landscapes through exciting themes and music.

Between June and July, you can enjoy the Bali Arts Festival in Panjer, where you can witness a number of literary and dance events as well as competitions and activities related to fashion, handicraft, and food. As an art or photography enthusiast, this festival can be a real feast for your eyes and mind!

If you want to plan your trip to Bali, ensure that you are well-protected with a travel insurance Bali policy in case you happen to face unexpected events during your travel. At Tata AIG, you can choose from a wide range of international travel insurance plans that start at only ₹40.82 per day*. Visit our website to find out more about our travel insurance plans!

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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How can I get a travel insurance Bali plan?

How can I get a travel insurance Bali plan?


To purchase a travel insurance plan from India to Bali, please visit our official website and click on international travel insurance under the “Products” section. Once you enter the necessary personal details, choose the coverage you need and add any of the additional covers you may require, which are as follows:

  • Baggage Cover
  • Medical Cover
  • Journey Cover

After selecting the coverage for your travel insurance Bali plan, you can choose to make the payment online and complete the purchase of your travel insurance policy, after which the policy document will be sent to your email ID.

How much should I pay for a travel insurance Bali plan?


The duration of your travel, the destination you are visiting and the coverage of your travel insurance plan will determine how much you need to pay for your travel insurance plan. Make it a point to select a sum assured that will not lead to you paying hefty premiums but at the same time provides sufficient coverage on the trip.

With Tata AIG travel insurance plans, you can enjoy comprehensive travel insurance coverage with a reasonable travel insurance quote for Bali so that you do not have to overspend on your travel policy. If you want to be sure of the premiums you pay, you can also get some help from our online travel insurance premium calculator and compare travel insurance plans.

Is it mandatory to buy a medical travel insurance Bali plan?


Yes, you should have a medical travel insurance Bali policy since there could be a medical emergency when you are visiting. Though it is not compulsory, you don’t want to be unprepared for emergencies that could lead to a lot of financial losses. Be sure to choose adequate coverage in your travel insurance policy so that you can be safeguarded against untoward occurrences on your trip.

With Tata AIG’s travel insurance Bali policy, you can avail of reasonable premiums in return for extensive coverage against a host of emergencies. If you want to determine your travel insurance policy coverage, you can also use our travel insurance premium calculator to find the Bali travel insurance policy of your choice.

** Disclaimer** :

All the information provided above has been well-researched and sourced from reliable sources. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest travel guidelines and other location-specific information before planning a trip to any location. *Subject to change based on the nature and extent of coverage.