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Germany Visa for Indians

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Situated in the western part of Europe, Germany is a famous country with rich culture and history. It offers landscapes ranging from rivers and beaches to mountains and forests. From the magnificent valleys of Rhine and Mosel to the beautiful mountains of the Bavarian Alps, to the amazing shores of Lake Constance, to the craggy shores of the North and Baltic Seas, there is something great to see wherever one goes.

Germany, best known for its football, beers, ancient castles, cars and for a wide variety of bread, this beautiful country is an out-and-out tourist attraction. Several festivals are held here throughout the year, one of the most famous being, Oktoberfest.

So, if you are planning to stay in one place like the glamorous capital of Berlin, or in a historic city like Munich, or want to take a road (or train) trip to Germany's must-see little places like Baden-Baden, the magnificent spa town in the Black Forest, the list of attractions is endless.

If you are planning a trip to Germany in the near future, read all the necessary information about a Germany Visa along with the requirement for travel insurance to cover your entire trip since having a robust Germany travel insurance India policy in place will provide you with sufficient coverage for your entire trip to Germany and is one of the essentials of the financially protected journey.

Tata AIG has an exceptional travel insurance Germany Plan that provides adequate travel insurance for Germany visa coverage at an honest price. Available at a starting rate of ₹40.82 per day*, our travel insurance Germany plan puts forward local assistance, entire journey cover, medical cover, baggage cover, to name a few.

What Exactly Is a German Visa?

A Germany Visa for Indians is basically an official permit allowing people (residing outside Germany) to enter Germany. With the Visa, non-Germans can stay and visit Germany for a specified period of time. Apart from that, it also allows foreigners to pass through Germany's international transit zones while travelling to other countries. The German Embassy offers the Schengen Visa as a Germany tourist visa to every Indian citizen who wishes to visit Germany for a short stay. However, they do not issue separate German visas to foreigners for short-time visits. Nevertheless, if foreigners wish to stay more than 3 months (90 days) in Germany, a German long-term national visa is issued.

The Schengen Visa is a single visa allowing people to travel to 26 Schengen countries, including Germany. This visa is only issued to persons outside the Schengen area who require a visa while entering the area.

The German visa for Indians is granted by German representatives in India, including German embassies. The German embassy has designated VFS Global Services as the official partner for accepting German visa applications in India. It manages German visa application centres across India and assists applicants in completing paperwork as well as collecting visa fees and biometric data on behalf of German embassies and consulates.

Kinds of Germany Visa for Indian Citizens

There are generally two types of German visas for Indians:

1. Schengen Visa
This particular visa is granted to Indian nationals wishing to visit Germany for a short time. It is issued by a German representative to a foreigner transiting in Germany or staying for less than 3 months (90 days). Schengen Visas are however divided into two categories:

2. Short Stay Visa
A short-stay visa is issued to Indians planning a short stay in Germany. Holders can stay in Germany for no more than 90 days within a 180-day period. German diplomatic missions can issue single Schengen visas or Schengen visas with a limited territorial validity for short stays. A single visa allows foreigners to travel with Germany to all Schengen countries, whereas a Schengen visa allows access only to the countries indicated on the visa sticker, such as Germany.

The Short Stay Visa is issued to anyone travelling to Germany for the following purposes:

  1. Vacation
  2. Visiting friends, family and relatives
  3. Business related
  4. Medical treatment
  5. Film Crew
  6. Internship/Training
  7. Visiting scholar/guest scientist
  8. Participating in sports/cultural/trade fairs or religious events
  9. Nuclear scientist
  10. Fair exhibitor

3, Airport Transit Visa
Airport transit visas are granted to Indian nationals who need to transit through Germany while travelling to other countries. Basically, for those who stop by Germany on their way to another country. The airport transit visa grants only the holder access to Germany's international transit area.

4. German National Visa
The German National Visa is a long-stay German visa granted to Indian nationals who wish to live in Germany for more than three months. This is a long-term visa for foreigners visiting Germany for study, employment, family/spouse reunification, and volunteer work.

German national visas are divided into: A. Germany Student Visa
This is issued to those who have received an admission offer or a full scholarship from an official German educational institution. India-based students chosen at a German university for an exchange semester are also eligible for this visa.

