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Car Insurance In Hyderabad

Hyderabad, popularly known as the Pearl City, is famed for its Biryani, Nawabi culture, Osmania biscuits, and Irani cafés. The city is the state capital of Telangana. After serving as the capital of the Nizams of Hyderabad for over 350 years, the city's immersed in Deccani culture. The city is currently well-known for its biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and IT firms, as well as its Deccani cuisine.

Roads account for 10% of the city area in Hyderabad. The city is connected to Karimnagar, Ramagundam, and Shamirpet through State Highway 1. It is linked to Kodangal, Parigi, and Chevella via State Highway 4. National Highway 44, which runs through Hyderabad, links India's south and north. Hyderabad and Pune are linked by NH65.

Hyderabad's GDP was $74 billion in 2021, and it's one of the rapidly-growing cities in India. The city's expanding prosperity is also reflected in the vast number of vehicles on its streets. Cars, in fact, are preferred by many individuals over other forms of transportation since they are generally private, comfortable, and anonymous. But, when it comes to four-wheelers, can car insurance policy be far behind?

Car Insurance in Hyderabad: A Brief Overview

The country's booming economy has spurred an upward movement in improving Indians' lifestyles. Possessing a four-wheeler is no longer considered a luxury, especially in cities. The city of Hyderabad is no exception. Cars of all categories move the metropolis of pearls and nawabs, backed by a rich tradition and propelled onward by the IT boom.

Car insurance is an essential component of owning one. Car insurance costs may be a financial strain for many of us. However, the benefits of 4-wheeler insurance translate into peace of mind. It is required by law. As per the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India or IRDAI, motor insurance is India's largest non-life insurance category, accounting for 47.90 per cent of the market in 2013-14. So, get proper insurance for your car, because it is a security cover for owner-drivers as well as fellow drivers every time.

Why Should You Purchase Tata AIG Car Insurance in Hyderabad?

Four-wheeler insurance safeguards the owner-driver, their car, as well as third-party property and vehicles, from risks and unanticipated mishaps. It is mandatory in India to have valid and running four-wheeler insurance at all times. The Indian Government recently modified the Motor Vehicles Act, and one of the amendments was to make third-party car insurance compulsory. Four-wheeler insurance is also vital for personal protection in the event of an unforeseen accident that results in car loss or damage.

A four-wheeler insurance coverage can also shield you from personal liability in the event of third-party property damage. But, before you buy car insurance online, ask yourself if you're making the appropriate choice. Aside from having a pocket-friendly and appealing car insurance premium in Hyderabad, listed below are a few more reasons why you should obtain Insurance for four-wheelers from Tata AIG:

Range of Add-ons for Comprehensive Protection : When you purchase car insurance online or offline from us, you do not just get complete coverage but also get the whole package with reasonable and personalised four-wheeler add-on covers. Some of the covers are as follows:

  • No-Claim Bonus (NCB) Protection Cover
  • Return to Invoice Coverage
  • Coverage for Roadside Assistance
  • Personal Accident Insurance (for the owner-driver)
  • Engine Secure Coverage
  • Depreciation Reimbursement Coverage
  • Key Replacement Coverage, etc.

High Claim Resolution Percentage : Pin your faith in the numbers. We only wish the best for our policyholders, therefore we settle all deserving four-wheeler insurance claims that come our way. During the fiscal year 2020-2021, Tata AIG has settled more than 98 percent of the claims that came our way.

Instant and No-Fuss Services : Every procedure at Tata AIG is swift, easy, and paperless. From renewing or purchasing insurance for four-wheelers to filing a claim, each procedure takes just a few minutes and can be completed from the convenience of your own home or while travelling.

Wide Network of Garages : With more than 7,500 garages affiliated with Tata AIG, you can be certain that you may obtain four-wheeler repair services no matter where you are in the nation. Furthermore, you can stroll into any one of our network garages and be compensated as soon as possible.

