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Health Insurance in Nashik

Acquire one of the most effective health insurance policies in India online and get insurance premium quotes with just a few clicks on the web with the help of Tata AIG’s online health insurance premium calculator.

Find Out the Best Health Insurance Policy Online

If you only know Nashik for its numerous vineyards and delectable wine tasting tours, you must also know that this city in Maharashtra has been the centre of trade & commerce for many years. Nashik is beautiful, to say the least. And due to this, many people from all over the country find Nashik a great city to live in.

Now, when we say that Nashik is a great city to live in, we must also tell you that with the rise in population, the rise in several kinds of illnesses is also expected, be it in Nashik or any other part of the world. And with the rise in medical ailments, the surging cost of treatments is unavoidable. Hence, having the right medical insurance plan in place is advisable.

Our lifestyle, pollution, current working conditions, etc., have made almost all of us prone to certain medical conditions like heart, respiratory, skin, and so on. Most of the time, without timely investigation, such conditions can lead to serious consequences and even death in some cases.

However, considering the rising medical treatment costs, most middle-class individuals find it hard to go through extensive treatment procedures in India. Getting admitted to a hospital can make a huge dent in a person’s lifetime savings! This holds true in almost all cities in India; hence, if you are a resident of Nashik, purchasing a health insurance plan could offer you the right kind of mental as well as financial support.

So, if you haven’t invested in individual health insurance or health insurance plans for your family yet, it is just the right time to buy one that you think meets all your insurance-related needs. With Tata AIG’s health insurance, you can get adequate coverage against different ailments. Also, you can get the benefit of cashless hospitalisation.

From taking care of the ambulance, consultation, hospitalisation, and OPD charges to many other things, your health insurance in Nashik policy with Tata AIG can be a boon! With us, you can also compare health insurance plans online, know more about the policy inclusions and exclusions, and then pick a plan that best suits your needs!

Top Advantages of a Tata AIG Medical Insurance Plan for Nashik

Tata AIG is one of the leading private insurers in the country. So, when you decide on opting for health insurance in Nashik with us, you will be awarded the following advantages –

  • Cashless Hospitalisation Benefits

Tata AIG has a network of more than 60 hospitals in Nashik where you can avail yourself of the benefit of cashless hospitalisation. Suppose you decide to get admitted to any of these network hospitals in Nashik. In that case, you can receive treatment without paying anything from your pockets if you have a valid health insurance plan from Tata AIG. The hospital admission paperwork is hassle-free with this benefit, and once your treatment is over, your bills will be taken care of by us!

  • No Claim Bonus (NCB) Discount

If you haven’t filed any claim in the past related to your health insurance with Tata AIG, you will be eligible to get an NCB discount from us. This discount would be a cumulative bonus of 10-50 per cent of the total sum insured. Therefore, you can enhance the coverage options in your insurance plan without even paying anything extra.

  • Hassle-free Online Processes

Tata AIG's online health insurance purchase, renewal and claiming processes are easy and hassle-free. This saves a lot of time for the policyholders; they can also get solutions to their insurance-related queries in just a few minutes!

  • The Tata Promise

Tata, as a brand, believes that trust, unmatched customer service, and providing the right solutions to the policyholders are something that each insurance provider should strive for. As a result, our diverse team of experts are constantly trying to ensure that all your medical insurance plan-related needs are met on time.

  • All-Around Customer Support

Tata AIG offers 24/7 customer care and assistance. So, no matter your queries, you can reach out to us anytime, even during the weekends! Our team will promptly answer all your queries.

Why Should You Choose Tata AIG Health Insurance?

Tata AIG always aims to offer its policyholders the right and the most comprehensive insurance coverage. Also, our online health insurance plans are affordable yet offer extensive coverage against many ailments. Our online insurance coverage starts at just ₹15 per day*.

