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Portugal as a place is rich in history and culture. The world recognises its historical impact as one of yesteryear's premier trade routes. However, in present times, with trade commerce becoming much easier than before, Portugal is no longer recognised as an important trade route. Today, it is a beautiful country with much to offer regarding tourism and industries. If a person visits Portugal, they will never run out of things to do and places to see. The land is bursting with treasures for the seeker in terms of natural beauty and culture, making it a popular destination. The Portuguese people, known for being friendly and welcoming, make it even more inviting. However, before you start planning your travel to Portugal from India, you need to get your travel medical insurance for Portugal in place. Portugal is part of the Schengen countries, making Portugal travel insurance mandatory. Therefore, anyone wishing to make their way to Portugal first must have their travel insurance plan in hand. Also, when getting international travel insurance, do not only get it because you have to. Understand how a travel insurance plan can help you and then buy a plan accordingly.

If you are looking for the right international travel insurance for Portugal, you need not look beyond Tata AIG’s travel insurance. When you have a travel insurance plan from us, you can be sure you are getting comprehensive coverage. We offer you multiple plans you can choose from, and once you have browsed through them all, you can buy your travel insurance for Portugal online. Our online travel insurance claim, purchase and renewal process is very simple and can be completed in just a few minutes.

That said, let us learn more about what is needed for Portugal travel insurance.

Major Benefits of Purchasing Travel Insurance for Portugal

As we have mentioned, when buying an insurance policy, do not simply buy it because it is something you need to. You should buy travel health insurance for Portugal only when you understand when and how a travel insurance can be helpful for you. One way you can understand why getting the best travel insurance for Portugal is important is by understanding some of its benefits.

Therefore, some benefits you get when buying travel insurance for Portugal online from Tata AIG include;

  • Covid-19 cover
  • Flight cancellation or delay cover
  • Illness and accident cover
  • Personal liability cover
  • Baggage loss or delay cover
  • Hijack cover
  • Passport loss cover
  • Theft cover
  • Plans that can be customised as per your requirements
  • Affordable international travel insurance rates
  • Travel assistance if the insured requires it
  • Plan extension of up to 7 days if your trip and policy are about to expire, but you must stay in Portugal longer because your flight is delayed or cancelled because of any sudden technical or mechanical problems in the plane, the sudden announcement of a job strike by the airport staff or airline carrier staff, or natural disasters.
  • An extension of your travel medical insurance in Portugal for up to 60 days or when you are discharged, whichever comes first, in case you fall sick at the fag end of your trip and require hospitalisation.

Portugal Travel Insurance from India

When you are going abroad, there are several things that you need to be mindful of. First, you must ensure that you have a comprehensive list of what you need to do and follow it very closely. This is because when planning a trip from home, it is often common to forget a thing or two. Now it may not seem like too big a deal in the long run, but it could be a source of inconvenience when you are on your trip. And you know that you do not want anything to go wrong while on the trip. You want to feel secure in the knowledge that you have done all possible to make your trip the best it can be. Your travel insurance plan will make you feel the most secure in such circumstances. For example, if you have the best travel insurance for Portugal, you can travel to Portugal from India feeling at ease.

If you are contemplating which insurance provider might be the best when buying a travel insurance plan, you should not look beyond Tata AIG. As we have said, our plans have been made to ensure you get the best coverage. Furthermore, you will not have to worry about facing any untoward situation without assistance when you have a plan with us. From the loss of a passport to emergency medical evacuation, anything you may need on your trip will be taken care of by us up to policy limits. Also, buying international travel insurance has never been easier as you can buy travel insurance for Portugal online with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Why Do You Need Travel Insurance to Travel to Portugal from India?

When you are going abroad, in most cases, excitement and apprehension go hand in hand. No matter how often you travel abroad for a holiday, the feeling never becomes old. As much as you may want to try new things, it does come with its fair share of fears. However, going for a holiday should always be a good time for everyone. You need to be able to shelve your fears and doubts to enjoy yourself fully. One of the best ways to gain that sense of security and stability abroad is by getting travel insurance. When you have a travel insurance plan, you rest a little easier knowing you are doing all your power to protect yourself in an emergency.

Another reason why travel insurance is so important is that you are investing a significant amount of money into your trip. When you have so much on the line, you want to go the extra mile to ensure that your investment is secure. Travel insurance helps you secure the amount you have put into your travel plans.

