Pune RTO Office

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Pune RTO Office

Pune is a city in Maharashtra, part of the western India. It is the ninth most populous city in the country. The city is known to be one of the largest IT hubs in the country. It is connected to the rest of the country via rail, air and roadways. Pune City has 3 national highways, which are NH 48, 60 and 65. Further, it also has a state Highway 27 that connects Ahmednagar and Pune.

The Mumbai Pune expressway, which was constructed in 2002, is the first 6-lane speed expressway in the country. Vehicle owners in India need to have proper documents before getting on the road. To manage road transportation in districts of India, regional transport authority (RTA) offices are created, which are governed by the state government.

The RTO office in Pune is responsible for managing the city's transport or vehicle-related services. In this post, we will learn about the services provided by Pune RTO online and offline.

What is the Regional Transport Authority in Pune?

The regional transport authority of Pune, which serves under the Ministry of Transport of Maharashtra, is responsible for maintaining the city transport system. The work of the Pune RTO is to serve the vehicle owner's request and ensure the implementation of traffic laws in the city.

To commute within or outside the city, vehicle owners in Pune need to have proper vehicle-related documents that the RTO issues in Pune. Due to the busy road network, the city has 5 RTO offices.

RTO Offices in Pune

Below are the complete details of different Pune RTO addresses, contact numbers, websites, opening hours and more.

Pune RTO Name Pune
Pune RTO Code MH-12
Pune RTO Address 38, Dr Ambedkar Road, Near Sangam Bridge, Pune - 411001
Pune RTO Official Website https://transport.maharashtra.gov.in/1035/Home
Pune RTO Contact Number 020-26058080
Opening Hours 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM
Pune RTO Name Pune Baramati
Pune RTO Code MH-42
Pune RTO Address Vidhya Corner, MIDC Circle, Bhigwan Road, Baramati. Dist ‐ Pune ‐ 413 133
Pune RTO Contact Number -245132
Opening Hours 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM
Pune RTO Name Pimpri Chinchwad
Pune RTO Code MH-14
Pune RTO Address Purna Complex, A Wing, Opp. Telco Gate, Chikhali Road, Pimpari, Chinchwad, Pune - 411019
Pune RTO Contact Number -27492757
Opening Hours 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM
Pune RTO Name Pune South
Pune RTO Code MH-53
Pune RTO Address Pune South, Maharashtra
Pune RTO Contact Number NA
Opening Hours 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM
Pune RTO Name Pune North
Pune RTO Code MH-54
Pune RTO Address Pune North, Maharashtra
Pune RTO Contact Number NA
Pune RTO Contact Number NA
Opening Hours 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM

Functions of RTO Offices in Pune

There is a wide array of functionalities performed by the RTO Pimpri Chinchwad and other Pune RTO offices. These functionalities include:

Traffic Laws Enforcement - The very first function performed by the RTO PCMC is enforcing traffic laws in their jurisdiction. To maintain the safety standards on the road, the RTO must ensure compliance with all traffic laws and regulations. In case of any traffic law violations, the authorities have the right to take the appropriate action against the person.

Issuance of Vehicle-Related Documents - Another functionality performed by the Pune RTO is issuing all the vehicle-related documents, such as driving licences, registration certificates, etc, to the people.

The government mandates these documents; driving without proper vehicle documents can lead to fines and penalties. To acquire the documents, individuals can either visit the Parivahan Pune RTO website or reach the regional RTO office directly.

Collection of Fines and Taxes - Furthermore, the RTO office in Pune is also responsible for collecting fines and taxes from the people. Vehicle owners need to pay various taxes such as road tax, vehicle tax and more for using their vehicles on the road. These taxes are decided by the RTO officials based on the vehicle type and purpose.

The government further utilises the collected tax for road maintenance and other safety measures. Other than this, for violating traffic laws, vehicle owners need to pay the fines which the traffic police department collects.

Control Transport Operations - Lastly, the RTO in Pune is responsible for conducting traffic control operations and ensuring the standard of vehicles on the road. The authorities organise inspections to check the vehicle from time to time for emissions and safety standards.

Services Offered by RTO Offices in Pune

The RTO offices are responsible for offering various services to the public of Pune. These services are listed below:

Vehicle Registration Certificate

The RTO office in Pune is responsible for issuing the vehicle registration certificate for vehicles. The vehicle registration process is mandatory for all vehicles in India. All motorised vehicles will get the registration or licence plate from the RTO after the completion of the process.

The purpose of the vehicle registration is to establish the vehicle ownership data. There are different types of motor registration vehicles issued by the RTO PCMC. Further, the RTO official is responsible for other tasks such as:

Transferring of vehicle ownership.

Vehicle registration certificate renewal.

Issuing duplicate registration certificates.

Registration certificate correction.

Pune RTO Issued Registration Certificate Types:

Below are the RCs issued by the RTO office in Pune.

Temporary Registration Certificate - This is the type of temporary registration certificate issued by the RTO officials to manufacturers or car dealers. The validity period of this registration certificate is 7 days, and it can be extended up to 1 month.

Permanent registration certificate - This is the registration certificate that is mandatory to drive in India legally. All the vehicles that hold a temporary registration certificate need to undergo the permanent registration certification process.

