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Travel Insurance Philippines

Post the Covid-19 related travel regulations, the Philippines reopened its borders for travellers across the world from 10th February 2022. And so, if you have been planning a trip to this beautiful country, this could be the perfect time to do so! However, you need to be fully vaccinated to enter this picturesque country.

The Philippines is located in Southeast Asia and is a major archipelago of 7600 islands scattered along the Western Pacific Ocean. The country is an amalgamation of different cultures and is Asia’s largest Catholic nation.

From magnificent beaches to thrilling volcanic hikes, you can do so much more in the Philippines. But if you wish to make your trip safe and free from unnecessary trip-related hazards, it’s prudent to have a suitable travel insurance Philippines policy in place.

The best travel insurance Philippines plan will keep you financially protected against various medical and travel-related exigencies. So, if you fall sick during the trip or end up losing any important belongings in the Philippines, your travel insurance will be by your side and pay for the loss!

At Tata AIG, you can compare travel insurance plans online for your international trip to the Philippines and find the right premium for you by using travel insurance premium calculator. Our plans start from as low as just ₹45.5 per day*. Also, our online purchase, renewal, and claiming process is absolutely easy and hassle-free. If you are travelling with your family, you can purchase the family travel insurance plan for the Philippines.

Major Benefits of Buying a Travel Insurance Philippines Policy

A trip to the Philippines could be really exciting for you! However, when travelling to a different country for the first time, it’s important to be fully guarded against any kind of trip-related vulnerabilities that may arise. Accidents may come unannounced, and you may fall sick, get into accidents, lose your luggage, etc. Hence, if you wish to keep your financial troubles at bay during such a mishap, you should have valid travel insurance in place!

Here are some of the major advantages of having a travel insurance Philippines plan with Tata AIG -

  • Local journey assistance
  • Flight hijack cover
  • Coverage for loss or delay of luggage
  • Cover against personal liabilities
  • Cover against hospitalisation due to accidents, illnesses, and COVID-19 care to the tune of $5,00,000
  • Cover against medical emergencies due to Accident & Sickness, including the treatment of Covid-19 during the trip, if hospitalised
  • With Tata AIG, buy travel insurance online for the Philippines in a hassle-free and fast way
  • Affordable travel policy for the Philippines from India starting at just ₹45.5 per day*
  • Automatic extension of your travel insurance Philippines online plan for up to 60 days or date of discharge, whichever is lesser in the event of hospitalisation close to the expiry date of the insurance plan
  • Automatic 7-day extension of your travel insurance Philippines plan due to the cancellation or delay of your flight back to India

Travel Insurance Philippines from India

Although travel restrictions are annulled in the Philippines for travellers from outside, you should still be well-prepared when booking your tickets for this beautiful nation. Thanks to the pandemic, you never know when to get the virus contracted. Or what if you end up in an accident? We wish for a safe and financially secured trip abroad, but such events may come unannounced. Travelling to the Philippines as a first-timer could be exciting and daunting at the same time. So, if you are prepared well in advance for the adversities, you may experience a trip like never before.

To experience a worry-free trip to the Philippines, you need to ensure the total security of your trip. This is important because you will never know what will await you in an unknown place where it is difficult to understand the local language. However, with a travel insurance Philippines policy, you can at least have robust financial support.

A travel insurance Philippines policy will offer you just the right kind of financial support in a different nation amidst unknown faces and different cultures. In the Philippines, even though local people are friendly, you will not know where to go in case you meet with an accident. But with the best travel insurance in the Philippines, you can keep your worries at bay! Our international insurance policy will cover all kinds of medical emergencies and treatment costs overseas. Also, if you lose your luggage or passport, your valid travel insurance for the Philippines will compensate for the same.

At Tata AIG, you can buy travel insurance. The online Philippines plans to cover a wide range of accidental events that may arise during your trip. Therefore, if your tickets for the Philippines are done, it could be just the right time to apply for a Tata AIG travel insurance policy online.

Why Do You Need Travel Insurance Philippines from India?

When planning your trip to the Philippines, you should not keep any stone unturned and plan everything thoroughly. While going on a trip to a different country, no amount of research is ever enough to ensure that you will have the most memorable trip whatsoever. However, even when you think that everything related to the trip has been taken care of, you can never gauge any sudden accidental emergency or illness that may happen to you or your co-traveller while touring in the Philippines.