And this isn’t enough because our coverage options are equally impressive and vast! So, no matter your insurance needs, we’ve got your back! Here are a few more reasons to choose Tata AIG for your health insurance needs -

  • Hassle-free policy renewal & purchase online: Tata AIG knows that life is fast, and nobody has a lot of time to spare, even for buying something as essential as a health insurance plan. Hence, our online renewal and purchase processes are easy, swift, and hassle-free.

  • Compare & buy plans online: With us, you can easily compare different policies online, learn more about the policy inclusions, exclusions, and prices, and then choose a plan per your feasibility. All of these can happen with the help of our online health insurance premium calculator instantly!

  • Get expert advice: In case of any policy-related issues or concerns, you can get in touch with us directly and get expert help in no time! For raising a claim, you can get help from our claim experts. This way, none of your claims would go unanswered, and you will be able to reap the benefits of your insurance plan as early as possible.

  • Unmatched Claim Settlement Ratio: Tata AIG’s health insurance claim settlement ratio was 94.43% in FY 2020-2021. It very well shows how our team of experts will always have your back in an emergency. Basically, no matter when you contact us, we will keep no stones unturned to help you!

  • Zero lengthy documentation: Our online policy renewal, buying, and claiming processes are environment-friendly as they are absolutely paperless. So, with us, you can take a step ahead in supporting the environment by opting for the zero-paperwork policy. With us, you will get your insurance policy online.

  • No medical examination needed: Finally when you buy an insurance plan with us, you will not have to undergo extensive medical tests. However, we will contact you directly if we need any particular detail related to your medical history.

With our hassle-free online processes, you can buy or renew health insurance in just a few simple steps. You will also be able to pay for the policy online, and we will send your valid medical insurance plan to your registered email or mobile number.

Find a Hospital Near You in Nashik

Tata AIG’s online network hospital locator makes it super simple to find a network hospital near you. You will just need to enter the city's name and get the whole list of network hospitals in Nashik where you can avail of the cashless hospitalisation benefit.

Benefits of Cashless Hospitalisation with Tata AIG

With health insurance in Nashik from Tata AIG, you can benefit from cashless hospitalisation. As discussed briefly above, with this feature, you can get admitted to a network hospital of your choice and get treated without worrying about paying the bills on the spot. This way, you can focus on getting better while our team will take care of the expenses. Here are a few more benefits of cashless hospitalisation –

  • Immediate medical assistance: At the time of getting the necessary medical attention, you should not stress over the cost of the treatment. Hence, with Tata AIG’s health insurance, you can start the treatment without paying a single penny at the network hospital. So, this way, once your treatment is over and you are back home, we will clear the bills on your behalf.

  • Instant medical support in case of a medical emergency: Getting treated for an accident or sudden medical emergency might seem scary if you do not have the needed financial savings. But with a Tata AIG medical insurance plan, you can get treated at the best hospitals in Nashik even during medical emergencies without worrying about finances! With the cashless hospitalisation benefit, you can start getting treated at one of the network hospitals near you, as we'll take care of everything else.

  • Wide network of hospitals: Tata AIG has over 7,200 network hospitals across the country. This ensures that in case of a medical emergency, you can always receive the right treatment without having the right savings. You can just get treated at the hospital without worrying about the costs.

  • Easy documentation: While getting treated at a network hospital, you will not have to go through any lengthy documentation process. With us, you can skip the time-consuming documentation procedures. So, to start with the treatment, you just need your insurance policy number, and that’s it!

  • Quick Claim Settlement Process: The cashless hospitalisation benefit makes the bill-paying procedure absolutely easy and hassle-free. Our health insurance claim settlement process is quick and straightforward. For instance, generally, you will need to make the payment while filing for a compensation claim. However, with our cashless hospitalisation feature, the network hospital will first finish your treatment, and then we will settle the bills on your behalf.

Tata AIG Hospital List in Nashik

The high medical treatment costs in Nashik necessitate that each resident must have the right health insurance in place. This is important because there should be no compromise regarding getting the right medical attention in times of crisis. So, when looking for a medical insurance plan in Nashik, you must always look for the cashless hospitalisation feature.