One of the premier reasons you need to buy the best travel insurance for Portugal is because Portugal is part of the Schengen countries. So no person who wishes to travel to Portugal from India can do so without having valid insurance. And when you have to get travel insurance for your visit to Portugal, it is always better to go a step ahead and get the best travel insurance for Portugal to ensure you are secure on all ends.

Facing emergencies while abroad is also a popular reason why travel insurance is preferred by many people, regardless of if it is compulsory or not. The future is never certain. We never know when a thing may go wrong. For example, a person may lose their passport while in Portugal or have their flight delayed or even cancelled at the very last moment. Such a situation would leave a person stranded and confused, not knowing what to do next. It could also lead to a person panicking. However, if you have travel insurance for Portugal, you do not need to worry or panic. Your travel insurance plan will be there to find a way out.

Finally, people buy travel insurance plans because of their health. But unfortunately, you can never determine when a person may fall sick. If we have learned anything from the pandemic, it is that health is very precious but also very delicate. And falling sick while a person is abroad is an especially daunting task. However, if you have travel health insurance for Portugal, you will not have to worry. If you are unwell or meet with an accident while in Portugal, your hospitalisation charges will be taken care of by your insurance plan.

Tata AIG's Travel Insurance Portugal Plan: Benefits Offered

If you wish to know the travel insurance benefits from Tata AIG, just read more.

COVID-19 Cover - You should not fear if you get Covid while commuting to or from Portugal. Your travel medical insurance for Portugal will pay for any related expenses if you require hospitalisation, including any medical care, examinations, or isolation measures that you might require. Additionally, we will handle the cancellation of your journey if you, someone from your immediate family, or your travel companion get the disease around the time of the start of your vacation and have to cancel it.

Medical Cover- If you experience any health problems while in Portugal, our travel health insurance for Portugal will make sure you are never left stranded. You could get sick, harmed, or be involved in an accident on your journey. European nations frequently have very high healthcare costs. Therefore, having insurance allows you to receive the necessary medical care while not being concerned about the cost if you end up in the hospital.

Additionally, your travel insurance coverage will be renewed for up to 60 days or when you get discharged, whichever comes first, if you require hospitalisation in the final few days of your vacation when your policy is also expiring.

Baggage Cover - There may be instances when you lose your luggage when on your trip to Portugal. If this happens, you would be forced to spend a lot of money to re-buy all the essential items in your luggage, causing stress. But if you have travel insurance with us, you do not need to worry as we will reimburse you for the essentials you have lost, up to the amount specified in the policy.

Journey Cover- There could be instances where your flight is delayed, your hotel cancels on you, your hotel cancels on you or your flight gets cancelled. These situations can be challenging to deal with on your own. However, if you have journey covers, your insurance will help you manoeuvre these situations.

Other Benefits- Some other benefits you get when you buy an insurance policy from Tata AIG include;

  • A high claim-settlement ratio
  • Reliable customer support
  • Assistance while travelling
  • Buying the policy in Rupees and getting covered in Dollars
  • An easy claim process

Trip to Portugal from India- Visa Information

Before departing on their journey, all Indians who want to visit Portugal must obtain a visa. Portugal does not offer Indians a visa on arrival as many other nations do. Also, remember that Portugal is a part of the Schengen territory and calls for a Schengen visa. A Portugal visa can be obtained by visiting the Embassy of Portugal. Depending on how long you plan to stay in Portugal, you can pick from two categories of Schengen visas. The type of visa you select will also affect how much it costs to travel from India to Portugal.

The Uniform Schengen Visa- A visitor's visa to Portugal is a short-stay or uniform Schengen visa. If you have this visa, you can stay in the nation for 90 days. After being approved, this visa can be used at any time in six months. This visa is valid for either single or multiple admissions into Portugal. People travelling to Portugal for holidays or a short trip to see family or friends typically use the short-stay visa.

The National Schengen Visa- You will require a long-stay visa or a national Schengen visa if you intend to visit Portugal for a long period. This type of visa will be required for anyone travelling to Portugal for study, work, or immigration purposes. The National Schengen Visa typically has a one-year validity, after which you can request a renewal based on your circumstances. Usually, to obtain a long-stay visa, you need to justify your need for the same at the embassy. You should have no issue getting your visa after your cause has been proven valid.

