Volkswagen Jetta Insurance

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Volkswagen Jetta Insurance

The Volkswagen group has dominated the global four-wheeler sector for 75 years and continues to be Germany's biggest automobile manufacturer. This one of the world's biggest car manufacturers joined the Indian market in the year 2008 with the introduction of the Jetta sedan. The brand currently offers four-wheelers ranging from the premium SUV Tiguan to the Polo Hatchback. Models from this German brand are noted for their high build quality, safety systems, and driving dynamics.

Volkswagen Jetta was initially introduced in 1979, and the present Jetta is in its 6th generation. The four-wheeler has been a massive success for the brand receiving several honours all around the world. The car was last updated in 2013, although the changes were minor in terms of overall aesthetics. There have been no technical alterations to the four-wheeler, and its look hasn't changed significantly.

The Volkswagen Jetta is a great car because it has a robust engine, top-notch fuel efficiency, and outstanding handling. If you own one, we are sure you're having a good time with the car. Nonetheless, existing Volkswagen Jetta owners should renew their Volkswagen Jetta insurance policy to safeguard their finances in the event of car damages and losses caused by unforeseen accidents.

So, it's vital for you to renew your Jetta insurance before you take your four-wheeler out in the streets for a ride. Recognising that your Jetta is one of your most prized possessions, it's your responsibility to have motor insurance in place. Insurance for a four-wheeler helps protect you as well as your Jetta when it comes to financial risk in the case of paying hefty traffic bills or unforeseen events such as theft, burglary, accident, or any other tragic issue.

To that end, reputable insurance companies like Tata AIG put forward Volkswagen Jetta insurance as well as other perks. Obtain a car insurance policy that meets the needs of your Volkswagen Jetta. All you've to do is visit our official website and contact one of our representatives to get started.

As a result, you must read the sections outlined below to learn more about the four-wheeler's insurance coverage, its slew of perks, and why you must pick Tata AIG as your car insurance partner.

Volkswagen Insurance Buy or Renew under Tata AIG

Tata AIG Volkswagen Jetta insurance protects your four-wheeler against any sort of accidental damage that results in financial loss. If you intend to drive your Jetta on Indian roads, you need to have third-party car insurance under the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988.

Legal necessity aside, having insurance for a four-wheeler is necessary for future-proofing. Therefore, purchasing or renewing your Volkswagen Jetta car insurance plan with Tata AIG is a sound decision. You can do it very quickly by keenly following the steps given below:

  • Navigate to the "Car Insurance" section by visiting Tata AIG's official website.
  • Punch in your Volkswagen Jetta's registration number and click on the "Get Price" option to renew your current Jetta insurance plan. Click on the "Buy" option if you want to purchase an insurance policy for your Volkswagen Jetta.
  • To determine the Volkswagen Jetta insurance cost, select an appropriate Insured Declared Value (IDV) from the list provided. You can also take the help of our online car insurance calculator to check the ins and outs of the factors determining your overall car insurance cost.
  • You need to fill up the car insurance claim form if needed. If you haven't yet filed a claim, you may be eligible for a No-Claim Bonus (NCB).
  • You should check the premium price for your four-wheeler insurance coverage.
  • After you've decided on a Volkswagen Jetta insurance policy, you can easily pay it online through any of the specified digital payment options.

Once your payment is successful, we will send you a copy of your Volkswagen Jetta insurance policy to your registered email address.

VW Jetta Insurance Cost - Your Premium Amount

Before buying a Volkswagen Jetta, you can test drive it at any Volkswagen showroom across the country. When owning, take into account that possession of motor insurance is a requirement under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988.

Tata AIG is on the list of the most sought-after motor insurance providers offering three types of car insurance policies online: comprehensive four-wheeler insurance, third-party liability insurance, and standalone own-damage protection.

The comprehensive car insurance covers any third-party damage as well as damage to you together with your Volkswagen Jetta. Third-party liability insurance covers financial obligations resulting from any sort of third-party damage that your Jetta causes to third parties. The standalone own-damage policy only covers damage to your Volkswagen Jetta.

Consequently, the premium amount to be paid is determined by the coverage of your insurance plan, the IDV, registration details, and so forth. You need to pick the correct IDV when buying Volkswagen Jetta insurance online. Don't forget to look at the auto insurance price list on the Tata AIG official website to understand how much insurance premiums you have to pay with drying your bank account. If your Volkswagen Jetta is irreparably damaged or lost, you may swiftly turn to the IDV.

You can leverage our car insurance calculator to determine the IDV of your Volkswagen Jetta. It'll help you pay your premiums on time to safeguard your Volkswagen Jetta from accidental damage.

