RTO Office MH-24 Latur

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RTO Office MH-24 Latur

Latur is one of the largest cities in the Marathwada region of the Indian state of Maharashtra. The city is known for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance. It boasts a diverse and vibrant community and a thriving economy. The city welcomes thousands of tourists every year, giving them a rich cultural experience. It has a lot of historical monuments, like Udgir Fort, Kharosa caves, etc, which attract the tourists most.

The city does not just attract tourists, it also attracts students from all over the country for its quality education. The visiting of tourists and students from different parts of the country, also attracts chaos and increased demand for road discipline.

To maintain the quality of life and avoid on-road chaos, the RTO plays an important role.

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What is the Regional Transport Authority in Latur?

The Regional Transport Office of Latur operates under the Ministry of Transport of Maharashtra. It uses the Latur RTO code “MH 24” and offers services like issuing RC, driving licence, and other vehicle-related documents for vehicles purchased in Latur.

Other than that, the RTO in Latur is responsible for controlling traffic and ensuring that its citizens follow the traffic rules. Since the number of vehicles travelling through the city is lesser and more manageable, it has only one RTO.

MH 24 RTO: MH 24 RTO Code and Other Details

RTO Name RTO Office, Latur
Latur RTO Code MH 24
RTO Office, Latur Address Parivahan Bhavan, Babhalgaon Road, HUDCO and CIDCO, Latur,  Maharashtra - 413512
RTO Latur Contact Number -2291.99999587518
Office Hours 09:30 AM - 06:30 PM

Functions of RTO Office Latur

Every city’s RTO’s primary function is to monitor traffic and ensure that the traffic rules are being followed. Since, road accidents can create a huge risk for the drivers, their efficient functioning and strict rules are for our safety and security.

Enforcement of Traffic Laws: As mentioned above, enforcing traffic rules is any RTO’s primary role in maintaining road safety standards. This is done by ensuring obedience to traffic rules and regulations and taking appropriate action against violators.

Issuing Vehicle-Related Documents: The next vital function of an RTO is issuing valid vehicle-related documents, such as driving licences, registration certificates, etc. These documents are issued after conducting a certain level of scrutiny and viable tests to check the vehicle and the driver’s credibility.

Additionally, these documents are mandatory according to the Government of India, as stated in the Motor Vehicle (MV) Act, 1988. If any driver is found without holding any of these valid documents in the city, they are liable to pay penalties.

Settling Fines and Taxes: The RTO office in Latur is also responsible for collecting the taxes and fines incurred by the vehicle drivers. These are collected based on the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

The charging of fines helps cultivate a habit of following the rules and regulations of road transport in all conditions. At the same time, the tax collected over motor vehicles goes into the further development of road and transport systems.

Regulation of Transport Operations: RTO Latur is also responsible for conducting timely checks and surveys on motor vehicles travelling through the city. This helps them maintain the necessary road safety standards and mitigate risks.

Services Offered by RTO Office Latur

The MH 24 RTO offers various services for its citizens to help them get the necessary documents to drive safely. Here is a compilation of the most important functions and services of the MH 24 RTO:**

Driving Licence

  • Only an RTO can issue a valid driving licence to eligible applicants in a city. Under this type of service, the RTO provides different categories of licences, per their usability.

The MH 24 RTO issues 3 types of driving licence:

International Driving Permits: The international driving licence is a special type of service offered by the Latur RTO, which permits people to drive outside of India. However, one can only apply for this type of licence if they have a valid driving licence in India.

Learner’s Licence: The Latur RTO issues a temporary or a learner’s licence before issuing a permanent licence. This licence is valid for 180 days from the date of issue.

  • During this period, the applicant visits the RTO after taking driving lessons and takes the official driving test. The purpose of giving a learner licence is to promote taking appropriate driving lessons and being aware of all traffic rules and regulations.

Permanent Licence: An applicant who has a 1-month-old learner’s licence can apply for a permanent licence. The applicant, here, is asked to prove that they can drive the vehicle and are aware of the traffic rules and signs.