From heart ailments and respiratory issues to accidental injuries, your valid health plan will assist you in getting the right treatment in Nashik. Tata AIG’s health insurance in India will also offer you the best kind of coverage benefits. Therefore, with Tata AIG’s health insurance plans, you can reap the maximum benefits of health insurance at affordable pricing.

Here is a list of a few network hospitals in Nashik where you can get the cashless hospitalisation facility

Network Hospital Name Network Hospital Address
Ankur Maternity Home And Diagnostic Centre Plot No 1, Vrindavan Nagar, Near Mauli Lawn, Opp. Sai Petrol Pump, I.T.I. Ambad Link Road
Antara Hospital Pvt Ltd. Maternity Nursing Home Opp. Soni Paithani, Kulkarni Colony Sharanpur Road, City: Nashik, Dist: Nashik, State: Maharashtra-422002
Apex Kidney Care Pvt Ltd (Nashik) 487/A Punyai, Kelkar Hospital, Ashok Stambh, City: Nashik, Dist: Nashik, State: Maharashtra-422002
Apollo Hospital Swaminarayan Nagar, Nashik
Arham Eye Care Nursing Home Rachna Vidyalay Road, Canada Corner, City: Nashik, Dist: Nashik, State: Maharashtra-422002
Asher Hospital Loksahkar Nagar, Opp Kachchilohana Mangal Karyalaya Dindori Naka Panchavati Nashik 422003
Ashwini Accident Hospital 26, Govindnagar, Mumbai Naka
Birla Eye Hospital B-180, Opp. Zilla Parishad, Trimbak Road, Near Pooja International Hotel
Chirayu Childrens Hospital G Mall, 2Nd Floor, Gaikwad Mala, Behind Om Hospital
Citycare Hospital & Research Centre Pvt. Ltd. Poornima Bus Stop Dwarka City: Nashik, Dist: Nashik, State: Maharashtra-422011

These are just some of the network hospitals in Nashik. However, if you wish to see the entire list of 66 network hospitals in the city, you may follow these below-mentioned steps –

  • Visit our website’s network hospital locator page;
  • Enter ‘Nashik’ and click on the ‘Search’ button;
  • Now, you will be able to see the entire list of network hospitals in Nashik along with their addresses.
  • Alternatively, you can also use the map to locate Tata AIG’s network hospitals in Nashik.

Tata AIG’s Online Health Insurance Calculator

Before you buy health insurance online with Tata AIG, you can also compare the different insurance plans online with our health insurance calculator. All our health insurance plans are curated to offer maximum insurance-related benefits to the policyholders. However, we understand that each of you will have specific needs and concerns related to the policies. Hence, this insurance calculator will make things easier for you by offering you every single detail related to the insurance plans.

With the health insurance calculator online, you can learn more about the coverage benefits, the policy exclusions and inclusions, and premium costs. Our super affordable insurance plans start at just ₹15/day* and are still designed to offer comprehensive insurance benefits.

Our online health insurance premium calculator will help you compare and pick the right medical insurance plan in just a few minutes. It will also come in handy when you want to renew your existing Tata AIG insurance plan. Also, using this online calculator is pretty simple. All you need to do is enter your basic details, choose the right coverage options per your needs, and get all the details in front of you on the screen.

Tata AIG Health Insurance User Testimonials

  • My experience of policy purchase with Tata AIG has been phenomenal. The whole process was swift and easy. I am also very happy with the coverage options. – Ankit Awasthi

  • Tata AIG’s online policy renewal process is easy and hassle-free. Also, I have now moved to a comprehensive insurance plan at an affordable premium cost. – Anu Sharma

  • Tata AIG’s claim experts have been of great help when I had to file a claim recently. I also got the compensation within a few days of raising the claim. – Pihu Goel

  • Tata AIG’s online policy buying process is quick. I could buy one for my family in just a few minutes. I am extremely happy and satisfied with my purchase. – Rahul Singh

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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