Things Included/Not Included under Tata AIG’s Volkswagen Jetta Car Insurance Policy

Things Included under Tata AIG’s Volkswagen Jetta Insurance Things Not Included under Tata AIG’s Volkswagen Jetta Insurance
The Volkswagen Jetta car insurance policy from Tata AIG would provide financial protection when it comes to your car getting damaged from natural disasters like heavy rains, cyclones, floods, snowfalls, earthquakes, etc. If you cause damage to your Volkswagen Jetta by driving while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or other intoxicating substance
Tata AIG, one of India's main providers of four-wheeler insurance, covers damage caused by malicious man-made disasters, terrorist attacks, strikes, riots, etc. Fire damage is also caused by self-ignition, lightning and thunder, explosions, and other factors. Our Volkswagen Jetta car insurance policy does not cover depreciation or regular wear and tear. Moreover, our motor insurance policies do not cover expenditures for routine four-wheeler maintenance.
The financial responsibilities imposed due to minor or major incidents are covered by all of our four-wheeler insurance plans. If the damages or injuries to the Volkswagen Jetta are caused as the result of the owner's negligence, driver's and your Volkswagen Jetta were utilised for business purposes; our motor insurance policies will not cover them.
When travelling inside the nation, your Tata AIG Volkswagen Jetta car insurance plan will cover every damage to your car that happens at the time of transportation. If you cause damage to your Volkswagen Jetta through speeding, crash testing, irresponsible driving, etc.
Tata AIG's four-wheeler insurance packages for owner-drivers include Personal Accident Coverage of ₹15 lakhs. This covers medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident, as well as the cost of admitting the owner-driver to a hospital, inclusive of ambulance costs. If the owner-driver dies, the specified beneficiary will get the guaranteed cash. The Tata AIG motor insurance policy will only cover half the cost of repairing your Volkswagen Jetta parts due to wear and tear.
You can pick one of our thirteen car insurance add-on covers to augment your Volkswagen Jetta car insurance policy. They may provide coverage for specific scenarios as part of your entire financial stability. If your Volkswagen Jetta's damage is covered by a specific add-on but not by your regular four-wheeler insurance plan.

Why Is It So Vital to Have a Tata AIG Volkswagen Jetta Insurance Policy?

You'll be overwhelmed with options when you search online for Volkswagen Jetta car insurance. Still, it's always vital to review insurance plans and choose one that you think is best for you. Four-wheeler insurance protects you financially in the event of an unanticipated incident.

Moreover, motor insurance coverages should be straightforward to maintain and clear to policyholders. As a consequence, assessing your options will ensure that you select car insurance best suited for your Volkswagen Jetta car.

In India, Tata AIG is one of the popular choices among automobile owners regarding getting auto insurance online. Whether you're looking for a new policy for your Volkswagen Jetta car or need to renew your current policy, Tata AIG has got you covered.

Customer-Oriented: Tata AIG's vast network of 5,400+ garages guarantees that your Volkswagen Jetta gets fixed as quickly as possible. It's why we have a joyful family of 5 crore+ automobile owners across the country. So, if you have motor insurance coverage, a shortage of finances should not be a major problem. You will have access to a countrywide network of garages where you can obtain cashless four-wheeler repairs for your Volkswagen Jetta if you have Jetta insurance coverage.

High CSR: The speed with which an insurance company resolves claims is an important factor in establishing its legitimacy. This is what sets us apart from our contenders. In the fiscal year 2020-21, we obtained a high CSR (claim settlement ratio) of a whopping 98%. It assures a safe and easy class resolution process for you.

24/7 Customer Assistance: The customer support staff at Tata AIG is always available to answer your inquiries. We understand that an emergency with your Volkswagen Jetta might happen at any time. So, whether it's midnight or morning, or on any public holiday, if you have any urgent issues concerning your Volkswagen Jetta four-wheeler insurance policy, you can reach out to us without any hesitation.

Results-Driven and No-Fuss Car Insurance Policies: With over 650 claim specialists throughout India, Tata AIG works hard to ensure that your Volkswagen Jetta car insurance policy purchasing or renewing experience is simple and secure. Our entire motor insurance claim and purchase process are completely computerised. As a consequence, you'll no longer need to go through the time-consuming and tiring process of in-person inspection and verification to authenticate any future insurance claims.

Experienced and High-Skilled Core Unit: The executive team at Tata AIG has 20+ years of experience in the insurance industry of India. Because of our significant experience, we can offer unparalleled help, transparency, and pure honesty with every motor insurance policy we provide to our customers.

Volkswagen Jetta: A Brief Overview

The Volkswagen Jetta is available in both diesel and petrol variants. It also has several characteristics that make it a popular option among Indian car owners.

Listed below are some of the model's primary characteristics:

Engine: The Volkswagen Jetta's diesel and petrol engines have a displacement of 1968 and 1390 cc, respectively. Furthermore, it has a mileage range of 14.69 kilometres/litre to 19.33 kilometres/litre.

Transmission: The Volkswagen Jetta is available with an automatic and manual transmission, as well as coupled to a six-speed gearbox.

Safety Features: The Volkswagen Jetta's safety features include a brake assist, an anti-lock braking system, child safety locks, power door locks, rear seat bags, a driver airbag, central locking, and passenger airbags, among others.

Dimensions: The dimensions of the Volkswagen Jetta are 1453 mm in height, 1778 mm in width, and 4659 mm in length. The car also features a 5-person seating capacity and a 159 mm ground clearance.

Entertainment: For communication and entertainment, the Volkswagen Jetta includes a CD player, 2DIN audio, front and rear speakers, auxiliary input, and USB.