  • Different types of licences are issued for people who own different types of vehicles. For example, a four-wheeler will have a CMV licence, while a different permit will be issued for those who apply for a non-gear two-wheeler.

  • Apart from issuing these licences, Latur RTO also provides other services related to driving licences. They are:**

  • Driving licence renewal

  • Duplicate driving licence

  • Driving licence correction

Vehicle Registration Certificate

  • Latur RTO is responsible for issuing another important document for your vehicle that saves you from legal penalties, which is the Registration Certificate (RC). The document is the proof of vehicle ownership. Latur RTO offers two types of RC documents:**

  • Permanent registration

  • Temporary Registration

Permanent Registration Certificate:

  • This is a legally required document for every vehicle owner. Failure to produce it when asked for can result in paying a penalty as per the MV Act, 1988. These certificates are issued for newly purchased vehicles which establishes ownership and makes it compliant with other regulations.

  • The validity of this certificate for personal cars is for 15 years from the date of registration. After that, owners have to renew it every 5 years. For commercial vehicles, the validity of registration is 5 years. The RC gives the owners a unique number which is specific to the location and vehicle type.

Temporary Registration Certificate:

  • Every vehicle initially receives a temporary Registration Certificate. The temporary RC is issued through the manufacturers and dealers and has a validity period of a maximum of one month. After the validity period, the registration of the vehicle has to be completed under the city RTO.

Motor Vehicle Permits

  • For moving goods across the country, special types of legal permits are required. These types of permits, such as Goods Carrier Permit, All-India Driving Permit, etc, are issued by the MH 24 RTO.

Goods Carrier Permit: Under Section 79 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, this permit is provided to a goods carrying vehicle that operates within the state. These are issued by the Latur RTO and they allow only a particular type of vehicle to carry the specified type of goods in that particular region.

All India Driving Permit: This licence is issued for those who are required to travel all across the country. They are issued for commercial vehicles that carry goods and a city RTO such as the Latur RTO issues it.

Private Service Vehicle Permit: These types of permits are specially for non-commercial vehicles that work as a transport vehicle, such as employee transport.

Stage Carriage Permit: These are issued for buses to allow them to pick and drop passengers from one place to another. According to this permit, the driver or permit holders can operate their vehicles on the pre-decided routes.

PUC Certificate

  • This is another one of the important documents that act as proof that the vehicle is safe to drive around the city and does not cause pollution. As the name suggests, the PUC or Pollution Under Control Certificate determines and states the pollution levels of the vehicle.

  • This certificate determines whether it meets the environmental standards and is issued by RTO-authorised centres after inspecting the vehicle.

No Objection Certificate

  • When you need to transfer your vehicle from one place to another, this document is a must. This is also issued by the Latur RTO which grants the no-objection certificate to transport the vehicle. It certifies that no dues and taxes are pending for the vehicle, which becomes essential when the vehicle is being transferred under a different RTO.

Vehicle Fitness Certificate

  • This document issued by the MH 24 RTO certifies that the vehicle passes all the fitness criteria set by the Government of India. Before issuing this certificate, a thorough inspection is carried out by the RTO to check whether the vehicle is safe and meets the environmental standards.

Importance of Motor Insurance Policy in Latur

While these documents are important for every vehicle owner and can be issued by the RTOs, there is one more mandatory requirement, a bike or car insurance policy. Having basic third-party insurance is legally mandatory, and missing insurance is a chargeable offence.

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The MH 24 RTO is responsible for maintaining the safety standards and obligations to the traffic rules and regulations. It is responsible for issuing important vehicle-related documents, such as driving licences, vehicle registration, permits, etc.

Using official websites, you can get basic information like RTO Latur contact number, MH 24 passing city name, address, working hours, etc. These documents can be obtained online via the Parivahan Sewa portal or offline by visiting the city RTO.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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If my car has the RTO code MH 24, which city does it come under?

If my car has the RTO code MH 24, which city does it come under?


MH 24 is the RTO code for Latur city of Maharashtra.

How can I get MH 24 passing for my car?


The RTO code signifies the location of the vehicle’s purchase and registration. So, unless you have purchased your vehicle in the Latur city, you cannot get MH 24 passing.