B. Employment Visa
This is issued to an individual who has been offered a job by an organization in Germany. It’s also available to PhD candidates and highly qualified skilled workers with employment contracts in Germany. Apart from these, there exist diverse types of German Visas like:

C. Family Reunion/ Spouse Visa
This particular visa is granted to those who wish to travel to Germany in order to reunite with their spouse or family. It is issued to people who have a spouse or family living in Germany and would like to stay with them. Indians wishing to marry an existing German citizen or resident in Germany are also eligible for this visa.

D. Research/ Guest Scientist Visa
This is issued to those who wish to travel to Germany for long-term research.

E. Job Seeker Visa
This is granted to those Indian nationals who wish to travel to Germany to seek work opportunities.

F. Specialty Cook Visa
This particular visa is issued to foreigners who are professional and qualified cooks planning to work in Germany.

G. Voluntary Service Visa
This is granted to those Indian nationals who have planned to take up voluntary service for a German organization.

H. Self-Employment Visa
This particular visa is granted to those Indian citizens who are planning to launch a business or are thinking of working as a freelancer in Germany.

Duration of Different Kinds of German Visas

The validity period of a German visa depends on the visa type one applied for.

Visa Type Validity
German Airport Transit Visa 24 hours
Germany Schengen (Tourist) Visa 90 days out of a 180 days period
Germany Business Visa 90 days out of a 180 days period
Germany Student Applicant Visa 3 months (only if one didn't receive a formal admission yet)
Germany Student Visa More than 3 months (depending on the study program)
Germany Job Seeker Visa 6 months
Germany Guest and Research Scientist Visa 3 to 6 months (might last longer depending on the research work)
Germany Freelancer Entry Visa 3 months
Germany Freelancer Long-Stay Visa 1 to 3 years
Germany Language Course Visa 3 months
Germany Temporary Work Permit 1 to 3 years (totally depends on the contract)
Germany Family Reunion Visa Initially 1 year
Germany EU Blue Card 4 years (with the possibility of extension)

Who Should Apply for a German Visa for Indians?

Every Indian citizen wishing to travel to Germany must apply for a German visa. If someone is going on a short vacation or a full-time job, they will need a valid German visa to enter Germany. Even people transiting through Germany need a valid airport transit visa to legally await their connecting flight at a German airport.

Indian citizens must obtain a Schengen visa from a German representative if they plan to visit more than one Schengen country with Germany as their main destination. The main destination indicates the country where the traveller will spend the maximum length of their trip.

If you are travelling to Germany with your family, and need to apply for a visa, ensure that you buy a family travel insurance plan when you are scheduled to travel.

When Should One Apply for a German Visa for Indians?

Indian citizens must apply for a German visa at least 15 days prior to their scheduled departure from India. However, it is not possible to apply for a German visa for Indians before 6 months of the planned travel date to a European country.

How Can Indian Nationals Apply for a German Visa?

The entire procedure of applying for a German visa for Indians is easy. Applicants can apply for a visa at the German representative office or at the nearest VFS Global Services Visa Application Center. Before applying, one must find the embassy/consulate serving their state/federal territory under your jurisdiction. To apply for a German visa for Indians, please follow the steps below:

  • One needs to visit VFS Global for Germany's official website
  • Select the German Embassy/Consulate holding jurisdiction over their Union Territory/State.
  • Choose the tab containing 'Apply for a Visa'
  • Under the 'Identify visa type' list, select the option containing 'view more' and choose the city with their Consulate/Embassy
  • Select the visa type they want to apply for
  • One needs to fill up the online visa application form or they can simply download the form and fill it
  • Schedule an online visa appointment at the website of the Visa application centre
  • Display their visa appointment and submit the visa form attached with other documents
  • Pay the fees related to visa and give the details of biometric
  • Collect the passport once the visa is issued

Documents Needed to Apply for German Visa for Indians (Germany Visa Requirements)

All German Visa applicants are required to submit several documents during the time of application. Here's a list of all the documents one needs to submit to get a German visa:

  • A certified passport having at least two pages empty with a validity of three months
  • A4 size photocopy of the passport data page
  • Visa application form and declaration
  • Colour passport size pictures (The total number of pictures can vary depending on German visa type)
  • Travel insurance policy
  • Flight book details (in case of Schengen Visa)

Your travel insurance policy should be customised as per your purpose of travel. If you are travelling alone and strictly on a business tour, then a comprehensive business travel insurance policy can be helping in keep you safe throughout your journey.

German Visa Fees

All applicants applying for a German visa for Indians are required to pay a visa fee during the time of submission of the documents and application.

*VFS Global Services charges a service fee besides the German visa fee.

