Work Visa for Malaysia

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Work Visa for Malaysia

Malaysia is known for its vibrant blend of cultures and thriving economy. It is also where many international firms base their headquarters.

This, coupled with the country’s affordable living costs, makes Malaysia a popular choice among Indians looking to fast-track their careers. You can get five types of Malaysia employment visas based on the nature of your job and length of stay.

This blog discusses everything you need to know about securing a Malaysia employment visa. So, if you want to grow your career in Malaysia and what visas you need to apply for, read on!

Malaysia Work Permit Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

A Malaysia employment visa permits Indians to seek employment within Malaysia for a particular period of time. However, to get one, you first need to fulfil some basic requirements:

You must have an Indian passport with a validity of at least 6 months.

You must be 27 years old or above. For those in the IT sector, the minimum age is 23 years.

You must have the proper academic qualifications required for the job and at least 3 years of relevant work experience. If your academic qualifications are smaller, you may require work experience.

You must meet the minimum salary requirements to be eligible for each type of Malaysia work visa.

You can not work in a sector that is considered restricted in Malaysia.

You must have a valid job offer from a Malaysian company. In other words, You cannot apply for a Malaysia work visa to travel to search for a job there. You must already have a job offe

Work Visa Guidelines and Requirements for Malaysian Employers:

You should note that your Malaysian employer must apply for a work permit on your behalf. This entails:

Your employer must request approval to hire you by applying for an 'Expatriate Post' to the Expatriate Committee (EC) or another authorised approval agency based on sector/industry.

On approval, they must submit an Employment Pass (EP) application to the Immigration Department in Malaysia.

For a temporary work permit, the employer must obtain a foreign worker quota approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs, One Stop Centre (OSC). They must also apply for a visa approval letter from the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

Employers must also sign you up for valid health insurance. It is mandatory that all foreign workers are signed up for the Foreign Worker Hospitalization and Surgical Scheme.

However, this can also be supplemented by a private health insurance plan, either locally or by an international provider outside of Malaysia. You can also get travel health insurance from Tata AIG for short-term employment.

Types of Malaysia Employment Visa for Indian Nationals

The Malaysian government issues 5 types of Malaysia employment visas for Indian nationals:

Let us take a closer look at what they are and their eligibility criteria,

Employment Pass (EP): An EP is issued to qualified Indian nationals hired by Malaysian companies for expert technical or managerial positions. It has a validity of 1 - 5 years and can be eligible for renewal on a case-by-case basis.

The EP is also specific to your employer. This means if you change jobs, your current EP will be shortened and your new employer will need to apply for a new EP on your behalf.

Depending on your base salary, you will be issued one of three EP categories:

Category 1: You must receive a minimum monthly salary of RM 10,000 (approx ₹1,73,661) and have an employment contract. This EP will have a maximum validity of up to 5 years. It can be renewed and allows you to hire a Foreign Domestic Helper.

Category 2: You must receive a monthly salary between RM 5,000 and RM 9,999 (approx ₹86,840 - ₹1,73,630) and be offered an employment contract. This EP will have a maximum validity of 23 months. It is renewable and you can bring dependants or foreign domestic helper(s) on approval.

Category 3: You must receive a monthly salary between RM 3,000 and RM 5,000 (approx ₹52,103 - ₹86,818). The EP will be valid for 12 months or less. It can be renewed twice and you cannot bring any dependents or foreign domestic helpers.

Temporary Employment Pass: Referred to as a visitor's pass, it is issued to semi-skilled workers. It is valid for 12 months and can be extended every year for up to 10 years.

To be eligible, you must undergo a medical examination at an approved medical facility and be cleared for work. You must also undergo Immigration Security Clearance (ISC) verification at an ISC Centre in India. A temporary EP is issued under two categories:

Foreign Worker Temporary Employment Pass: Issued to those working in Construction, Plantation, Agriculture and Services. Indians are not permitted to work in the Manufacturing sector.

Foreign Domestic Helper (FDH) Temporary Employment Pass: This is issued only to female workers aged 25 - 45 under the condition that they will be working in their employer's home.

The employer must have young children ( aged 15 or under) or elderly parents who need to be taken care of. You cannot change employers or sectors while working under this Malaysia employment visa.

Professional Visit Pass (PVP): For Indian nationals who want to work in Malaysia temporarily – up to 12 months. You can not apply for a dependant's pass under this EP.

Here, you must be employed by a foreign company and can only provide services to a Malaysian company on behalf of your current employer.

