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RTO Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar, being the capital of Gujrat, is known for its diverse culture and cuisine. The city is named after the great leader Mahatma Gandhi. It is known for its famous temple, Akshardham, and other historical significance such as Dandi Kutir. Because of its rich culture and beautiful attractions, the city attracts crowds from all over the globe.

Despite being loaded with tourist attractions, traffic in the city is well managed by the RTO Gandhinagar. The RTO Gandhinagar works under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 provisions. The RTO in Gandhinagar is responsible for several activities, such as registering a vehicle, issuing a driving licence, and other motor vehicle-related services.

Driving without proper documentation, such as RC or DL, can invite hefty fines in Gandhinagar. Not just this, under the Motor Vehicle Act, having third-party insurance is mandatory while getting on the road anywhere in India.

What is Gandhinagar RTO?

The function of the Gandhinagar RTO Office is to maintain the database of motor vehicles registered in Gandhinagar. Also, it provides various other services to the people of Gandhinagar, such as issuing driving licences, vehicle registration and more.

However, to get the service, you need to visit the Gandhinagar regional transport office. Here is the complete detail of RTO Gandhinagar address, contact, website and more.

Gandhinagar RTO Code GJ-18
RTO Gandhinagar Contact Number 079-23240954/23240951
RTO Gandhinagar Address Sector 3A, Near G0 Circle, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Pin code - 382006
RTO Gandhinagar Website ARTO Gandhinagar (GJ-18) | RTO/ARTO | Commissionerate of Transport, Government of Gujarat 
RTO Gandhinagar Official Timings From 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Responsibilities and Functions of RTO Gandhinagar

The function of Gandhinagar RTO is also to implement road rules and regulations as listed under Motor Vehicles Act. Further, it also organises awareness programs to enhance road safety. Below are the detailed ideas of services offered by the Gandhinagar RTO Office.

Vehicle Registration: The first service the Gandhinagar RTO offers is a registration service for commercial and private vehicles in the city. The authorities of RTO Gandhinagar issue a Registration Certificate(RC) to vehicle owners on the submission of a vehicle registration request. Individuals can apply for vehicle registration online or by visiting the RTO Gandhinagar address. Further, the RTO office also carries out the transfer of RC ownership.

Driving Licence: Driving without a licence is a crime in India. Individuals need to have a licence for their vehicle before getting on the road. Hence, the RTO Gandhinagar issues various driving-related documents for vehicles, such as commercial licences, learner's licence, International Driving Permits and Driving licences. Not only this, it also renews the driving licence on expiration. Further, if there is any mistake in your learner or driving licence permit, you can rectify it by visiting the RTO Gandhinagar. Individuals who want to apply for DL, DL renewal and LL can do it by visiting the website of Gandhinagar RTO online and offline.

Collection of Tax: Another important service RTO Gandhinagar offers is that the authorities here collect various road transportation-related taxes such as passenger, road, motor vehicle, and more. The tax collected by the authorities of Gandhinagar RTO is used in developing the state transportation system.

Issuance of Permits: Commercial vehicles need permits before driving on the road. RTO Gandhinagar issues various permits for commercial vehicles such as trucks, taxis and buses. Not just this, while issuing the permit, RTO also ensures that the driver is eligible to drive on the road and the vehicle is in proper condition as per the safety standards.

Vehicle Inspection: Other than providing certification, permit and licence to vehicles, RTO also conducts the proper inspection of all the vehicles when issuing licence and registration. Every vehicle needs to have a fitness certificate before getting on the road. Not just this, the authorities also do vehicle emission tests to make sure that the vehicle complies with the norms.

Miscellaneous Services: Other than regular services, RTO Gandhinagar office offers various additional service offers, such as a No Objection Certificate for vehicles, issuance of special permits for overloaded vehicles, etc.

What is Gandhinagar RTO Registration for Vehicles?

Various types of vehicle registration can be obtained from Gandhinagar RTO, such as:

Temporary registration: This is the type of vehicle registration issued by Gandhinagar RTO authorities for vehicles that are not permanently registered. It is only for a short duration of time.

Permanent Registration: This type of registration has been issued to vehicles who have passed all the inspections and submitted all the necessary documents. The validity for permanent RC for private vehicles is 15 years and 5 years for commercial vehicles. After the validity period, the vehicle owner has to renew the registration certificate.

