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Malta Travel Insurance from India

Malta is a beautiful Mediterranean island that’s worth visiting. From a unique European vibe everywhere to the Middle Eastern ambience, Malta could be your next international travel destination from India. And why choosing Malta over other options would be wise on your part? Well, the place has great weather almost throughout the year, the food is amazing, and it’s well-equipped with idyllic sceneries and beautiful beaches.

So, what more can you ask for on an international trip? But before you start creating a travel itinerary for Malta, it’s also essential to know the importance of having a robust travel insurance plan in place. Your first-ever trip to Malta could be very exciting if you are prepared well. But it’s also true that during a trip, you may fall prey to certain unavoidable emergencies. And in order to ensure that your pockets are safe, it’s important to have a valid travel policy for Malta in hand.

With international travel insurance online for Malta by your side, you can keep off your financial worries. For instance, if you fall sick or meet with an accident and need immediate hospitalisation, your travel insurance policy will compensate for the same. And without the same, you will end up making a huge dent in your pockets! Not only medical emergencies but such a travel policy will take care of other trip-related adversities as well. For instance, you may miss your flight, lose your passport or luggage, and so on. And during such unannounced adversities, your overseas travel insurance can help you get reimbursed in no time!

At Tata AIG, you can compare travel insurance plans online on our website. This will help you to go through the particulars of different travel policies for your international trip to Malta. And once you are well aware of the inclusions and exclusions of the policies, it will be easier for you to choose one for your upcoming trip to Malta. Our international travel insurance plans start only at ₹40.82 per day*. Isn’t that affordable? Also, our travel policy purchase and renewal processes are swift, safe, and hassle-free! Even when you file a claim with us, it won’t take you more than just a few minutes to do so!

Major Benefits of Buying a Travel Insurance Malta Online Policy

Your first trip to Malta could be really exciting. As mentioned before, it’s a very beautiful place for tourists and due to this reason, Malta witnesses visitors all throughout the year. However, during this post-pandemic situation, we need to be a bit more careful while planning an international trip. Also, along with the scare of the virus, there are several other emergencies that you may fall prey to while travelling in and around Malta. And this is the reason behind opting for Malta travel insurance online.

Here are some other benefits you can enjoy if you buy travel insurance online for Malta with us –

  • Local journey assistance
  • Flight hijack cover
  • Coverage for loss or delay of luggage
  • Cover against personal liabilities
  • Cover against hospitalisation due to accidents, illnesses, and COVID-19 care to the tune of $5,00,000
  • Cover against medical emergencies due to Accident & Sickness, including the treatment of Covid-19 during the trip, if hospitalised
  • With Tata AIG, buy or renew travel insurance Malta online in a swift and hassle-free way
  • Affordable travel policy for Malta from India starting at just ₹40.82 per day*
  • Automatic extension of your travel health Malta online plan for up to 60 days or date of discharge whichever is lesser in the event of hospitalisation close to the expiry date of the insurance plan
  • Automatic 7-day extension of your travel insurance Malta plan due to the cancellation or delay of your flight back to India

Travel Health Malta Online from India

The Malta Islands boast of an enigmatic amalgamation of architectural and linguistic impacts as it’s been home to several traders from Phoenicia, an ancient Semitic civilisation, along with Muslim conquerors, Roman armies, and Crusader monks from around the world. This is the reason that the name of Malta has been carved in modern history as it was the base for the Allies during World War II.

Hence, with such an interesting past, Malta is now home to several relics, ruins, and architectural splendours that you would come across almost all throughout the trip. However, your trip to Malta from India needs to be a secured one. Whether it’s your honeymoon trip or a trip with your friends, you should plan everything very well. Even a solo trip to Malta or a trip with your family could be a really fascinating one. And a travel policy will not only secure your pockets but will help you enjoy the trip without worry!

