Car Insurance In Kolkata

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Car Insurance In Kolkata

Kolkata is a city of grandeur and archaic architecture and planning. The city is teeming with a mix of students, locals, corporate industries and curious tourists. It is entirely possible to get a bit lost in the mayhem, especially with the traffic that can take ages to clear in Kolkata. As a transportation hub, its roadways are just as busy as its waterways due to the raw material transported to other cities. Car insurance is, therefore, something you cannot go without in Kolkata.

Car Insurance In Kolkata Overview

With motor car insurance, you can protect your car from getting road-railed in the streets of Kolkata. With Tata AIG, you do not have to worry about the protection of your car.

Why should you buy Tata AIG car insurance in Kolkata?

Tata is an age-old establishment in the city of Kolkata. The company was responsible for the construction of the towering Howrah Bridge which used stainless steel produced by Tata Steel. From that same company, comes Tata AIG. We understand how important it is to be informed about car insurance policies. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the comprehensive coverage that you received at Tata AIG with their car insurance.

You can easily get your vehicle insurance policy online. Tata AIG has a fast and convenient way of initializing your policy. Here is why you should get your vehicle insurance policy from Tata AIG:

Quick settlements of claims

Our seamless online transactions make it smooth and hassle-free for you. Tata AIG has a simple process of self-inspection that can be done through your smartphone. You can also check the TATA AIG car insurance policy status for updates.

Integrity comes with the territory

Tata AIG understands the need for integrity in the field. Our relationship with customers in Kolkata is historic, and we intend to keep it that way. Every term in a policy is explained to you in detail by our team. This helps you understand exactly what to look for when buying insurance for a car online. We have priority-based transparent services for customers.

Liability to Third-parties

Our car insurance policies meet the basic needs of Indians such as taking care of the liabilities for damages to a third party car or person, which is deemed mandatory by law. This car insurance policy covers the compensation that you need to pay the third party involved in the accident with your insured vehicle.

Car insurance plans in Kolkata

Our team understands the localized needs of Kolkata. The plans provided by Tata AIG offer comprehensive coverage for you and your insured car.

The following are covered by our car insurance policy:

  • Accidental damage due to collisions
  • Damage due to theft or burglary, riots, strikes and vandalism.
  • Damage due to natural disasters like landslides, floods, typhoons, hurricanes, lightning etc.
  • Fire, or explosion, including self-ignition of the vehicle
  • Cashless garages to take care of your damaged vehicle and enjoy the convenience of cashless claims.

This extensive coverage includes some add-on services which help lessen your financial burden. We also offer 12 car insurance add-ons that you can include in your policy to extend the coverage:

  • No-Claim Bonus Protection Cover
  • Roadside Assistance Cover
  • Return to Invoice Cover
  • Personal Accident Cover (for the owner-driver)
  • Depreciation Reimbursement Cover
  • Key Replacement Cover
  • Engine Secure Cover, and more

How to file a claim?

Tata AIG makes filing car insurance claims easy for you through its convenient online process. The following process will guide you through the process of raising claims on the Tata AIG website:

You can quickly file a claim by going through these steps:

Step 1: File a claim: You can either call us on 1800-266-7780 to file a claim or visit our Claims Support page and fill in the necessary information. After receiving your claim request, we will send you a link for self-inspection to your registered mobile number.

Step 2: Inspection: Using the self-inspection form, you can describe the damages sustained by your car with a few clicks on your smartphone. Apart from this, your vehicle will also be inspected by one of our surveyors.

Step 3: Mode of repair: You can choose between receiving reimbursement for the damage repairs or making a cashless claim through our network of garages.

Step 4: Documents needed: Make a note of the common documents required for claim settlement:

  • Duly filled claim form
  • First Information Report (FIR) in case of an accident
  • No Trace Report from the police if your vehicle is stolen
  • Legal Notice of the concerned party in case of third-party liabilities
  • Policy documents
  • Personal details - address and identification proof
  • Hospital bills in case of personal accident claim
  • Repair bills from the garage (in case of reimbursement claims)
  • Any other document as required for claim settlement

Step 5: Track your status: You can track the acceptance and transaction process online after you complete filing the claim.

Step 6: Claim settlement: We will examine the claim to see if it meets the guidelines as given in the policy. Once approved, we will settle your claim.

Need for Car Insurance in Kolkata

Kolkata poses a challenge for car drivers and owners for the following reasons:

Heavy rainfall, Floods, Cyclones: Kolkata is a city prone to rainfall and floods, which makes it very difficult for car drivers and owners to navigate the street. It gives rise to swelling drains, and dirty sewage seeps everywhere. Cyclones are a common occurrence in Kolkata due to the low-pressure zone. This makes it very important to have a car insurance policy to protect your car.

Poor road construction, traffic jams, political unrest: It is not uncommon to find potholes in Kolkata. The existing traffic situation is further aggravated by these potholes.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

Frequently Asked Question

Which is the best car insurance in India?


Any car insurance policy must give you zero depreciation value and cover any third-party liabilities. Premiums are calculated on the basis of multiple factors like the age of your car, insured declared value, security and more. The only way you can find the best car insurance in India is by compare car insurance plans and premiums. You can check your car insurance premiums by visiting the Tata AIG page and use our premium calculator.

Which is the cheapest car insurance in India?


The cheapest car insurance in India is the third-party liability cover which essentially covers any damage that is incurred to a third person during an accident with the policyholder. Without this car insurance policy, you will not be allowed to drive legally. It covers the bare minimum in terms of insurance for your car.

Which company is best for vehicle insurance?


Motor car insurance policies need to be researched and compared. To find the best insurance company in Kolkata, you can conduct simple research by checking online. You can also compare premiums by using the car insurance premium calculator available on the website of Tata AIG.

What is the best car insurance for 2021?


Since 2021 is so unpredictable, we recommend the services of Tata AIG car insurance plan for comprehensive coverage. You can easily find a policy with us as per your budget.

What documents do I need to raise a claim for a car insurance policy?


If you need to raise a claim due to accidental damages caused by external means, here are the documents you will need:

  • The claim form, filled and signed.
  • A copy of your driving licence.
  • Original cash receipt, repair bill and proof of release.
  • RC copy of the damaged or stolen vehicle.
  • A copy of the FIR in case of major accidents or theft.
  • A copy of the policy.

Any other documents as required by our team to investigate the Claim’s validity will need to be carried.

On what basis is the premium calculated in motor insurance policy?


The premium for any motor insurance policy can depend upon these factors:

  • The Geographical zone (in this case, Kolkata)
  • Age of the vehicle
  • Cubic capacity of the vehicle’s engine
  • Insured Declared Value (IDV)
  • Model of the vehicle to be insured