Transport Vehicle Registration: This certificate is issued to commercial transport vehicles such as buses, vans, taxis, trucks, etc.

Interstate Vehicle Registration: This type of vehicle registration is issued to vehicles involved in interstate transportation services for maintaining special regulations and road taxation.

Vintage and Classic Vehicle Registration: This type of vehicle registration is issued for vehicles over 50 years old but maintained in very proper condition. There are special regulations for this type of vehicle, and they can't be used for commercial purposes.

Temporary Permits: This type of special permit issued to vehicles for a short time for particular purposes such as tourism, exhibition, pilgrimage, etc. The permit specifies the distance coverage and route to follow while driving in the city.

Documents Required for Vehicle Registration in Gandhinagar RTO

To obtain the vehicle registration, the following documents need to be submitted which are:

  • Duly filled out Form 21 and Form 22.

  • Proof of the identity.

  • Copy of motor insurance for the vehicle.

  • Proof of the address.

Procedure for Vehicle Registration in Gandhinagar RTO

To obtain the vehicle registration from Gandhinagar RTO, you need to carry out the following procedure:**

Step 1: Go to the Gandhinagar RTO office address.

Step 2: Ask for Form 20 from the authorities, and you can also download the form from the official website.

Step 3: You need to complete the form by providing all the correct details. Submit the form with all necessary documents such as pollution under control (PUC) certificate, identity proof, ownership proof, and insurance proof to authorities.

Step 4: After submitting documents and applications, the authorities will inspect the vehicle to check if all the safety standards are maintained per the norms.

Step 5: During the inspection, the authorities will check the vehicle chassis number, engine, brakes, and lights.

Step 6: After the completion of the inspection, the authorities will ask you to pay the fees for granting RC. The fee is typically based on the vehicle type and age. Individuals can pay the fees on the RTO official fees counter or by visiting the RTO website.

Step 7: After paying the fee, the authorities will issue the vehicle registration, which serves as an ownership certificate of the vehicle with the owner's name, address, vehicle registration number, etc.

Gandhinagar RTO Vehicle Registration Charges

Let’s have a quick look at the list of fees for different vehicle registration in Gandhinagar RTO

Vehicle Type Fees
Two-Wheelers ₹50
Private Four Wheeler ₹600
Commercial Four-Wheeler ₹1,000
Imported Two-Wheelers/Scooters ₹2,500
Heavy Passenger Vehicle ₹1,500
Heavy Goods Vehicle ₹1,500
Medium Goods Motor Vehicle ₹1,000
Medium Passenger Vehicle ₹1,000
Imported Four-Wheelers ₹5,000

There are other miscellaneous services provided by RTO, for that the charges are

Services Fees
Changes in the Registration Certificate 50% of the registration fees
Ownership Transfer Registration 50% of the registration fees
Changes in Address in Registration Certificate 50% of the registration fees
Issue of Duplicate Registration Certificate 50% of the registration fees
Two-wheelers: Endorsement of Lease/Hire Purchase/Hypothecation ₹500
Four-Wheelers: Endorsement of Lease/Hire Purchase/Hypothecation ₹1500
Heavy Vehicle: Endorsement of Lease/Hire Purchase/Hypothecation ₹3000

How to Get an RTO Driving Licence in Gandhinagar?

Before getting the driving licence, you need to understand that there are different types of vehicle driving licences issued by the Gandhinagar RTO. These are

Driving Licence Type Vehicles Types
Two Wheeler Gearless Driving Licence Vehicles with no gearbox such as scooters, bikes, etc.
Two Wheeler Geared Driving Licence Vehicles with gearboxes such as motorcycles, scooters, etc.
Light Motor Vehicles Driving Licence Sedan, hatchbacks, SUVs, etc
Commercial Vehicle Driving Licence Vans, trucks, buses, etc.
Special Vehicle Driving Licence Vehicles carrying hazardous products.

Documents Required for Driving Licence in Gandhinagar RTO

Proper documentation must be submitted to get the driving licence on time. Here is the list of documents that should be available when obtaining a permanent driving licence.

  • Duly filled out Form 2

  • Duly filled out form 1 to declare physical fitness.

  • Medical Certificate for people over 40 years of age under form 1A.

  • Valid Learner licence

  • Copy of address proof.

  • Identity proof to verify age.