If you are going on a family trip, it is prudent to opt for a family travel insurance plan. Such a policy will provide coverage to all your family members at an affordable premium! And with Malta travel insurance from Tata AIG, you can keep your financial hassles at bay! Your chosen international travel insurance will cover the medical treatment costs along with the expensive bills that may arise in case of hospitalisation. Also, if you lose your baggage, passport, or other important documents, or if you miss your flight or if it gets delayed, and so on, your travel insurance will compensate for your loss.

As mentioned earlier, with Tata AIG, the online policy buying and renewal process is absolutely easy and hassle-free. If you are looking for cheap travel insurance to Malta, you can buy travel insurance Malta online with us at the most affordable pricing. However, this low premium cost doesn’t mean that you won’t get the necessary coverage. Our policies cover a wide range of accidents and adverse incidents that may arise during your trip to this beautiful island.

Hence, if your tickets for Malta are booked already, this could be the perfect time for you to opt for the Tata AIG travel insurance Malta policy right now!

Why Do You Need Malta Travel Insurance from India?

While planning an international trip to Malta, no research would be ever enough for you. This is the same with every international trip. We will never know what awaits us in an unknown land or whom we can seek for help during an accident. But with a travel policy in place, things can get easier and better!

In order to ensure that you have an amazing holiday in Malta, it’s important to safeguard your finances properly. This way, you will be back with just happy memories and nothing else! However, no matter how well-prepared you think you are, avoiding uncertain events in an unknown land seems tricky. Also, keeping in mind the ongoing risk of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Therefore, it’s imperative that you check the local travel advisory of Malta before booking your tickets. Also, you need to keep in mind all the necessary precautionary measures for avoiding any kind of unforeseen incidents on the trip. But falling sick or meeting with an accident on the trip is something that we can never foresee. And if something like that happens, God forbid, with a travel insurance plan by your side, you won’t feel helpless. This is one of the most important reasons behind choosing a suitable Malta travel insurance policy with Tata AIG.

Tata AIG has the most affordable Malta travel insurance that comes with great coverage options. Your chosen policy should always include robust medical coverage, baggage-related coverage, trip cancellation or extension coverage, repatriation coverage, and so on. And with the Tata AIG’s travel insurance Malta online, you can get all the above-listed features and much more.

Benefits offered by the Tata AIG travel insurance Malta Online plan

With a robust Tata AIG travel insurance Malta online plan, you can get several benefits from our travel insurance coverage options. Whether you are opting for an individual travel policy or family travel insurance, the benefits are unmatched! Some of them are listed below:

1. Luggage Cover - If you end up losing your baggage during the trip or if your luggage gets delayed at the airport, the Tata AIG baggage cover can offer great assistance to you. Under this cover included in our travel insurance Malta online plan, you can get reimbursement for the cost of all the items in your check-in luggage up to the limits described in the policy documents.

2. Journey Cover - With Tata AIG travel insurance for Malta, you can get complete coverage for your international trip to Malta. It will include financial protection against the loss of your passport, the delay or cancellation of your flights, cancellation of your hotel bookings, etc.

3. Medical Coverage - The Tata AIG travel insurance plans are specifically designed to offer much-needed coverage during illnesses or accidents during the trip. If you fall sick or meet with an accident that requires you to get hospitalised, the medical coverage will have you covered. The best part is you will also get coverage against any Covid-19 related medical expenses during the trip if hospitalized.

4. Miscellaneous Benefits

  • Travel insurance Malta plans start at an affordable rate of ₹40.82 per day*.
  • Buy travel insurance online for Malta through Tata AIG’s website and it comes with no requirements of a thorough medical check-up.
  • Ease of paying the travel insurance policy premiums in Indian National Rupees and receiving the travel insurance Malta online coverage in Malta.

To get the best travel insurance for Malta, be sure to compare travel insurance plans with the help of our travel insurance premium calculator online.

Malta Visa and Entry Information

Visa Information for Malta

Indian visitors to Malta need to have a valid Malta Schengen visa in hand in order to enter the island. There are three different types of Malta visas available for the Indians and you need to pick one as per your travel requirements

1. Tourist Visa – This visa type is for the tourists and is valid for 3 months.
2. Business Visa – If you need to visit Malta for business purposes, you should have this visa in hand. Its validity is for 3 months.
3. Visit Visa – If you are visiting Malta to be with family or friends, then you should opt for a Visit visa. Again, its validity is for 3 months.

