RTO Office MH-27

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RTO Office MH-27

Maharashtra is a densely populated state in the western peninsular region of India. The large-scale migration to the state has also led to a rise in population and number of vehicles.

With more people owning vehicles in the state, it is vital to ensure everyone follows the rules. For this purpose, the government established the Maharashtra Regional Transport Office (RTO) under Section 213(1) of the Motor Vehicle Act.

Maharashtra has over 51 RTOs that look after vehicle-related activities in different regions. What is MH-27 RTO? Let’s find out more about RTO Amravati.

What is the Regional Transport Authority MH-27?

The RTO office in Amravati functions under the Maharashtra RTO. It uses the code MH-27.

The MH-27 passing RTO is responsible for handling transport-related activities and monitoring traffic violations in the region. It implements traffic laws in the city and issues several documents like vehicle Registration Certificates (RCs), driving licenses, vehicle fitness certificates, etc.

RTO Office in Amravati

Here are the details about the RTO office Amravati like the Amravat RTO code, address, contact number, email ID, etc.

Amravat RTO code MH-27
RTO Amravati Address  Regional Transport Office, Near Collectorate Camp, Paranjpe Colony, Amravati, Maharashtra - 444602
Phone number  0721-2662032 / 2662606
Operating hours  10 AM to 6 PM
Email ID  mh27@mahatranscom.in

Note: There is no dedicated Amravati RTO website.

Functions of RTO Amravati Offices

The MH-27 passing RTO performs many crucial functions to ensure vehicle owners comply with the Motor Vehicles Act.

Here’s a list of a few:

Enforcement of motor laws

One of the main responsibilities of the RTO MH-27 is enforcing motor vehicle laws in its jurisdictional region. The RTO authorities ensure vehicle owners are complying with the traffic rules and regulations, possess necessary documents, pay taxes and fines and so on.

Registration of motor vehicles

Another crucial function of the RTO MH-27 is registering motor vehicles. The RTO issues unique registration numbers to vehicles that are fit to ply on Indian roads. It also looks after the transfer of vehicle ownership, renewal of vehicle registration and other related functions to maintain a proper record of vehicles.

Issuance of driving permits

This is another important function performed by the RTO MH-27. It issues various types of permits to commercial vehicles to ensure illegal or unwanted vehicles do not cross from one region to another. It also renews the permits upon expiration.

Inspection of vehicles

The Amravati RTO inspects every vehicle before registering it. The authorities carry out emission tests to ensure all vehicle emissions are within the limits. The RTO issues a Fitness Certificate (FC) only after a thorough inspection that determines a vehicle's roadworthiness.

Collection of revenue

The RTO Amravati collects road and motor vehicle taxes from owners before proceeding with vehicle registration. It also collects the necessary fees for providing vehicle-related services.

Services Offered by RTO office Amravati

Just like any other RTO in India, the MH-27 RTO is responsible for providing the following services in the area of its jurisdiction:

Vehicle Registration Certificate

Every vehicle owner in India must get their vehicles registered with the government. A vehicle cannot ply on the roads if it is not registered. The government has made the RTO responsible for registering all commercial and private vehicles to keep their record.

In addition to this, the MH-27 RTO services regarding vehicle registration are as follows:

  • Renewal of RCs upon expiration

  • Transfer of vehicle ownership in case of used vehicles

  • Providing duplicate RCs

  • Issuance of registration plates

  • Managing vehicle cancellations

  • Following are the types of vehicle RCs issued by RTO Amravati:

Temporary RC

As the name suggests, temporary RCs are valid for a short duration. Motor dealers provide this RC when you buy a new vehicle. It is valid for seven days or a maximum of one month. You must apply for a permanent RC within this duration to drive your vehicle stress-free on the roads.

Permanent RC

This RC is one of the most crucial documents to carry while driving on Indian roads. Vehicle owners with a temporary RC must undergo a permanent vehicle registration process to obtain a permanent one.

The RTO Amravati provides a simple and hassle-free procedure for applying for permanent registration (RC). The validity period of this RC varies according to the type of vehicle. While the RC for a private vehicle is valid for 15 years, the RC for a commercial vehicle is valid for 5 years.

After completing the application process, the MH-27 RTO provides a unique registration number for a vehicle based on its location and type.

Driving Licence

Another important service offered by RTO Amravati is the issuance of driving licenses to different types of drivers and vehicles. It issues driving licenses for two-wheelers, four-wheelers, light motor vehicles, heavy motor vehicles and so on.

Besides issuing fresh driving licenses, the RTO MH-27 provides duplicate driving licenses and looks after renewal and corrections. It is also responsible for conducting driving tests before issuing driving licenses to ensure road safety.