These are the broad categories of visas you need to choose from; under these, there are several other categories you need to know about.

  1. Portugal Visa for Members of Official Delegations
  2. Portugal Tourist Visa
  3. Portugal Airport Transit Visa
  4. Portugal Visa for Business Purposes
  5. Portugal Visa for Study, Training, Research, or other Internship Purposes
  6. Portugal Visa for Medical Purposes
  7. Portugal Visa For The Wife/Husband of a Portuguese citizen
  8. Portugal Visa for Culture, Sports, Film Crew or Religious Purposes
  9. Portugal Visa for Underage Children

Travel from India to Portugal: Documents Required

The documents you will need to submit when applying for a visa for Portugal are as follows;

  1. Round trip tickets.
  2. Fully filled out visa application form containing the correct information.
  3. A passport valid for at least 6 months after your arrival in Portugal and has at least 2 blank pages.
  4. Proof of visa application fees.
  5. Any passports with older visas in case of expired passports.
  6. 2 recent passport-size photographs.
  7. Cover letter with the reason for your trip to Portugal.
  8. Proof of accommodation for the duration of your trip.
  9. Proof of income tax payment.
  10. Income proof shows you can sustain yourself while in Portugal.
  11. Civil status proof.
  12. Travel health insurance for Portugal covers at least €30,000.

The Indian Embassy in Portugal

There are some specific situations where you need the aid of your home country's Embassy while in Portugal. Chances are rare that you will need to go to the Embassy for any help. However, it is always better to know where you need to go in case you do end up needing assistance.

Portugal Trip: Safety and Travel Tips

There are many situations in life where being a little mindful can go a long way in keeping you safe. This becomes especially true when you are in a foreign land, particularly travelling alone. However, being careful alone is not enough. You must have some pointers at the top of your mind to fall back on. Thus, we are sharing some tips that can be helpful when you are travelling abroad.

  • Be mindful at all times when you are in crowded public spaces, especially tourist hotspots, as those are the areas where pickpocketing and theft are the most rampant.
  • Be aware of the local news as it could tell you which places to avoid.
  • Bushfires have been breaking out at several spots in Portugal. Know where these areas are and avoid them.
  • Follow signs and signals carefully while at a beach. A red flag is a sign of when it is not safe to enter the water. Do not enter the water at these times as people have drowned doing this.
  • Be careful of people who are trying to be over-friendly, as tourists can often be a target of various scams.
  • Book your accommodation only from official websites.
  • Beware of earthquakes and be prepared for them at all times.
  • Carry your passport and travel insurance documents with you at all times.

Safety Recommendations for COVID-19

Portugal has lifted most Covid-related restrictions as of 13th August 2022. Travellers no longer need to show proof of vaccination, nor do they have to provide a negative PCR certificate. People from all over the world are invited to Portugal and can visit as per their requirements. The only restrictions that remain are the use of masks in public transportation and healthcare facilities. However, one must keep in mind that Governments are changing their Covid-related rules at all times per the country's needs. Thus, a person must check for updated rules before travelling to Portugal.

If you wish to take some personal precautions regarding Covid, here are a few tips you could keep in mind while in Portugal.

  • Wear a mask at all times, especially in enclosed spaces.
  • Do not go to especially crowded places.
  • Wash and sanitise your hands frequently.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Maintain personal hygiene.
  • Get travel insurance with a Covid cover to get the best care even if you contract the disease.

Major International Airports in Portugal

There are three major international airports in Portugal. They are;

  1. Lisbon Airport
  2. Faro Airport
  3. Porto Airport

Currency and Foreign Exchange

Portugal was among the first countries that accepted the Euro as its currency after becoming part of the European Union in 1986. The Euro is now used widely across the country as the official currency. If you want to convert INR to Euro, click on the link below. 1 INR to EUR- Indian Rupees to Euro Exchange Rate

Most major cards work across the country, however, there may be some places, like local markets and stalls, that do not accept cards. Thus, carrying some amount of cash is always favourable.

A Few Must-Visit Places When in Portugal

Every place has a few spots that one must not leave without visiting. However, when going on trips, most people are limited on time. Thus, having an idea of the places you wish to visit can be very helpful in ensuring that you are making the most of your trip. To help you enjoy your trip to the fullest, we have put together some spots you must not leave without seeing.

