Nelamangala RTO Office KA-52

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Nelamangala RTO Office KA-52

Situated in a rural part of Bangalore city, Nelamangala is a place for everyone. With its lush greenery and remarkable tourist attractions, Nelamangala is preferred by people to stay during vacations. Nowadays, Nelamangala is going through lots of infrastructural development, creating a developed residential area for people.

The most significant advantage of living in Nelamangala is easy and fast transportation. The district is situated between two national highways, NH-75 (Bangalore- Mangalore Highway) and NH-4 (Mumbai- Chennai Highway).

Being connected with these highways makes travelling to and from Bangalore easy for people, and thanks to Nelamangala RTO, the on-road transportation management also works smoothly.

But do you know there are a lot more tasks than managing traffic on which Nelamangala RTO works? Like issuing DL, pollution and vehicle checks, tax collection and more, which you will get to know in this article.

What is Nelamangala RTO Office?

The Nelamangala RTO office, also known as KA 52 RTO, is a government body that is established under section 213(1) of the Motors Vehicle Act. The Transport Commissioner heads the department and is responsible for fulfilling the rules and regulations stated under the law. As the Nelamangala RTO office is situated at the intersection of two national highways, the obligations and responsibilities become tenfold.

Like every other RTO in cities, the Nelamangala RTO has the responsibility to ensure road safety, enforce all the rules stated in the act, and maintain a database related to all vehicles and their drivers. The RTO authority also possesses the right to take action against anyone who breaks the law and charges them with necessary punishment or fine, if needed.

Nelamangala RTO Office Details

Here are all the details related to the KA 52 RTO address, Nelamangala RTO contact number, email, and office timings for your reference.

Nelamangala RTO Code KA-52
Office Address 1906, 9th Cross, Subhas Road, Nelamangala, Bangalore - 562123
Office Timings 09:30 am to 6:30 pm
Phone Number -7722275
Email ID

Functions of Nelamangala RTO Office

There are set functions and responsibilities that Nelamangala RTO office authorities need to fulfil in order to maintain the systematic functioning of road rules and regulations. Some of the most essential functions of the RTO are explained below:

Levying and Collecting Taxes

One of the most essential functions of Nelamangala RTO is to collect the mandated road taxes. They have to collect various types of taxes from different vehicles, and without giving tax, no vehicle can run on the roads of the region.

Additionally, it is also the RTO’s responsibility to impose necessary fines and collect them in case of any negligence of rules and regulations by drivers.

Law Enforcement

The Nelamangala RTO tracks the movement of vehicles and everything related to road safety to ensure law enforcement in the city. The road safety officers, check-point staff and traffic police force, all work together to maintain the vehicle's speed limit, avoiding traffic, road rage and any unforeseeable events in the region.

They also work for creating awareness among people regarding traffic rules and understanding signs to avoid any incidents.

Overseeing Operations

The RTO works to control all the operations related to traffic, registering new vehicles, levying taxes, maintaining the database, issuing various certificates, vehicle check-ups, etc.

All these operations help the RTO officers get insight into the roadworthiness of vehicles, drivers’ driving skills, and changes in the number of vehicles so that they can develop new roadmaps and management systems according to changing times.

Services Offered by Nelamangala RTO Office

Nelamangala RTO office provides an array of services to the public. These include vehicle registration, issuing permits, checking vehicle health and much more. Some of these services can be availed by people on both offline and online modes.

Let’s have a look at the services provided by RTO.

Vehicle Registration

Vehicle registration is crucial for anyone who buys a new two or four-wheeler vehicle, and for that, they need to visit their nearest RTO office. People in Nelamangala need to get their vehicles registered here.

For registering their vehicle, they need to submit forms either online or offline. The RTO checks the vehicle type, driver’s driving skills and documents, etc., before registering them. There are different types of registration, you can check the RTO KA 52, which registration type they issue, and your vehicle registration.

Temporary Registration: This type of registration is given to newly purchased vehicles. It is a temporary and short-term registration done till the vehicle is registered permanently.

Permanent Registration: Every vehicle owner has to register permanently after buying a new vehicle. There is a set process for registration that needs to be followed. Under this process the RTO officers check the vehicle health, drivers’ skills and road safety knowledge. After all the verification is done, a permanent RC is issued to the driver.

The validity of a permanent registered number is 5 years for commercial vehicles and 15 for personal vehicles. After the validity expires, the driver has to go through the same procedure again and get their vehicle registered with the Nelamangala RTO.

Driving Licence Issuance

The Nelamangala RTO also provides the service of issuing driving licences to new applicants and renewing old driving licences. Every vehicle owner in the region must have a driving licence; driving without a licence can result in serious legal actions, and penalties will be imposed.

Anyone who wants to get their licence in Nelamangala can apply online or affine. After your application is processed, you will be asked to take a driving test and also appear for a written test.

These tests are conducted to check drivers’ skills and knowledge; once you clear these tests, you become eligible to get your licence. Here are the types of driving licences issued by the Nelamangala RTO office.

Learners’ Licence: As the name suggests, the learners’ licence is issued to the new drivers who are still polishing their driving skills. This licence has validity for up to six months.

