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Health Insurance in Indore

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Overview of Tata AIG Network Hospitals in Indore

Indore, a beautiful city in Madhya Pradesh, is a very popular travel destination in India. From Annapurna Temple to Lal Baag Palace, there are a number of places to visit in Indore. Again, like in other Indian cities, medical treatment costs have risen in the past in Indore as well. However, as diseases are on the rise, a health insurance policy is prudent for every individual living in Indore.

Whether you need medical assistance for Covid-19 or for some other sudden illness or health issue, with a robust medical insurance plan, you can get treated at a hospital in Indore without worry! Also, such an insurance policy will keep your pockets safe as it will take care of paying the bills on your behalf.

At Tata AIG, you can compare health insurance plans online and then choose one that suits your need and budget the best. So, even if you are not a resident of Indore, you should think about opting for health insurance. And in Indore, there are 31 network hospitals with Tata AIG. So, no matter what your healthcare concerns are, you can get treated in one of these hospitals without worrying about paying the bills. How? Well, our cashless hospitalisation benefit will help!

Tata AIG’s COVID insurance cover will also protect you and your family against the medical treatment and hospitalisation costs that you may incur from the treatment of this virus. Also, there are a number of benefits of a health insurance plan that you can avail yourself of with us. Cashless hospitalisation is one of them, and with this, you can start getting treated in one of your selected network hospitals without worrying about paying the bills on the spot!

Once you go back home after your treatment, we will settle the bills on your behalf directly with the hospital. This way, you can go back home to your loved ones and simply pay attention on getting well. Basically, with Tata AIG’s health insurance in Indore policy in place, you can keep off the hassles of lengthy claim settlement processes as we will take care of everything!

A Few Highlights of Tata AIG’s Medical Insurance Plan

  • Swift and Easy Online Purchase/Renewal/Claim Process

When you renew or buy your health insurance in India policy with Tata AIG, you can do it easily online. The online processes are effortless, and you will not have to waste a lot of time! Even when filing a claim with us, you will just have to spend a few minutes on our website. Our hassle-free and swift online processes are designed to help you find the perfect solution to your choice without any delays.

  • 24x7 Customer Support

Our unmatched customer assistance throughout the day ensures that your queries are solved any time, from anywhere. Our customer service team assures that all your problems related to your policies are solved on time. Hence, you can just reach out to us anytime, and we will be more than happy to help you with your queries.

  • Cashless Hospitalisation Benefit

With Tata AIG health insurance plans for family, you will have access to more than 7000+ network hospitals across the country. And in each one of those hospitals, you can avail of the cashless hospitalisation benefit. Hence, you will not have to worry about paying the bills on the spot or filling up lengthy documents.

  • No Claim Bonus Discount

If you haven’t filed any claim in the past on your health insurance, you can get a cumulative bonus of 10-50% on your policy’s sum insured from Tata AIG. Thus, you will be able to increase your health insurance coverage up to 100% without paying any extra premiums.

  • The Trust of Tata

Tata AIG believes that trust, quality service, and timely customer assistance to the best of our abilities go a long way in building a fruitful relationship! Our team, therefore, always goes the extra mile to ensure that all your insurance-related needs are met on time.

Why Choose Tata AIG Medical Insurance Plan?

We would always want our policyholders to have a health insurance policy that offers comprehensive protection against several health-related woes. Also, we make sure that in order to get the insurance benefits, they will have to pay an affordable premium. Hence, with our wide array of health insurance policies that start only at ₹15* per day, we can assure you that you can totally rely on us for all your health insurance needs. These are just a few of the various benefits you can enjoy with a health insurance policy from Tata AIG -

  • Easy Buy/Renewal :

With Tata AIG’s online health insurance plan, you will be able to save a lot of time and effort when buying or renewing your health insurance policy. Moreover, our online health insurance calculator will help you to choose a premium that suits your pocket.

  • Compare & Buy :

Our online health insurance premium calculator will help you compare health insurance so that you can go through all the benefits, features, exclusions, and premiums before narrowing down on a final choice.

  • Get Expert Assistance :

Tata AIG’s team of health insurance claim experts will guide you at every step of the claim settlement process. This ensures that you will be able to receive all the benefits related to your chosen policy at the earliest. Hence, no matter what your queries are, we will always be available to assist you!

  • Claim Settlement Ratio :

Tata AIG’s health insurance claim settlement ratio of 94.43 per cent in FY 2020-21 is an assurance that we will help you out swiftly in case of an emergency. You can just contact us, and we will have your claim settled at the earliest.

  • Zero Lengthy Documentation :

Our online purchase, renewal, and claiming process for insurance plans ensures that we stay paperless and green. So, when you choose us, you will also take the right step towards reducing paper waste and staying green. You will just have access to a compact soft copy of your health policy online.

  • No Health Check-up :

When you buy a medical insurance plan from Tata AIG, you will not have to go through any mandatory health check-up for getting a policy. However, if we do need any information on your medical history, we will reach out to you! With us, you can purchase or renew your plan in just a few steps, and also make the online premium payment in a few minutes!

Search for a Hospital Near You

Finding a hospital near you is now easy with the Tata AIG network hospital locator. Simply enter the name of the city or your nearest location to find more about any of our network hospitals in Indore in order to avail yourself of our cashless hospitalisation benefit!