  • Sintran Palaces - A few of Portugal's oldest magnificent palaces and castles are found on the heavily wooded hilltops of Sintra, which is not distant from Lisbon. The magnificently opulent and colourful Palácio da Pena is undoubtedly the most impressive. The magnificent castle, one among Portugal's Seven Wonders, is renowned for its lavish Romantic design that combines Gothic, Arab, and Renaissance styles. The castle was constructed during the 19th century to serve as the Portuguese royal family's vacation retreat. Today, it is still employed for official occasions.

  • Lisbon - One of the most beautiful towns in Europe is undoubtedly Portugal's illustrious capital, also home to some of the nation's most recognisable attractions. Among these are the Torre de Belém and the So Jorge Castle. As you wander the cobblestone lanes, you will come across breathtaking plazas with mosaic tile flooring, storybook palaces, and gothic cathedrals. Lisbon is among Portugal's most loved tourist destinations because of its gorgeous architecture and various other attractions.

  • Boulder Village - The settlement of Monsanto, located in Beira Baixa, is perched on the rocky summit of Mons Sanctusin and is reminiscent of a scene out of The Lord of the Rings. It is renowned for its enormous granite boulders that have been utilised in houses dating back to 1174 as ceilings, walls, and floors. The village, which is unique in that it is a living museum, has not changed much throughout the years. The remnants of the mediaeval Castle of Monsanto are also located nearby.

  • Aveiro - The charming city of Aveiro, which is frequently referred to as the Venice of Portugal, is well-known for its exquisite canals, Nouveau concept, and vibrant moliceiros. This traditional fishing neighbourhood is home to various religious structures and is situated on the border of the massive Ria de Aveiro lagoons. Among them are the Aveiro Cathedral featuring its distinctive bell tower, and the Convento de Jesus with its opulent marble mausoleum.

  • Rio Douro Valley - The River Douro valley, famous for producing Port and various other wines, is unquestionably one of Portugal's most beautiful tourist destinations. This breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage Site attracts visitors from around the globe who come to enjoy wine and take in the vineyard-covered highlands. You can visit the wineries while on a road trip, and you might even be able to spend the night in the vineyards.

Best Time to Visit Portugal

The best time to visit Portugal is during the Spring months of March to May. This is when the country is in full bloom, and life is awakening after the cold winter months. However, this is also when tourists flock to Portugal to bask in its beauty. If you wish to avoid crowds, it is recommended that you visit the country in the Fall months of September and October. The crowds have returned to their home bases by now, and you can enjoy the country without too many tourists milling around. You can expect the weather to be warm but not excruciatingly hot during this time of year.


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1. Is travel insurance mandatory for Portugal?

1. Is travel insurance mandatory for Portugal?


As we have mentioned before, Portugal is part of the Schengen countries, and of the travel documents that is mandatory for visiting the country is travel health insurance with a cover of €30,000.

2. Does my travel insurance help if I suddenly fall ill and must be brought back to India?


Yes, there are certain conditions under which your travel insurance will arrange a medical evacuation for you if you require it.

3. Will my travel insurance plan be useful in a flight delay?


Suppose your flight has been delayed due to unavoidable circumstances mentioned in the list of inclusions. In that case, your travel insurance will cover any extra costs you had to incur because of the delay, like food or lodging costs.

4. What is the best travel insurance for Portugal?


The best travel insurance plan for Portugal gives you comprehensive and cost-efficient coverage. It should also come with add-on covers that you can choose from to customise your plans per your needs.

5. What is the age criteria for using Tata AIG’s student travel insurance?


A person must be between the age of 16-35 and studying abroad to avail of student travel insurance.

6. What are some medical exclusions under Tata AIG’s international travel insurance?


Some medical scenarios that are not covered under Tata AIG’s international travel insurance include;

  • If the claim is being made due to pregnancy or related causes
  • If the claimant is travelling against the wish of the doctor
  • If the claim is being made due to self-inflicted harm
  • If the claim is being made for some pre-existing condition
  • If the claim is being made due to medical conditions arising out of drug overdose, abuse of alcohol or unprescribed medicines, mental diseases, or an STD.