Digital Nomad Visa: Issued as an update to the existing Professional Visit Pass as a part of the De Rantau Program. It allows remote workers and freelancers who offer services to Malaysian companies to stay in Malaysia for 3 to 12 months. It can be renewed for another 12 months.

To be eligible, foreign nationals must have a minimum annual income of $24,000 (approx ₹19,98,732), and for local digital nomads, that number is $7,863 (approx ₹6,54,878).

You can only bring immediate family members to Malaysia with a Digital Nomad Visa and must include their names in your visa application. You must also pay an additional fee of RM 500 (approx ₹8,670) for each dependent.

Pls@Xpats or Social Visit Pass: This allows foreign nationals to work in Malaysia for up to 30 days. However, the nature of work must be considered critical – like emergency work, repairs, maintenance, installations, or recovery/reinstallation.

Malaysian companies must provide a job description and a work schedule and prove the foreign nationals they are hiring are conducting critical work.

It is only issued for Government sector employees and employees of some private sectors, like healthcare, aviation, business services, etc.

Documents for Malaysia Employment Visa for Indians

Your employer is responsible for submitting your Employment Pass application to the Employment Pass Division of the Immigration Department of Malaysia. They must also submit a copy of their company profile from the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM).

  • The general list of documents you must submit for all visa categories on your part is:

  • Duly filled and signed application forms – Forms IM.12 and IM.38.

  • Copy of your passport.

  • Passport-size photograph of you with dimensions of 35mm width by 50 mm height, in line with Malaysia photo requirements.

  • Confirmed plane tickets and travel itinerary.

  • Your CV with the employment contract detailing the work you will be doing in Malaysia or an offer/acceptance letter.

  • Proof of previous employment.

  • Copies of certificates and documents verifying your educational qualifications.

  • Copy of your employer's company profile from the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM).

  • If you are applying at a visa application centre (VAC) outside your jurisdiction, you must provide your Aadhar card, rent agreements, Marriage certificate, etc., along with the documents stated above.

Useful Links:

  • Visa Application Forms Download

  • Form IM.12

  • Form IM.38

Additional Documents for Temporary Employment Pass

  • General Documents to be Submitted By Your Employer:

  • Forms IM.12 and IM.38.

  • Your VDR application form.

  • Your ISC verification results.

  • Security bond.

  • Ministry of Home Affairs approval letter.

  • A medical report from an approved medical centre in India stating you are healthy enough to work. Results will only be valid for 3 months from the report issue date.

  • Receipt from they have paid the foreign worker levy.

  • Foreign Worker Compensation Insurance Scheme.

  • Health Insurance Protection Scheme Foreign Workers (SPIKPA) or a supplementary travel insurance policy with medical insurance coverage.

  • Documents Specific to Foreign Domestic Workers:

  • Foreign Domestic Worker Application Form (PRA1)

If the employer does not use an employment agency and submits an application on their own to the Ministry of Home Affairs, they must include a Declaration Form stating they did not use registered agencies.

Additional Documents for Professional Visit Pass

General List:

  • Visa application forms IMM.12 and IM.38.

  • Offer letter from the Malaysian company sponsoring your employment and reason for your hiring/training.

  • Letter of approval from the Department of Religion and the Islamic Religious Department (for religious missionaries)

  • Bank guarantee (if you are a Chinese citizen).

  • To work as an official employee under a Malaysian company, you need an Employment Pass or a Temporary Employment Pass.

  • For International Students:

  • Academic certificates and CV

  • Proof of agreement between your school and the company sponsoring you.

  • For Religious Missionaries:

  • A letter of approval from the Islamic Religious Department and the Department of Religion.

Additional Documents for Digital Nomad Visa

  • All documents must be in English or translated into English. Each document must be uploaded as one PDF file and be 20MB only.

  • Passport with at least 14 months of validity and six blank pages.

  • Last 3 months' bank statements and yearly income statement.

  • Last 3 months payslip.

  • An updated CV listing your professional achievements.

  • Attestation Forms like a Police Clearance certificate or Statutory Declaration form. You can also upload a statutory declaration form and have it authenticated by the Consulate General of Malaysia in India.

  • A personal bond form stating you will respect the conditions stated in your visa.

  • Health insurance or travel insurance plan with medical coverage for you and your dependents. You will only need this once your visa gets approved.

  • Tax registration slip from the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia

Proof of Work:

  • For freelancers and independent contractors, provide your active project contract that is at least three months old (can be multiple contracts) with local or foreign clientele.

  • For remote workers, your active employment contract -- at least three months old. The employer must be a Non-Malaysian based company.