Also, keeping in mind the vulnerability of health conditions due to the ongoing Covid-19 virus, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Hence, it’s always better to prepare yourself properly to travel well and come back with nothing but a bag full of memories.

So, you should always check the travel advisory by the Filipino government before departing for the country. Also, you must always have a robust international travel policy in place. This is vital because your travel medical insurance plan will keep you financially protected if you fall sick or meet with an accident during the trip. Medical treatments in the Philippines could be costly, and hence, having a travel insurance Philippines plan would be safe.

However, when buying a travel policy, it’s also important to compare travel insurance plans online to find the right one available. At Tata AIG’s official website, you can browse through the insurance plan prices and then choose the one that’s not only affordable but also comes with wide coverage options. Your chosen travel policy should have proper medical assistance, trip cancellation/extension coverage, luggage loss coverage, passport loss coverage, repatriation coverage, and so on.

With Tata AIG’s travel insurance Philippines policy, you can get all the features mentioned above and much more. Our international travel insurance plans will offer you a considerable amount of financial protection during your international trip to the Philippines.

Benefits offered by the Tata AIG travel insurance Philippines plan

With Tata AIG’s travel insurance Philippines plan, you can benefit from several travel insurance coverage options. Some of which are listed below:

1. Baggage Cover - If during your trip to the Philippines, you end up losing your luggage in transit or if it gets delayed at any of the airports, the Tata AIG baggage coverage will provide financial assistance for the same. This coverage option is included with our travel insurance Philippines policy, and with this, you can opt for full reimbursement for the cost of every single item in your checked-in luggage.

2. Journey Cover - With Tata AIG’s travel insurance for the Philippines from India, you will get complete coverage for your trip. It will include financial protection against the loss of your passport, the flight delay or cancellation, cancellation of your hotel bookings, etc.

3. Medical Cover- The Tata AIG travel insurance Philippines plan is designed perfectly to provide you with the essential monetary coverage during any kind of illness or any sudden accident during the trip that requires hospitalisation.

If you fall sick or meet with an accident in the Philippines that requires you to get hospitalised, our medical coverage will have you financially covered. Keeping in mind the current pandemic scenario, you can also get coverage against any Covid-19 related medical emergencies in the foreign land.

4. Miscellaneous Benefits -

  • Travel insurance Philippines plans start at an affordable rate of just ₹45.5 per day*.
  • Travel insurance purchasing can be done online through the Tata AIG website with no additional requirements of a thorough medical check-up.
  • There is complete ease of paying the travel insurance premiums in Indian National Rupees and receiving the travel insurance Philippines coverage in the Philippines.

To get the best travel insurance for the Philippines, always compare travel insurance plans online with the help of our online travel insurance premium calculator.

The Philippines Visa and Entry Information

Visa Information For the Philippines

Indians who are planning a trip to the Philippines should have a valid Philippine visa to enter the beautiful country.

Here is the list of Philippine visas that are available for the travellers –

  • Single Entry valid for 3 months

  • Multiple Entry Valid for 6 months

  • Multiple Entry Valid for 1 year

  • Transit Visa

  • Student Visa

  • Pre-Arranged Employment Visa

  • Special Non-Immigrant Visa

  • Philippine Visa Fees for Indians

In order to get a Philippine Visa from India, there are certain specific fees that Indians need to pay. The following table specified the Philippine Visa fees for Indians who wish to apply for the same to visit the Philippines –

Philippine Visa Category Fees in Rupees (INR)*
Single Entry valid for 3 months ₹3,160
Multiple Entry Valid for 6 months ₹6,320
Multiple Entry Valid for 1 year ₹9,480
Transit Visa ₹3,160
Student Visa ₹19,750
Pre-arranged Employment Visa ₹31,600
Special Non-Immigrant Visa ₹31,600

*The visa fees are subject to change. Kindly check the latest prices.

Process of Application for a Philippine Visa

If you wish to apply for a Philippine visa, you can do it in person or through a travel agency. If you wish to apply for the same in person, you can visit the Philippines Embassies in India in New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, or Chennai. They will guide you through the entire visa application process.