  • Recent coloured photographs.

Driving Licence Application Process in Gandhinagar RTO

There are online and offline methods to get a driving licence from regional transport office in Gandhinagar, which we are going to discuss below:**

Steps to Getting a Driving Licence From Gandhinagar RTO Online

Step 1: Visit the online portal of Parivahan Sewa.

Step 2: On the portal, click on "Online Services" and then further click on "Driving Licence Related Services".

Step 3: It will redirect you to the page where you have to select the state for which you are applying for a driving licence, for instance, Gujrat, in this case.

Step 4: If you haven't applied for a learner's licence before then, before getting a permanent driving licence, you need to fill out the learner licence application.

Step 5: Select the learner licence, complete the application and submit all the necessary documents. Then, pay the learner licence fee.

Step 6: Further, you need to book a slot for taking the learner licence written test, and if you have passed the test, it will get delivered to your mentioned address.

Step 7: After 30 days of having a LL, you can file a request for a permanent driving licence online by revisiting the portal.

Step 8: For this, you need to complete the application form and pay the driving licence fees to get a driving licence skills test slot.

Step 9: After paying the fees, save the receipt. Take a receipt on the driving test day. The authorities will then take the test.

Step 10: The authorities will dispatch the driving licence if you have passed the test.

Steps to Getting a Driving Licence Offline From Gandhinagar RTO

Step 1: Visit the Gandhinagar RTO office.

Step 2: Ask authorities for a learner's licence form. You can also download the form online from the Parivahan website.

Step 3: Fill out the form correctly and submit it to authorities with all necessary documents.

Step 4: Pay a learning licence fee and request a driving licence written test.

Step 5: Appear for the written driving licence examination on the given data, and if you pass the examination learner's driving licence will be issued to you.

Step 6: Permanent driving licence can be applied after 30 days from the date of issue of learner licence. For this, you need to visit the RTO Gandhinagar office.

Step 7: Submit the permanent driving licence form with all documentation and pay the requested fees for taking the driving skill test.

Step 8: Appear for the driving licence skill test on the given date and time.

Step 9: After passing the examination, the authorities will issue the driving licence if everything seems okay.

Driving Licence Application Fees Gandhinagar RTO

Here is the fees structure for driving licence for different vehicles in RTO Gandhinagar.

Service Fees
Issuance of Learner Licence ₹150
Issuance of Driving Licence ₹200
Test and Repeat Test Fee for LL ₹50
Test and Retest Fee for DL ₹300
Addition Of New Class of Vehicle in Driving Licence ₹500
DL Renewal ₹200
DL Renewal ( after grace period) ₹300 (₹1,000 for additional year)
Change in Address in DL ₹200
Issuance of International DL ₹1,000
Driving Licence Smart Card ₹200

How to Get Vehicle Fitness Certificate Online in Gandhinagar RTO?

To get the vehicle fitness certificate online in Gandhinagar RTO, follow these Steps:

Step 1: Visit the Parivahan portal.

Step 2: Then click on "Vehicle Registration Services."

Step 3: Further, select the state of residence for which you are getting FC.

Step 4: Next, enter your vehicle registration numbers and then click on the proceed button.

Step 5: Further, click on the "Apply for Fitness Certificate" and follow the instructions.

Step 6: Add the vehicle chassis number and mobile number where you can get the OTP.

Step 7: Next, enter the OTP and then add vehicle insurance details and then click on the Payment option.

Step 8: After paying the fees, save the acknowledgement receipt.

Step 9: Take the vehicle to Gandhinagar RTO for inspection.

Step 10: The authorities will issue the fitness certificate once the fitness inspection is cleared.

Procedure for Applying a Vehicle Fitness Certificate Offline in Gandhinagar RTO

To get the vehicle fitness certificate online, follow these Steps:

Step 1: Visit the Gandhinagar RTO office.

Step 2: Obtain all the necessary documents from authorities for a vehicle fitness certificate.

Step 3: Fill out all the forms and submit them to authorities along with other documents.

Step 4: Pay the asked fees on the fee counter.

Step 5: The authorities will give the acknowledgement receipt and date for vehicle inspection.

Step 6: The authority will approve the certificate based on the inspection result.

Vehicle Fitness Certificate Fees in Gandhinagar RTO

Let's have a look at vehicle fitness certificate charges issued by Gandhinagar RTO.