Useful Links:

  • Statutory Declaration Format 1

  • Document Attestation Procedure

  • Personal Bond Form Download

  • De Rantau Digital Nomad Pass Website

  • Digital Nomad Login/Registration

Additional Documents for Pls@Xpats Pass

  • Your Malaysia employment visa (if applicable)

  • Documents submitted for your visa application.

  • Supporting documents relevant to your travel purpose.

  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover your stay in Malaysia.

  • Proof of accommodation in Malaysia, e.g. a hotel booking.

  • A return flight ticket, plus itinerary.

  • A completed Arrival/Departure Card. You get this at the point of entry.

  • Not mandated but recommended by authorities: A travel insurance policy that covers your entire trip to Malaysia.

Additional Documents for Malaysia Work Visa for Indian (Visa with Reference, VDR)

  • 2 copies of Form IMM.12

  • Form Imm.38

  • Employer/Sponsor ID card

  • Employer proof of financial support/Form J (for income of RM 2,000/month or above)

  • Employer's letter of undertaking

  • Supporting documents of family ties, if any.

Malaysia Work Visa for Indians Application Process

For Digital Nomad Visa:

Visit the De Rantau Digital Nomad Pass Website and register with a valid email address. You will get a verification code that you must use to log in.

Log in and choose whether to apply as a foreigner or local.

Choose your occupation. You will have two options: digital freelancer/independent contractor or remote worker.

Fill out the application form. Other than your personal information like name, nationality, etc., you must also provide emergency contact information and information about your sponsor/employer. You will also need to state your dependents, if any.

Upload all required documents and submit your application.

Pay the application fee of RM 1,000 (approx ₹17,463) to finish the application process.

If you bring dependents, you must pay an additional fee of RM 500 (approx ₹8,727) per dependent.

You will get your visa confirmation via your registered email. It generally takes 4 weeks.

For All Other Malaysia Employment Visas:

Upon receiving a job offer from a Malaysian employer, your employer will start your visa application process by applying for your work permit on your behalf. You can not directly apply for a work permit. Therefore, the process usually goes as follows:

First, they will apply for an 'Expatriate Post' to the Expatriate Committee (EC). Once approved, they will apply for your Employment Pass (EP) application to the Immigration Department in Malaysia.

Submit any required documents and fill out any forms with accurate, up-to-date information.

After approval of your work permit application, you must apply for a Malaysian entry visa (visa with reference) (VDR) from a Malaysian Embassy/Consulate or Representative Office nearest to you.

Submit all the required documents, pay the visa fees, and await approval.

Upon approval, you can travel to Malaysia.

Once you arrive, you must submit your passport and pay for your EP pass/sticker at the Malaysian Immigration Department. They will process your work permit application and issue you a sticker on your passport and your work permit card.

For Temporary EPs: Once you arrive in Malaysia, your employer must declare your presence at an Immigration Office (State Immigration Office or Immigration Headquarters) within 30 days.

Within this month, you must undergo a FOMEMA medical examination. Your Temporary EP will only be issued after you complete these two steps.

Malaysia Work Visa Fees for Indians

The fees for EP, Temporary EP and Professional Visit Pass (PVP) will be borne by the employer. You do not have to pay these fees. You only need to pay the Visa With Reference (VDR) fee when you apply for one at your nearest Embassy/Consulate or if you are applying for a Digital Nomad Visa.

Malaysia Work Visa Visa Fess (New and Renewal)
Employment Pass (EP) RM 800 (approx ₹14,027)
Temporary Employment Pass
Professional Visit Pass (PVP) RM 90 every quarter (approx ₹1,578 ) RM 360 per year (approx ₹6,312)
Digital Nomad Visa RM 1,000 per applicant (approx ₹17,463) RM 500 per dependant (approx ₹8,727)
Pls@Xpats Pass None
Visa With Reference (VDR) ₹3000

Malaysia Work Visa Processing Time

Malaysia Work Visa Processing Time
Employment Pass (EP) 5 working days on the employer’s side 30 days after approval
Temporary Employment Pass:
Professional Visit Pass 5 working days on the employer's side 14 days after approval
Digital Nomad Visa 4 weeks
Pls@Xpats Pass 3 working days

Malaysia work visas usually take 5 days to be processed on the employer's side. Upon approval of your work permit, you have 15 - 30 days from your arrival in Malaysia to get your EP sticker.

This must be done in person if you arrive in Malaysia via Kuala Lumpur International Airport 1 (KLIA 1), Terminal 1, where you can collect and pay for your EP or PVP sticker at the ESD Satellite Centre (ESC) (for new applications only). There is also a MYXpats Centre in Penang in Q1 to serve the Northern Region.