You can also apply for a Philippine visa through a reputed travel agency. To do this, you need to download the visa application form and then fill it up properly. You need to provide all the necessary documents along with the duly

filled form and pay the required fees to apply for a visa through a travel agency.

Here are the documents you need to have to apply for a Philippine visa –

  • The duly filled visa application form.
  • One passport-size photograph.
  • Bank statements duly stamped and signed by a bank officer for the last six months.
  • The original passport has a validity of at least six months.
  • Photocopy of the data and amendment pages in the passport.
  • ‘Demand Draft’ is drawn from any bank with a branch in New Delhi that is payable to the ‘Embassy of the Philippines’.

Philippine Visa Application Centres in India

For Delhi

Address Contact Number Working Hours Email
50-N, Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri, South West Delhi 110021, Delhi India +91 11 2688 9091 Monday to Friday 09:00 am - 05:00 pm

For Mumbai

Address Contact Number Working Hours Email
1st Floor, Industry House, 159 Churchgate Reclamation Churchgate, Mumbai 400020, Maharashtra India +91 22 2202 4792 NA NA

For Kolkata

Address Contact Number Working Hours Email
37, 2nd Floor, Shakespeare Sarani Road, Kolkata 700017 +91 33 2280 2546 NA

For Chennai

Address Contact Number Working Hours Email
Little Mount, Kotturpuram, Chennai City Corporation 600032, Tamil Nadu India +91 44 2235 4063 Monday to Friday, 09:30 am - 05:30 pm

Philippines Trip: Safety and Precautionary Measures to Be Undertaken

When you are in the Philippines, you should always obey the local safety protocols for avoiding any unnecessary incidents. Some of the general safety measures are listed below -

  • Always keep your passport safe and with you.
  • Do not unnecessarily participate in any demonstrations.
  • If you find yourself amid any large local gatherings or protests, quickly take shelter in a safe place nearby.
  • Keep following the local news and adjust your travel itinerary accordingly.
  • Respect the local laws and regulations posed by the Filipino government and authorities.
  • Do not be a part of any unlawful activities or violate the dignity of public places.
  • Do not travel to any remote places without proper knowledge about the same. Take help from local authorities always.
  • Always use official and legal means of transport.
  • Be mindful of your visa validity in Indonesia and ensure that you do not overstay in the country without a valid visa.
  • Protect your luggage, passport, and other belongings, especially in crowded spaces and tourist spots.
  • Opt for the best travel insurance Philippines policy to have maximum financial support during your journey.

Covid-19 specific safety guidelines

  1. Cover your nose and mouth with a mask, especially in public places and while using public transport.
  2. Always maintain social distancing.
  3. Cooperate with the local Filipino government and designated authorities, and follow the applicable Covid-19 guidelines.
  4. Monitor yourself for any Covid-19 symptoms. Self-isolate and get tested in case you develop any of the symptoms.

If you have the right travel insurance Philippines plan in hand, you will not have to worry about the financial difficulties that may arise if you end up contracting the Covid-19 virus during your trip to and from the Philippines.

The Indian Embassy in the Philippines

Address Contact Number Website
LAddress: 2190 Paraiso St., Dasmariñas Village, Makati, Metro Manila For submission of documents: 1000 hrs - 1200 hrs (No appointment needed) For the release of documents: 1500 hrs - 1600 hrs

Major International Airports in the Philippines

  • Clark International Airport
  • Francisco Bangoy International Airport
  • Mactan-Cebu International Airport
  • Iloilo International Airport
  • Kalibo International Airport
  • Bacolod-Silay International Airport
  • Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Currency and Foreign Exchange

The official currency in the Philippines is the Philippine peso. Each Philippine peso is divided into 100 sentimos, also called centavos. The currency code in the Philippines is PHP. And once you’re in the Philippines, you’ll find the symbol ₱ everywhere that is used to show prices. Philippine banknotes are available in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1000. However, the 5 and 10 PHP notes are not used very much.

A Few Must-Visit Philippines Tourist Places

The Philippines is a perfect mix of beautiful beaches, huge cities, and magnificent locales. And when planning your trip to the Philippines, it’s essential to have a bucket list in place. Once you are there, you won’t find any shortage of excitement. Here are a few destinations in the country that you must not forget to visit –

Manila is the capital city of the Philippines and is the heart and soul of this beautiful country. The city is filled with gleaming skyscrapers rising across the Asian metropolis in the middle of the concrete buzz of the city. Here, you will find several modern parks, exciting malls, and luxury hotels with the best hospitality. So, Manila is one of the best places to visit in the Philippines.