During this duration, the driver is required to learn all about traffic rules and road safety regulations. Till then, they need to learn to drive and be supervised by an experienced driver beside them.

Permanent Driving Licence: Anyone above 18 is eligible to apply for this permanent driving licence once they complete their temporary driving licence period. After passing the tests and becoming a good driver, the Nelamangala RTO authority issues this licence to eligible applicants.

Commercial Driving Licence: This type of licence is issued to drivers who drive heavy vehicles carrying goods and people. The eligibility criteria for this licence are different from others; the applicant for a commercial driving licence should be an 8th pass and have sound knowledge of the vehicle he is driving.

As such, drivers are responsible for the safety of people, and the RTO authorities are strict about issuing such licences to people.

International Driving Licence: The Nelamangala RTO office also issues international licences to the eligible candidates. Such a licence is issued to the people who want to drive in any foreign country.

To get this licence, an applicant must have a permanent driving licence and appropriate driving skills. After all the tests and necessary document verifications, the RTO office issues this licence, which has a validity of one year, after which the applicant has to reapply.

Vehicle Permits

Nelamangala RTO office provides various types of permits depending on the type of vehicle and the reason for the permit. Every vehicle that runs in this region needs to have the necessary permits to avoid any penalties.

Permits like carrier permits, private vehicle permits, national permits, etc., are granted to ensure compliance with rules and regulations along with maintaining road safety in the region. Let us understand the different types of permits granted by Nelamangala RTO in detail.

Goods and Carrier Permit: This type of permit is granted especially to vehicles carrying goods from one place to another within city limits. Any heavy vehicle that transports goods has to get this permit to travel within the fixed route they travel to and from.

Private Vehicle Permit: The private vehicle permit is granted to the private vehicles used for carrying passengers on a specific route. These vehicles usually include company cars and buses that pick up and drop off employees. The reason for getting this permit is to ensure passenger safety and compliance with road safety regulations.

Stage Carrier Permit: Vehicles like minibuses, vans, and private passenger buses need to get this permit to travel on their designated route. This permit grants the permission to travel within city limits and on a fixed route only.

National Permits: National permits are granted by the Nelamangala RTO office to vehicles that travel interstate. Such vehicles usually include heavy goods carrier trucks that travel from one state to another for delivery.

The permit states that the vehicle has permission to travel within four consecutive states, including the home state, for a limited period.

Vehicle Health Certificate

The Nelamangala RTO regularly conducts vehicle check-ups in the region. They have to conduct a thorough health test of every vehicle. Various aspects that are checked during the tests are vehicles’ engine health, brake safety, proper functioning of airbags, and pollutant release from vehicles.

All this is done to check the roadworthiness of the vehicle and that it is up to the standards set by the law for vehicles. If the vehicle passes all these tests, the RTO grants the vehicle certification to it.

Pollution Under Control Certificate

One of the central issues of rising pollution in our country is terrible vehicle health, which leads to the release of more pollutants than their set limits. To prevent and control pollution caused by vehicles, the Nelamangala RTO does regular pollution checks of every vehicle in the city.

During this test, the pollution emission is checked and is measured with the set standard. If the vehicle fails the test, the driver will be charged with a fine, and if not, the RTO grants them the Pollution Under Control Certificate. It should be noted that this test should be conducted every few months by the driver to avoid any fines from the RTO.

Checking Insurance Validity

In today’s time, events like road accidents are becoming less and less avoidable. To ensure the safety of every citizen on the road, the RTO Nelamangala advises vehicle owners to take good 2 or 4-wheeler insurance.

The RTO checks and ensures that every vehicle owner has insurance protection with at least a third-party car insurance or bike insurance. If owners fail to present a valid insurance document, then the RTO can charge them with legal penalties and fines.

Importance of Car Insurance

You just got to know how important it is to ensure the safety and well-being of yourself and others while driving on the road. The Nelamangala RTO is working to protect the citizens of the region.

However, it is in your hands to get extra protection in case of any robbery, damages or accidents. The best part is that nowadays, you can buy a bike or car policy online from the comfort of your home and safeguard yourself with a few simple clicks.

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Nelamangala is a great place to live, with several new ongoing residential projects. It is connected with cities like Bangalore via National Highways, which will make it a new-age mega city in the upcoming years.

Additionally, the Nelamangala RTO is also working religiously to ensure that the overall road safety in the region is maintained. Visiting this place, you will observe the changes in terms of regulated traffic, people maintaining speed limits on highways, fewer violations of traffic rules and strict actions being taken against violators. All this is because of the Nelamangala RTO department.

Disclaimer / TnC

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How long does it take to get a permanent driving licence in Nelamangala?

How long does it take to get a permanent driving licence in Nelamangala?


After submitting your application for the driving licence and passing the driving test, it takes up to 30-45 working days to get your driving licence from Nelamangala RTO.

What documents are required to apply for a National Permit in Nelamangala?


The documents required for getting a National Permit from Nelamangala RTO are a permanent registration number, permanent driving licence, vehicle health certificate, vehicle insurance, proof of payment of tax, and fees for the national permit.

What information does the RC issued by Nelamangala RTO have?


It contains information like registration details, vehicle information, insurance details, engine number, chassis number, etc. on the document.