Here’s a list of types of driving licenses issued by the MH-27 passing RTO:

Temporary or learner's driving license

A temporary or learner’s driving license is meant for individuals who are learner drivers. So, individuals who are learning to drive must procure a learner’s license from the RTO. It is valid for up to six months. The RTO also issues duplicate learner's licenses.

Permanent driving license

After issuing a learner's license, the RTO issues permanent driving licenses to individuals and conducts driving tests for them. You can apply for a permanent driving license within a month of obtaining a temporary driving license. You can also procure a duplicate copy and renew your license after expiry from the RTO.

International driving permit

The RTO MH-27 is also responsible for issuing international driving permits. Thus, individuals who want to drive internationally can apply for international driving licenses at the RTO. However, you must have an Indian driving license to obtain an international driving permit.

Motor Vehicle Permits

RTO Amravati also issues permits to commercial vehicles allowing them to travel from one region to another. Usually, these permits apply to commercial vehicles carrying goods and passengers. They can be national or local. By issuing vehicle permits, the RTO Amravati ensures unwanted or illegal vehicles do not pass from one state to another. Here are the two main types of permits based on the type of commercial vehicle:

  • Permits for goods carrying vehicles

  • National Permit

  • Good carriers

  • Counter-signature of good carriers permit

  • Permits for passenger-carrying vehicles

  • Auto rickshaw and taxi permit

  • Phat-phat sewa permit

  • Eco-friendly sewa permit

  • Maxi cab permit

  • Stage carriages permit

  • Permits for chartered buses

  • Rent a cab permits

  • Permits for institution or school buses

  • All India tourist permit

  • Temporary permit

PUC Certificate

The Indian government has made it mandatory for vehicles to undergo a pollution check. The PUC test evaluates the vehicle emissions to check if they are within the set limits. If you want to drive in India, you must also carry a pollution under control (PUC) certificate, a driving license, RC, and insurance.

Authorised emission testing centres issue it. The MH-27 passing RTO is responsible for examining and verifying the PUC certificate.

No Objection Certificate

  • A No Objection Certificate (NOC) is required when a vehicle moves from one jurisdictional authority to another. It must be procured from the RTO where the vehicle was registered initially.

  • An NOC verifies that the vehicle has no pending dues, taxes, or challans. Once you procure an NOC from the initial RTO, you can register your vehicle at another RTO. However, an NOC also has a validity of up to six months.

  • So, make sure you register the vehicle at another RTO within this duration. Like any other RTO, the RTO office in Amravati also issues NOCs for vehicles after important clearances.

Vehicle Fitness Certificate

  • Another service offered by RTO MH-27 is providing vehicle fitness certificates. A vehicle fitness certificate is a crucial document as per the motor vehicle laws. It certifies that a vehicle is roadworthy and is not harmful to the environment. A new vehicle is sold with a fitness certificate, which is valid for a few years.

  • It must be renewed upon expiration at the RTO to comply with the rules and regulations. A vehicle undergoes a fitness test for the renewal of the fitness certificate. The authorities thoroughly inspect the vehicle’s mechanical condition to ensure it is safe to ply on the roads.

  • The MH-27 RTO renews the certificate if the vehicle is fit and roadworthy.

Importance of Motor Insurance Policy in Amravati

With the rising number of road accidents due to negligent driving, poor compliance with traffic rules, bad weather conditions, etc., it is crucial to ensure parties affected get adequate compensation for losses. This is where third-party insurance comes in.

  • It is mandatory according to the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, as it helps you pay for third-party damages and injuries if your vehicle damages someone or their property.

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The RTO is an important part of the government machinery. It helps maintain a record of all the vehicles and drivers and issues necessary vehicle-related documents.

The RTO office Amravati, with code MH-27, functions under the Maharashtra Transport Department. It performs crucial functions like issuing vehicle RCs, driving licenses and permits, fitness certificates, etc., and conducting vehicle inspections in Amravati city.

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Does Amravati RTO offer online services?

Does Amravati RTO offer online services?


Yes, you can avail of the online services of RTO Amravati through: Parivahan Sewa Motor Vehicles Department, Maharashtra

MH-27 is which city?


The MH-27 passing city name is Amravati.

Do I need to pay road tax while registering my car at RTO Amravati?


Yes, you are required to pay the applicable road tax while registering your car at the RTO Amravati, which is MH 27 passing city. The government uses the tax for road infrastructure development and maintenance.

Can I show DigiLocker to the police?


According to the government, motorists are not required to carry driving licenses and RCs. They can show these documents to the police on their phone via mParivahan and DigiLocker apps.