Service Type Fees
Two Wheeler Fitness Certificate Test(Manual) ₹200
Two Wheeler Fitness Certificate Test(Automatic) ₹400
Four Wheeler Fitness Certificate test (Manual) ₹400
Four Wheeler Fitness Certificate test (Automatic) ₹600
Heavy and Medium Vehicle Fitness Certificate Test (Manual) ₹600
Heavy and Medium Vehicle Fitness Certificate Test (Automatic) ₹1000
Issuance or Renewal of Fitness Certificate ₹200
Issuance or Renewal of Letter of Authority ₹15000
Issuance of Duplicate Letter of Authority ₹7500

What is Road Tax in Gandhinagar?

The purpose of RTO is also to collect road tax, which is generally calculated by factoring in three things: vehicle type, vehicle age and vehicle capacity. Individuals must pay the road tax under the Gujarat Motor Vehicle Tax Act, 1958 for their new and old vehicles. The state has a simple flat-rate tax which applicants need to pay. It is the percentage of the vehicle cost. However, vehicles used by disabled persons are exempt from paying any road tax. Below is the tabular format of road tax in Gandhinagar.

Types of Vehicle Tax
Two Wheelers 1% to 15% of vehicle cost
Four Wheelers 6% of vehicle cost
Commercial Vehicles 6% of vehicle cost

How to Pay Road Tax Online in Gandhinagar?

The following **Steps need to be followed to pay the road tax online.

Step 1: Browse the official Vahan portal website to pay road taxes.

Step 2: On the portal, enter the application number, password, and vehicle registration number.

Step 3: After submitting the captcha, click "Login Online Payment."

Step 4: Pay the required amount as suggested by the portal.

Step 5: Save the acknowledgement receipt once the payment has been confirmed.

Procedure to Pay Road Tax Offline in Gandhinagar

To pay the road taxes offline, the following **Steps must be followed.

Step 1: Visit the RTO Gandhinagar Office.

Step 2: Ask the authorities for the submission of a road tax form.

Step 3: Fill out the form with accurate information.

Step 4: Submit the form and copies of all other necessary documents to authorities.

Step 5: Pay the required amount and collect the acknowledgement receipt.

Gandhinagar RTO Turnaround Time For Different Services

Below is the table showing the turnaround time for different services in Gandhinagar RTO.

Service Type Turn Around Time
Learner’s Licence 1 Day
Driving Licence 8 Days
International Driving Permit 1 Day
DL Renewal 8 Days
Duplicate Licence 8 Days
No Objection Certificate 3 Days
New Vehicle Registration 9 Days
Duplicate Registration Copy 8 Days
Vehicle Transfer 11 Days
Fitness Certificate 1 Day

Penalties for Violating Traffic Rules in Gandhinagar

Traffic rules need to be followed all the time. If an individual is found to violate the traffic rules in Gandhinagar, it would invite a severe penalty. Below are the penalty charges for violation of traffic rules.

Penalty Type Fine
Driving above the speed limit ₹1500 to ₹4000
Driving without a Driving Licence ₹2000 to ₹3000
Driving Without Not Wearing a Seatbelt ₹500
Driving Without Wearing Helmet ₹500
Violation of Vehicle Pollution Norms ₹1000 to ₹3000
Blocking Path for Emergency Service Vehicle ₹1000

Need For Motor Insurance in Gandhinagar

Having motor insurance in Gandhinagar is a mandatory requirement before getting on the road. Driving without third-party insurance could lead to a penalty. However, the coverage in third-party four-wheeler insurance is limited, and we never know what kind of unforeseen circumstances we might face on the road.

Considering that having a comprehensive car insurance policy is a suitable choice. From personal accident coverage to protection against financial losses, policyholders will get all-around coverage.

We at Tata AIG offer a wide range of third-party and comprehensive car insurance policies that can cater to the needs of different types of customers. Further, to enhance the four-wheeler protection, we have a range of add-ons, such as roadside assistance, engine secure and more.

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RTO Gandhinagar is responsible for various tasks related such as vehicle registration, driver's licence, and other transportation-related services in the region. It also ensures that the transport system rules and regulations are followed in the city. From time to time, they also organise road safety programs to raise awareness about traffic safety rules. To avail of any RTO Gandhinagar services, visit the regional office or apply online.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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