Cebu is located in the Central Visayas region of the Philippines and includes more than 150 beautiful islands and islets. This place ranks amongst the best places to visit in the Philippines. It also draws more than 2 million tourists every year. In Cebu, you will find magnificent white beaches and superb diving spots. And quite naturally, Cebu has become one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines.

Bohol is the land of the iconic Chocolate Hills in the Philippines. These are a bunch of unique geological formations that look like chocolate mounds. However, you need to visit this place, especially in the dry season, when these mounts turn brown, especially in the dry season. These 1,200 hills draw in tourists from all over the world, making it one of the country's top tourist destinations. Also, if you are fond of kayaking, you will find beautiful meandering rivers amidst the dense forest in Bohol that’s perfect for kayaking.

El Nido, Palawan
El Nido is unmissable if you wish to visit a stunningly beautiful archipelago in the Philippines. The steep limestone cliffs in the place that’s right in the middle of the blue-green Ocean are a sight for sore eyes! You will find several islets and caves to explore in El Nido, and hence, you must keep it on your bucket list.

Best Time to Visit the Philippines

The best time to visit is from December to February. During this time, the temperatures are around 24°C-31°C. At this time, the country is fully accessible, and you will also be able to roam around the places in a much more comfortable way. Although the dry season in the Philippines lasts from November to April, temperatures are high during March and April, with highs of 34°C.

Disclaimer: All the information mentioned above is well-researched and sourced from reliable sources. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest travel guidelines and other location-specific information before planning a trip to any location. *Subject to change based on the nature and extent of the coverage.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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How to buy a travel insurance Philippines plan?

How to buy a travel insurance Philippines plan?


If you wish to opt for a travel insurance Philippines policy with Tata AIG, you can directly visit our website and select the international travel insurance under the products section. Fill in the required personal information, select the right coverage options you wish to have in your travel policy, and make the payment online. If you want, you can also add some additional covers to your travel insurance for the Philippines with us, including the following.

1. Medical coverage 2. Baggage coverage 3. Journey coverage

Once you have opted for the necessary coverage options on your travel insurance Philippines plan, you can pay through your desired payment option online and complete the purchase process of the insurance policy. Upon verification, we will send the policy to your registered email ID.

How much should I pay for a travel insurance Philippines plan?


The premium payment for your travel insurance Philippines will depend upon various factors, including the duration of your stay in the Philippines and the sum insured you choose. It is advisable to select an appropriate sum assured in order to have sufficient coverage during your trip.

This becomes even more vital if you are planning your trip with your family. With the Tata AIG travel insurance Philippines plans, you can avail of the excellent coverage benefits at a price that won’t leave a hole in your pockets! You can determine the price of your travel insurance Philippines plan with our Travel Insurance Premium Calculator.

What are the exclusions in the travel insurance Philippines plan?


Some of the exclusions in an international travel insurance plan are loss of passport or delays due to detention or confiscation by the police or any other authorities, any loss due to threat to national security like riots, and non-medical expenses that you incur. Moreover, if a medical emergency is caused if you travel against the advice of your doctor and pre-existing disease-related emergencies will not be covered.

Does the travel insurance Philippines plan have a free-look period?


We offer a 15-day free look period on annual and multi-trip policies. But if you are purchasing a single trip policy for your trip to the Philippines, no free look period is provided to you.

If there is a change in my travel dates to the Philippines, can I make the changes to the travel dates mentioned in the policy?


Yes, you can change the travel dates mentioned in the policy before the commencement of your travel insurance plan, which is the same as your date of travel.

When will my travel insurance Philippines from Tata AIG end?


The end date of your travel insurance plan will be mentioned on your policy document. For single trip policies, the travel insurance ends as soon as your trip ends and you return to your city of residence. For multi-trip policies, you can check the dates on your policy document.

I am immigrating to the Philippines, do I need a travel insurance plan?


We provide travel insurance for work, leisure, and business purposes. You can also buy a travel insurance Philippines plan if you are travelling for study purposes. If you are planning to migrate, the travel insurance plan will not be able to cover you.