The RC process can be carried out online and offline. The validity of the RC certificate for personal usage vehicles is 15 years, and 5 years for commercial vehicles. On the issuance of an RC certificate, the vehicle owner will get the unique vehicle number based on their location and vehicle type.

Driving Licence

This is another essential vehicle document issued by the RTO office of Pune. Driving without a licence can lead to fines and penalties, as per the authorities. All the vehicle owners who are eligible to drive need to have a driving licence. The minimum age criteria for getting a driving licence for geared motor vehicles is 18 years.

Depending on the vehicle type, there are various types of driving licences issued by the Pune RTO online and offline. To get a driving licence in Pune, vehicle owners need to pass the written and driving skill test. Various other miscellaneous driving licence-related tasks performed by the RTO office, such as:

Driving licence renewal.

Duplicate driving licence.

Driving licence correction.

Pune RTO Issued Driving Licence Types:

Below are the different driving licences issued by the Pune RTOs online and offline.

Temporary or Learner licence - This is the temporary or learning licence issued to the individual who is learning to drive. This is the mandatory requirement as per the RTO officials before getting a permanent driving licence in India. The learner licence is only valid for 3 months, and within one month of getting it, an individual can start a permanent driving licence procedure.

Permanent Driving Licence - This is a mandatory vehicle document in India. The RTO officials issue the permanent driving licence. Depending on the vehicle type, various licences are issued, such as light motor vehicle licence, heavy motor vehicle licence and more.

Vehicle owners need to carry out the driving licence procedure in their respective area RTO office. The validity of a personal vehicle driving licence is 20 years, and for commercial vehicles, it is 5 years.

International Driving Licence - This is a particular type of driving permit issued to individuals who want to drive in a foreign nation. The international driving licence is only issued to the eligible candidate who has a valid Indian driving licence. To acquire an international driving permit, vehicle owners need to carry out the procedure in the RTO office.

Motor Vehicle Permits

This is another service offered by the Pune RTO office, where they issue a wide array of permits to vehicle owners. It is basically a permission slip that allows vehicle owners to travel freely from one place to another.

This is primarily a mandatory requirement for goods and passenger-carrying vehicles. It prevents the entrance of unwanted or illegal vehicles in the region.

Pune RTO Issued Motor Vehicle Permits Types

There are different types of permits issued by the RTO office in Pune.

Goods Carrier Permit - This is the type of transportation service issued by the RTO office in Pune for the vehicles that are involved in transporting goods from one point to another.

National Permit - It is the permit issued by the Ministry of Road and Transport in which the vehicle owner gets permission to move freely in all the states of India. It can be for goods and passenger-carrying vehicles.

Private Service Vehicle Permit -This is the permit issued by the RTO for a private service vehicle, such as an employee vehicle. It is generally for all non-commercial vehicles.

Stage Carriage Permit - This is the permit for passenger vehicles such as buses, minivans, etc, issued by the RTO authorities.

PUC Certificate

A pollution under control certificate is used to determine if the carbon emission of the vehicle is within the acceptable level or not. All vehicles which do not meet the environmental standards are prohibited from driving.

Every vehicle needs to have a PUC certificate after the inspection of the vehicle's emission level. The RTO official checks and validates the PUC certificate of the vehicle.

No Objection Certificate

Besides this, the RTO officials also issued a no-objection certificate, which is a mandatory document for using a vehicle transferred from one state to another. The document certifies that there are no dues and taxes on the vehicle. To get the NOC, vehicle owners need to carry out the procedure in their respective RTOs.

Vehicle Fitness Certificate

This is another necessary document issued by the Pune RTO offices in which the official checks the vehicle for safety and environmental standards. If RTO officials approve the vehicle, then they issue a certificate.

Importance of Motor Insurance Policy in Pune

Besides getting all the necessary vehicle documents, individuals need to have a basic motor insurance policy as per the law. Driving without basic third-party bike or car insurance can lead to fines and penalties.

Despite this, having insurance for a four-wheeler and two-wheeler comes with many perks, such as third-party liability, protection against theft, personal accidents, transit damages coverage and more.

A bike and car insurance policy is a wise investment considering road accidents; however, always choose the plan carefully. It is best to check the IDV value, insurance coverage and policy premium before buying a bike or car insurance plan.

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The RTO office in Pune is responsible for carrying out many transportation and vehicle-related duties. Other than this, it is also responsible for organising the traffic and safety-related campaign to raise awareness among the common people.

From time to time, they also conduct a vehicle inspection to check the vehicle-related documents and compliance with traffic laws. To ease out the operations, the government has started a Parivahan Sewa portal for issuing vehicle-related information and documents online.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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What is the RTO series in Pune?

What is the RTO series in Pune?


The Pune RTO comes under the Maharashtra state government. So, all the RTO code starts from MH. The Pune RTO series based on code are MH-12, 14, 42, 53, and 54.

How many RTO offices are there in Pune?


Pune is a big city, that's why it has 5 RTO offices. These offices are Pune RTO, Pune Baramati RTO, RTO North Pune, RTO Pimpri Chinchwad, and South Pune RTO.

Can I avail the Pune RTO office services online?


Vehicle owners can avail of the services online by logging in to the Parivahan sewa portal. Besides this, individuals can also avail of service by visiting the Pune RTO offices directly.