Applicants need to pay the German visa fees through a demand draft. Cash payment is only accepted at the New Delhi Embassy together with the demand draft.

However, applicants under the age of six will not be charged a visa fee.

Travel Insurance for Germany Visa

Germany is a magnificent country with many fascinating views and incredible experiences, completely preferable for doing business and for higher education apart from vacation-related trips. It is undoubtedly a safe country, but no one can rule out the possibility of unpredicted mishaps like accidents, thefts, pickpockets, and sickness while travelling. The only way people can tackle these major issues from hampering the trip is to purchase travel insurance for a Germany visa.

Germany Travel Insurance offers financial assistance to travellers in case of unexpected incidents that may arise while travelling to Germany. It puts forward coverage for emergencies like lost passports, medical-related issues, lost/delayed luggage, flight delay, personal liability, trip cancellations, etc.

In fact, travel insurance is compulsory for every Indian national travelling to Germany. In order to get a German visa, one needs insurance of at least 30,000 euros. In the absence of a certified travel insurance plan, the German Mission will completely reject one's application for a German visa.

People can scroll through Tata AIG's official website and compare travel insurance plans online effortlessly with the help of Tata AIG's robust travel insurance premium calculator.

German Visa Processing Time

The German Missions in India normally takes around 15 days when it comes to processing a Schengen Visa application put forward by an Indian national for a trip to Germany. If they submit the application at the VFS Global's Visa Application Centre, processing times may increase by several days.

However, visa processing time may be extended during times of peak tourist seasons.

How Can One Check Their German Visa?

The German visa applicants can easily check the status of their application by following these steps:

  • One needs to visit the VFS Global for Germany's official website
  • Choose the German Embassy/Consulate where they had applied for their visa
  • Select the tab on the menu bar containing 'Book an appointment’
  • Scroll down the mentioned page and press the 'Track now' button which is under 'Track your application'
  • One needs to enter the last name and reference number
  • After filling the code, then he/she needs to submit the details
  • One's German visa status will be displayed right on the screen straightaway

German Visa - Post-COVID Regulations Update

The Ordinance on Coronavirus Entry Regulations in Germany requires a uniform, nationwide obligation to test, quarantine, provide proof, and impose any bans on carriage from high-risk countries with Covid variants of concern.

The goal of the Ordinance on Coronavirus Entry Regulations is to reduce the risk of infection since travel and border traffic can re-introduce infections/high-risk variants leading to new hot spots of infection.

As of 7 April 2023, the Ordinance on Coronavirus Entry Regulations will expire. After that, entry into Germany will be possible without COVID-related restrictions. For more information on this, along with any updates, you can visit Germany’s Federal Ministry of Heath website.

Reasons for the Rejection of Germany Visa Application

One's application for a German visa can be refused because of the following reasons:

  • Submission of inaccurate/incomplete application form
  • History of immigration crimes or involvement in criminal activities
  • No clear proof of one's plans and purpose from going or returning from Germany
  • Insufficient documentary evidence required to prove one's visa application

Things to Know About Germany

Before travelling to Germany, one must definitely acquaint themselves with some key information about this magnificent country, like:

  • The currency of Germany is Euro.
  • The official language of Germany is German with over 35 dialects.
  • Germany is probably one of the most jam-packed countries in the world (densely populated).
  • The first book that was printed was in German.
  • In public places, smoking is banned.
  • The largest station in Europe is located in Berlin.
  • There are more than 2,100 castles located in Germany.
  • The climate in Germany is moderately continental marked by cold winters.

What Should One Explore When They Arrive in Germany?

Culture, natural beauty, and history perhaps best explain the essence of holidays in Germany. The many historic villages, small towns and cities, abundant forests and mountains give travellers a wide range of choices when choosing a holiday destination to visit.

  • Stroll around the Brandenburg Gate
  • Admire the magnificence of Cologne Cathedral
  • Get lost in the magic of Miniatur Wunderland
  • Pay the dream visit to Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Embark on a thrilling adventure at Europa Park
  • Discover the automobile world at Mercedes Benz Museum
  • Get to feel the thrilling atmosphere of Allianz Arena
  • Enjoy the German traditional food like Brot & Brötchen, Käsespätzle, Currywurst, Schnitzel, Rouladen, etc.
  • Try out roller skating at Berlin's abandoned airport
  • Experience water sports like never before on Germany's glitziest island
  • Don't forget to visit Hamburg's amazing concert hall to catch a concert


Information last updated April 22. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

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