Benefits of cashless hospitalization with Tata AIG

If you opt for health insurance in Indore with Tata AIG, our cashless hospitalisation benefit will allow you to get treated in one of our network hospitals without worrying about paying the bills on the spot. Instead, you can just focus on getting better and go back home to your family, while our team will settle your medical bills on your behalf directly with the hospital. Here are some of the other benefits of cashless hospitalisation benefit with Tata AIG –

  • Instant financial assistance

When you are faced with a medical emergency, we want to ensure that you get access to the necessary medical treatment without having to worry about paying the hefty bills. With cashless hospitalisation, you do not have any money because your Tata AIG health insurance policy will take care of paying the bills.

  • Immediate medical treatment during emergencies

If you do not have the required money in hand, it could be an obstacle during medical emergencies. Also, this can hamper your timely treatment. But with Tata AIG’s cashless hospitalisation facility, you can put these monetary troubles to rest. You can just visit a nearby network hospital that’s closest to you and get admitted directly or admit your family member and we will take care of the rest.

  • Wide network of hospitals

With more than 7000+ hospitals all around India, we ensure that in times of a medical emergency, you can avail of the best of cashless treatment, no matter where you are living. This will save a lot of time as you will start getting the needed treatment from one of your nearest network hospitals, and you will also not have to think about going through the tiresome bill payment process.

  • Swift documentation

You will only need a few relevant documents, like your Tata AIG health insurance plan and your health card, to start your treatment. This way, you can avoid tedious paperwork processes before and after you are admitted to one of the network hospitals. So, your mental burden will be away from you while submitting the documents.

  • Quick claim settlement process

With Tata AIG, you can easily settle your hospital bills. You will not have to wait for the reimbursement after you claim your insurance as we will settle the bills on your behalf when your treatment is over. This is probably the most helpful feature of cashless hospitalisation from Tata AIG.

Tata AIG Hospital List in Indore

Indore has several top-notch healthcare facilities and hospitals. And as there has been a steady rise in diseases, it’s important to be able to reach out to a hospital where you can avail of the best possible treatment. But with skyrocketing treatment costs, even a simple illness can burn a hole in your pockets. This is why a health insurance policy from Tata AIG with the cashless hospitalisation benefit is prudent.

Here is a list of a few of the network hospitals in Indore where you can avail of the cashless hospitalisation facility with a Tata AIG’s health insurance in Indore –

Name of the Network Hospital Address of the Network Hospital
Apollo Rajshree Hospitals Pvt Ltd Scheme No 74 C, Sec - D Vijay Nagar Near Power House Indore 452010 Dist Indore Madhya Pradesh
Banthia Hospital 10, Tirupati Nagar, Airport Rd., Indore
CENTRE FOR SIGHT- INDORE SAPNA SANGEETA Plot no. 18, Jindal Heights, Sapna Sangeeta Road In Front of Vikram Tower
Choithram Hospital & Research Centre 14, Manik Bagh Road
Convenient Hospitals Ltd. Lig Square, A. B. Road
Curewell Hospital #19/1-C New Palasia
Gaurav Hospital 2A, Rani Bagh, Sector-A, Khandwa Naka, Next to Radhaswami Satsang, Indore, Dist. Indore, State: Madhya Pradesh - 452009
Global SNG Hospital 16/1 South Tukoganj Kanchan Bag Indore 452001 Dist. Indore Madhya Pradesh
Greater Kailash Hospital Pvt. Ltd. 11/2, Old Palasia, Indore 425018 Dist. Indore Madhya Pradesh

These are some of the network hospitals in Indore. If you wish to find out more about the other network hospitals in the city, follow these steps -

  • Go to the Tata AIG network hospital locator on our official website.
  • Select Enter City, type “Indore”, and click on Search to proceed.
  • You will now see the list of hospitals and their respective addresses.
  • Alternatively, you can also see the map to check the location of all the Tata AIG network hospitals in Indore.

Health Insurance Calculator

With Tata AIG’s online health insurance calculator, you can go through the various customizable health insurance policies and choose one that suits your needs the best. Each of our health insurance is designed to offer the maximum benefits at affordable premiums.

Our affordable health insurance plans start at ₹15 per day*, which provides comprehensive coverage against health-related issues. Therefore, it gets easier for you to avail of quality health care and insurance benefits at a reputable network hospital of your choice.

The health insurance calculator online will help you compare the policies and buy the one that goes easy on your pockets. This is a handy online tool that you can use to renew your current Tata AIG health insurance policy as well.

You can use the health insurance premium calculator to get instant quotes for the health insurance plans, and for that, you just need to fill in some basic details to proceed. The calculator will present you with suitable quotes for your chosen policy so that you can make an informed choice and get adequate health insurance in Indore.

Tata AIG Health Insurance User Reviews

  • I was searching for the best kind of coverage options in a health insurance policy at affordable pricing, and I got it online with Tata AIG.

– Avinash Singh.

  • With Tata AIG, I could find the right insurance plan at the most affordable premium. The insurance buying process was so easy.

– Rubina Syed.

  • Tata AIG’s health insurance calculator online helped me find a plan that suited my health insurance needs perfectly

– Asim Sen.

  • I was looking for health insurance for my family in Indore, and I found the right one with Tata AIG.

– Abhishek Maheshwari.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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