Car Insurance in Delhi

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Car Insurance in Delhi

The capital of India, Delhi, is known as the political powerhouse of the nation. With the city surrounded by four major states and people from across the nation, its culture is unlike any other city. The population of the city is one of the highest in the country, and despite having multiple options for public transport, many individuals prefer using their own cars.

Car Insurance in Delhi Overview

It is common knowledge that it is mandatory to have valid car insurance when driving a vehicle to safeguard yourself from unexpected financial costs in case of an accident. Ironically, Delhi tops the country in the number of road accidents every year, which makes it all the more important to have insurance for car.

Why should you buy TATA AIG car insurance in Delhi?

TATA AIG car insurance is one of the most wholesome insurance covers available for your car in Delhi. Read ahead to know the details about the insurance cover.

The TATA brand value and trust: The TATA brand is over 150 years old, known for its values and trust amongst its customers. The TATA AIG car insurance has been delivering on the same values for the last 20 years and is known to keep its promises.

Comprehensive cover: TATA AIG provides a unique option of comprehensive car insurance to its customers in Delhi, which provides its own damage cover, as well as third party cover. This provides holistic coverage against any issues that might come up.

Cover against various losses or damage: The insurance provides coverage against any damage to the car or financial loss incurred due to accidents, theft, fire, terrorist activities, natural calamities, or riots.

Personal accident cover: Under the personal accident cover, if you, or the driver of the car, have sustained any injuries, the policy will provide you with insurance to seek medical treatment.

Third-party coverage: Under third party insurance, in case you meet with an accident, the insurance policy will provide financial relief not only to repair your car but also safeguard the third party who has been injured or has faced material losses during the accident.

High claim-settlement record: TATA AIG prides itself on maintaining a high claim-settlement record. For FY 20-21, their claim-settlement ratio was as high as 98%.

Expansive network of garages: With over 7500+ cashless garages spread over the country, TATA AIG will surely leave you with more than a few options to select a garage in Delhi.

Optional riders for added benefits: To enhance the coverage provided by the company, it offers over 13 riders to its customers, who can select from the options available and create a customized insurance plan.

Dedicated customer support team: A dedicated team of 650 claim experts work round the clock to provide their customers with maximum support to settle their claims.

Car insurance plans in Delhi

If you are buying or planning to renew auto insurance in Delhi, do consider TATA AIG car insurance for its excellent features that are mentioned below.

TATA AIG provides comprehensive car insurance that provides dual benefits of liability to third parties, as well as own damages cover.

The Zero Depreciation Cover offered to the customers can be added on to safeguard your car without having to worry about the car’s depreciating value.

TATA AIG allows you to determine your four-wheeler insurance price with their customizable insurance plan that provides insurance for your needs.

An attractive No Claim Bonus (NCB) on the insurance for the car is an added incentive to buy the insurance policy. If you go a year without raising any insurance claim, the company offers you a discount of 20% in the first year. The discount percentage goes up each year that the claim is not made, with a maximum limit of 50%.

How to file a claim?

TATA AIG car insurance claim is known for its easy and quick method of raising claims online. Read ahead to know about the step-by-step process:

Do not forget to inform the Tata AIG customer care as soon as possible after the accident, damage or theft. We will help you with a further course of action.

  • Go to the TATA AIG Claims Process page.
  • Select Raise a Claim.
  • Provide us with the relevant details as displayed on the screen. Click on Submit.
  • Submit all the relevant documents that are needed for the claim processing. Duly filled claim form First Information Report (FIR) in case of an accident No Trace Report from the police if your vehicle is stolen Legal Notice of the concerned party in case of third-party liabilities Policy documents Personal details - address and identification proof Hospital bills in case of personal accident claim Repair bills from the garage (in case of reimbursement claims) Any other document as required for claim settlement
  • If your car suffered damages and needs repairs, take it to a network garage for repairs. This will help you file a cashless claim.
  • We will verify the claim. If your claim meets the guidelines laid down in your policy document, we will settle your claim.

Need for car insurance in Delhi

Delhi, the national capital of India, is one of the busiest cities in the country. With an ever-growing population that is always on the move. With a massive number of vehicles on the road, Delhi is notorious for the growing number of road accidents every year. The fact that the city shares its borders with four major states, which add to the number of busses and trucks on the road, often becomes a challenge for the authorities to manage the inflow of traffic.

As per the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, it is mandatory to have valid third-party car insurance when driving your car. While the third party car insurance provides you with financial assistance in case the third party is harmed in any way, a comprehensive cover also provides coverage against own-damages. Having holistic car insurance can be beneficial in the long run, regardless of the car insurance price in Delhi. The insurance will also provide you cover against other factors like theft of the car, damages to your car in case of a riot, or any natural calamity, all of which are common in a city like Delhi.

While it may seem that the four wheeler insurance prices are high, you can always opt to customize your insurance plan to suit your needs and budget. As the saying goes, “It is better to be safe than sorry”, by buying car insurance, you will be at peace mentally.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

Frequently Asked Question

Which is the cheapest car insurance in Delhi?


Many factors impact the premium cost of the car insurance, such as coverage provided, the insured declared value of your car, etc. With TATA AIG, you can opt for a customized insurance plan that you can mould as per your requirements. To check the car insurance premium price for your policy, check out our free four-wheeler insurance calculator today!

Is 5 years of insurance mandatory?


No, as per the new ruling of the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), in June 2020, the mandatory long-term insurance plan was scrapped owing to rising on-road prices and the falling sales of cars.

Is there a way to check my car insurance details online?


You can visit our Self-Service Page for detailed information about your existing Tata AIG motor insurance policy. You can also check the website of the Insurance Information Bureau (IIB) to have a look at the status of any car insurance policy.

Does Tata AIG allow the renewal of expired car insurance policies in Delhi?


Yes, you can renew lapsed car insurance. You get a grace period of about 30 days to renew an expired car insurance policy with Tata AIG and retain the insurance benefits, especially the NCB discount. You can also renew the expired policy of other insurance providers with Tata AIG.