Four Wheeler Insurance in Hyderabad

Tata AIG has been a leading player in the insurance business of India for the past two decades, providing bespoke four-wheeler insurance coverage at affordable rates. Our car insurance in Hyderabad is essentially split into two types: Third-party four-wheeler insurance and Comprehensive four-wheeler insurance.

Comprehensive Four-wheeler Insurance : It's the most popular four-wheeler insurance policy in Hyderabad. It just not protects the car owner-driver, occupants, and the vehicle from damage but also protects the insured against costs and liability resulting from third-party damage, death, or injury.

Third-Party Four-wheeler Insurance : In contrast to its counterpart, third-party four-wheeler insurance just covers losses to a third party, like death, property damage, or injury, and is required by law across Hyderabad. It provides the insured with no self-protection.

It would be prudent to select a comprehensive four-wheeler insurance policy. Though it has a higher premium rate, it shields you against unexpected costs in the event of a mishap.

You may purchase or renew your existing four-wheeler insurance online at Tata AIG. Our web portal makes it simple for you to renew or purchase car insurance online with zero to little paperwork.

How to File Car Insurance Claim Online with Tata AIG?

You can file a Tata AIG four-wheeler insurance claim online in three simple steps. You just need to complete the following:

  • Launch your web browser and visit the "Claim Support" page in order to file your insurance claim.
  • Select the 'Raise a Claim' option and fill out the application form.
  • Input essential information (like licence details, policy number, accident information, and so on).
  • Choose between reimbursement or cashless claim settlement.

Just wait for a couple of hours till we validate your insurance claim, following which we'll transport your four-wheeler to the nearest Tata AIG network garage. In the event of robbery or theft, we'll require a Non-Traceable Report from the police.

You should also wait for the garage to complete the car repair and get your insurance claim settled in your preferred way. In the event of total loss or theft, Tata AIG will refund you for the applicable amount promised.

Filing Car Insurance Claim in Hyderabad: Documents Required

Make a list of the following papers that are generally requested for four-wheeler insurance claim resolution:

  • Claim Application form duly completed
  • File an FIR (First Information Report) in the event of an accident
  • File a Non-Traceable Report from the police if your car is stolen
  • The relevant party must provide legal notice in the event of third-party liabilities
  • Insurance policy papers
  • Personal information - proof of identification and address
  • Hospital bills in the event of a personal accident claim
  • Garage-related repair expenses (for reimbursement claims)
  • Any other documentation necessary for claim resolution

Need for Four-Wheeler Insurance in Hyderabad

City traffic can be a source of concern. Despite having numerous flyovers, it has almost been impossible to dodge the traffic congestion in Hyderabad. It is the same situation in every big Indian city. To make matters worse, bumper-to-bumper traffic can cause accidents with the slightest of negligence on the driver’s part which may lead to expensive accidental claims.

City traffic can be a source of concern. Despite having numerous flyovers, it has almost been impossible to dodge the traffic congestion in Hyderabad. It is the same situation in every big Indian city. To make matters worse, bumper to bumper traffic can cause accidents with the slightest of negligence on the driver’s part which may lead to expensive accidental claims.

Steer clear of personal and vehicle damage charges by obtaining a four-wheeler insurance plan. Here are some scenarios where having insurance for your car can be helpful:

Bumper to Bumper Traffic: Hyderabad, like other Indian metropolises, is growing at a rapid rate. Because of the large population and visitors from all over the world, the roads are always congested with vehicles and other modes of public transit. The planned metro building projects have also fueled the fire. With over 2.8 million cars entering the city each year, traffic congestion in Hyderabad is a big concern for drivers.

Flooding and a Terrible Drainage System: One of the city's primary issues is the sewage system's deplorable state. The densely populated city has a poor drainage system. Wastewater from all across the city runs onto the road, severely damaging it by causing potholes. Heavy rains and floods are also wearing down the roadways. The roads remain in deplorable condition due to the government's failure to take immediate action.

Car Theft in Hyderabad: Car theft is another huge issue in Hyderabad. In Hyderabad, more than 600 automobile theft instances have been reported in 2019. The lack of approved parking makes it easy for criminals to take automobiles parked in dangerous areas. The majority of these stolen vehicles are eventually sold in other states with changed licence plates. This makes it harder for authorities to locate stolen vehicles.