Despite the fact that the Volkswagen Jetta has many unique characteristics, you must always consider the possibility of damages and risks. As a result, you must purchase Volkswagen Jetta car insurance to safeguard your vehicle in times of financial needs associated with unanticipated incidents.

Volkswagen Jetta Prices and Variants

Variant Ex-showroom Price
Volkswagen Jetta 1.4 TSI Comfortline ₹16.34 lakh
Volkswagen Jetta 1.4 TSI Trendline ₹14.78 lakh
Volkswagen Jetta 2.0L TDI Highline ₹ 9.29 lakhs
10 STR MAX ₹19.84 lakh
Volkswagen Jetta 2.0L TDI Comfortline ₹17.90 lakh
Volkswagen Jetta 2.0L TDI Highline AT ₹20.90 lakh
Volkswagen Jetta 2.0L TDI Trendline ₹15.96 lakh
Volkswagen Jetta Facelift ₹17.00 lakh

Volkswagen Jetta Features: Unique Selling Points

Engineering goals shift over time. Old standards are regularly altered by new ones, which directly impacts the characters of the four-wheelers. This is the reason why today's cars are becoming more compact and lighter in an effort to become more fuel-efficient.

To that end, the Volkswagen Jetta is one such four-wheeler built, keeping the above points in mind. The VW Jetta excels in terms of comfort, space, and size. It's a reliable, comfortable, and compact car that is fuel-efficient. Also, this robust sedan was named the Green Car of the Year in 2009 by the Journal of Green Car. What more? These are the makings of a robust regular commuting vehicle.

Let us take a look at some of Volkswagen Jetta's unique features:

  • ARAI mileage of 14.69 kilometre/litre to 19.33 kilometres/litre
  • Engine displacement of 1390 cc and 1968 cc (Petrol and Diesel)
  • Max power output of 120.3 bhp at 5000 rpm
  • Max torque output of 200 Nm at 1500 to 4000 rpm
  • Fuel tank capacity of 55 litres
  • Top Speed of a whopping 202 kilometres per hour
  • Goes 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in just 9.8 seconds

Top Contenders of the Volkswagen Jetta

The following cars are some of the top contenders of the Volkswagen Jetta:

  • Honda Civic
  • Hyundai Elantra
  • Toyota Corolla
  • Chevrolet Cruze
  • Kia Forte
  • Ford Focus


All the information mentioned above is well-researched and sourced from reliable sources. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest travel guidelines and other location-specific information before planning a trip to any location. *Prices may vary from one city to another and also may change with time.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

1. What exactly is IDV (Insured Declared Value)? What are the factors that influence IDV?

1. What exactly is IDV (Insured Declared Value)? What are the factors that influence IDV?


The 'Sum Insured' will be the IDV (Insured Declared Value) of the automobile, which will be fixed at the start of every policy term for each insured automobile.

The Insured Declared Value of the automobile is to be fixed at the start of renewal/insurance based on the automobile manufacturer's listed selling price of the automobile's model and brand proposed for insurance and regulated for depreciation (according to the schedule listed below). The Insured Declared Value of any side car(s) and accessories fitted to the automobile but not included in the automobile manufacturer's listed selling price is also to be fixed.

2. How to renew my Volkswagen Jetta insurance policy with Tata AIG?


You can easily renew your Volkswagen Jetta insurance policy online. Take the following steps:

  • To begin, go to the official website of Tata AIG
  • Log in using your policy number, registered username, and password
  • Tap on the "Renew" button
  • Make an online payment
  • Your Volkswagen Jetta car insurance plan will be renewed.

3. Will a Volkswagen Jetta car insurance plan offer a Personal Accident Cover?


Yes, regardless of your four-wheeler insurance type, you're entitled to personal accident coverage in the event of an accident that results in death or permanent disability.

4. Is it necessary for me to acquire insurance for a second-hand Volkswagen Jetta car?


If the previous owner of the Volkswagen Jetta had a valid four-wheeler insurance plan, all you have to do is transfer the insurance policy to your own. Or else, you must obtain a new car insurance policy.

5. What will happen to my NCB when I renew an expired car insurance policy?


The NCB is valid for a maximum period of 90 days after the previous plan's date of expiration. If the car insurance plan is not renewed within those 90 days, the NCB will be reduced to 0%, and no perk will be transferred to the renewed insurance policy.

6. What exactly is Zero Depreciation coverage?


Zero depreciation is basically an optional coverage that must be bought with an additional premium. It provides comprehensive coverage for your automobile insurance without taking depreciation into account. For example, if your automobile is severely damaged, In that case, you'll not be required to pay any depreciation costs and will be entitled to the entire claim amount, subject to the insurance policy's terms and conditions.

7. What are the different long-term car insurance policies available?


According to the Supreme Court, with effect from 1 September 2018, all new four-wheeler owners must purchase a long-term policy. You have the option of selecting one of the following long-term plans for your valuable possession:

  • Liability only plan for a three-year policy term
  • Package policy for a three-year policy term
  • Bundled policy with three years of liability coverage and one year of own damage coverage.