Process of Application for a Malta Visa

If you wish to get a valid Malta Schengen visa for your trip to this beautiful island, follow the below-mentioned steps

  • Duly fill up the Malta visa application form
  • Visit your nearest Malta Embassy and submit the application form along with the necessary supporting documents
  • Make the payment directly

Once your visa is approved, you will be notified about the same on your registered email ID. You can then pick up your passport from the embassy.

Documents Required for a Schengen Malta Visa

These are the few documents that you need to provide including your duly filled visa application form in order to avail of a valid Malta Schengen visa –

  • Visa application form
  • Passport picture of the traveller(s) that’s not clicked more than 6 months back
  • Negative Covid-19 test reports which should be issued within 72 hours of departure
  • Covid-19 vaccination certificates
  • Documents supporting the bookings made in Malta regarding accommodation of the visitors'
  • Current details of the traveller(s) including employment details, current bank statements, ITR (Income Tax Return) copy, etc.
  • A valid Malta travel insurance
  • Copy of return tickets
  • Copy of previous passports of the traveller(s), if any

Malta Embassy Details in India

For Delhi

Embassy/Consulate Address Contact Number Email ID Working Hours
Malta Embassy in Delhi N60, Panchsheel Park North, Panchsheel Park New Delhi 110017 Delhi India +91 11 4767 4900 Monday to Friday – 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

**For Kolkata**
Embassy/Consulate Address Contact Number Email ID Working Hours
Malta Embassy in Kolkata 227, AJC Bose Road Kolkata 700020,West Bengal India +91 33 2280 7240 -

**For Chennai**
Embassy/Consulate Address Contact Number Email ID Working Hours
Malta Consulate in Chennai Third Floor, Fagun Towers, VFS Global Services Pvt. Ltd, Ethiraj Salai, Egmore Egmore Nungambakka 600008 Tamil Nadu India +91 22 6786 6005 Monday to Friday – 8:00 am to 6:00 pm -

Malta Trip: Safety and Precautionary Measures to Be Undertaken

Once you are in Malta, you should always follow and obey every single safety precaution that the Malta government has posed for its visitors. Some of these are listed below

  • Keep your passport safe and keep it with you all the time.
  • Do not participate in any local demonstrations.
  • Keep following the local news and make changes to your travel itinerary accordingly.
  • Respect the local laws and regulations posed by the local government and authorities.
  • Do not be a part of any unlawful activities or violate the dignity of public places.
  • If you get stuck in any large local gatherings or protests, immediately get to a safe place or take shelter somewhere safe.
  • Do not travel to any unknown or remote areas without proper information about the places. Take help from local authorities.
  • Always travel only in official and legal means of transport.
  • Protect your bags and belongings, especially in crowded spaces and tourist spots.
  • Be mindful of your visa validity in Malta and ensure that you do not overstay in the country without a valid visa.
  • Get the right Malta travel insurance policy to have sufficient financial support throughout your trip.

COVID-19 Specific Safety Guidelines

  1. Cover your nose and mouth with a mask, especially in public places and while using public transport.
  2. Maintaining social distancing is important.
  3. Cooperate with the local Malta government and other designated authorities and follow the local Covid-19 guidelines.
  4. Monitor yourself for any kind of Covid-19 symptoms. Self-isolate and get tested immediately if you develop any of the symptoms.

If you select the right travel insurance Malta online plan, you will be well prepared for the adverse financial consequences of any such incidents during your trip to and from Malta.