At Tata AIG, we value your concern for your four-wheeler. Our unmatched network of cashless network garages allows you to commute easily around Hyderabad. We've around 7,500 cashless garages throughout the country. Also, Tata AIG's cashless garages and roadside assistance help you to drive with confidence, ensuring peace of mind.

Tata AIG also provides a variety of plans to guarantee that you have options that meet both your budget and needs. Our online car insurance premium calculator lets you calculate how much you'll have to pay in premiums based on the coverage you pick. But we suggest you compare car insurance plans on Tata AIG to find the one suited best for you.

Tata AIG Network Cashless Garage List in Hyderabad

Do not be concerned about getting your car fixed! Find the nearest authorised garage in our vast network. You may get first-rate services and rapid cashless repairs. Tata AIG offers cashless car repair services at 70 sites in Hyderabad. You may get hassle-free four-wheeler servicing at any one of our network garages. Listed below are some of the network garages across Hyderabad:

Garage Name Address
Orange Auto Private Limited B/45&46 Industrial Estate, Sanathnagar, Hyderabad, Telangana - 500018
Concorde Motors (India) Ltd. B 51, Apiic Industrial Estate, Bakalit Hylem Sanath Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana - 500018
Vibrant Automobiles India Pvt. Ltd 7-2-1851, Fathe Bagh, Opp. Boc, Adj. Fci, Sanathnagar, Hyderabad, Telangana - 500018
T V Sundaram Iyengar & Sons Limited 67, M.g.road, Ranigunj, Hyderabad, Telangana - 500003
Talwar Mobiles Pvt. Ltd. 207/ A, Cantonment, Tadbund Road, Tadbund, Hyderabad, Telangana - 500009
Harsha Cars Private Limited Sy No 12 D No. 5 5 1095, Malleshwari Complex, Chintalkunta L B Nagar Hyderabad, Telangana - 500074
Adishwar Auto Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. Survey No: 32& 33, Near Mmr Gardens, Bowenpally, Hyderabad, Telangana - 500014
Hanman Motors 25-35/10/6/2, Ramachandra Reddy Nagar, Near D-Mart, beside Local Petrol Bunk, Sangareddy Hyderabad, Telangana - 502032
Team Tuneup Opposite Metro Waterworks, Hydernagar, Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Telangana - 500072
Brindavan Auto Technicians 4-1-6, Eden Garden, Opposite Pahade Lane, Ramkote, Hyderabad, Telangana - 500001

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

1. Should I get a comprehensive or third-party car insurance plan?

1. Should I get a comprehensive or third-party car insurance plan?


As per the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act, third-party four-wheeler insurance is compulsory. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you purchase comprehensive four-wheeler Insurance because third-party insurance just protects third-party liability and does not cover any damage to your vehicle. You may select a variety of Tata AIG car insurance coverage to meet your needs and avoid financial hardship if your vehicle is destroyed.

2. What exactly are add-on covers?


Well, add-on covers or add-on riders are basically added layers of protection. They lend you a 360-degree cover in addition to your existing policy cover. You may select from a variety of add-on covers like -

  • Depreciation Cover
  • Key loss Cover
  • Roadside Assistance Cover
  • Passenger Assist
  • Engine Safe Cover
  • Consumables Cover, etc.

These riders or add-ons are not included in your four-wheeler insurance plan and must be purchased separately.

3. What are the factors that determine a four-wheeler insurance policy's premium rate?


The premium rate for your car insurance policy is determined by several factors, including -

  • The four-wheeler's IDV (Insured Declared Value)
  • The four-wheeler's engine displacement
  • Geographical zones (Four-wheeler Registration city). Your premium amount in Hyderabad will be different from one in Bengaluru, Mumbai, or Delhi.
  • The four-wheeler's age
  • The four-wheeler's claim record
  • Voluntary deductibles in the car insurance policy