The sticker may also be delivered via Pos Malaysia within 1 - 5 working days (for new and renewal applications) – for physical stickers.

EP renewals can be done through the ESD website at the discretion of the Immigration Department of Malaysia, where you will receive an EPass in place of a physical sticker that you receive at the airport.

Malaysia Job Visa for Indian Status Check

Since your employer is applying for your visa on your behalf, they can track the application status through the ESD website. This process only takes 5 days, after which you will be notified via email whether your Malaysian work permit has been approved.

You can only get your work permit/EP sticker in person after arriving in Malaysia at one of EDS's satellite centres.

Embassy/Consulate of Malaysia in India

Consulate General of Malaysia, Chennai

Address No.7, (Old No.3), Cenotaph Road, 1st Street, Teynampet  Chennai
Telephone Number General Enquiries and Emergency: +91-44-24334434  , +91-44-24334435 , +91-44-24334436 
Fax -24334390
Email  General:    For Passport and Visa Services: 
Operating Hours Monday - Friday 9.00 a.m - 5.00 p.m (Lunch Break) 1.00 pm - 2.00 pm Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

Consulate General of Malaysia, Delhi

Address 50-M, Satya Marg, Chanakyapuri Republic of India New Delhi
Telephone Number 91-11-2415 9300 / +91-11-2415 9310 (Admin) +91-11-2415 9311 (Consular) +91-11-24159340-43/9355/9312/9306 (Visa)
Fax +91-11-2688 1538
Operating Hours Monday - Friday 8.30 a.m - 4.30 p.m Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

Consulate General of Malaysia, Mumbai

Address Unit 12A1, Unit 12A2 & Unit 12A3, 13th Floor, Supreme Headquarters Building 14th & 33rd Road, near Link Square Mall Bandra (W)  Maharashtra, India
Telephone Number Office: +91 22 6970 5757 (General Enquiries) Visa : +91 22 2641 5540 / 2643 5542  
Fax  +91 22 2641 5750
Email  General:  Visa Enquiries: 
Operating Hours Monday - Friday 8.30 a.m - 4.30 p.m Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

Embassy/Consulate of India in Malaysia

Name High Commission of India, Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia
Address Level 1, Wisma HRIH Lotus, 442, Jalan Pahang, Setapak, 53000 Kuala Lumpur.
Telephone Number General Lines (During Office Hours): +60- 03 4024 0990 Emergency Contact Number (After Office Hours): +601 2203 6900
Operating Hours Monday to Friday 09:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

What to Expect When You Arrive in Malaysia

You must present your passport and other supporting travel documents relevant to your Malaysia employment visa type to the Immigration Department of Malaysia before and after you arrive in Malaysia.

You will get a physical work permit card and a sticker for your passport if you are a new applicant. You can start working once this step has been completed.

Register with the High Commission of India in Kuala Lumpur when you arrive. You must also obtain a Resident Permit or Identity Card and a Labour Card.

If you face any problems with non-payment, delayed wages, compensation or other issues with your employer, report them to the High Commission of India in Kuala Lumpur.

DO NOT give your passport or copy of your Employment Contract to anyone whose identity you can not verify. If your employer takes your passport, always keep a copy of it with you.

Do not sign any other Employment Contract or blank papers during your stay. Resorting to agitations is illegal under Malaysian labour laws, and you can face serious consequences, including arrest, imprisonment or even deportation.

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Why did my Malaysia employment visa application get rejected?

Why did my Malaysia employment visa application get rejected?


Your employer can rescind your visa application for any number of reasons. The most common causes for a visa rejection are: Providing inaccurate information to your employer during the job application process. Having inaccurate information or submitting the wrong documents. You do not meet the minimum qualifying salary requirements. Not having a valid sponsor or job offer. A criminal record or having prior legal offences in India may affect your eligibility. You did not pass your medical examination (for a temporary EP). Terminating your employment under your current employer will naturally cancel your EP. Your new employer must apply for another one on your behalf.

Does Malaysia offer visa-on-arrival for Indians?


Yes, Indian nationals are eligible for visa-on-arrival when travelling to Malaysia. The fee rate is 100 USD (approx ₹8,325) for 30 days. You can also opt to get a Social Pass for 7 days. Neither can be extended or renewed.

What are the photo specifications for a Malaysia employment visa?


Any official photographs you submit during your visa application process must be in line with Malaysian photo requirements: Dimensions: 35mm width x 50mm height Background: Solid, plain white or grey Must be Coloured The head must occupy the central position Neutral expression Must be taken within the last 3 months 80% face coverage Glasses: Thin frames and prescription glasses only Headgear: only for religious reasons Facial hair is permissible