The Indian Embassy in Malta

Address Phone Number Fax Website
Cannon Road SVR9037 St. Venera Malta +356-21-222346 +356-21-446792

International Airports in Malta

  • Malta International Airport

Currency and Foreign Exchange

Euro is the official currency in the Maltese islands. To check the current exchange rates of the Euro, click here -

Malta Tourist Places

The Malta Islands consists of Malta, Gozo and Comino. And during your trip to this destination with cobalt blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, you’d be impressed from the very moment you step in there! The island has an ancient history with the best ruins and architecture. Here is a list of a few places that should be there on your Maltese island travel itinerary –

1. Island of Gozo

This is the most picturesque destination in the Malta Islands. This island has scenic pastoral landscapes, beautiful towns and most enigmatic beaches. The Island of Gozo is the best place to appreciate an amazing holiday with your loved ones while savouring the best cultural attractions around.

2. Popeye Village

It was the film set of the 1980’s Musical Production “Popeye”. And since then, this village has become a distinctive sun-soaked day for young tourists. Here, you will be welcomed by Popeye and his friends, and you will be amused with their various shows all throughout the day. You can enjoy a great experience with the animation team that’s there, where you can feel like a film star for a day!

3. Golden Bay

Golden Bay is situated in north-western Malta and it is one of the most beautiful coasts on Malta Island. The sandy shores in this place are guarded by a hilly coastline and crags. You can reach this place easily by car or bus. Unlike other Malta beaches, Golden Bay Beach is separated from the crowd and hence, could be a great escape for you!

4. Blue Lagoon

This is a wonderful natural site in Malta and is quite a fascinating place with clear, cobalt blue waters. You can get a glimpse of the South Pacific here with waters that splash on the white sandy beach. This austere lagoon in Malta feels like a gigantic hot tub as its waters are stoic and the vacant end is absolutely safe for children.

Best Time to Visit Malta

For experiencing the sweet spot of great weather and light crowds, the summer month of May is the best time to visit Malta. During this month, the daytime temperature ranges between mid-to-high 70s. Also, the rain is practically non-existent during this time. Also, there are no local festivals during this time and hence, crowds are less.


All the information mentioned above is well-researched and sourced from reliable sources. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest travel guidelines and other location-specific information before planning a trip to any location.

*Subject to change based on the nature and extent of the coverage.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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How to buy a travel insurance Malta online plan?

How to buy a travel insurance Malta online plan?


for buying a travel insurance policy for Malta, you can visit the official Tata AIG website and select the international travel insurance under the products section. Put the required personal information, then select the coverage plans you wish to have in your insurance policy. You can also add a few additional covers to your travel insurance policy for Malta from India with us, including the following.

  • Medical coverage
  • Journey coverage
  • Luggage coverage

Once you have opted for the coverage on your travel insurance Malta online plan, you can make the payment online and complete the purchase of the insurance plan. We shall deliver the policy documents to your registered email ID.

What is the cost of premiums for travel insurance Malta online plan?


The premium amount payable for your travel insurance Malta from India will be based on different factors, including the duration of your stay and the sum insured you choose. Therefore, it is prudent to select an appropriate sum assured to have sufficient coverage during your trip.

If you are travelling with your family, you can opt for family plans. With the Tata AIG travel insurance Malta plans, you can benefit from excellent coverage at a price that won’t break your bank. You can determine the price of your travel insurance plan with our Travel Insurance Premium Calculator.

What are excluded from the travel insurance Malta plan?


Some of the exclusions in an international travel insurance plan are loss of passport or delays due to detention or confiscation by the police or any other authorities, any loss due to a threat to national security like riots, and non-medical expenses that you incur. Moreover, if a medical emergency is caused if you travel against the advice of your doctor and pre-existing disease-related emergencies will not be covered.

Does the travel insurance Malta plan have a free-look period?


We offer a 15-day free look period on annual and multi-trip policies. But if you are purchasing a single trip policy for your trip to Malta, no free look period is provided to you.

If there is a change in my travel dates to Malta, can I make the changes to the travel dates mentioned in the policy?


Yes, you can change the travel dates mentioned in the policy before the commencement of your travel insurance plan, which is the same as your date of travel.

When will my travel insurance Malta from Tata AIG end?


The end date of your international travel insurance plan will be mentioned on your policy document. For single trip policies, the travel insurance ends as soon as your trip ends and you return to your city of residence. For multi-trip policies, you can check the dates on your policy document.